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Windows phone News

Nadella implies Microsoft still working on enterprise smartphones

Microsoft recently confirmed Windows 10 Mobile is no longer in active development. This isn't stopping the company from pursuing refocused mobile ambitions though. In a new interview, CEO Satya Nadella suggested an enterprise device could still be coming.

Microsoft CEO: Abandoning fans in push to the cloud was 'mistake'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has described his decision to "abandon" the company's consumer fans as one of his most significant mistakes. Under his leadership, Microsoft has pushed towards an enterprise focus at the expense of its most dedicated customers.

Microsoft removes mobile from its mission as it focuses on AI

Microsoft has made a highly significant change to its corporate mission statement. The company has replaced its former "mobile-first" strategy with a vision that’s focused entirely on AI. It reflects the altered reality of Microsoft's business.

Microsoft thinks the smartphone is 'already dead'

Microsoft believes smartphones are "already dead" and is moving forward to the next big thing, one of the company's senior technical fellows has said. Microsoft intends to progress beyond mobile to a mixed reality future where smartphones are redundant.

Microsoft is making phones 'but they may not look like phones'

Microsoft has once again reaffirmed its commitment to its smartphone business. Days after its phone revenue crashed to the floor in the company's latest earning call, CEO Satya Nadella has given another indication that something revolutionary is coming.

Microsoft: We 'fully expect' to keep building Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has again stressed its commitment to supporting its almost non-existent mobile platform, Windows 10 Mobile. The company said it "expects" to keep doing so indefinitely. The statement comes as analysts announce market share has fallen to 0.3%.

Alcatel launches the first Windows 10 phone with virtual reality

Alcatel has unveiled the IDOL 4S, a flagship Windows 10 Mobile smartphone with very high-end specs. It supports all of Windows 10's headline features and also includes virtual reality, a first for the platform. The premium phone is priced competitively.

Cancelled Nokia smartphones revealed in colourful group photo

A collection of previously unknown Nokia Lumia devices has been revealed in a leaked group photo. The shot shows several under-development products cancelled when the company was bought by Microsoft, including an 8.3-inch Windows RT tablet.

Nokia McLaren's innovative gesture display revealed in full

Two years since it was cancelled, Nokia's innovative 'McLaren' smartphone has been fully revealed and reviewed. The device would have implemented a form of "3D Touch" technology — a year before Apple — using a revolutionary gesture-based display.

Former Windows-exclusive HERE Maps abandoning Windows 10

HERE Maps, the popular mapping, navigation and transit service, has announced it will discontinue its apps on Windows devices on June 30. The company's services have been on Windows Phone since the beginning and were formerly exclusive.

WhatsApp announces plans to withdraw its app from BlackBerry

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced it will be discontinuing support for several aging phone platforms. Notably, the app will no longer support all BlackBerry devices, including recent BlackBerry 10 ones.

Microsoft reportedly launching the 'last Lumia' on February 1

According to reports, Microsoft is planning to launch a mid-range Windows 10 Mobile smartphone on February 1, apparently the last device to ever be branded as a Lumia. The company is thought to be planning to abandon the old Nokia name this year.

Microsoft's Surface Phone allegedly the 'ultimate Windows Phone'

A new report on Microsoft's mobile efforts claims the company will finally be ready to launch its long-rumoured 'Surface Phone' next year. The hardware team is said to have gone back to the drawing board again and is now targeting a mid-2016 launch.

New Windows 10 phones to have Surface Pen stylus, facial login

The full specifications for Microsoft's upcoming flagship Windows 10 Mobile devices, the "Cityman" and "Talkman" Lumia handsets, have leaked online. They reveal a very competitive offering including facial recognition and the inclusion of a Surface Pen.

Microsoft is using some interesting codenames for its new Lumias

The codenames of four more upcoming Lumia-branded Windows 10 Mobile devices have been revealed, bringing the total number of rumoured phones up to six. The mid-range handsets are currently named after Asian cities and a Finnish mountain and lake.

Deepening the mystery: Snapchat has 'plans' for Windows Phone app

Windows Phone is known to have a substantial app gap when compared to rival platforms like iOS and Android. One of the most notable absences is Snapchat who have continually refused to come to Windows but an unexpected tweet has suggested that may change.

