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Microsoft Office 2016 adds new features for more productivity

Microsoft has launched the next generation of its renowned productivity suite, Office. Office 2016, available today, includes support for enhanced collaboration on work as well as several other new features designed to "work for you".

Computer algorithm can create a masterpiece in one hour

There is now a computer algorithm that can recreate a Van Gogh or Picasso painting in just 60 minutes. The algorithm has been developed by German computer programmers.

Revealed: Google's coder recruiting tool hidden inside search

Google has secretly hidden a tool inside its search results that recruits talented new programmers for the company. Searching for some complex programming terms can lead to access to a series of online puzzles. Solving the puzzles can lead to a job.

Anybody can now download and run iOS 9 on their iPhone

For the first time ever, Apple has opened up to the idea of members of the public being able to try out pre-release versions of its software. From today, anybody is able to download and install iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan on their iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Apple starts free replacement program for iMac 3TB hard drives

Apple has launched a replacement program for defective 3TB hard drives used in its flagship 27-inch iMacs for the 2013 season. The offer is being made across the world as Apple has found that the hard drives can fail under specific circumstances.

Huge security flaw found in Lenovo laptops and computers

Just months after Lenovo was found to be installing adware on its computers, it has now been revealed that the company has left "massive security risks" in its own software supplied with its machines leaving users vulnerable to attack and exploit.

Singapore Prime Minister publishes his code for his Sudoku solver

In a rather unusual technology story, Singapore's Prime Minister has posted the code for his C++ Sudoku solving program onto his Facebook page and then asked members of programming communities to help him to debug the source he wrote a few years ago.

Many more phones to get the next Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft has announced that the next Windows 10 for phones preview build will be able to run on many more phones than it currently can ranging from the ultra-budget Lumia 520 to flagship devices like the Lumia 1520.

Microsoft expands beta of Skype for Web

Microsoft has launched a beta of Skype for Web. The new website will allow users to access Skype from any web browser, removing the issue of being unable to use the popular communication program on computers where it is not installed.

New Cryptolocker variant targets gamers by encrypting game files

A new version of the Cryptolocker malware has found its way onto the Internet. Named TeslaCrypt, this time gamers are the target as files of several major games are encrypted and locked down with players held to ransom for their unlock.

Apple Introduces iPhone Buyback Program

Apple has officially extended a new buyback program to it's customers, allowing anybody with an older iPhone to receive credit on the latest model, conveniently coming out on September 10th. So how does it work?

YouTube annouces live streaming API for game developers

Google's YouTube video hosting and sharing service is adding a new feature to their platform. This time, the focus is on video game developers and providing the option of live streaming to video games.

Video: Forced sterilization victims still seek justice in US

As part of a forced sterilization program in America, tens of thousands of young women were unable to have children. 70 years down the line these women are being considered for compensation.

Immigrant children get peace of mind

Immigrant children can now have peace of mind when it comes to worries about deportation. They will be able to live and work in the US as any other American.

Russia plans moon visits & eventual manned lunar base after 2020

Plans are zooming ahead for Russian scientists to send 2 lunar rovers to the Moon. Even more exciting, they are planning landing stations there after 2020.

Protests against California scrapping new kindergarten program

San Francisco - California's Governor Brown is proposing to scrap a new kindergarten program created by Governor Schwarzenegger, who had raised the starting age for kindergarten.

NJ Governor moves forward on medical pot law Special

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is proposing to move a law that allows usage of medical marijuana forward. Critics of Christie claim that he is trying to do what he can to keep the program from getting off the ground at all.

California Students On Free And Reduced Lunch Program Would Rather Starve

Students at San Francisco area schools who qualify for the Federal Government Free and Reduced Lunch Program would rather not eat lunch than be identified as poor and have their images tarnished.

Iran Nuclear Weapons Program Halted in 2003

The latest National Intelligence Estimate released new information on the Nuclear Program in Iran that contradicts its findings in the 2005 NIE. Iran stopped its Nuclear Weapons Program in 2003.

Program Expands to Help Kids with Obesity

Ivonne Borrero and other parents were introduced to the program, We Can!, a federal anti-obesity program for children that pushes subtle changes at home, to stop the unhealthy pizza parties and Burger King coupons from school.

One Last Drink For The Road

Back in 1935 a New York stockbroker and an Ohio surgeon took one last drink then formed an organization to stop drinking forever. Dr. Bob S. and Bill W. went on to sobriety influencing others to do the same. You may have heard of the program.

Agency Launches Million Dollar Aids Project

International HIV/Aids Alliance announces program launch.

States stress benefits of pre-kindergarten programs

Nationwide, children typically enter school at around age 5, when they're ready for kindergarten. But research highlighting the importance of early learning is prompting more and more states to add pre-kindergarten programs.

Kodak's Trade-In Program Pays For Your Old Camera

Kodak will pay for your old camera if you buy a new Kodak EasyShare. It's like trading in your old car, except there are no shady dealers.

Why Canadian tax auditors don't pick on large corporations

A recent report claims auditors take a kid glove approach to ordering "legislated enforcement" on Canada's largest corporations because "they don't want to damage relations."

Iran Sets Condition to Halt Nuke Program

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad basically says "tit for tat"!

JCP&L employee pleads guilty to 11.5M stolen from rebate program

A NewJersey JCP&L employee admitted yesterday that he pocketed about $3.7 million through a plan that drained $11.5 million from an energy rebate program funded by customers of the state's electric and natural gas companies.

New Program Finds Way Around Censorship on the Internet

At least 40 countries around the world, including China, Uzbekistan, and Iran, engage in Internet censorship. Canadian researchers have devised new software to give people in these countries unregulated Internet access without getting them into trouble.

Pilot program offers passengers an alternative to tossing banned items in carryon bags

In a 60-day pilot program that started Monday , passengers can either mail the items or have them sent for storage to the hilton Chicago O'hare Airport

CNET launches

Say No to boxed software! The future of applications is online delivery and access. Software is passé. Webware is the new way to get things done

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