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Winter News

Gusty winds, snowfall in forecast as storm spans U.S. and Canada

Minneapolis - Extended swaths of Minnesota, and other portions of the upper United States, are bracing Monday for up to a foot of snow left by a large system that stretches well into Canada.

More men who are left-handed are born during the winter

Researchers found a correlation between winter-births and left handedness, where up to 9 percent of all those born in winter months are left handed.

Man arrested for operating snowmobile in June while intoxicated

Lansing - A Michigan man faces charges for crashing his snowmobile while under the influence. The lack of winter weather conditions and the temperatures in the mid-80s didn't deter the man from trying to pull off this snow job.

Rock salt damages butterflies

The use of rock salt during the winter season can damage butterflies and other roadside developing invertebrates. While a moderate rise in sodium can have some seeming benefits.

Op-Ed: Are Canadians living up to the hashtag #WeAreWinter? Special

Olympic fever is in the air, and Twitter is abuzz with nationalistic hashtags like #GoCanadaGo and #WeAreWinter. But are the ordinary Canadians who rally their athletes in Sochi really the winter enthusiasts the media would have the world believe?

Ice storm holds East Coast hostage, again

New York - Just when folks on the East Coast thought things could not get any worse this winter, Mother Nature proved them wrong with a blast of cold, ice and snow. Add to that, predictions of a longer winter.

Could pizza herb prevent winter vomiting disease?

Need an excuse to order pizza? Scientists have found that carvacrol — the substance in oregano oil that gives the pizza herb its distinctive warm, aromatic smell and flavour — is effective against the winter vomiting bug.

Advice for travelers attending the winter Olympics

Moscow - Health agencies have offered advice for those planning to brave the chilly temperatures and attend the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Warming up with Canada's first ever hot chocolate festival

Well, the groundhog spotting its own shadow may be a bummer, as the furry forecaster predicts a long winter, but why not warm up with a cup of hot chocolate at participating vendors in this year's first ever national Hot Chocolate Festival?

Ice On Whyte Festival survives warm snap Special

Edmonton - The annual Ice On Whyte Festival in Edmonton's Old Strathcona neighbourhood began last weekend, during an unseasonably warm snap during which temperatures rose well above zero celcius.

How do animals survive the winter?

The winter has been particularly severe this year, especially the "polar vortex" in North America. While many people have shivered and coped, spare a though for the animal kingdom. How do they get through the frosty months?

Top tips to cope with the U.S. winter

The severe weather affecting the U.S. has been widely reported. To help those affected, the U.S. CDC has provided some advice on dealing with the wintery conditions.

Polar vortex: Midwest deep freeze disrupts business, travel, life

As an arctic blast bore down on the U.S. Midwest this week, residents experienced the coldest temperatures the area has seen in 20 years.

Norovirus outbreak limits visiting at Vancouver hospital

Vancouver - Called the "winter vomiting disease," the virus spreads quickly through hospitals, and other places where people are in close contact for prolonged periods of time. Now Vancouver, Canada is being hit hard by the sickness.

Winnipeg deep freeze colder than Mars

Winnipeg - Colder than the North Pole and even Mars, Winnipeg, Canada rang in the New Year at temperatures that dropped to a low of -37.9 C (-36.22 F).

Wisconsin uses cheese to de-ice local roadways

Milwaukee - Wisconsin, a US state is widely known for its cheese production, has found an ingenious way to de-ice many of the state's major roadways by using cheese brine.

Photo Essay: A Berg's eye view of winter

Edmonton - Photographer Evelyn Berg has captured a unique perspective of life during the colder months in Canada by examining a world within a world of ice.

Winter-proof cockroach found in New York City

New York - A cockroach that is resilient in cold weather has never been seen in the United States, until now. The Asian cockroach has been discovered in New York City.

Photo Essay: Winter in Jilin, China Special

Jilin - In the northeast of China, Jilin City is divided by a river that is bordered by colorful buildings which look even more wintery in their first cover of snow.

Winter comes to Western Canada Special

Edmonton - Winter is an inevitable fact of life in western Canada. In Edmonton, the snow and colder temperatures hit with a vengeance in mid-November.

