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Q&A: Why YouTube is the most intimate brand among Millennials Special

YouTube ranked the most intimate brand among millennials for the first time, climbing up from third last year, according to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2019 Study. Rina Plapler, partner at MBLM reveals more about the trends and brand intimacy in general.

Ferrari declared the world’s strongest brand

Ferrari has completed an extra lap to be awarded the title of the world’s strongest brand, according to a new survey. Amazon remains the world’s most valuable brand, and there’s been a strong performance from Microsoft.

Platform provides brands with consumer-led video feedback: Q&A Special

Facebook and Instagram released tools designed to create a more social shopping experience with multiple opportunities for customers to both engage with companies and provide direct feedback on purchases. How big is video feedback set to become?

Amazon and Wikipedia still giving poor password advice

Plymouth - A decade of research shows that little improvement has been made in the guidance given by leading websites in relation to security and for the protection of privacy data.

Brand trust is needed to win over traditional consumers

The balance within business has swung more towards consumers and away from established brands. This is due to greater competition, with startups using digital technology to cut into established spaces. This gives consumers more voice.

Q&A: Time for brands to drop celebs and to use real people Special

According to Sprout Social's new Index report There is a marked revolution happening, driven by a plea from consumers for brands to scrap the photoshopped models from their ads in exchange for more authentic, people. Rachael Samuels explains more.

Time for brands to focus on social issues: Interview Special

Any brand can tweet, post or even run a campaign around a social issue. However, what matters is if this bandwagoning is in line with their overall mission, according to brand specialist Paul Vivant.

The future of brands in digital age: Interview Special

Brands continue to be important as more advertising moves digital, but new strategies are required in order to improve brand presence. To understand what a 21st century digital marketing strategy looks like, Kevin Kelly provides advice.

Superbrands for 2018 revealed: LEGO and Apple in top spots

London - The British Superbrands Council has unveiled the 'superbrands' of 2018, as voted on by the public and business professionals. 2018 has seen a change to the number one spot for both business and consumer rankings.

Apple remains the world's most intimate brand

According to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2018 Report, Apple again dominates. Overall, media & entertainment industry ranked first overall for the first time, triumphing over automotive. The chart reflects the emotional bonds between a person and a brand.

Interview: Exploring the concept of Brand Intimacy Special

Why are some brands continually successful (like Apple) and yet others seem to suffer with mishaps (United Airlines and Uber in 2017)? Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM, provides the answers.

Left and right like Canada, Mexican food (and not much else) Special

Brooklyn - Americans are increasingly distrustful of brands and the companies that produce them. But to restore consumer confidence companies may need to take politics into account – and that’s tricky.

Apple is the world’s most intimate brand

There are lists for the most identifiable brands, even the most loved brands. But what about ‘brand intimacy’? This refers to the emotional bond between a person and a brand. New data suggests we’re closer to technology companies.

Google changing its search algorithm — big companies could pay

A number of the world's biggest brands are about to be punished by Google's latest update to its search results algorithm — unless they quickly make their sites more mobile-friendly.

ASA stopping brands from giving YouTubers gifts for airtime

The UK's advertising regulator is launching a crackdown on brands that give YouTube stars free gifts or pay for products to appear in vloggers' videos without clearly labeling the video as advertising.

Once again, brands' reach on Facebook will get cut

On Friday, Facebook announced that unpaid posts will be curtailed. Organic posts, or unpaid posts, that are considered to be too promotional will be affected.

Op-Ed: How good content can improve your company's brand

SEOs and content professionals can drive value for small businesses such as restaurants and retailers. Much of the Web consists of keyword stuffing and duplicate content: non-value-added text that are simply rehashed for click-bait purposes.

Marketing challenges for big brands as face of families changes

Marketing campaigns are changing gears as the definition of the modern family takes new shape, says director of strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi.

T-Mobile wins legal battle over color magenta

Like the color magenta? Well it belongs to T-Mobile now. The company won a court battle against AIO Wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T over dispute due to a color similar to the one used in T-Mobile logos.

Future of Media 2013 recap: Branded content wooing brands, media Special

Toronto - Branded content, or content marketing, could save journalism from its financial precipice while also giving brands a 24/7 strategy to entice new fans, the audience heard at the recent Future of Media event in Toronto's Drake Hotel.

Marketing veteran Sabaa Quao joins Digital Journal as CMO

Toronto - Digital Journal Inc. today announced the appointment of Sabaa Quao to head the company’s new brand marketing and social media division called /newsrooms.

Digital Journal Inc. launches /newsrooms division for brands

Toronto - Digital Journal Inc. today announced the launch of a new division within the company. The division, called /newsrooms, delivers content, coverage and global networks, built on award-winning technology to brands everywhere.

Content is king but transactions are everything

Toronto - The transition to digital has been challenging for many publishers because with opportunity has come an equal amount of pain. An upcoming Toronto presentation will look at the future of mobile and creating new revenue streams.

Brand Equity Dilution

One of the most valuable advantages to maintaining a strong brand name is that from that strengthened name, a brand extension can be formulated.

Fire Hazard prompts voluntary nationwide recall of refrigerators

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a voluntary recall Tuesday of around 1.6 million refrigerators manufactured by Maytag Corp. A fire hazard has been identified in several different brands including Maytag and Amana.

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/newsrooms power the intersection of marketing  social media and journalism. As a division of Digita...
/newsrooms power the intersection of marketing, social media and journalism. As a division of Digital Journal Inc., we deliver content, coverage and global networks built on award-winning technology to brands everywhere.
Digital Journal Inc
Will McInnes  CMO of Brandwatch during his keynote speech at #SMWF
Will McInnes, CMO of Brandwatch during his keynote speech at #SMWF
Coca-Cola may be a beverage company  but the public s association with the beverage and the business...
Coca-Cola may be a beverage company, but the public's association with the beverage and the business make it a top company in the Interbrand rankings. Trivia: Santa has been featured annually in Coke ads since the 1920s.
Coca-Cola Company
Most intimate brands for millennials for 2019.
Most intimate brands for millennials for 2019.

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