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Statues of Donald Trump taken down in S.F., other cities

San Francisco - A giant, naked statue of Donald Trump that was surreptitiously installed in a San Francisco plaza has been taken down, but not before attracting a lot of attention here and in four other cities around the country.

Lost statue recreated through 3D printing

Atlanta - The increasing sophistication of 3D printing technology has allowed for the recreation of a lost statue of Zeus, the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion.

Paris soldier statue is time-honoured flood gauge

Paris - For well over a century, the gallant soldier standing below the Alma bridge has been Parisians' favourite way of measuring the rising Seine when floodwaters strike.

Statue of controversial Bolshevik leader toppled in Ukraine

Kiev - Ukrainian activists in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk on Friday night toppled a statue of controversial Bolshevik leader Grigory Petrovsky, implicated in a famine that killed millions in the 1930s, city hall said.

Siberian statue carries secret code 7,000yr before writing began

The Shigir Idol is the world's oldest known wooden statue. Built in 9,000 BC, it bears a secret code which nobody has ever been able to decipher. Even more startling is that it was written 7,000 years before writing was thought to have begun.

Brussels' 'Manneken Pis' goes under the microscope

Brussels - The Belgian capital's emblematic Manneken Pis statue of a little boy taking a very public leak, beloved by millions of tourists, is getting a thorough examination to prove whether he is the real deal.

Photo essay: Geneva is more than just Red Cross and heavy heat Special

Geneva - If you thought Geneva was only expensive watches and the Alps and Red Cross headquarters, think again. I visited this Swiss gem to get a glimpse into what makes this city so attractive.

Turkmenistan unveils gold statue of president

Ashgabat - The isolated Central Asian state of Turkmenistan on Monday unveiled a massive gold statue of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov riding a horse in a move that echoes his predecessor's cult of personality.

Ankara's controversial mayor erects huge robot statue

Ankara - A massive statue of a "Transformers" style robot has gone on display in Ankara not, as some of residents suspected, as an elaborate April Fool's joke but erected by the city's mayor.

Teen faces prison time for simulating oral sex with Jesus statue

Everett - A 14-year-old boy from Everett, Pennsylvania, stood in front of a Jesus statue and simulated oral sex with its face. He now faces up to two years in jail.

Devil statue with erect penis removed from park in Vancouver

Vancouver - A few days ago a devil statue appeared in a park in Vancouver, Canada, and it was removed. However, now there is a petition to put it back up.

Mahatma Gandhi statue to come up outside British Parliament

New Delhi - The British government plans to establish a statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside the British parliament. Gandhi was one of the architects of Indian Independence from Britain, and is known for his use of non-violence or ahimsa during the Independence movement.

Arsenal honor Bergkamp with statue at stadium

Arsenal unveiled a statue of former striker Dennis Bergkamp on Saturday, the Dutchman becoming the fourth club great to be cast in bronze outside the Emirates Stadium in London.

Rights group pleas for rabbit in Mandela statue's ear

Johannesburg - An animal rights group has applied to South Africa's government to adopt the bronze bunny secretly sculpted inside the right ear of a statue of Nelson Mandela.

S.Africa orders removal of rabbit from Mandela statue's ear

Johannesburg - The South African government has ordered the removal of a rabbit that was secretly sculpted into a recently unveiled statue of Nelson Mandela, an official said Wednesday.

Lighting costs Rio's iconic Christ statue tip of thumb

Rio De Janeiro - The iconic statue of Jesus overlooking Rio de Janeiro, one of the city's most recognizable landmarks, has lost a thumb tip to lightening, a report said Friday.

Mandela has rabbit in ear

Pretoria - Nelson Mandela has been immortalized in a statue at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa — with a rabbit in his ear.

Satan statue planned for Oklahoma State Capitol (video)

Oklahoma City - A Satanist group has submitted plans for a seven-foot statue of a Baphomet demon to be erected at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Designs have been revealed and the group are crowdfunding the money for its creation on Indiegogo.

Gold Coast street performer strangled

David Mulder, 50, a street performer in Surfer's Paradise, Australia, was filmed getting strangled by an unidentified man on Christmas Eve.

Nelson Mandela statue unveiled at Union Buildings, Pretoria

Pretoria - A 9-metre high statue of Mandela now stands at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. It was unveiled this morning by current president Jacob Zuma.

Czech sculptor gives the country's president the finger (video)

Prague - David Černý is a controversial Czech artist, known for his anti-communist stance. Just ahead of the parliamentary polls, he has made a statement by installing a huge purple hand with a raised middle finger, right in the middle of Prague's main river.

SA embassy unveiled Nelson Mandela statue in Washington, DC

Washington - A nine foot (three meter) statue of Nelson Mandela, with his fist raised as it was when he walked out of Victor Verster prison a free man on February 11, 1990, has been unveiled outside South Africa's embassy in Washington, DC on Saturday.

