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After 12 emotionally intense episodes, the "Death Parade" series has wrapped for the year. It leaves hope for the possibility of a second season.

Review: 'GARO — The Animation' EP 24 joyfully wraps up the 1st series

Leon Luis has finally defeated Mendoza in the final episode of "GARO: The Animation," where he has avenged the death of his parents.

Review: 'Shirobako' comes to a close after 24 informative episodes

After 24 episodes, "Shirobako" has finally wrapped up. It is a great commentary and in-depth look on how the anime industry works in Japan.

Review: 'Saekano' EP 12 wraps up the series on a beautiful & funny note

The final episode for "Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend" completes Blessing Software with the addition of Michiru, Tomoya's cousin, and her Icy Tail band.

Review: 'Saekano' EP 11 is a battle between cousin & childhood friend

The 11th episode of "Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend" forces Tomoya to make a compromise with his cousin in order to make Blessing Software a reality.

Review: ‘The Riot Club’ inspires conversation, but is it the right one? Special

The authentic performances in ‘The Riot Club’ make it difficult to watch, but it does not add much to the conversation of inequality.

Review: ‘Home’ relies on funny characters to alleviate predictable story Special

‘Home’ is a cute and simple animated comedy about an alien outcast who befriends an Earthling after his species invades her planet.

'The Voice': Season 8 — Surviving the Knockout Rounds, Part 1 Special

Such Season 8 contestants as Corey Kent White, Brian Johnson, Sonic and Sarah Potenza sang for their lives in the Knockouts and are moving on to the Live Shows. They, along with 8 other talented singers, discuss their journeys, thus far, on 'The Voice.'

Review: 'Tokyo Ghoul' makes you question what is 'human' or 'monster'

After 24 episodes, "Tokyo Ghoul" has wrapped up its series run. It was an intense roller coaster ride that is packed with so much drama and bloodshed.

Review: 'KanColle' EP 12 ends the series with a climatic ultra battle

The latest episode of "KanColle" wraps up the first season by having an ultimate battle between the Fleet Girls and the Abyssal Fleet in a brutal throwdown.

Review: 'The Testament of Sister New Devil' EP 12 is a 'happy ending'

Zolgia finally gets what is coming to him in the finale of the first season to "The Testament of Sister New Devil," which ends in an awkward "reverse bang" that ends before it even starts.

'Get Hard' takes on 'Home' and it should be close

When an animated movie gets released, it is usually an easy pick to win that particular weekend. But, not this time with "Home." It may win, but it will not be an easy one.

Review: 'Parasyte — The Maxim' an intellectual & action-packed ride

"Parasyte: The Maxim" is an intense series that uniquely combines science-fiction, drama, horror, and suspense to create one addicting story that keeps you hooked until the end.

Review: 'Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!' grand poobah of gay jokes

Are you sick and tired of all the "magical girl" anime series? Then you should check out "Cute High Defense Club LOVE!" because it mocks the genre.

Review: 'Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!' EP 12 concludes the series

The latest and final episode of "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!" reveals the shocking truth behind conflict between the Earth Defense and Earth Conquest Clubs.

Review: 'Yona of the Dawn' is a fantastic tale about strong bonds

"Yona of the Dawn" is a fantastic series to watch as you see a flawed heroine slowly and gradually grow up to become a true heroine.

Review: 'Yona of the Dawn' EP 24 brings series to an end

Yona ultimately finds her resolve and decides on what course of action to take when they are joined by Jeno, the Yellow Dragon, in the last episode of "Yona of the Dawn."

Video: Live-action movie 'Attack on Titan' 1st trailer

The first teaser trailer has been streamed for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Hajime Isayama's "Attack on Titan," which spans two film projects.

Op-Ed: Madonna versus BBC1 — Too old for radio?

BBC1 has dropped Madonna from its playlist. Her new single won’t be played. She is not happy, but the question is now who’s out of touch? If the modern music market is currently saturated with easy bake pop songs, where do you draw the line?

The truth is ‘The X-Files’ are coming back

Actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and creator Chris Carter are reuniting to bring ‘The X-Files’ back to the small screen.

