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Not only will "American Sniper" win for the third week in a row, it is now the highest-grossing war movie of all-time, domestically. It has passed "Saving Private Ryan."

Review: ‘A Most Violent Year’ is most excellent Special

‘A Most Violent Year’ is a solid character drama in which its protagonist struggles to run a legitimate business while surrounded by criminal activity.

Review: 'Your Lie In April' EP 15 sends the message of 'being honest'

The lies of Tsubaki, Kohei, and Kaori slowly unveil themselves in the latest episode of "Your Lie In April." These are big secrets they are hiding.

Review: 'Saekano' EP 3 emphasizes the importance of a destination

Tomoya learns the consequences of slacking off in the hardest way possible in the latest episode of "Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend."

For Sasha Roiz, life in Portland is anything but 'Grimm' Special

Living in the land of 'Grimm' gods and monsters has been idyllic for Sasha Roiz and the cast of the TV series. Setting up the Grimmster Endowment has given them a chance to show their love and appreciation to their adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Review: 'Shirobako' EP 16 reveals the importance of a 'thick skin'

The latest episode of "Shirobako" sends a powerful message of the need for support from your peers and the ability to be thick-skinned.

Op-Ed: Justin Bieber apologizes on Ellen and in video; guy still rocks

Justin Bieber has taken more flak than an entire company of soldiers pinned down out on open ground in a losing battle. The little Canadian that could is despised by his haters, journalists among them. But not this one, still proud he's a fellow Canuck.

Tim McGraw steps in for Glen Campbell at the Academy Awards

Tim McGraw got a call from the academy and it had nothing to do with a country music award. This academy has something to do with movies - and music. It was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Op-Ed: Steve Carell should win Best Actor Academy Award for 'Foxcatcher'

This year was an excellent year for movies and one of the finest male acting performances goes to Steve Carell in "Foxcatcher."

Ted tries to prove his 'humanity' in first trailer for 'Ted 2'

Seth McFarlane's titular Ted must prove to the court in "Ted 2" that he is an actual person, which puts him on a self-journey to discover his "humanity."

Mutants, monsters and kick-ass women dominate Digital Film Fest

The sixth annual Great Digital Film Festival starts this Friday with the 25th anniversary screening of ‘Dick Tracy’ followed by a full day of ‘X-Men.’

'PK' becomes highest-grossing Bollywood movie, stokes controversy

The Bollywood movie "PK," which has been at the center of a controversy about religion, has capitalized on the free publicity to become the highest-grossing Bollywood film ever.

Review: 'The Testament of Sister New Devil' EP 4 is incredibly 'ballsy'

The fourth episode of "The Testament of Sister New Devil" is not sexed up compared to the previous two episodes, but it has a lot of "balls."

Review: 'KanColle' EP 4 combines magical girls with naval warfare

The latest episode of "KanColle" is lighthearted and incredibly funny compared to the previous episode, which ended in a tragic death.

Snapchat gets its first original series, 'SnapperHero'

Not long after the messaging app SnapChat announced its new platform for publishing, the company announced it will premiere its first ever original series.

Matthew Rhys divulges clandestine intel about ‘The Americans' Special

As an undercover KGB agent posing as a Reagan-era suburban family man, Rhys has been required to adopt several personas for his role on ‘The Americans.’ The Welsh actor reveals deep secrets about his character, himself and Season 3 of the series.

John Pyper-Ferguson unleashes his inner beast for 'Wolves' Special

For Pyper-Ferguson's role in David Hayter's film 'Wolves,' the seasoned actor ('The Last Ship,' 'Unforgiven') spent torturous hours transforming himself into the wily wolfman of Lupine Ridge and dug deep into his own psyche to unleash the animal within.

Actor and model Nick Bateman opens up about his career Special

Nick Bateman is a triple threat in the industry: actor, model and martial artist. He took some time from his schedule to chat with Digital Journal.

Review: New on DVD for January 27 Special

This week’s releases include an old and new war drama; an Oscar-nominated performance alongside a plain-clothed superhero; a captivating story of betrayal and vengeance in two parts; and a silly sequel to an exhausted franchise.

First trailer streamed for upcoming 'Fantastic 4' reboot

20th Century Fox has streamed the first trailer for its upcoming reboot of the "Fantastic Four" live-action film franchise.

