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The busiest man on the markets: David Capablanca on trading, short reports, podcasting

David Capablanca does not like to waste his time resting on his laurels.

Photo courtesy David Capablanca
Photo courtesy David Capablanca

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David Capablanca does not like to waste his time resting on his laurels. So, at any given time of the day, the short selling prodigy is likely found immersed in some of the activities that have helped him cultivate one of the most exciting careers in trading right now. 

On any given day he’s either trading, working on short reports, preparing a podcast, or learning what he needs to stay on top of his game.

“I’m combining a lot more information than most people when short selling,” David Capablanca explains. “I’m combining technical analysis and fundamental analysis. I’m deciphering the news, putting my twist in my head on it. I’m combining the price action and the pacing of the selling and buying.”

David Capablanca points out that his approach to short selling is different from others’ because he’s not afraid to dive into the complexities of it. When other traders like to keep it simple, he wants to see all the moving parts and give them his unique interpretation.  

So far, his formula has proven very successful — David Capablanca claims a place in the very top percentile of short traders. He can credit his ability to focus for it.

“I got inspired by the Bruce Lee quote. He said he’s not afraid of a man who’s practiced ten thousand kicks once, but of a man who’s practiced one kick ten thousand times,” David Capablanca explains. “I wanted to do short selling, and I wanted to master it.”

And master it, he did. First, he had to disappear from everything else in his life for three years in an exhibition of incredible dedication to learning all there is to know about short selling. Then, when the right combination of market conditions and knowledge aligned during the pandemic, he got his first taste of making it big with short selling.

His early trading successes during the pandemic saw him move to Puerto Rico, where he worked out of a professional trading office in San Juan. Before he knew it, however, he was off to Colombia to check out a suspicious cannabis cultivator. It earned him a spot on a White Diamond short report and significantly boosted his reputation.

David Capablanca decided that one place he would invest his newfound fame to his own benefit, and the whole community’s, would be his Friendly Bear Podcast .

“I originally focused on the niche of short selling. But after interviewing as many short selling people as I could get on, I decided I want to learn from everyone,” David Capablanca explains. “So I just invited all types of successful traders. And I learned from all of them, whether it’s the mindset, their strategy, their journey, experience, I just had a lot of questions, and I would ask people that are better than me.”

Even though he has plenty of time for his career to develop, David Capablanca’s success so far has been remarkable. His podcast is a veritable treasure trove of information for traders who want to learn from the best in the industry. He produced reports that shook fraudulent companies to their core. 

And he’s been trading all along, steadily adding to his bottom line and legend.

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