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‘Captain America: Civil War’ does great with its more worrisome elements, but loses ground on generally reliable aspects of the franchise.

Interview: Actor Andrew Bowen talks new feature film 'Po' Special

Actor Andrew Bowen chatted with Digital Journal about his role as Jack in the feature film "Po." He also shares his advice for aspiring actors.

Review: 'The Sex Temple' pits an LGBT safe space against moral outrage Special

When the owner of a swinger's club that has just burned down meets the owner of a financially struggling theatre, the two men form an unlikely partnership. But their big plans run up against rampant NIMBYism.

Midnight Oil reunites, to tour in 2017

Midnight Oil, one of Australia’s most successful rock bands, will be back on the road with a series of performances at home and overseas in 2017.

Review: Canada brings a woman’s perspective to Hot Docs Special

Two films in Hot Docs’ “Canadian Spectrum” explore women’s participation in war, past and present, voluntary and involuntary.

Review: Transgender women look within for 'The Pearl' Special

Coming out as a transgender man or woman isn't easy in any circumstance, but 'The Pearl' follows four people who came out as trans women later in life.

Review: Fraud meets the wild world of wine in 'Sour Grapes' Special

When something gets popular enough, it seems to invite a number of eccentric personalities and its market becomes an elite club. 'Sour Grapes' zooms in on the lucrative wine market and a fraud that shakes it to its core.

Hulu takes on Netflix with live TV streaming

Cable operators are winning the battle when it comes to offering TV shows and sporting events right on time. Hulu will now compete against these conventional providers with the idea of Live TV.

Review: New on DVD for May 3 Special

This week’s releases include an Oscar winner with a lot of depth; a teen fiction sci-fi picture that’s sure to see a sequel; a steelbook anniversary edition of a classic; and an entertaining take on the tomb raider narrative.

'Magnificent 7' revives forgotten story of black cowboys

From the chiseled, insouciant Robert Mitchum and the rugged, laconic Clint Eastwood to John Wayne, the most celebrated cowboy of all, Hollywood's Western icons are invariably strong, brooding -- and white.

Wynonna Earp's Michael Eklund on conjuring Bobo Del Rey Special

Saskatoon native Michael Eklund tells Digital Journal what it takes to bring menacing Bobo Del Rey to life on supernatural TV series 'Wynonna Earp.'

Psychic medium Thomas John to perform at The Slipper Room in NY

On May 19, psychic medium, author and life coach Thomas John will be appearing at The Slipper Room in Manhattan for a "Night with the Dead."

McCartney, the Stones, Dylan, the Who 'confirm' mega concert

Some of rock 'n’ roll’s most iconic names reported to have been booked to perform at a mega music festival happening in the Southern California desert later this year appear to have confirmed the event.

Interview: Actress Tracey Birdsall talks new film 'Who's Jenna' Special

Actress Tracey Birdsall chatted with Digital Journal about the new romantic comedy "Who's Jenna." She also offered advice for aspiring actors.

'Space Jam 2' starring LeBron James is officially happening

After years of rumors, it looks like we're one step closer to having a sequel to the Michael Jordan-starring 1996 live-action/animated movie "Space Jam."

Review: Cheerleading is pain and personal struggle in 'Cheer Up' Special

Finland's worst cheerleading team, located in the Arctic circle, try really hard but never win competitions. Years of inspirational sports films seem to dictate where this documentary should end, but that's not the story at all.

Review: 'God Knows Where I Am' is a poetic ode to a struggling woman Special

For four months, a woman suffering from mental illness and expelled from New Hampshire's mental-health system lived in a little-used New Hampshire home, surviving on apples and rainwater.

Review: Ben Blaque auditions for BGT, puts Simon Cowell in firing line Special

Crossbow sharpshooter Ben Blaque has auditioned for "Britain's Got Talent," and his audition is one somebody needs to see to believe.

Review: Found footage morphs into something sinister in 'Fraud' Special

It's only natural that since the advent of YouTube, any type of footage feels like fair game to upload to YouTube. One man's YouTube videos, however, reveal something sinister.

Review: ‘Green Room’ is the antithesis of calm Special

‘Green Room’ is a thriller that captivates audiences with relentless intensity as a punk band must fight for their lives against a group skinheads.

