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Bones News

Essential Science: Why strong bones are needed for space travel

One limitation with a deep space mission, such as to Mars, is the effect of microgravity on astronauts. To find ways to build-up resilience and maintain bone strength, scientists have, surprisingly, been studying fish.

Bones self-repair thanks to nanotechnology

University of Michigan researchers have created a polymer sphere capable of delivering a molecule directly into bone wounds. The molecule instructs cells at the injury site to repair the damage.

Researchers find way to multiply teeth

Tokyo - Teeth can be multiplied, according to a new study. Scientists were able to use germ-cells and develop these into fully functional teeth, in a proof-of-concept study.

Dinosaurs really were warm-blooded, study suggests

Dinosaurs grew quickly and were warm-blooded just like modern mammals, says a scientist who researched the metabolism of these ancient creatures.

Bone munching worms of the past

Cambridge - Recently discovered ocean worms, known for feasting on whale bones, date back to prehistoric times. Long-ago the worms fed on the carcasses of giant marine reptiles, according to a new study that has plunged the depths of the sea.

New osteoarthritis therapy revealed Special

The company Levolta Pharmaceuticals has outlined the results of an initial Phase II study for a potential disease modifying drug. The drug is designed to treat patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Oldest human genome sequenced

A 45,000-year-old bone has been sequenced. This is the oldest human genome yet to have been sequenced. The bone came from a leg bone preserved in Siberia.

Statins could treat forms of dwarfism

Kyoto - Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan have found through a drug screen on human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that statins can stimulate bone growth. This has led some to speculate if statins can be used for certain forms of dwarfism.

Ancient North American infant reburied

Anzick-1, the 12,600-year-old remains of an infant found in central Montana, whose DNA was sequenced earlier this year, has been buried in a special ceremony.

Are melatonin supplements useful?

McGill researchers have shown that melatonin supplements may make bones stronger in old rats. This has led to discussion in relation to people, and whether such supplements are effective.

Neanderthal DNA persists in modern humans

Two new studies demonstrate the extent of Neanderthal DNA that persists in modern human genomes. The genetic relationship is far greater than previously thought.

Barcelona University makes fascinating find in hidden cave

Barcelona - Archaeologists from the University of Barcelona in Spain made an exciting and fascinating discovery recently. They found the bones of four people, dating back some 6,400 years and the funerary rites were unlike anything they had seen before.

K-9 skull study may help children with craniofacial deformities

Bethesda - The family dog may be more than a fun and faithful companion; in fact, researchers believe dogs may help lead us to a better understanding of our heads.

Ancient tombs found in the city of Luxor in Egypt

Luxor - Italian archaeologists have apparently discovered tombs in the ancient city of Luxor which are believed to be at least 3,000 years old. The interesting find includes human remains and well-preserved canopic jars.

Woman grows bones in her eyes following cosmetic surgery

A woman underwent cosmetic surgery, in a process that uses stem cells to rejuvenate skin. Afterwards the woman grew bone fragments in the flesh around one of her eyes. This caused her considerable pain.

Woman charged for sex with human skeleton

A Swedish woman who was arrested back in September after police found skeletons in her apartment has been charged on Tuesday for using the bones as sex toys.

Bones of Ned Kelly to be returned to his family

The bones of the infamous outlaw Ned Kelly will be returned to his descendants for burial. This comes after more than 130 years have passed since he was tried and hanged for murder.

Moderate drinking may be good for women's bones

Corvallis - Listen up all you teetotalers, a new study suggests moderate drinking may be good for the bones of post-menopausal women.

Dispute over Native American Bones

San Diego - A lawsuit is taking place between representatives of the Kumeyaay Indians and the University of California over some 9,000 year-old bones. The lawsuit is set to be held during May 2012.

UFC: Jon 'Bones' Jones relaxed and confident ahead of UFC 140 Special

Toronto - Walk like a champion. Talk like a champion. Jon “Bones” Jones stepped out onto the stage for his weigh-in on Friday and looked completely relaxed and unfazed as fans gave him a mixed reception of boos and cheers.

Bones protruding out of ground in Iowa cemetery

Heavy rains have caused major erosion to the grounds of an Iowa cemetery. The bones of once buried corpses are now becoming exposed to the world above.

Dinosaur bones found by crew working on Edmonton sewer

Edmonton - Members of a City of Edmonton, Alberta, drainage crew first thought they had found some interesting rocks, but it is now believed they uncovered dinosaur bones and a tooth.

Busted: Relic trafficker with alleged saints in his luggage

A small yet truly global operation was foiled when a Swiss man was busted who tried to transport skulls and bones stemming from Greek Orthodox burials to a Russian Orthodox priest in Germany who wanted to start a church in India.

Drinking moderate amounts of beer may strengthen bones

Spanish researchers have discovered that woman who drink a moderate amount of beer may be helping to strengthen their bones.

Orlando Sentinel States More Bones Found In Caylee Anthony Case

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that more bones have been found over the weekend where a child's skull was located. It is speculated that the remains are of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Scientists Discover Frog That Breaks Its Own Bones to Form Claws

Like something out of a horror movie, a team of Harvard biologists has discovered a frog that breaks its own bones to produce claws. So what is this biological trait for, and how does it work?

I'm Your Daddy Says Trex To Todays Chickens

If you're wondering who came first, the chicken or Trex, the answer is Trex.

Bones of Missing Woman for Four Years Found in Own Home

A Woman missing for four years, is found in her own home.

X-ray of a kiss

Have you ever wondered what your bones look like while you kiss with your significant one? Check this out!

Not Resting in Peace

John Doe who died more than half a century ago, still not resting in peace.
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Katelan Foisy s private altar to William S. Burroughs  designed entirely with found items.
Katelan Foisy's private altar to William S. Burroughs, designed entirely with found items.
Human Skull
Human Skull
American Museum of Natural History
Some of the bones one can view at the University of Guelph.
Some of the bones one can view at the University of Guelph.
Bones with bites and tool marks from Gough s Cave
Bones with bites and tool marks from Gough's Cave
The Trustees of the National History Museum, UK
Tooth and tool marks on boes in Gough s Cave
Tooth and tool marks on boes in Gough's Cave
Bello et. al
Skull in Gough s Cage sculpted into a bowl
Skull in Gough's Cage sculpted into a bowl
The Trustees of the National History Museum, UK

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