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Got a horror or science fiction film that needs to look amazing? Get on to those White Pages and find Laura Beth Love's number. The in-demand cinematographer from North Carolina has worked on numerous projects and has also won awards.

Captain America reveal leads to outrage, death threats

For 75 years, Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, has been one of Marvel's purest defenders of justice and good intentions. However, a new twist in a recent comic book has changed that.

Review: This week’s new releases cover almost every genre of film Special

This week’s releases include a real-life demonstration of heroism; one of Michael Mann’s best films; a sequel that fails to live up to the original; a great female-driven comedy; and the revival of a martial arts legend.

Leo Wieser brings the art of blood, illusion to 'Wynonna Earp' Special

'Wynonna Earp' special effects supervisor Leo Wieser tells Digital Journal he likes to gross people out the old-school way.

James More's BGT magic audition celebrates 3 year anniversary

Acclaimed British magician James More had auditioned for the reality competition, "Britain's Got Talent," three years ago, and his life would change forever.

German comedy favoured to win top Cannes prize for woman director

The Cannes film festival ends Sunday with a German comedy, a movie about a bus driver poet and a Romanian meditation on morality the favourites to lift its top prize, the Palme d'Or.

Op-Ed: Paramount drops lawsuit against Star Trek fan film

Paramount Studios have dropped legal action against the Kickstarter-funded fan film Axanar. Personal intervention by Star Trek Beyond producer JJ Abrams solved the problem. Far more importantly, Paramount is doing guidelines for fan-made media.

Tovah Feldshuh to bring 'Golda's Balcony' play to Toronto

Award-winning actress Tovah Feldshuh will be bringing her one-woman show, "Golda's Balcony" to Toronto, Canada, this June.

Review: ‘The Nice Guys’ have a lot of charm Special

‘The Nice Guys’ is a throwback within a throwback as unlikely partners Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe put on their goofy detective hats to solve a mystery in 1970s L.A.

Review: ‘High-Rise’ is a spectacular failed social experiment Special

‘High-Rise’ is an extremely stylized depiction of a total breakdown of society within the confines of a tower block that harkens back to dystopian pictures of the ‘70s.

Review: ‘Dark Horse’ is a heartwarming tale of underdogs with 2 to 4 legs Special

‘Dark Horse’ chronicles the life of a racehorse that led a working-class community to some of the UK’s most prestigious racing events.

Cannes spotlight puts Iranian cinema centre stage

As Iranian films and actors compete this weekend at Cannes attention is turning toward the country's thriving independent cinema sector which is succeeding despite tough regulations.

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry make 'Americana' railway music

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry have collaborated on a project highlighting the music associated with the golden age of American rail. The record will consist of songs played live at railway stations across the U.S.

Popular Vancouver actor Michael Roberds dies suddenly, age 52

The Vancouver acting and TV and film community is in a state of mourning after the death of one of its favorite sons, Michael Roberds. An actor, writer, producer, and by his own account, "wise-ass," the affable Roberds died suddenly on Sunday night.

Review: New on DVD for May 17 Special

This week’s releases include De Niro in a role suitable(?) for his age; a horror anthology with skilfully built atmosphere; a psychological thriller about a family’s devolution; and an excellent and dark anime series.

Laugh or cry? Bomb joke bares crisis in Five Star movement

Italy's acerbic Beppe Grillo may have hung up his political gloves to return to the comedy circuit, but backlash over a bomb joke targeting London's new mayor has aggravated an identity crisis within his populist Five Star movement.

Art of Doctor Who on show at the Cartoon Museum Special

The Cartoon Museum is a small museum tucked away in a corner of London. The museum, run by volunteers, displays the history of British comic art. For a short while, a range of Doctor Who themed art is on display.

Review: ‘Sunset Song’ waxes poetic about female hardships on the farm Special

‘Sunset Song’ is an unglamorous depiction of being a woman living in rural Scotland with a war on the horizon and a farm to tend.

Review: Author Patricia Lea Olson inspires children with 'Zena's Dream'

Dreaming is a huge part of life, especially as a child. You're at a time in your life when you can dream all you want, and your responsibilities are minimal.

Chatting with Chris Hodgson: Actor and model Special

British actor Chris Hodgson chatted with Digital Journal about "50 Shades! The Musical," as well as his latest endeavors.

