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Production News

'The Bold and The Beautiful' halts production due to Coronavirus

The popular soap opera "The Bold and The Beautiful" on CBS has suspended its production due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tillerson denies that ExxonMobil defrauded investors

New York - Former US secretary of state Rex Tillerson denied in court Wednesday that oil and gas giant ExxonMobil had downplayed the financial costs of mitigating climate change to mislead investors.

Jo Weil kicks off touring production of 'Bodyguard – The Musical'

The opening night of "Bodyguard – The Musical" took place on October 23, starring German actor Jo Weil, and it was well-received.

Can Saudi Arabia's loss be US oil producers' gain? Not so fast...

New York - Even though weekend attacks on Saudi oil facilities cut that country's output in half, American petroleum producers appear neither ready nor willing to fill the void and capture new market share for themselves.

Jo Weil to reprise Frank Farmer role in 'Bodyguard — The Musical'

Esteemed German actor Jo Weil announced some major news to his fans and followers. He is returning to "Bodyguard —The Musical."

Peter Dinklage of 'Game of Thrones' to star in 'Cyrano' musical

Emmy award-winning actor Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") will be starring in an Off-Broadway production of "Cyrano" this fall in New York City.

Macron seeks lead EU role in Iran crisis

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking to lead European diplomatic efforts to find a face-saving solution to the latest crisis between Tehran and Washington, with the EU looking to buy time and soothe tensions, diplomats and experts say.

Jonathan Forbes talks playing Hamlet in Shakespeare@ production Special

Jersey City - Actor Jonathan Forbes chatted with Digital Journal about playing Hamlet in a Shakespeare@ inaugural production, which opens on March 31, at Grace Church Van Vorst in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Lynnea Benson talks 'Twelfth Night,' Frog & Peach Theatre Company Special

New York - Lynnea Benson, the co-founder of Frog & Peach Theatre Company chatted with this journalist about "Twelfth Night" at Sheen Center in New York, which runs from February 25 to March 17.

Italy's Conte discusses IS 'insurgency' with Iraqi leaders

Baghdad - Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte visited Baghdad on Wednesday, meeting his Iraqi counterpart Adel Abdel Mahdi and President Barham Saleh for talks on the fight against the Islamic State group.

Canada has a legal pot problem — there's not enough weed

The cannabis shortages currently plaguing many Canadian provinces are driven by regulatory and production missteps, both predictable and inevitable, according to industry insiders.

Ford Motors: Trump is wrong about making the Focus in the U.S.

Washington - Ford Motor Co. had a quick and firm response Sunday to a Tweet by President Donald Trump that tariffs on Chinese goods would force the automaker to build its Focus Active crossover in the U.S.

New platform improves software development analytics

London - The company Electric Cloud has released the platform ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight. The system applies machine learning algorithms to the data generated by tool chains to develop a risk score metric.

Elon Musk wins vote of confidence from Tesla shareholders

Tesla stocks rose more than 4 percent in premarket trading after the company revealed it is nearing its Model 3 weekly production rate and shareholders at Tesla's annual meeting backed Elon Musk as chairman and CEO.

US natural gas poised for global rise

New York - The United States produces natural gas in abundance and is poised to become the world's third-largest exporter by 2020, a production ramp-up supported by President Donald Trump.

Review: PAW Patrol Live brings TV series to life at Madison Square Garden Special

New York - On March 23, Digital Journal was afforded the privilege to see "PAW Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure" at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Volkswagen announces $650 million investment in Argentina plant

Buenos Aires - German automaker Volkswagen on Friday announced a plan to invest $650 million in an Argentina plant where it will manufacture a new sport-utility vehicle, according to a statement released by the government.

Food production is going digital for new opportunities

Food production is undergoing its own digital transformation, with producers seeking to gain market intelligence, automate processes and interact with customers in new ways.

