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During a decades-spanning career as a journalist and politician, likely next British prime minister Boris Johnson has stoked plenty of controversy.
Muslims who escaped China's crackdown in Xinjiang still live in fear, saying new homes abroad and even Western passports afford them no protection against a state-driven global campaign of intimidation.
India's foreign minister issued a strenuous denial to an infuriated opposition in parliament on Tuesday, after US President Donald Trump said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited him to mediate in the bloody conflict with Pakistan over Kashmir.
Toyota are aiming to bring automation to the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games by showcasing robotic technology. The focus is on mobility, offering solutions for both competitions and ticket holders.
The 2020 Space X student engineering challenge Hyperloop, where prototype vehicles charge through a tunnel network, will take place in a six mile curved vacuum tunnel, according to Elon Musk. This presents a bigger, and more exciting, challenge.
The New York Privacy Act’s failure to pass the New York Legislature took many commentators by surprise. Had it passed, the bill would have introduced a regulatory framework that mirrored the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
Microsoft today announced that it would invest $1 billion in OpenAI, the San Francisco-based AI research firm co-founded by CTO Greg Brockman, chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, Elon Musk, and others.
London's Metropolitan Police apologised Saturday after its Twitter, emails and news pages were targeted by hackers and began pumping out a series of bizarre messages.
Twitter claims it will soon offer more context about tweets that are unavailable explaining why they are not available rather than just a notice that says "This Tweet is unavailable".
The Internet of Thought is an ambitious idea to link minds to the Cloud, using nanotechnology. You and your synapses will be able to wander lonely as a cloud through the cloudy clods.
Amazon has offered Amazon Prime Day customers $10 for the right to track them online and see which websites they visit. This isn’t exactly generosity. It’s a commercial product being provided at bargain rates. There may also be security issues, or not
Anorexia is primarily a psychological condition and there are many underlying factors. One new factor to come to light, which may well play an influence, is with the microbiome of the human gut, according to British researchers.
The Milky Way gobbled up a galaxy one quarter of its mass 10 billion years ago in a "violent collision" that didn't fully settle for eons, astronomers said in new research published Monday.
To develop more efficient computers, along with medical devices, scientists are examining nanomaterials. These are materials manipulated on the scale of atoms and which exhibit unique properties, opening a gateway to advanced technology.
Understanding as much as possible about the human microbiome carries important implications for our understanding of health and disease. Unravelling the complexities proves challenging, and here new mathematical models may help.
Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg on Tuesday lashed out at the abuse she receives for speaking out over global warming, after a visit to France's parliament provoked a backlash from right-wing deputies.
France and western Europe were Tuesday bracing for a new record-breaking heatwave that is forcing the temporary shutdown of a French nuclear power station and will test competitors in the legendary Tour de France cycle race.
Former Chinese premier Li Peng -- known as the "Butcher of Beijing" for his role in the Tiananmen Square crackdown -- has died at the age of 90, state media said Tuesday.
Former Chinese premier Li Peng -- known as the "Butcher of Beijing" for his role in the Tiananmen Square crackdown -- has died aged 90, state broadcaster Xinhua said Tuesday.
Fans in the Philippines roared their approval and rose to their feet Sunday, imitating the punches of Manny Pacquiao, as they declared that their idol was still a boxing force at the age of 40 with his stunning victory over American Keith Thurman.
On July 22, American swimmer Caeleb Dressel won the first individual gold medal for Team USA at the 2019 FINA World Championships.
British swimmer and breaststroke king Adam Peaty has a major reason to celebrate. He set another world record in the men's 100 meter breaststroke, besting his own world record time.
World and national champion swimmer Michael Andrew posted his latest vlogs on his YouTube channel, which feature footage from the World Training Camp in Singapore.
International music star Adam Lambert and rock band Queen sold-out two shows at The Forum in California, as part of "The Rhapsody" Tour.
Singer-songwriter Luke Pell (of "The Bachelorette" fame) chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming event at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville.
On July 22, the multi-platinum pop group O-Town performed their new single "Over" on "Strahan and Sara" on "Good Morning America."
Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus have made history with their smash single "Old Town Road." Their smash single sits at No. 1 for 16 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.
In February 2019, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued a report titled “The Issue With Tissue." The whole point was to give leading brands of toilet paper a sustainability grade and make people aware it does come from trees - lots of tree
Why is Amazon a successful retailer? This is a question that many retail companies have pondered over. One answer, according to analysts at Elastic Path is that the company more fully understands what the customer expects and how this can be delivered.
Across the globe, corporations, businesses and city leaders are working to create a sustainable and circular economy in reaction to the climate crisis. This week, we will focus on compostable six-pack rings and a solar-powered railway.
After 68 months of contested hearings, an appellate court setback, a government takeover, and two federal cabinet approvals, an extra step will prolong the Canadian regulatory ordeal of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.
The Environmental Protection Agency, citing a lack of scientific evidence, has decided against a ban of the widely-used pesticide chlorpyrifos, which critics say is associated with neurological problems in children.
A startup called Quirk has developed an app designed to make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) more accessible to people, aiding those who suffer from anxiety or depression.
The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo a "public health emergency of international concern," a rare designation only used for the gravest epidemics.
The first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the eastern DR Congo city of Goma has died, the governor of North Kivu province said on Tuesday.
Trump appears uncertain about what to do in response to Turkey's purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia. Trump said earlier in the week that the US was not even looking at sanctions as they would be unfair to US weapons makers and also to Turkey.
President Donald Trump attacked Robert Mueller on Monday, even as he insisted he would not watch the special counsel's potentially damaging Congressional testimony this week about the two-year Russia investigation.
Spain's outgoing socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday outlined a government programme with a boost in social spending in the hope of persuading the far-left to help him back into power amid tough negotiations.
China on Monday thanked the United Arab Emirates for backing its security crackdown in Xinjiang, state media said, as President Xi Jinping played host to Abu Dhabi's crown prince.
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is set to hold a Gulf of Mexico-wide oil and gas lease sale, which is scheduled for August 21 this year, and would include all available unleased areas in federal waters covering a total of 77.8 million acres.
India's weather agency said Monday it was set to cut estimates for average monsoon rainfall after decades of below-normal downpours, with climate change causing greater variations.
Parisians were on Monday bracing for potentially the hottest ever temperature in the French capital this week as a new heatwave blasted into northern Europe that could set records in several countries.
Wine production in France this year will be down by between six and 13 percent over 2018, notably because of the ongoing heatwave, the agriculture ministry said Saturday.
The hot springs of Iceland are not the only thing making tourists sweat, as a look at the hotel or lunch bill will tell you that most things cost more, sometimes much more, than anywhere else in Europe.
Egypt's civil aviation minister criticised British Airways on Sunday, a day after it suspended flights to Cairo citing security concerns.
Alcohol tainted with potentially toxic levels of methanol has killed 19 people in Costa Rica, where authorities issued an alert against drinking some half-dozen brands.
The Environmental Protection Agency, citing a lack of scientific evidence, has decided against a ban of the widely-used pesticide chlorpyrifos, which critics say is associated with neurological problems in children.
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