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CTV meteorologist Cindy Day is drawing a storm of protest due to recent Twitter posts concerning Frankie MacDonald, a popular self professed weather man from Sydney, Nova Scotia, who also happens to be autistic.

Review: ‘Zoolander 2’ goes retro with mixed results Special

‘Zoolander 2’ is like a radio station that plays all the hits of yesteryear — it can be fun for a little while, but it eventually grows stale.

A conversation with groundbreaking Broadway star Norm Lewis Special

The Tony nominated actor and singer — the first African American to play the title role in 'Phantom of the Opera' on Broadway — has a number of projects on the go at the present time. He talked to Digital Journal.

Review: X Company 2.03: 'Sein Und Schein' Special

In the strongest episode of the season, the team's attempt to obtain new identification papers forces Aurora to make a devastating sacrifice.

Review: ‘Deadpool’ rises to the top by breaking all the rules Special

‘Deadpool’ doesn’t pull any punches, earning its R-rating with the most well-crafted coarse language, graphic violence, scenes of sexuality and nudity all c/o Ryan Reynolds.

Charlize Theron in talks to play villain in 'Fast 8'

Charlize Theron is rumored to be in talks to join the 'Fast and Furious' franchise as its first primary female villain in 'Fast 8.'

Canadian Actor Jonathan Emond talks about his acting career Special

Actor Jonathan Emond chatted with Digital Journal about his acting career in Canada, his charity work and living life in Los Angeles.

Review: The difficult path is the only course in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include Daniel Craig’s swan song; a striking example of a grandmother’s unconditional affection; a dramatic depiction of the housing crisis; an amusing war between monsters; and a love stronger than death.

British actor Matthew Wolf talks about 'The Royals' on E! Special

British actor Matthew Wolf chatted with Digital Journal about being on E!'s "The Royals." His film credits include "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 3."

Review: We can’t get enough 'Jason Bourne' — Trailer

Known for his nice guy good looks and emotionally driven dramatic projects, Matt Damon is back in the role that made him an action bad boy. Let’s go one more round with ‘Jason Bourne.’

David Bowie's wife of 24 years breaks month-long silence

Iman, Somali supermodel and David Bowie's wife of 24 years, broke her almost month-long silence on February 8, to thank fans for their support after Bowie's death. "Love & gratitude,” she posted on Instagram.

Review: ‘Mojave’ has a thirst for murder Special

‘Mojave’ is a dark thriller that pits two men with inflated egos against each other in a deadly game of wit and provocation.

Jagger and Scorsese strum up rock 'n' roll's 'Game of Thrones'

The 1970s may have been the decade that fashion forgot, but Martin Scorsese believes that was because the world was too busy with drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll to care.

Criss Angel announces charity event for cancer, inspired by son

International magician Criss Angel announced that a charity event is going to take place for his one-year-old son, Johnny Christopher, who is battling leukemia.

Actor Jo Weil releases English trailer for 'Shattered'

Acclaimed German actor Jo Weil has released the trailer for his newest project "Shattered," which features him talking English.

Review: Mike Epps phenomenal at The Theater at Madison Square Garden Special

On Feb. 5, acclaimed stand-up comedian Mike Epps performed a sold-out show at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Review: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ is a revolving door of problems needing solving Special

The Coen brothers’ latest picture, ‘Hail, Caesar!’, is a silly tribute to traditional Hollywood starring all the usual suspects with a few fresh additions.

Review: ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ blends action and eloquence Special

‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ is an adaptation of an adaptation that delivers its own take on the classic mash-up by further rewriting history and clearly defining the line between good and evil.

CBS and CW Network confirm Flash appearance on 'Supergirl'

CBS and The CW Network confirmed Tuesday that Grant Gustin from 'The Flash' will appear on an upcoming episode of 'Supergirl' this spring.

Watch old faves on the big screen at Great Digital Film Fest

The Great Digital Film Festival returns to Canada for another week of nostalgia cinema, giving fans the opportunity to see their favourite movies on the big screen at least one more time.