Review: Hot Docs provides new perspectives on familiar subjects Special

Werner Herzog returns to Hot Docs with a 10-part reflection on the internet, which will screen next to the latest explorations of scientology and abortion law in the U.S.

Catching up with British magician Jamie Raven: plans for 2016 Special

Britain's Got Talent runner-up winner Jamie Raven chatted with Digital Journal about his plans for 2016 with his magic career.

Review: 'How to Prepare For Prison' is an intense tearjerker Special

Most people can't imagine what goes through someone's mind when they are facing a prison sentence. 'How to Prepare For Prison' follows three people who are in that exact situation.

Review: 'Girls Don't Fly' is a complex tale of passion and colonialism Special

A group of girls in Ghana are training to become pilots, under the tutelage of a British man who started his school as a charity. But something insidious worms its way through this uplifting narrative.

Review: Which came first, the city or the country?

Shotgun Wedding hails from the New York City metropolitan area; a busy place teeming with action, attitude and a whole lot of noise. The band, billed under the moniker City Country, leaves one poised to ask, what exactly does that mean?

Review: Not all Hot Docs’ films are traditional documentaries Special

“Nightvision” is the Hot Docs programme designed for festivalgoers seeking films that deal with outside of the box subjects.

Review: ‘One-Man Star Wars Trilogy’ is for fans by a fan Special

‘One-Man Star Wars Trilogy’ is a hilarious and entertaining show that delivers new memorable moments from a long-time favourite.

Will Ferrell to play Ronald Reagan; late president's kids angry

Will Ferrell is about to take on what might be his most controversial role yet — playing Ronald Reagan. Two of the former U.S. president's children have expressed anger about it, saying the script is in poor taste and makes fun of Alzheimer's Disease.

Johnny Thompson earns prestigious Nevada 'Hall of Fame' award

Master magician Johnny Thompson has earned the 2016 UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Nevada Entertainment Artists Hall of Fame award.

Interview: Female magician Jade discusses magic career Special

Jade, one of the world's top female magicians, chatted with Digital Journal about her career in the magic scene. She also touches upon the gender differences in the art of magic.

Review: 'In the Shadow of the Hill' gives a voice to Brazil's favelas Special

'In the Shadow of the Hill' feels like it should be some kind of Orwellian fiction — it details a place where police make residents feel less safe all in the name of "pacification."

Review: Control is a major theme at Hot Docs 2016 Special

“Command + Control” is an intriguing programme at Hot Docs that includes in-depth investigations, which explore the effects of various forms of domination.

Ben Blaque talks magic tour, 'America's Got Talent,' future plans Special

Acclaimed crossbow sharpshooter and America's Got Talent alum Ben Blaque chatted with Digital Journal about his U.S. magic tour.

Interview: Tovah Feldshuh talks shows at Feinstein's at the Nikko Special

Esteemed actress Tovah Feldshuh chatted with Digital Journal about her shows at Feinstein's at the Nikko on April 29 and 30.

Tovah Feldshuh to perform at Feinstein's at the Nikko

On April 29 and 30, acclaimed actress Tovah Feldshuh will be performing two "Aging Is Optional" shows at Feinstein's at the Nikko in San Francisco, California.

Why Disney will likely crush all movie studios in 2016 box office

Thanks in large part to its properties like Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, Disney banked its biggest box-office year ever in 2015 as it took in over $5.8 billion worldwide.

Review: New on DVD for April 26 Special

This week’s releases include an unexpected performance by Richard Gere; a new horror movie to add to the Christmas watch list; the return of the “brothers-in-law”; and a slasher movie send-up.

3 days after death, Prince sold more than 2.3 million records

Pop icon Prince grabbed the top spot on the U.S. music chart, just days following his sudden death in his Minnesota home.

Wynonna Earp's Dominique Provost-Chalkley on Waverly Special

U.K. native Dominique Provost-Chalkley tells Digital Journal about landing the role of Waverly, her sisterly bond with Melanie Scrofano, and her big move to Canada.

'Game of Thrones' stuns fans with season six reveal

Hit fantasy TV show "Game of Thrones" returned for its season six premiere appearing to answer to one of the most hotly debated questions in modern television history: "Is Jon Snow dead?

Catching up with British magician James More: 2016 U.S. tour Special

Esteemed British magician James More chatted with Digital Journal about his 2016 U.S. tour, Britain's Got Talent runner-up winner Jamie Raven, and his future plans.
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