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Trading News

Billions of records of an online trading broker leaked Special

The latest major data leak has impacted upon an established trading broker, showing that few areas of society, in the digital age, are free from errors that lead to either attack vulnerability or lost data controls.

Q&A: GameStop frenzy and what traders need to know about shorting Special

What is behind the recent surge in shorting of specific stocks including GameStop and what do individual traders need to know? To gain a perspective, Digital Journal spoke with an executive of a NASDAQ listed company.

The new energy economy? Peer-to-peer 'free trade' in energy

Shifting towards renewable power is leading to the accumulation of excess quantities energy. Soon those who generate their own power, such as by solar panels and wind turbines, could have control of where they distribute their excess energy.

Uber shares plunge further amid global stock market wobbles

Uber suffered another significant drop in its share price, following its low-end IPO launch. The taxi company's performance came amid a global stock market fall, driven by tensions between the U.S. and China over trade.

Amazon's private brands show growth success

Amazon has been steadily developing its own private brands, sold exclusively on the ecommerce site. Due to large growth in sales, Amazon is encouraging new manufacturers to take part.

New Coinsquare API lets businesses offer digital currency trading

One of Canada's biggest digital currency trading platforms Coinsquare recently announced the launch of Coinsquare Licensing, a sector of Coinsquare that offers digital currency trading platforms for businesses.

Four types of crypto users in the emerging economy Special

Russian-based company CoinPlace, based on their previous experience in crypto investment, have determined four types of real and potential crypto currency users.

How machine learning is shaking up investing: Interview Special

A new machine learning platform from Harvard graduates is shaking up investing. This is presented as the first completely transparent and accountable prediction tool for thousands of stocks.

Deutsche Bank open-sources code from its trading platform

Deutsche Bank has released over 150,000 lines of code from its Autobahn electronic trading platform. The company said the decision to open-source parts of the technology is intended to create a "common industry standard" for automated trading systems.

Secret lives of wasps revealed by biologists

New social patterns relating to the social behaviors of wasps have been revealed. Biologists have found that wasps have trading partners and compete for the 'best trade deals.

Disney is thinking about bidding on Twitter

Disney is weighing a bid on Twitter, according to a new report from Bloomberg's Alex Sherman and Sarah Frier. Twitter's stock rebounded on the news after being down nearly four percent during early trading. Disney's stock is down 1.6 percent.

New version of IQ Option: Advanced technologies for your success Commissioned

The new version of the trading platform IQ Option, released in April 2015, demonstrated the innovative focus of its developer.

Obama told to kick Canada out of trade talks or face opposition

Members of Congress have urged President Obama to remove Canada from a major trade deal because of their protections on poultry and dairy. According to reports if Obama does not agree, he will face even more opposition to an already shaky trade agreement.

PrimeTrade launches new online investment service provider

A new online trading platform made its debut last month, joining the ranks of many others to service both new and seasoned investors.

Business Wire halts high-speed wire for fast traders

New York - Business Wire, a service used for corporate news releases, said Thursday it would stop selling its high-speed wire to Wall Street traders seeking to get a jump on the market.The service, part of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway holding company, said...

Bank exits boost utilities, funds in Europe gas and power trading

Tougher European financial regulations have prompted banks to leave power and gas trading, meaning greater dominance by utilities and trading houses and less appeal for inve...

London Whale scandal: JPMorgan Chase accused over $6 billion loss

John McCain, the senior Republican on the US Senate panel investigating the affair, said JPMorgan Chase had misled investors before lying to investigators about its $6 billion trading losses.

Global commodities trading company: 'Drought good for business'

Criticism is mounting against one of the world's most well-recognized commodities trading companies after Glencore declared the global drought and food crisis is a "good" business opportunity.

Teens trading sex for booze or drugs still live at home: Study

A new study out of British Columbia, Canada suggests a small number of rural teens are trading sex for booze or drugs. But what is even more surprising is that most of those kids still live at home with family.

Op-Ed: Facebook investors should take responsibility, keep faith

A botched debut and a week of dismal performance on the markets has compelled early investors in social networking site Facebook to brandish their knives.

Op-Ed: Confessions of a trader – Goldman Sachs rules the world

Alessio Rastani is handsome, intelligent, charismatic, extremely expensively dressed, and dreaming of a big stock market crash so he can make money off your misery.

BRC figures reveal 7,599 trading hours lost during UK riots

Courtesy of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), shocking figures have been released regarding the impact the UK riots had on trading.

Op-Ed: US Dollar, Bonds to Benefit from Debt Downgrade

In the short term, both the US dollar and US Treasury bonds may actually benefit from the downgrade of the US debt and react to panic buying.

China's illegal tiger poaching trade exposed tonight

The market for wild tiger skins and body parts continues to grow in China and across the world. Tonight's premiere of "Dangerous Trade" promises to expose the political, criminal and brutally cruel aspects of the murdering of this threatened species.

UN says North Korea exporting banned nuclear technology

Seoul - A leaked UN report says North Korea is using front companies and criminal syndicates to export nuclear and missile technology in the face of UN sanctions.

Record-high gold trading reflects concerns of Euro-zone economy

Gold trading reaches record highs as investors perceive the precious metal as a safe haven amidst the uncertainty and skepticism of the euro-zone currency bailout.

China signs giant contracts with Turkey

China signed a series of deals worth $1.05 billion USD with Turkey on Friday to boost trade and increase mutual investment.

Costco and Family Dollar better than expected

In these rough economic times there is some good news for Family Dollar Stores Inc and Costco Wholesale Corp. Both of these companies have reported better-than-expected quarterly profits Wednesday.

$200 million in one day- rogue trader hits UK stock market

It’s not all bad news for some. Rumors deliberately spread in the market sent down the price of Halifax Bank of Scotland, but rogue traders made a lot of money out of the bank as its price plunged 17%.

Best Times to Sell Your Sports Cards

Thanks to the internet and all of the resources available to sellers, finding a buyer isn't too much of a problem for today's collectors.
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What IQ Option s new trading platform looks like on various devices
What IQ Option's new trading platform looks like on various devices
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