Op-Ed: Five things homeowners can do now to prepare for winter

When the temperatures drop and the wind begins to blow, we have to work that much harder to keep our homes comfortable and safe.

Winter ski season has begun at Vail Resorts in Colorado

The countdown is over and winter ski season is officially underway in Colorado as skiers and riders took to the slopes on Friday Nov. 8, 2013 when Breckenridge Ski Resort opened for its 52nd season just before 9 a.m. MST.

Reindeer eyes change color in winter darkness

To survive the wintery conditions in the Arctic, scientists have found that one part of an reindeer’s eyes changes color. This adaptation increases the sensitivity of the animal’s vision, helping it navigate the through the darker months.

Northern Virginia snow causes messy morning commute Special

Fairfax - A bit of snow came through the Northern Virginia region this Monday morning. While significant amounts of accumulation are not expected, it was just enough to cause some problems on the road during the morning commute.

Interview with professional free skier Tucker Perkins Special

On March 14, 2013, professional free skier Tucker Perkins chatted via telephone with Digital Journal about his plans for the future and his aspirations to represent our country and compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Washington reopens after 'split personality' winter storm passes Special

Fairfax - Snow has been mostly non-existent for the 2012-13 winter season in the DC region. However, the storm that blew in on March 6 ended up shutting down the District and the surrounding suburbs.

Teen walks 10 miles in snow to job interview

Indianapolis - An Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant owner who happened to stumble across a teenager walking to a job interview, was inspired by the teen's determination.

Photo Essay: Saturday morning snow blanket Special

Nashville - Nashvillians have been waiting all winter for a measurable snowfall, and on Saturday they awoke to their first substantial winter wonderland of the season.

Skiing in North Carolina style Special

North Carolina does not typically conjure up images of a white winter wonderland, but something many do not know about this destination, popular for its sandy Atlantic Beaches, wind surfing, and golf is it has a winter wonderland waiting to be enjoyed.

Photo Essay: Russia's winter wonderland Special

Samara - I lived with a Russian family for 6 months and faced the coldest winter of my life. Snow packed the fields, ice coated the sidewalks, city roads became hazardous, and even the mighty Volga River froze solid enough to drive across it.
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Winter Image

February snowfall in Nashville  TN
February snowfall in Nashville, TN
Winter in Poland
Winter in Poland
Jackie and Cassie
Jackie and Cassie
Snow in Detroit
Snow in Detroit
A sheet of ice forms on the hood of a truck in the parking lot of a hotel in Crossville  TN.
A sheet of ice forms on the hood of a truck in the parking lot of a hotel in Crossville, TN.
Sunday s cloudy skies didn t hide the plants colours at Toronto s Music Gardens
Sunday's cloudy skies didn't hide the plants colours at Toronto's Music Gardens
The apartment blocks where I lived in Samara
The apartment blocks where I lived in Samara
First snowfall in Nashville for 2012.
First snowfall in Nashville for 2012.
A bundled up Detroit man wipes off his car
A bundled up Detroit man wipes off his car
Rjukan in Norway is to get sunlight this winter from giant mirrors.
Rjukan in Norway is to get sunlight this winter from giant mirrors.
Video screengrab
A photo of Chicago from a plane  on Tuesday January 7  2014
A photo of Chicago from a plane, on Tuesday January 7, 2014
Credit: Hank Cain
Ice On Whyte Festival in Edmonton s Old Strathcona.
Ice On Whyte Festival in Edmonton's Old Strathcona.
A beautiful winter sky
A beautiful winter sky
Detroit s first snowfall of 2010
Detroit's first snowfall of 2010
Why not play with my shadow amid evergreen branches  orange leaves and red berries?
Why not play with my shadow amid evergreen branches, orange leaves and red berries?
Dogs adjusting to Chicago s blizzard of 2011
Dogs adjusting to Chicago's blizzard of 2011
Snow and ice covering water in Helsinki
Snow and ice covering water in Helsinki
Water s edge at the breeding lake near Fairlands Valley in Hertfordshire
Water's edge at the breeding lake near Fairlands Valley in Hertfordshire
Dogs adjusting to Chicago s blizzard of 2011
Dogs adjusting to Chicago's blizzard of 2011

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