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Neighbours struggle with Sri Lanka bombers' road to radicalism

Colombo - The two brothers zoomed around the Sri Lankan capital in flashy cars and pursued thriving careers, now their neighbours are struggling to understand how the pair turned to radical Islam and became suicide bombers.

Review: The world is a scary place in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a surprisingly exceptional origin story; a chilling horror anthology; a fairy tale, coming-of-age story; a full-tilt romance; and the film that launched a still-expanding franchise.

Review: CB30 refreshing on debut single 'Cool If You Wanna' Special

Rising country duo CB30 have released their debut single "Cool If You Wanna," which is mellow and nonchalant. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Brussels bombings brothers obtained guns, explosives for Paris attacks: IS

Paris - Brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui, the suicide bombers who hit Brussels last month, obtained the weapons and explosives for those attacks and for November's carnage in Paris, the Islamic State (IS) group said Wednesday.

Brothers-in-jihad — When fraternal bonds lead to terror

Paris - The Brussels attackers included a pair of brothers, the latest in a long string of sibling duos involved in violent religious extremism -- something experts say can occur when close childhood bonds "spin out of control.

Joints, beer but little religion in lives of Paris attack brothers

Brussels - In the Brussels bar they ran before the authorities closed it down for being a drug den a few weeks ago, brothers Brahim and Salah Abdeslam were known to be fond of drink and a joint, according to friends.

Belgium launches international manhunt for Paris attack suspect: source

Brussels - Belgium has issued an international arrest warrant for a man suspected of having taken part in the Paris attacks with two of his brothers, a judicial source said Sunday.

Three brothers involved in Paris attacks, one may be at large: Security sources

Paris - Three brothers were involved in the Paris attacks that claimed 129 lives of whom one may still be at large, sources close to the investigation said Sunday.One brother died in the attacks late Friday, the sources said.

Brothers by blood can become brothers in arms

Washington - The fact that Said and Cherif Kouachi, the two men accused of carrying out the deadly attacks at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, were brothers should come as no surprise, experts say.

'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother'- 14yo carries 7yo brother 65 km

A 14-year-old Michigan teenager raised awareness about cerebral palsy by walking 65 kilometers or 40 miles with his seven-year-old brother strapped to his back. Hunter Gandee carried Braden, who has cerebral palsy from Bedford to Ann Arbor.

Chicago-born producer brothers re-introduce Wizard of Oz classic

Chicago - Ryan and Roland Carroll, Chicago-born producer brothers, are re-introducing the second generation of the classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz novels via this Friday’s public release of the animated film “Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return."

Arizona twin brothers strengthen their bond with baseball Special

Tucson - Scott Kingery knows that turning double plays in the field can increase the connection between teammates, especially when the player you are flipping them with is your twin brother.

Viral video: Two best men 'We are Brothers'

A guy asked his two brothers to be his "best men" at his wedding and they responded by getting musical and creating a video, and now it seems to be going viral. Posted on September 23, it has already had almost 94,000 views.

Wedding dates wanted for 'dashingly tall, house trained' brothers

Albany - Two brothers from New York may have found one of the most unique ways of finding a date for a family wedding, posting an advertisement on Craigslist .

Brothers accidentally blow up house after winning lottery

Wichita - Two brothers accidentally blew up their Kansas house during a lottery win celebration. The duo allegedly celebrated their $75,000 prize with marijuana and meth.

Belgium doctors euthanize twin brothers who were going blind

Brussel - A case involving two identical twin brothers who requested to be euthanized by doctors in Brussels prompted officials with the Belgium government to postpone a proposed amendment to the country's euthanasia laws.

Facebook leads to new trial for two brothers serving life terms

Detroit - Two Detroit brothers who have served 25 years of a life sentence for a murder they say they didn't commit, will get a new trial, all because of a post on Facebook.

92-year-old twin brothers die hours apart

Twin brothers in the US, who spent most of their life together, died within a few hours of one another on Wednesday, at the age of 92.

Sony, Warner, Disney drafting $30 at-home film viewing option

Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Disney are all in talks with major US cable TV companies to offer movies for as much as $30 per viewing, all in exchange for a shortened post-theater release delay.

Brothers kidnap woman to save sick mother's life

Two Chinese brothers who kidnapped a woman for ransom so they could save their ill mother's life have been tried in court and are attracting a different kind of media attention.

Cleveland Moves South: The Fall Fox TV Lineup

Peter and the guys are going to miss Cleveland Brown as he moves to Virginia … in a spin-off, that is. Fox Television announced its fall lineup in May, with several new comedies and serials as well as returning favorites.

Two violent brothers raise questions in UK

As the two child victims of a horrific attack that took place in the UK this weekend recover in hospital questions about their child attackers are surfacing. The attacks are just 10 and 11, brothers that are part of the nation's foster care program.

Two Year Old Dead After Wrestling With Big Brother

A toddler is dead after he and his four year old brother had a wrestling match. Two year old Jocquian Davis of St. Louis passed away Wednesday at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. The cause of death is yet to be released.

Brothers on the cutting edge of knock-offs

Two Chinese brothers have been charged with making 160,000 fake "Gillette" razor blades, the latest in a series of product and piracy scandals to hit the country. Hey, at least no lead!

Two Little Boys Found Dead in Mom's Trunk

Two young brothers had accidentally locked themselves in the trunk of their mother's car. They were found dead about four hours after they were reported missing by their grandparents.

Brothers killed in 2 freeway crashes hours apart

Adrian Basford, 52 and Wallace Basford, 48, brothers die just hours apart on separate vehicle accidents in Maine. Adrian died while riding a motorcycle and Wallace died when his van hit a freeway bridge wall.

Four brothers have been hanged in murder case

Eight years ago in the eastern Pakistani province of Punjab, four brothers murdered 13 relatives in a land dispute.

How Low Can One Sink? 2 Brothers Party While Father Rots In Closet...

When their father died, his employer left a small pension that was to be used for his burial expenses, as well as a small social security benefit from the State. Was it used to give Dad a proper burial - No way. "Let's Party!"

Brothers held responsible in 9 people losing their eyes

A Chinese court has upheld jail terms for two brothers, acting as surgeons, whose cataract laser treatments resulted in nine people having their eyes surgically removed.

Brothers Guilty of making Pet Dog Obese

Brothers in Fordham, England are found guilty of overfeeding the dog and making it obese.
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Dustin Mulligan (left) and Cory Monteith in the film Sisters & Brothers
Dustin Mulligan (left) and Cory Monteith in the film Sisters & Brothers
Courtesy TIFF
FDNY announced brothers died in this house fire early this morning.
FDNY announced brothers died in this house fire early this morning.
Screen shot NY1
Country trio High Valley is made up of brothers Brad  Bryan and Curtis Rempel
Country trio High Valley is made up of brothers Brad, Bryan and Curtis Rempel
Photo Courtesy of Eaglemont Entertainment
Two New York brothers post Craigslist ad looking for wedding dates
Two New York brothers post Craigslist ad looking for wedding dates
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