Op-Ed: Claire Danes loses Screen Actors Guild award to Viola Davis

The losing streak for actress Claire Danes continues. A few weeks ago, she lost the Golden Globe to Ruth Wilson from "The Affair."

Oscars: Levine, Common, Legend to perform

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Common and John Legend will perform their Oscar-nominated song at this year's show. The show is Feb. 22.

Review: 'World Break' EP 3 shows the true pain of Shizuno's life

Shizuno reveals herself as one of the most emotionally vulnerable people in "World Break" as the third episode has just shown.

'American Sniper' director Clint Eastwood calls film 'antiwar'

Amid all the cacophony and controversy surrounding Clint Eastwood's Oscar-nominated film "American Sniper," the director insists the wartime biopic makes “the biggest antiwar statement any film can.”

Review: 'Maria The Virgin Witch' EP 3, commentary on religious hypocrisy

The latest episode of "Maria The Virgin Witch" is a commentary on the theological debate between the Will of Heaven and the rules of the Catholic Church.

Hollywood stardom awaits Manny Pacquiao

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao may soon join Hollywood's elite entertainers after a film producer offered him a three-film deal right after he beats pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather.

Review: 'Gourmet Girl Graffiti' EP 3 makes omelets sexy & tantalizing

The latest episode of "Gourmet Girl Graffiti" is a dedication to the art of refining the simple dish of an egg omelet over rice.

Review: Cats revival in London is a success Special

The hit musical Cats has returned to the London stage for a winter revival. The new production features some familiar tunes as well as a couple of interesting new numbers. Digital Journal paid a visit.

SAG Awards: 'Birdman' wins top movie prize

UPDATE: "Birdman" took home the top prize as The Screen Actors Guild Awards wrapped up in Los Angeles tonight (Jan. 25). Michael Keaton, who had just lost the actor prize, was on stage to accept the "Birdman" award.

Review: ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ is a new kind of vampire story Special

‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ is a skillfully constructed Iranian vampire love story from first-time writer/director Ana Lily Amirpour.

'Sniper' still solid as it wins again; Depp takes a dive

"American Sniper" played much bigger than expectations once again as it easily retains its box office crown.The estimate take for its second wide release weekend is $64.37 million. Going in, that figure was looking at around $40-50 million.

Review: 'Aldnoah.Zero 2' EP 3 is emotional & tearful, while poetic

One of the final scenes of this episode makes you want to break into tears when you consider the factors and circumstances of Slaine's predicament.

Producers pick 'Birdman'

"Birdman" just hauled in the top prize from the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and adds more drama to an uncertain Best Picture Oscar race. Both "Boyhood" and "Birdman" have been battling it out during award season.

Review: 'Durarara!! x 2' EP 3 is confusing at first, but apparent later

The latest episode of "Durarara!! x 2" takes viewers into the dark world of the entertainment industry as it feels like "Dexter" and "Shonen Hollywood" had a love child.

Review: 'Log Horizon 2' EP 16 shockingly introduces a female Shiroe

Shiroe seemingly has a long lost "twin-sister" as the latest episode of "Log Horizon 2" has recently revealed and she's a vampire, too.

Review: 'The Rolling Girls' EP 3 is a surprising turn of events

This episode questions the possibly of power within ourselves or power derived from completely an outside and extraterrestrial source.

Review: Jennifer Aniston’s 'Oscar snub' for ‘Cake’ may not be unwarranted Special

‘Cake’ contains a marvellous performance by Jennifer Aniston, but being the best part of a film can sometimes be a disservice.

Review: Criss Angel masterful at The Paramount in New York Special

On January 23, world renowned magician Criss Angel performed a spellbinding magic show at The Paramount, as part of "Mindfreak Live!"

Review: 'Fairy Tail 2' EP 42 has some anthropomorphic 'penis monster'

The latest episode of "Fairy Tail" series two leaves a lot left to be desired such as the appearance of something that looks like a penis monster.

Review: 'Isuca' EP 1 gives a new spin on the supernatural genre

"Isuca's" premiere episode teaches you to be cautious when you are approached by mysterious attractive redheads that strip their clothes for no reason.

Review: 'GARO — The Animation' EP 15 is 10th Doctor's secret wet dream

The latest episode of the currently airing "GARO: The Animation" teaches a valuable lesson on the ingenuity of people when they put their heads together.
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