Review: New on DVD for March 24 Special

This week’s releases include one last adventure in Middle-Earth; a musical mash-up; a raw documentary about fame and misfortune; and a favourite ‘80s romantic mismatch.

A conversation with actress Danielle Cormack Special

An award-winning actress in her native New Zealand, Danielle Cormack is now garnering acclaim internationally for her starring role in the hit Netflix series 'Wentworth'.

Review: #ANIME: "Yurikuma Arashi' EP 11 teaches about love and sacrifice

The shocking and saddening truth behind Ginko and Kureha's shared past is revealed in the latest episode of "Yurikuma Arashi."

Review: 'Absolute Duo' is a cliche, but still entertaining to watch

"Absolute Duo" is one your typical battle-action harem anime titles, but it is still entertaining and enjoyable to watch though.

Video: Japanese anime 'Noir' FUNimation Blu-Ray trailer

"Noir," which aired in 2001," is getting a home video re-release by FUNimation scheduled for April. It will be available on Blu-Ray with HD visuals.

Video: Japanese anime series '.hack//' FUNimation trailers

FUNimation has plans to give an upcoming home video release to ".hack//Roots," ".hack//SIGN," and ".hack//Legend of the Twilight."

Video: 'Freezing — Vibration' FUNimation trailer

FUNimation has plans to bring "Freezing: Vibration" to home video on April 21st as a Blu-Ray and DVD combo. Check out its "coming soon" trailer.

Video: 'Sankarea — Uncut' FUNimation trailer

"Sankarea," which was released on home video in 2013," is getting re-released at the end of this month uncut and uncensored.

Video: 'Mission Impossible Rogue Nation' full trailer

Tom Cruise reprises his role as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt in the upcoming "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation," which hits theaters in July.

Video: 'Pixels' first trailer

The first trailer has been streamed for "Pixels," starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, which is adapted from Patrick Jean's original short film.

Video: Japanese anime film 'Miss Hokusai' 1st trailer

"Miss Hokusai," based off the life of unknown artist O-Ei Katushika, will hit theaters across Japan this May and the first trailer is available to view.

Review: ‘Tracers’ uses parkour to enhance the film’s appeal Special

‘Tracers’ is a high-speed action movie that gives audiences an up-close view of freerunning as its characters leap from one danger to the next.

Review: 'Maria The Virgin Witch' EP 11 shows the power of 'true love'

The titular Maria ultimately confesses her love to Joseph, where "true love" is the catalyst that restores her magic in the latest episode of "Maria The Virgin Witch."

Op-Ed: Does Idris Elba as next James Bond welcome diversity in filming?

In an age of globalisation, diversity in the movie industry is critical – if movie directors will have to till a dedicated audience.

Review: 'World Break' EP 11 is a perfect girls' outing ruined by a dragon

The latest episode of "World Break: Aria of a Curse for a Holy Swordsman" slowly transitions from a pleasant vacation to the ultimate fated battle.

Video: 'Ghost In The Shell — New Movie Edition' 1st trailer

"Ghost In The Shell: New Movie Edition," part of "GITS: ARISE," hits theaters across Japan on June 20th. The first trailer has been posted.

Op-Ed: Truck driver writes screenplay and wins accolades at festival Special

There have been many instances of someone with a dream and being able to make it a reality against many odds. Yet, how often does anyone get to have their dream fulfilled by the help of total strangers?

Review: 'Gourmet Girl Graffiti' EP 11 makes ramen & katsu tantalizing

The latest episode of "Gourmet Girl Graffiti" should make you seriously crave ramen and katsu if you have not eaten anything today.

Review: ‘Backcountry’ uses nature’s monster to provide its scares Special

‘Backcountry’ is a thriller that could make campers rethink their next trip — if the protagonists didn’t make so many mistakes along the way.

'Insurgent' sails past 'Cinderella'

"Insurgent" took over the box office and grabbed the glass slipper from "Cinderella." But, it rolled out about even with last year's "Divergent."

Jennifer Aniston takes a dig at Kim Kardashian over blonde hair

Not for the first time, Jennifer Aniston has said something that appears to be a dig at Kim Kardashian. During an interview with Fashionista magazine, the 46-year-old actress responded to whether she would ever want to dye her hair platinum blonde.
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