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'Sizzle and Spin' starts with a job interview for a public relations job, which reunites former lovers, Charlotte and Ethan, but it's not just another love story, or a story revolving around the awkwardness of reuniting with an ex-lover.

Billy Bragg laments the death of the protest song

Singer-songwriter Billy Bragg has noted that the number of protest songs being released has fallen, and of those that do come out, few make a dent in the music charts. This is despite plenty of issues of global importance.

Review: Every music fan needs to watch the new Amy Winehouse documentary Special

Watch what fame does to not only your head, but also your body. That's one of the many warnings in Asif Kapadia's acclaimed film Amy about the late singer Amy Winehouse, who in July 2011 died at 27 from alcohol poisoning in her London home.

Bill Cosby said he got drugs to give to women for sex

American comedy icon Bill Cosby admitted under oath a decade ago that he obtained sedatives to give to young women he wanted to have sex with.

Amy Winehouse documentary, 'Amy,' shatters box office records

This past Fourth of July weekend, the newest Amy Winehouse documentary, "Amy," was off to a great start, and it broke several records.

Review: The only thing not veiled in ‘Deep Web’ is its agenda Special

‘Deep Web’ is a compelling documentary that explores a secret realm of the Internet and suggests a twenty-something idealist may have been unfairly prosecuted for his activities in this world.

Trevor Noah to perform stand-up comedy at The Paramount in NY

On July 11, Trevor Noah will be performing at The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island, as part of "The Paramount Comedy Series Presents."

Holiday dents movie box office

UPDATE: 7.6.15 - As was noted, as the actual box office figures were updated, it showed something different. "Inside Out" did inch by "Jurassic World" over the July 4 holiday.

Why is the 1812 Overture played on the 4th of July?

For over 40 years, Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture has been performed as the finale to Independence Day celebrations all across America. Many Americans believe the overture represents our country's victory over the British during the War of 1812.

James More's 'Britain's Got Talent' clip exceeds 50 million views

British magician James More has a major digital milestone to celebrate. His "Britain's Got Talent" audition surpassed 50 million views.

Review: 'Magic Mike XXL' film is better than the original 'Magic Mike' Special

"Magic Mike XXL" is an excellent film, and far superior to its predecessor, "Magic Mike." Channing Tatum has outdone himself.

Op-Ed: Nia Vardalos showcases support for Greece during economic crisis

Acclaimed actress and screenwriter Nia Vardalos used her social media pages to express her support for the people of Greece.

Actor Josh Hartnett is going to be a father

Josh Hartnett, 36, starred in Blackhawk Down and he currently stars in the series Penny Dreadful, and now he and his girlfriend are going to become parents.

Review: Sophia Loren steals attention in De Sica retrospective Special

TIFF Cinematheque is presenting a retrospective on Vittorio De Sica, but he’ll have to share the spotlight in many cases; particularly when the film features the impressive talents of Sophia Loren.

Elvis Presley honored with new Music Icons stamp

Even though Elvis Presley already had a stamp produced in his honor, there is another one on the way. Today, the United States Post Office revealed the next stamp.

New TV shows worth watching this summer

Summer brings a slew of new television shows that are premiering this summer. Here's a rundown of some of the new comedies and dramas that are worth checking out.

Crowded box office over holiday weekend

The Fourth of July holiday has started in the states with Tuesday showings of "Terminator: Genisys" and "Magic Mike XXL."

Watch the powerful trailer for 'Creed,' a 'Rocky' spinoff

The first trailer of 'Creed,' a spinoff of the Rocky franchise, was released by Warner Bros. Michael B. Jordan, a breakout star, plays the next generation boxer.

Prank video as terrified Paris Hilton told plane is crashing

It's not certain where an Egyptian TV show thought the humor was but they went ahead with a prank on Paris Hilton, convincing her the small plane she was in was about to crash. They even had an actor in on it thrown off the plane as it neared water.

Review: This week’s three releases couldn’t be more different Special

This week’s releases include a comedy that illustrates the absurdity of stereotypes; an action-thriller that keeps a slow and even pace; and an honest and amusing look at a middle-aged couple who used to be cool.

