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Review: Frederick Keeve and Ricky Palomino superb in 'The Accompanist' Special

Acclaimed filmmaker Frederick Keeve delivers in "The Accompanist," which will be officially released on June 2 via Dark Star Pictures. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Patti Smith releases trailer for new 'Horses' documentary film

On April 23, 2018, the trailer for the feature documentary "Horses: Patti Smith and her band" was released on Apple Music.

Airbnb will let neighbors file complaints about awful renters

Airbnb is planning to launch a new feature which will allow neighbors of unruly renters to lodge complaints directly to Airbnb.

Microsoft launches another feature phone, the $55 Nokia 230

Microsoft has launched another Nokia-branded affordable feature phone, showing there is still an audience for devices without touchscreens. The Nokia 230 is aimed primarily at developing markets, featuring a 2.8-inch display and Internet connectivity.

Twitter users unhappy as 'Favourites' relaunched as 'Likes'

Twitter has removed the ability to favourite a tweet by clicking the star icon and replaced it with "Likes" signified by hearts. Described as a "universal symbol" that makes the network more accessible, many users are unhappy.

Twitter experimenting with native polls in tweets

Twitter has confirmed it is working on adding native support for polls in tweets. Voters will be able to click option buttons embedded in the tweet to cast their ballot. The feature is currently being tested with a limited number of users.

Op-Ed: Why you might want to change one Windows 10 setting

A "feature" in Windows 10's Update utility has been drawing lots of negative attention since launch. Here's what that setting that lets Microsoft use your computer to deliver updates to others over the Internet does - and why you might want to disable it.

Yes, Windows 10 shares your Wi-Fi password: What you need to know

Windows 10 introduces a new option that allows you to automatically share your Wi-Fi password with your contacts, including people on Facebook. The feature is enabled by default and isn't pleasing people online. Here's what you need to know.

Microsoft says dumb phones still exist, updates the $20 Nokia 105

Adamant that there is still a place for dumb phones in a market now almost totally ruled by smart ones, Microsoft has updated its popular $20 Nokia 105 to make it an even more appealing offer in emerging markets or as an emergency backup device.

Apple claims that Watch's erratic heart rate monitor is a feature

Since Apple updated the Apple Watch's software to 1.0.1, users have complained of erratic heart rate monitoring with infrequent measurements. Now, Apple has acknowledged the complaints - and responded by saying that this "feature" is normal behaviour.

83-year-old bullfighter drops pants for the media, shocks Spain

Jaime Ostos, 83, was the victim of a horrific goring in the bullring 50 years ago. However, he shocked readers of Spain's "La Gaceta" newspaper on Wednesday, by removing his trousers to display the damage to his groin.

Op-Ed: Cellphone companies are going too far with ringtones Special

Ringtones can be fun, but a feature called ringbacks is often imposed on cellphone users who don't want music to replace the ringing sound when friends call them. What's the point of this immature add-on?

Google Offers You to Get Rid of Flash Animation with 'Skip Intro' Feature

Google introduced another great feature by unveiling a “Skip Intro” button next to the search results. This will prevent us from visiting the dreaded Flash or 3D animation introduction page found on some websites.

Apple Secretly Tracking All iPhone Users?

It has been discovered that iPhones are secretly sending personal info through the iPhone's Weather and Stock applications. This info could be used to build user profiles that track their activities.

Discover A Different Kind Of Cinema

Discover movies on the internet not likely to be seen at your nearest cinema. Adds More Networking Features

We're rolling out a few cool little features to help give users even more tools to network and see how people are using

Possible Digital Journal Feature: Badges - Your Opinion?

What if you had a way to display your Digital Journal user stats on your own website, blog, or favorite forum? Would you use it? What would you like it to show and do?

Digital Journal Politics Poll

I'd like to see the Digital Journal folks add an option for users to run polls. This post is a proof-of-concept to see if there is any interest in such a feature.

New feature: 2-Step System For Rating Posts Down

More feedback, more improvements. We're proud to introduce our first upgrade designed to clarify why an article is being rated down.

New Feature: Check For Duplicates

All of you have been very patient with us when it comes to us providing you with an easier way to check for a duplicate story than searching.

PlayStation 3 short shows HD capability

Sony demonstrates HD functions of the forthcoming console.

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The new Nokia 105  launched by Microsoft 03/06/2015
The new Nokia 105, launched by Microsoft 03/06/2015
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Beverly Hills Ghost
Beverly Hills Ghost

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