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Jenna Barricklo talks about PAW Patrol Live! at The Theater at MSG

Jenna Barricklo chatted about the upcoming PAW Patrol Live! performances at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

PAW Patrol Live! 'The Great Pirate Adventure'
PAW Patrol Live! 'The Great Pirate Adventure.' Photo Credit: VStar Entertainment Group.
PAW Patrol Live! 'The Great Pirate Adventure.' Photo Credit: VStar Entertainment Group.

Jenna Barricklo chatted about the upcoming PAW Patrol Live! performances at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

These “The Great Pirate Adventure” shows will be performed on April 20 and 21 at The Theater at MSG in New York City.

The synopsis is: It’s Pirate Day in Adventure Bay and Ryder will need all paws on deck as he and the PAW Patrol discover a secret treasure map while on a mission to rescue Cap’n Turbot from a mysterious cavern.

It’s up to Chase, Marshall, Skye and all their heroic pirate pup friends to save the day and find the pirate treasure before Mayor Humdinger finds it first

2024 ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’ shows

On being a part of this production, she said, “It is so special to be able to bring this show to kids all over the country! It brings me so much joy to see young ones in the audience and be a part of an experience that is so life changing for them. The Theater at Madison Square Garden is one of my favorite hometown venues.”

“I grew up in The Bronx, so it is so special to be able to perform in the same place where I saw some of my first concerts as a young teenager. It’s surreal to get to perform in such an iconic venue,” she added.

Playing Skye in this show

On playing Skye in this production, she said, “I love how Skye is such a great role model for kids! She is so strong and sassy, and I love that little girls can look up to such an iconic, female role model. It’s really wonderful how little kids fully embrace these pups and aspire to have the same traits.”

“You feel their excitement every time we perform as the kids are screaming the pups’ names from the audience. They bring the best energy to the shows whether it is late in the evening or bright and early,” she exclaimed.

Future plans

Regarding her future plans, she shared, “I am really excited to move back to NYC. I went to school in Virginia and have been traveling around for work since then.”

“I love NYC, and I can’t wait to move back home. In addition to theater, I really have a passion for theater education, so I am excited to continue incorporating that into my career. PAW Patrol Live! has been a kickstart to working with young kids in theater, and I am hoping to continue that journey,” she elaborated.

Daily motivations

On her daily motivations as a creative and performer, she said, “Seeing how much joy and inspiration we bring to these kids is really what gets me excited as a performer.”

“It gets the gears turning in my head to see how we can bring theater to young kids and make it more accessible for them! It’s truly inspiring to get to tell these stories and form core memories for children,” she acknowledged.

The digital age

On being a performer in the digital age, at a time when streaming, technology, and social media are so prevalent, she said, “I love how digital media makes theater so much easier to access for everyone.”

“Social media platforms have opened up a whole new world for theater communities to connect, no matter where you live in the country, we have access to auditions and performance opportunities at our fingertips. The Internet has opened an entirely new world of access to the theater industry,” she elaborated.

Advice for hopefuls that wish to go into the performing arts

For young and aspiring artists and actors, she said, “My advice to young performers is to just get out and do your craft. Whether that is a dance class, a youth theater production, or a weeklong summer camp, find a way to immerse yourself in the theater world.”

“There is no pressure at your age for success or achieving some level of artistic achievement. Find what excites you and makes you passionate about being involved in theater,” she added.


On her definition of the word success, she said, “Success for me is joy. If I am finding joy in my work, I feel like I have found success. Joy and service. I think if I can also find a way to give back to community through my work, it increases the joy tenfold. It is serendipitous when those two things merge.”

Closing thoughts on ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’

She remarked about this production, “It is a swashbuckling adventure! There is singing, dancing, and audience participation! It Is not a traditional theater experience at all.”

“We want kids up and out of their seats and participating in the show. I hope that kids gain a love for theater after their PAW Patrol Live! experience. If this can be their entry way into theater, I will be happy,” she concluded.

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