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Review: ‘Backcountry’ uses nature’s monster to provide its scares Special

‘Backcountry’ is a thriller that could make campers rethink their next trip — if the protagonists didn’t make so many mistakes along the way.

Review: ‘The Intruders’ left something behind Special

In ‘The Intruders,’ a young woman feels something sinister is afoot in her creepy new house, but debates whether it’s imaginary, supernatural or corporeal.

‘The Boy Next Door’ quickly loses its appeal Special

‘The Boy Next Door’ starts off steamy but gets cooler with every passing minute, and not even the hot bodies of Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman can turn back up the heat.

Review: ‘The Guest’ settles in for a disquieting night Special

‘The Guest’ is a well-paced thriller concerning a young man whose visit to the home of a fallen comrade appears to coincide with a series of violent crimes.

Review: ‘A Most Wanted Man’ revives the espionage film’s essentials Special

In the complex and captivating ‘A Most Wanted Man,’ a German intelligence agent heads a counter-terrorist investigation that embroils an uneducated illegal immigrant. This is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final role as a leading man.

Review: ‘Borgman’ captivates and perplexes audiences in equal parts Special

The strange promotional art for ‘Borgman’ is reflective of the peculiar narrative that offers more questions than answers while completely engrossing the viewer in its bizarre story.

Review: ‘The Returned’ gets to the essence of a zombie movie Special

‘The Returned’ takes place in a post-zombie world where the infected live normal lives thanks to a drug treatment that may be running out.

Review: ‘Non-Stop’ is a thrill a minute Special

In ‘Non-Stop,’ Liam Neeson plays a federal air marshal trying to save the passengers of an international flight from death at the hands of an aggressive terrorist.

Online gamers save the world in novel 'Doubt' by Anne-Rae Vasquez Special

Vancouver - Young adult paranormal science fiction thriller is how author Anne-Rae Vasquez describes her newly released novel "Doubt", book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy.

Review: ‘Oldboy’ fails to add anything new Special

In ‘Oldboy’, a man becomes obsessed with revenge after being kidnapped and mysteriously confined for 20 years for an unknown reason.

Music producer sues Jackson estate for millions of dollars

The estate of the late Michael Jackson is being sued for millions of dollars by the US music producer Quincy Jones, who claims the estate improperly re-edited songs.

Review: ‘The Fifth Estate’ reawakens the call for truth Special

‘The Fifth Estate’ follows the real-life events that turned an Internet start-up into the world’s most debated organization.

Review: ‘Runner Runner’ is busted Special

In ‘Runner Runner,’ a broke college student thinks he’s struck the jackpot when he begins working with an infamous online gambling entrepreneur.

Review: ‘Intruders’ keeps audiences guessing Special

In ‘Intruders,’ a screenwriter retreats to a secluded location to complete a project, but is interrupted by some unwanted guests and unexpected trouble.

Review: ‘Riddick’ rediscovers his strength and then some Special

In ‘Riddick,’ the title character is abandoned on a planet inhabited by an alien race of predators that he must evade as well as two teams of bounty hunters.

Review: ‘The Purge’ rids itself of innovation Special

‘The Purge’ follows one family over the course of single night during which all crimes are legal and they are forced to protect themselves from the brutality that arrives at their doorstep.

Review: 'Trance' is putting audiences under its spell Special

‘Trance’ is about an art auctioneer who must employ a hypnotherapist to help him recover a lost painting for his criminal partners.

Review: 'Evil Dead' is your greatest fear realized Special

'Evil Dead' is a remake of a 1981 cult favorite of the same name about a group of friends that battle ancient evil during a weekend getaway.

Review: New on DVD for April 2 Special

This week’s releases include a stylish English action thriller; an Emmy-nominated, top-notch political comedy; and a time-bending battle against bizarre creatures.

3 girls dead and 2 seriously injured in Madrid Halloween stampede

Madrid - The Thriller-themed party was held in the Madrid Arena of the Casa de Campo. It is thought that a flare that someone released into the crowd caused the panic and the stampede. Video update November 5.

Review: For fans of Poe and Cusack, 'The Raven' does not disappoint Special

Directed by James McTeigue, "The Raven" is a tale of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe in which grisly murders, inspired by the troubled writer, are taking place in a dreary Baltimore.

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket to be auctioned

Beverly Hills - As part of Julien's "Music Icons" auction to be held in California later this month, Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” jacket will be up for sale, expected to fetch $400,000.

Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning transformation in 'Black Swan' Special

Natalie Portman would endure months of rigorous physical training and deep emotional self-exploration to portray Nina, the unstable ballerina in the sexy psychological thriller, 'Black Swan' (available on Blu-ray and DVD), a drama set in the dance world.

Sony Music renews recording deal with estate of Michael Jackson

Not even death can sever the relationship that Michael Jackson had with Sony Music. Last week the record label announced that Jackson's estate will stay on with the company.

Op-Ed: Story of recent Mossad assassination in Dubai is great thriller

Few readers will be surprised that the rumors of a Mossad involvement in the hit on Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai are being substantiated. Reading about it, one can't fail to see this as a wonderful script for a movie.

MJ's 'Thriller' to be preserved in U.S. film registry

Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller" graveyard dance will be preserved in world's largest archive of film, TV, and sound.

Briana Evigan chats about her scary, bloody life on Sorority Row Special

Following in dad Greg (BJ & The Bear) Evigan's footsteps, Briana Evigan proves she's a killer actress in the darkly-humorous killer-thriller Sorority Row. The sexy, young starlet talks about her time on & off the set of the terrifying new slasher movie.

'Thriller' rises from grave 25 years later

The Michael Jackson album Thriller, the top-selling music album of all time worldwide, is turning 25 years old today. The album that jumpstarted MTV and revolutionized the music video industry will release a special edition.

Op-Ed: Bollywood vs. Hollywood in 'Thriller' Remake

Bollywood is the Indian imitation Hollywood that produces fanciful silly movies that are fun, without as much violence or sex. In true Bollywood fashion, the work of Michael Jackson's Thriller has been remade. Come watch the throw down.

Best Wedding Jackson's Thriller Dance Video

The Wedding party dances to the Michael Jackson, Thriller song. Nicely done.
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Jill (Seyfried) pleads her case to the police
Jill (Seyfried) pleads her case to the police
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Inferno: A mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown
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