Op-Ed: Beethoven's Promethean Concerto — Best theatrical play of August

Lindenhurst - "Beethoven's Promethean Concerto in C Minor WoO" by playwright Cindi Sansone-Braff is the best theatrical production of August.

Automation key to McDonald's revival

Des Plaines - Fast food giant McDonald's has seen a significant rise in second quarter profits. This is being put down to new ways of working and automation, leading to increased productivity.

Christine Nagy back with new 'Not Curing Cancer' production

Ocean Grove - Actress and radio personality Christine Nagy will be starring in the witty new production "Not Curing Cancer" this April.

Synthetic chemicals — An ignored risk to ecological change

Concerns over the proliferation of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, in particular, gave rise to the environmental movement in the 1960s. But scientific analysis of synthetic chemical pollution and their ecological impacts is disproportionately low.

Brighter, clearer AMOLED displays to come to more smartphones

Higher quality displays are likely to be available on more smartphones in the near future, giving you a better experience regardless of your budget. The price of high-quality AMOLED displays has recently dropped significantly to undercut older LCD panels.

Nokia unveils a 360-degree virtual reality camera with 3D sound

Confirming previous rumours regarding what Nokia was planning to unveil at its VIP press event this week, the company has announced that it is developing a virtual reality camera for the movie industry that can capture 360-degree panoramas.

iPhone 6S is in production, front panel identical to the 6

Images of the next iPhone's front panel in an Apple factory have leaked. They show that Apple has begun mainstream production of its next flagship device, expected to arrive in a couple of months, although it looks identical to the current iPhone 6.

Apple has begun production of the next iPhone with Force Touch

A report has stated that Apple's assembly lines have now begun to build the next iPhone. Confirming previous rumours, the phone, available in two sizes, apparently features the Force Touch display technology that is used on the Apple Watch.

Nokia is intending to return to smartphones in 2016 after all

After first hearing that Nokia will be resuming smartphone production again and then the subsequent denial of any such intent, the company's chief executive has now said that Nokia is indeed looking to get back into smartphones again in 2016.

Mix, tune and make music on your mobile device

Beyond just listening to music, your phone or tablet can also do much more when accompanied with the right apps. From instrument tuners to DJ apps and full music creation tools, here are the things you need to unlock the musical potential of your phone.

Nokia confirms that it will return to smartphones next year

Finnish telecom company Nokia has hinted it will begin smartphone production again next year, confirming several recent rumours. Nokia has to wait until Microsoft's acquired license on its name expires at the end of this year.

Op-Ed: When you don't know what you want, that's what you get

Given that things must be produced for a sufficiently broad segment of the population, how can we ever expect to find what it is that we truly want?
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Production Image

Production still from set of Poker Night
Production still from set of Poker Night
David Bukach Photography
Puccini s  Turandot  opens the Royal Opera House s 2013-2014 season  with performances beginning Sep...
Puccini's 'Turandot' opens the Royal Opera House's 2013-2014 season, with performances beginning September 9th. The opera will run throughout the month before being revived in February and March, 2014. It'll also be broadcast live in cinemas on September 17th.
Johan Persson
Assembly line at Hyundai Motor Company’s car factory in Ulsan  South Korea.
CC License: Attrition...
Assembly line at Hyundai Motor Company’s car factory in Ulsan, South Korea. CC License: Attrition, no deriv.
User: Anonyme
season 2 production of Games of Thrones
season 2 production of Games of Thrones
 Twelfth Night  production
'Twelfth Night' production
Maria Baranova
James Lee Taylor stars as Tesla in Off-Broadway production.
James Lee Taylor stars as Tesla in Off-Broadway production.
Photo Courtesy of Nihat Odabasi
Broken Box Mime Theater s  Skin  production
Broken Box Mime Theater's "Skin" production
Bjorn Bolinder
A commercial meat chicken production house in Florida  USA. April 3  2008.
A commercial meat chicken production house in Florida, USA. April 3, 2008.
Larry Rana-USDA

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