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Commercial Development Company and Brayton Point LLC, the owner of the retired Brayton Point Power Station, announced the two cooling towers will be brought down by implosion on Saturday to make way for wind turbine assembly.
The Ford Motor Company announced that it has invested $500 million in Rivian, an electronic vehicle (EV) startup. Ford will build an EV using Rivian's technology the two companies announced.
In an attempt to control the news feed about his ongoing legal problems, President Donald Trump returned to the immigration issue, threatening to send "ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border." Nearly all his rhetoric is based on made up facts to scare his base.
Are technology companies responsible for the 'downgrading' of humanity? Driving us towards a world of short attention spans and seeking the simplicity of the soundbite? This is the new thesis from Tristan Harris.
Waymo has selected Detroit as the area where it will develop the next continuation of its self-driving car technology. This will be in partnership with American Axle & Manufacturing, upgrading an existing facility.
Dutch adventurer Wiebe Wakker chatted with Digital Journal about completing a world tour from the Netherlands to Australia in his electric car in three years. He also shared insights on how technology has impacted the automotive industry.
Nicholas Horbaczewski, the CEO and founder of Drone Racing League (DRL) chatted with Digital Journal about how technology and artificial intelligence have changed the sport of drone racing. He also shared his insights on the future of the robotic sport.
Twitter on Wednesday began making it easier to report tweets aimed at interfering with people voting, starting first in Europe and India.
The Syrian presidency said Wednesday it had regained access to its official Instagram account a day after it was apparently blocked.
New Zealand and France will bring together global leaders at a Paris summit next month aimed at stopping social media being used to organise and promote terrorism, the countries' leaders announced Wednesday.
For the past several months, hamburglars have been on the loose in Canada, hacking into mobile phone user's McDonald's apps. They have hijacked people's accounts and ordered hundreds of dollars of food for themselves.
The bacteria that inhabit the mouth, and especially the gums, if imbalanced can lead to some species dominating others. In these circumstances, there may be a connection with diseases like Alzheimer’s, according to a new study.
By applying advanced data mining techniques, researchers have been able to assess earthquake data and this analysis has revealed hidden clues about major California earthquake triggers. The new information may assist with prevention.
There are many factors that have contributed with the progression of human societies and a move to a more stable form of existence. One factor that may surprise many is beer, but the alcoholic drink has been of great importance say researchers.
Scientists in the U.S. have used the gene editing tool CRISPR in order to treat lethal lung diseases, before birth. This proof-of-concept study could lead to several inherited genetic diseases being addressed.
The global pace of new oil and gas pipeline construction has tripled in less than two decades, a multi-billion-dollar boom in infrastructure that experts warned Thursday could torpedo hopes for limiting global warming.
A young Syrian with cerebral palsy, who trekked with a wheelchair from her homeland all the way to Germany as a refugee, on Wednesday urged the UN Security Council to focus more on Syria's "invisible" disabled people.
US border patrol agents found a crying three-year-old boy in a Texas cornfield on Tuesday with his name and a phone number written on his shoes, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency said Wednesday.
An Italian aid ship that rescued 49 migrants off Libya last month has been declared unfit for rescue operations at sea, the Italian coastguard said on Wednesday.
One by one the North Koreans approached the board, yelled for inspiration and struck out, trying to split the interlocking plates with fist, hand or foot -– then reeled away in pain.
On April 18, professional American swimmer Michael Andrew celebrated a major milestone in his personal life: his 20th birthday.
Coach Peter Andrew is the father of world, Pan Pacific and national swimming champion Michael Andrew. He chatted with Digital Journal about swimming, the impact of technology on the sport, and shared some of their plans for 2019.
Champion Australian mare Winx bid farewell Saturday by winning her 33rd race in a row, ending her glittering career on a high with an amazing four-year unbeaten streak.
The Queen of Pop, Madonna, is back with her latest single, "Medellín," where she collaborates with Latin pop star Maluma.
