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Empowering financial resilience: How Lia Holmgren is bridging gender gaps in the trading world

Since she ventured into trading waters, Lia Holmgren has been committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community that encourages women to enter the sector and stay independent

Photo courtesy of Lia Holmgren
Photo courtesy of Lia Holmgren

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The trading world and financial markets have long been arenas dominated by men. Women who step into these realms often confront a wall of intimidation, battling not only market volatility but also entrenched gender disparities. These barriers tend to deter many women from exploring their potential as traders, which author and full-time trader Lia Holmgren believes can perpetuate a cycle of financial dependency.

“There’s a frequent scenario where women, particularly those in their late 40s or early 50s, find themselves stranded due to various circumstances, be it divorce or other life-altering circumstances,” she states. “The reality hits hard, and many are forced to significantly downgrade their comfort and lifestyles when the financial cushion disappears.”

This contrast between a comfortable lifestyle, security, and the reality of having to manage one’s finances independently can be intimidating to some. Holmgren shares feeling lost when she had faced setbacks but that these served as a unique wake-up call that led her to venture into financial management and, eventually, into trading—a sector within which she did encounter instances of bias.

“It was an eye-opening journey that only ignited more passion within me to empower others, women especially, to take charge of their financial futures.”

A prevalent feeling among many women when facing the giant that is trading is fear. But this emotion isn’t unbeatable, and the key to overcoming it is education. Nowadays, when society experiences seismic shifts in terms of gender roles, Holmgren, who has long worked as an intimacy and relationship coach, states relationship dynamics between men and women have shifted dramatically as more women become financially independent.

“This is a hugely positive change, one that’s allowed us to take full control over our lives and our destinies, but it underscores the critical role of financial literacy,” she asserts.

Since she ventured into trading waters, Holmgren has been committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community that encourages women to enter the sector and stay independent. However, her school doesn’t just teach women how to trade – it empowers them with the knowledge and the confidence to navigate the market all on their own while shedding fear and anxiety about trading along the way.

Holmgren’s goal is to demystify trading and foster financial literacy among her audience. She believes this sort of education isn’t a luxury but a necessity in the modern world. Most importantly, by sharing her experiences and the knowledge she’s accumulated over the years regarding the generation of passive income and keeping up with market trends, Holmgren aims to equip women with the skills needed to navigate through all of life’s normalized financial uncertainties.

“The goal is to foster financial resilience and ensure that, regardless of life’s curveballs, one has the acumen to maintain a decent lifestyle and a secure future,” she shares.

Photo courtesy of Lia Holmgren

Central to Holmgren’s methodology is psychological support and integration of confidence-building measures into her curriculum. She helps her audience understand that it’s alright to make mistakes and that they are an essential part of the learning process. The key is to truly learn from the setbacks and use them as stepping stones instead of allowing fear or panic to take over.

And speaking of psychology, Holmgren, who holds a BS degree in biopsychology from Touro University, believes that this science has a versatile application in the world of trading. More specifically, she highlights the importance emotions play in decision-making, stating that managing certain feelings can lead to incredible success – while allowing some to take control over us can fail. 

“Greed and overconfidence are powerful yet dangerous emotions, particularly in trading. First of all, greed clouds your judgment and often leads people to make risky investment choices. It also makes people hold on to their traders too fervently, which increases the risk of loss,” Holmgren explains. “On the other hand, overconfidence leaves you blind to some of the most obvious pitfalls.”

Learning how to control and overcome these emotions is a vital part of Holmgren’s curriculum. Drawing from both her educational background and her coaching career, she shares profound insights and advice with her virtual students. She actively teaches them how to pause, reflect, maintain composure, and, above all else, when and why to enter and exit a trade.

She also engages people with questions on how a trade aligns with their portfolio and trading style, and ensures they don’t enter a position hastily — a decision that can have tremendous financial consequences.  Holmgren proposes a more balanced approach instead, suggesting people have a strict stop loss, exit plan on their trading position.

Holmgren’s role in bridging gender gaps in the trading world has been nothing short of remarkable. Her efforts haven’t just been about creating successful traders, however. They’re about fostering a sense of financial confidence and independence among women.

By doing so, she is not only changing individual lives but also shaping the narrative of trading into a more inclusive and equitable space.

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