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About Us

Digital Journal is a global digital media network with contributors from around the world. Reaching an audience of millions of monthly visitors, Digital Journal blends a new media approach with proprietary technology, data and social tool sets to deliver a unique and engaging experience. Digital Journal publishes to multiple platforms, from Web to FacebookTwitter and more.

The Vision

Digital Journal is recognized as a pioneer and leader in social news, blending professional content with high-quality user-generated contributions to inform our audience about what’s happening around the world.Digital Journal formed its roots in media as a glossy magazine distributed coast-to-coast in Canada and the United States. But with the rise of the Internet, mobile technologies and social media, we recognized the media industry was irreversibly changing and so Digital Journal evolved into a modern media organization that is a technology company at its core. We set out to build a media business from the ground-up to be Digital First and social in nature, with proprietary technology as the backbone.We are a group of passionate journalists and programmers who deeply understand the critical role technology plays in telling stories and engaging audiences.

The Innovation

Digital Journal’s vision is to completely re-imagine and build a totally new type of media organization. In order to reach scale and be more responsive to modern demands, our team recognized we needed to build a media company on 3 core pillars:

  • Content: Digital Journal recognizes the importance of social media, technology and digital culture in all aspects of news. Our team of vetted writers from around the world write about their passions while still connecting them to the ever-changing world of technology.
  • Technology: Digital Journal has built its entire platform and all of its toolsets from the ground-up, with a focus on technology. We run on a proprietary content management system (CMS) that was built in-house to be highly permissioned, scalable and robust. We assign, manage and track content using a custom-built assignment platform, allowing us to create any content offering at scale. Digital Journal pages have multiple engagement points where people can submit content. Once submitted, we measure how each piece of content performs in real-time across Digital Journal. Data is one of our most vital assets, and we put a tremendous focus on optimizing and growing based on analytics and what the data tells us about the needs of our audience. These are just some of the things Digital Journal does as a technology media company to ensure we address the needs of readers, in real-time..
  • Social: We’ve baked social technologies and toolsets into our platform to make our social media experience unique and engaging, and to encourage stories to spread across social media platforms.


Chris Hogg

Chris is a co-founder of Digital Journal. He is an entrepreneur who has worked in publishing, digital media, broadcasting, advertising, social media & marketing. As an editorial and digital strategist, Chris has a deep passion for new technologies and disruptive, high-growth digital businesses where technology & digital media intersect. Chris started his career in media with Digital Journal Inc. when he joined the company as a freelance journalist. Moving from freelancer, to editor, to partner, Chris spearheaded the company’s full transition to digital as a platform that now reaches millions of readers per month. With a broadcast journalism background Chris has also worked with many media companies including CBC News, Fifth Estate, CBC Sports, CTV News, City News, CP24, Global News, Business News Network, Space, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Postmedia & dozens of syndicated TV & radio networks. In 2012 Chris co-founded a social media & content marketing company called /newsrooms, a network dedicated to providing continuous content marketing and social media coverage for brands. The company has grown a client portfolio that includes brands like Osler, KPMG, Sony, TD Bank, Queensway Audi, Citrix, SiteScout and more. The company has won international media coverage and praise as an innovator in social media and marketing. Connect with Chris on LinkedInFacebook & Twitter. Notable achievement: Recipient, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013

Alex Chumak

Alex Chumak is the Chief Technical Officer for Digital Journal. He is responsible for all stages of product development and support including hardware infrastructure deployment which includes clustered webservers, to database management with replication to handle millions of monthly visitors.Alex holds a degree in computer science, with Masters work done in artificial intelligence and robotics.

David Silverberg

David Silverberg is the former editor-in-chief of Digital Journal Inc.

Janusz Überall

‘Digital culture for creative minds’