Review: X Company 2.02: 'Night Will End' Special

The question of Alfred's fate is answered and the Faber/Forst saga comes to a shocking conclusion in 'X Company,' Ep. 2.02, "Night Will End."

Review: Good storytelling is the difference in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a peculiar affliction; thrilling negotiations; a charming, fast-talking Bill Murray; a detailed account of a forgotten scandal; the original Disney princess; and proof a woman can do a man’s job just as well.

Mike Epps to perform at The Theater at Madison Square Garden

Acclaimed stand-up comedian Mike Epps will be performing at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York on February 5.

Men speak most of the lines in Disney movies

Disney animated adventures, even those which feature a strong female protagonist, have most of the lines spoken by male actors.

Review: A de-clawed Kevin Spacey seems hairy in 'Nine Lives’ — Trailer

Having tackled some of the most amazing roles in film, Kevin Spacey takes on a part which we have long yearned for, Mr. Fuffypants.

Carol Burnett honored with SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Acting icon and comedian Carol Burnett was honored with the 2016 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Lifetime Achievement Award on Jan. 30.

Brie Larson wins 'Best Actress' SAG award for 'Room'

Acclaimed actress Brie Larson took home the 2016 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for "Best Actress in a Leading Role" for her performance in "Room."

Leonardo DiCaprio gets his due, wins SAG award for 'Best Actor'

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) due with his first SAG award win for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" for "The Revenant."

Review: ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ — Trailer

With everything from ball gowns to beheadings, 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ ain’t your English teacher’s Jane Austen.

Review: ‘The Finest Hours’ is a tale of bravery in many circumstances Special

‘The Finest Hours’ effectively chronicles a harrowing rescue in a deadly storm, though its dangers must compete with the hindrances of 3D technology.

Review: ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ continues to inspire with its relatable hero Special

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ introduces a new, surprisingly scary foe for the Furious Five to defeat, which also forces Po to come to terms with his past, present and future.

Toronto's Memoryhouse unleashes 'Soft Hate' Special

Toronto-based dream-pop duo Memoryhouse tells Digital Journal about their long hiatus, new LP, and difficult relationship with touring.

Review: Mixing old and new keeps this week's releases fresh Special

This week’s releases include strong female characters with ambition and talent; a familiar war movie with uncommon participants; a set of older films that will thrill, repel and move audiences; and a trip down memory lane.

Review: CBC's 'X Company' makes frenetic return Special

CBC's hit spy thriller 'X Company' kicks off its sophomore season with a tense, emotional premiere as the Camp X team deals with Alfred's capture.

Review: ‘One Floor Below’ plays with audience expectations Special

‘One Floor Below’ takes a common, adrenaline-fuelled plot and turns it into a slow burning thriller in which the anxiety gradually increases until it reaches the boiling point.

Donny Osmond's 'Donny & Marie' celebrates 40 year anniversary

The "Donny & Marie" television variety show has celebrated its 40-year anniversary. It first aired on ABC on January 23, 1976.

Review: Josh Holloway excellent in new television drama series 'Colony' Special

Actor Josh Holloway (best known for his work on "Lost") is back in the new television series "Colony," and he is excellent.

James More from 'Britain's Got Talent' to embark on U.S. tour

British magician James More (from "Britain's Got Talent") will be embarking on a magic tour in the United States next month.

Op-Ed: Top Saudi cleric claims chess 'work of Satan' and 'forbidden'

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh responded to a question on a Saudi television show saying that chess was "the work of Satan," as were alcohol and gambling.

Review: ‘Boy and the World’ is a sad, wondrous and vivid journey Special

‘Boy and the World’ is this year’s surprise animated Oscar nominee, but it more than earns its spot with a unique style and captivating story.

Long Island psychic Janet Russell talks Michael Buble and baby Special

Long Island psychic Janet Russell chatted with Digital Journal about her prediction of Michael Buble and his new baby boy.
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