Microsoft releases substantial update for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has just released a substantial update for Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Insiders. It brings along the new universal Office apps for the first time and updated music, video, Xbox and camera apps alongside improvements and support for new devices.

The iconic Snake game is being brought to smartphones by creator

The original creator of the now infamous "Snake" game has revealed that a new, revived version will be launching on modern smartphone platforms later this month. First launched in 1997, Snake quickly became one of the most-loved games ever.

Microsoft and Nokia Lumia phones violate patents, rules judge

An ITC judge has ruled that Lumia-branded Windows Phone smartphones built by Nokia and Microsoft violate patents held by licensing firm InterDigital. Microsoft plans to appeal but failure could lead to an import ban on Lumia phones in the US.

Here is Microsoft's response to bricked Lumia 520s on Windows 10

Microsoft has responded to claims from several users that their Nokia Lumia 52x-series was bricked when rolling back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 and explained what has caused the issue. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of a fix for owners.

Microsoft unveils yet another budget Lumia Windows Phone

Microsoft has added another low-cost entry-level smartphone to its growing range of Lumia Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 540 Dual Sim packs in some decent hardware, a slim body and capable camera while still costing less than $150.

Vine gets updated on Windows Phone to be more like iOS, Android

Vine has updated its Windows Phone app to bring it more in line with what users on other platforms have access to. The update will be encouraging to supporters of Windows Phone which historically has had a large "app gap".

Microsoft reveals the Lumia 430: A low-cost Windows Phone

Microsoft has added another low-cost Windows Phone to its growing range. The Lumia 430 is the most affordable Lumia smartphone to-date at only $70 but still offers a full smartphone experience.

Leaked video on YouTube gives sneak peek of Windows 10

A video leaked on YouTube gives us a preview of what the latest build of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 10 looks like.

BMW buys 57,000 Windows Phones to replace ageing Symbian Nokias

German automobile manufacturer BMW is reported to be replacing all of the mobile phones that it gives to employees with brand new Windows Phones from Microsoft.

Even Steve Ballmer admits Microsoft is losing in mobile

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer doesn't think the company is "winning" when it comes to mobile, he said in an interview with CBS This Morning.

41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 receives a substantial price cut

The Nokia Lumia 1020, a high-end Windows Phone device famed for its incredible 41MP camera lens, has dropped significantly in price, apparently permanently, over this weekend.

Microsoft unveils new Nokia Windows Phones with Denim firmware

Microsoft today launched three new Nokia Lumia-branded Windows Phones at IFA 2014 in Berlin. The handsets, the Lumia 730, 735 and 830, are intended to be powerful but affordable mid-range devices and will launch with a new firmware version dubbed Denim.

Nokia Lumia 1520 gets Cyan update in Finland, India & UK

Users of the Nokia Lumia 1520 in Finland, India and the UK have been reporting that their devices have been receiving the Lumia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 update since yesterday.

Microsoft is axing Nokia X Android phones, converting some to WP

Microsoft looks set to end the Nokia X lineup of Android-powered smartphones acquired by the company with its Nokia acquisition very soon, although some of the devices may be "shifted" to become Windows Phone-powered Lumia phones.
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The Nokia Lumia 520
The Nokia Lumia 520
The Nokia Lumia 730
The Nokia Lumia 730
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone  revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone, revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
Windows Central
The Microsoft Lumia 430  launched 19/03/2015
The Microsoft Lumia 430, launched 19/03/2015
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone  revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone, revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
Windows Central
The Nokia Lumia 830
The Nokia Lumia 830
The Microsoft Lumia 540
The Microsoft Lumia 540
A collection of Nokia devices  some released and others cancelled  including the Nokia Lumia 2020 (g...
A collection of Nokia devices, some released and others cancelled, including the Nokia Lumia 2020 (green) [Image via Baidu]
The Microsoft Lumia 540
The Microsoft Lumia 540
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone  revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone, revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
Windows Central
The Nokia Lumia 520
The Nokia Lumia 520
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone  revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone, revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
Windows Central

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