Mini-Me: 3D printing takes a step ahead with instant human copies

Hamburg - For the very latest in personal photography, a German company is offering to capture your image, complete with poses, clothing, hairstyles and facial impressions, all in living, 3D color.

Urinating statue causes uproar among some locals

Stockholm - A 26-foot statue depicting a man urinating into a river has been the source of recent controversy in the small town of Örebro, Sweden.

Vid: Naked man straddles Prince George's statue, Whitehall closed

London - On a cold, windy day, a man climbed to the top of the 30 ft statue of Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge in Whitehall. He stripped naked and shouted down at sightseers as he struck acrobatic poses on top of the statue.

Man climbs statue in central London and poses for 3 hours naked

London - Braving a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius, the man climbed the statue of Prince George in Whitehall, London, took off his clothes and proceeded to pose naked, waving at onlookers.

Op-Ed: A statue to honor hate and terror

In Selma, Alabama, a new monument to the first leader of the Ku Klux Klan is under construction on public land. Selma, Alabama is the site of many struggles during the Civil Rights movement made famous by Rosa Parks and Martin Luthur King Jr III.

Monumental misquote on Martin Luther King's Washington memorial

Washington - Martin Luther King's impressive memorial which lies alongside the National Mall in Washington D.C. bears a quote that angry critics now says is out of context to what he actually said and makes King seem conceited and self-involved.

First Japan tsunami monument has QR code video and advice

Stone memorial built on city land in pine grove at beach of town hit by tsunami. First of 500 coastal monuments includes engraved advice in English.

Kurt Cobain statue erected in Washington

A statue of a large concrete guitar has been installed in a Washington state park on the 17th anniversary of grunge singer Kurt Cobain's death.
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Statue Image

Moises statue at the entrance of Agricultural Resort Waters of Moses  located in Rio Azul sector  Pa...
Moises statue at the entrance of Agricultural Resort Waters of Moses, located in Rio Azul sector, Pantoño rural settlement, Ribero municipality, Sucre state, Venezuela
Statue of King Louis XIV  Place Bellecour  Lyon France
Statue of King Louis XIV, Place Bellecour, Lyon France
Statue of Juan Ponce de Leon at the entrance to Ponce de Leon s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Par...
Statue of Juan Ponce de Leon at the entrance to Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. St. Augustine, Fla. 9/9/13
Detail of statue  Lyon France
Detail of statue, Lyon France
Mummy found in Buddhist statue being scanned
Mummy found in Buddhist statue being scanned
Drents Museum
Statue of Ignatius J. Reilly  a character from John Kennedy Toole s  A Confederacy of Dunces   on Ca...
Statue of Ignatius J. Reilly, a character from John Kennedy Toole's "A Confederacy of Dunces", on Canal Street in New Orleans.
Paul Lowry
Fountain of "Pissing Lenin" created by a pair of Polish artists Malgorzata Szydlowska and ...
Fountain of "Pissing Lenin" created by a pair of Polish artists Malgorzata Szydlowska and Bartosz Szydlowski is seen on June 24, 2014 in Nowa Huta
Bartosz Siedlik, AFP
Face of the 11 000 year old Shigir Idol.
Face of the 11,000 year old Shigir Idol.
The Siberian Times
A statue like formation of stones  located close to the canal at Stanstead Abbotts.
A statue like formation of stones, located close to the canal at Stanstead Abbotts.
Peace Statue  Place Tolozan  Lyon France
Peace Statue, Place Tolozan, Lyon France
Coal Miner Memorial Statue
Coal Miner Memorial Statue
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Schwäbisch Hall has a long tradition as a university town. Schwäbisch Hall attracts up to 2 000 st...
Schwäbisch Hall has a long tradition as a university town. Schwäbisch Hall attracts up to 2,000 students from countries around the world every year to study the German language.
Nude statue in Portland represents difference in cultural values in the West where change is said to...
Nude statue in Portland represents difference in cultural values in the West where change is said to be accepted more than other regions.
A duo representing camping  or homelessness  and discarded waste.
A duo representing camping, or homelessness, and discarded waste.
The cover shot from Jobriath s 1973 self-titled debut. In a piece from The Guardian  published in Ma...
The cover shot from Jobriath's 1973 self-titled debut. In a piece from The Guardian published in March 2012, musician Marc Almond wrote that "(h)is voice had a touch of Mick Jagger at his most sluttish ... He was a mix of wide-eyed innocent and world-weary punk. And though there was a nod to Ziggy in the vowels, Bowie he was not."
The Film Collaborative
Universal Platforms
Charles Dickens Statue Australia
Charles Dickens Statue Australia
Markings on the Shigir Idol. Credit The Siberian Times
Markings on the Shigir Idol. Credit The Siberian Times
The Siberian Times
Bartholdi s statue  Lyon France
Bartholdi's statue, Lyon France
Bronze statue of children playing marbles  Boise Plaza  Idaho
Bronze statue of children playing marbles, Boise Plaza, Idaho

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