Jamie Raven from 'Britain's Got Talent' to embark on magic tours

Magician Jamie Raven, runner-up winner from "Britain's Got Talent," will be going out on tour, which kicks off in February of 2016.

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao dominate highest-paid celeb list

Boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao came up on top of the world's highest-paid celebrities list with Mayweather taking the No.1 spot followed by Pacquiao in second place and entertainer Katy Perry in the third place.

Review: 'The Supernaturalists' is an outstanding new show by Criss Angel Special

On June 28, Digital Journal had the pleasure to review Criss Angel's new magic show, "The Supernaturalists" at the Foxwoods Resort Casino's The Fox Theater.

Catching up with Criss Angel about 'The Supernaturalists' Special

World renowned magician Criss Angel sat down and chatted with Digital Journal following the fifth preview performance of his new show "The Supernaturalists" at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

The dinosaurs do it again

It was not expected to win and it played out that way. "Ted 2" finished third as "Jurassic World" wins again. The win marks the third week in a row for the dinosaurs.

Concern continues over the health of Joni Mitchell

David Crosby has said that singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is still unable to speak following a brain aneurysm in March 2015.

Rapper DMX arrested in New York

Rapper DMX was arrested for nonpayment of child support, right before he was due to perform at Radio City Music Hall on Friday night.

Fear The Walking Dead: what’s ahead for AMC’s brand new show

A brand new show by the creators of AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead is debuting this summer, called Fear The Walking Dead.

Patrick Macnee of The Avengers dies at 93

The star of the popular 1960s television series, “The Avengers,” has died at 93. The actor passed away on Thursday at his Rancho Mirage home in California.

Review: ‘Ted 2’ hasn’t grown up as much as it thinks, which isn’t all bad Special

‘Ted 2’ isn’t entirely successful in integrating a more serious plot into its inherently silly storyline, but it doesn’t let that compromise its ability to deliver an expected style of comedy.

Actor Patrick Macnee has died

Patrick Macnee, who starred of The Avengers television series, has died aged 93 at his home in California. He also played roles in theater, appearing on Broadway.

'Ted 2' is not in it to win the weekend

A bear and a dog will try to knock down dinosaurs as the box office has plenty of animals competing for attention. It is still likely that "Jurassic World" will win for a third time.

Master magician Johnny Thompson talks about illustrious career Special

Multi-award-winning magician Johnny Thompson chatted with Digital Journal about his latest projects and illustrious career.

Op-Ed: San Francisco singer reaches out to fans for help to fund CD Special

Even with years of experience performing and an appearance on TV, San Francisco Bay Area-based singer/entertainer Tim Hockenberry is utilizing the latest in 21st-century media to help him produce his latest CD.

Op-Ed: Natalie Wood a modern day Anastasia

For all but Baby Boomers, it is probably puzzling to see murder headlines about a starlet who allegedly drowned drunk when she fell off her yacht “Splendor” near Santa Catalina 33 years ago.

Spider-Man re-casted for Sony, Marvel reboot

Months after announcing Spider-Man would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony and Marvel reveal the names of the next film’s star and director.

Blu-ray/DVD Essentials: Summer must-sees Special

From new animated films featuring well-loved characters like Curious George and Tom & Jerry (check out the clip from 'Spy Quest') to the latest seasons of 'Ripper Street' and 'Workaholics,' there are a handful of just-released discs you cannot miss.

Review: Orange Is The New Black hits its junior year

Season three of 'Orange Is The New Black' paints a painfully raw portrait of people’s overwhelming desire for meaning and a sense of community.

Review: Two comedies at opposite ends of their runs out this week Special

This week’s releases include a not-so-scary double feature that shows the darker side of ‘80s horror movies; and a couple of TV series at the start and end of their runs.

Review: ‘Deli Man’ is full of flavour and heart Special

‘Deli Man’ is a documentary that demonstrates the distinctiveness of the delicatessen, as well as the devotion of those who eat at and run them.

Party goers cheer Japan's end to ban on dancing past midnight

Japanese lawmakers lifted a ban on dancing past midnight. The law, enacted to reduce prostitution after World War II, has been criticized as antiquated. The ban has been struck from the books, which will make the 2020 Olympics more friendly to tourists.
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