Singing sensation Toly Rod chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming show on April 28 at Repertorio Español in New York City. He announced that he has a new single coming out next month.
On April 19, Andrew Hagar released his new EP "From the Other Side I" as part of S.0.S, via the independent record label Holy Stoned Records.
Sugarland's Kristian Bush chatted with Digital Journal about his joint U.S. tour with Rita Wilson, which will include a show at The Paramount in Huntington, New York. Bush also spoke about the Music Modernization Act.
Shareholders in Portugal's biggest company, Energias de Portugal, on Wednesday blocked a nine-billion-euro ($10-billion) takeover bid by the state-owned China Three Gorges (CTG) Corporation.
Saudi Arabia has no immediate plans to raise oil output after the United States ends sanctions waivers for buyers of Iranian crude, energy minister Khalid al-Falih said Wednesday.
The decision to tighten sanctions on Iran will have "no material impact" on oil prices given the large US supply of petroleum, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Tuesday. "We are a country awash with oil and gas," Kudlow said.
Sinclair Broadcast Group, the massive local conservative broadcaster that's been criticized for pushing Pro-Trump talking points, has been hiring a slew of ex-mainstream news anchors as it pushes into national news coverage.
The U.S. is marking ‘Every Kid Healthy Week’, which runs from April 22. While the nationwide campaign is important, a review of state-by-state data reveals disparity in terms of child welfare, according to WalletHub.
More than 25,000 children were rushed to hospitals in northwest Pakistan after rumours spread that some had suffered reactions to a polio vaccine, officials said Tuesday.
Malawi on Tuesday rolled out the world's first licensed malaria vaccine in a landmark campaign against a disease that each year kills hundreds of thousands of people, especially African children.
Artificial intelligence can analyze hundreds of images in a matter of minutes and triage abnormalities so that radiologists can prioritize potentially critical cases and save lives. An expert from the startup Aidoc discusses the potential.
On Tuesday, the president of the Philippines said if Canada doesn’t take back tons of trash within the next week he will “declare war” and ship the containers back himself.
President Donald Trump's trade policies have so far had a mild impact on countries across the Atlantic even as they have cast a cloud of uncertainty over global growth.
Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj, head of the internationally-recognised government in Tripoli, angrily denounced France on Wednesday for supporting rival Khalifa Haftar, underlining the growing diplomatic tensions over the recent fighting there.
Several dozen diplomats walked out from the UN General Assembly Wednesday to protest a speech by Venezuela's foreign minister, who denounced US calls on the world body to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president.
Violent winds caused landslides and flooding and cut off roads in Comoros in the vanguard of tropical storm Kenneth, set to hit Wednesday evening before heading to recently cyclone-ravaged Mozambique, officials said.
In a typical year, taxpayer spending on the federal disaster relief fund is almost 10 times higher than it was three decades ago, even after adjusting for inflation, based on an analysis of federal data.
The main argument in favour of electric vehicles comes from the need to reduce our emissions to lessen the impact of climate change. But a new study presents evidence that EV adoption also improves air quality.
A rifle resting on his shoulder, Tatji Arara looks despondent as he steps over the trunks of huge trees felled by timber traffickers in the heart of Brazil's Amazon rainforest, now the scene of numerous land conflicts.
Three world-renowned professional mountaineers killed by an avalanche in the Canadian Rocky Mountains had reached the summit of difficult Howse Peak and lost their lives on the descent, Parks Canada said on Monday.
Work on Mexico City's new airport will begin next week, the country's president announced Wednesday, months after canceling work on another airport that was already one-third complete.
Botswana has banned the wife of a South African minister, who is also a sister of a powerful mining tycoon and the president's sister-in-law, from entering the country visa-free, according to documents seen by AFP on Tuesday.
The U.S. is marking ‘Every Kid Healthy Week’, which runs from April 22. While the nationwide campaign is important, a review of state-by-state data reveals disparity in terms of child welfare, according to WalletHub.
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