Review: Actress Tovah Feldshuh witty on 'Where's the Bathroom?'

Award-winning actress Tovah Feldshuh is delightful on the song "Where's The Bathroom?" from the television series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend."

Interview: Jai Jamison, director and co-writer of TRI, opens up Special

Digital Journal chatted with Jai Jamison, director and co-writer of TRI about the movie ahead of its screening in Luray, Virginia.

Kitsch, glitz and politics as Russia slated to win Eurovision

Belgium's Laura Tesoro brought a dash of silver sparkle to Stockholm on Saturday as she kicked off the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the continent's annual music extravaganza, with Russia the hot favourite to win.

Desiree Ross talks Greenleaf: New series on Oprah Winfrey Network Special

16-year-old actress Desiree Ross from OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) TV's new drama series "Greenleaf" chatted with Digital Journal about the series, which is about secrets and lies within a Memphis mega-church.

Toronto actress Rayisa Kondracki casts a spell on 'Wynonna Earp' Special

Toronto native Rayisa Kondracki tells Digital Journal about casting spells as baddie Constance Clootie, a.k.a. The Stone Witch, on 'Wynonna Earp.'

Review: The real villain in ‘Money Monster’ is capitalism Special

‘Money Monster’ is a fairly transparent social commentary directed by Jodie Foster that is boosted by an excellent cast.

An exchange of dialogue with up and coming actor Colton Tapp Special

The Texas born actor, writer and model - raised on a cattle ranch in Dallas - has a number of projects already out and more in the pipeline. He spoke to Digital Journal.

Loach comes out of 'retirement' with new Cannes film

Left-wing British director Ken Loach -- who turns 80 this year -- said he was retiring two years ago just before showing his last movie "Jimmy's Hall" at the Cannes film festival.

Review: This week’s releases reach into recent history for inspiration Special

This week’s releases include this year’s early favourite for best superhero movie; another babysitter under threat; new releases related to beloved movies; and an early depiction of body horror.

Woody Allen's golden-age Hollywood love story kicks off Cannes

Hollywood decamped to Cannes Wednesday where Woody Allen's new romantic yarn set in cinema's golden age received mixed reviews from critics as it launched the world's top film festival.

Op-Ed: A gay Capt America? Like some PC babble to go with that?

Vanity Fair, the original magazine for the Beautiful People, has become news for an article about the new movie 'Captain America: Civil War.' Seems that Vanity Fair has a problem with rampant heterosexuality.

Vehicles of James Bond come to London Special

Many of the vehicles from the James Bond movies have been collected together for a special exhibit in London. The collection is at the London Film Museum.

Review: Hot Docs finds happiness in less than 60 minutes Special

In these polar opposite Hot Docs selections, “The Pursuit of Happiness” can be summed up for its subjects in less than an hour.

Review: Hot Docs makes ‘em laugh Special

Hot Docs lightens the mood with a couple of comedic selections in its “Special Presentations” section, featuring innovators from the screen and stage.

Review: The Huntington's Disease Project — Removing the Mask Special

If you can't imagine having ALS, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, and Parkinson's disease all at the same time, watching this documentary allows the viewer to experience Huntington's disease through the eyes of those affected.

Review: 'Off the Rails' shows justice failing a man with Aspergers Special

Darius McCollum, a man with Aspergers, has spent more than 20 years in jail for impersonating transit officers literally dozens of times. And he knows he'll do it again.

Review: Two personal accounts of Egypt's revolutions screen at Hot Docs Special

The 2011 Egypt uprising that led to the removal of Hosni Mubarak was the spark of the Arab Spring. Five years later, two filmmakers shared their personal experiences in Egypt at Hot Docs.

Review: There’s no two films alike in Hot Docs’ World Showcase Special

Hot Docs’ “World Showcase” includes a variety of selections that provide a glimpse of significant and/or interesting events from around the world.

Jodie Foster receives star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Two-time Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster finally gets her due. She has earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday.

Interview: Ted Adams III races for gold with TRI sports drama Special

Ahead of the film's wide summer release, Digital Journal chatted with Ted Adams to get the latest on what could be this year's "Creed."

Psychic medium Thomas John talks about Slipper Room performance Special

Psychic medium Thomas John chatted with Digital Journal about his forthcoming performance at The Slipper Room in New York.
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