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Magic Leap, a Silicon Valley start-up that's attracted feverish attention for its eye-catching mixed reality tech, is reportedly "years" behind schedule. It has also published a fake demo and failed to miniaturise a critical component of its technology.
A group of Quebec Algonquins, in an effort to block a treaty between the Algonquins of Ontario and the federal and Ontario governments, has filed a claim for lands in downtown Ottawa, including Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court and Lebreton Flats.
Anyone planning on attending the Women's March in Washington the day after the inauguration might want to check for updates because the Lincoln Memorial won't be available. You can blame the National Park Service for the glitch.
Google has expanded its Google Assistant developer program to include every app creator as opposed to just private beta testers. It will expand the number of services compatible with Assistant as the company prepares to take on market leader Amazon.
Twitter has revoked an update to its iOS app that accidentally broke one of the social network's core features. The new release included an "experimental" version of Twitter's reply system that removed the "@" symbol and opened the door to spam.
Samsung has announced it is preparing to launch a new software update for its recalled and discontinued Galaxy Note7 smartphone that will prevent remaining devices from charging. The move is intended to convince owners to return their phones.
Under international pressure to clean up its seafood industry, Thailand's Navy this week showed off its latest in "new technology" to monitor fishing boats in a renewed effort to crack down on abuses and corruption in the industry.
Fake news is now, belatedly, under attack. There are still no lawsuits. One bit of case law could bury fake news, and the vermin who make it.
President Barack Obama has requested a review of all cyberattacks that took place during the 2016 election cycle, the White House said Friday, amid allegations of Russian interference.
"Hello?""Please Mr President, we are listening to you...""Good evening!" "Good evening, sir, please...
According to a report by the BBC, many of the fake news sites that appeared during the 2016 American presidential election campaign originated in a small city in Macedonia. The sites were created and run by teenagers.
Open any history book on pathology and smallpox is likely to be described as a very ancient disease, responsible for killing the odd Egyptian pharaoh or two. New tests, however, suggest the virus may not be as old as previously thought.
Paleontologists have discovered a "beautiful" specimen of a dinosaur tail encased in amber. It is one of the best preserved specimens ever discovered and offers new clues about dinosaurs.
The causes of autism are varied. However one reason for some people with an autism spectrum disorder is likely to be genetic. New research has identified a new genetic cause.
When people are awake the brain’s activity moves through states described as waves. This new observation seems to relate to how much attention is paid at a given point in time and may explain attention lapses.
Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh said Friday that he would not recognise the results of the December 1 elections, a week after he conceded defeat to his opponent Adama Barrow.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said Friday troops will remain in the streets to combat drug violence after his defense minister issued a rare complaint about the controversial deployment.
France's highest administrative authority on Friday blocked the extradition of Kazakh opposition figure Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia, where he is accused of embezzling billions of dollars.
Islamic State jihadists battled Syrian regime forces on Friday on the outskirts of Palmyra, the ancient town from which they were chased out eight months ago, rights observers said.
Anthony Joshua is preparing to defend his IBF heavyweight title against Eric Molina on Saturday, and during a press conference, things almost boiled over.
Russia hijacked international sport by using more than 1,000 athletes in an "institutional conspiracy" to win medals at the Sochi and London Olympics and other global events, a top investigator said Friday.
The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors blew out their opponents in anticipated matchups Wednesday night, proving what many people already expected about this NBA season — it's a two-horse league.
Russian sport is bracing for more pain after a bruising year that has seen its athletes turfed out of the Olympics over revelations of state-run doping.
Country songstress Olivia Lane has covered Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," and her rendition is lackluster and forgettable.
Country singer Granger Smith chatted with Digital Journal about his recent rib injury and punctured lung, and the success of his latest single "If The Boot Fits."
On December 9, Alex Seaver and Logan Light from MAKO released their brand new studio album, "Hourglass," via Ultra Music.
Singer Shane Owens is back with his new country album "Where I'm Comin' From," which has a neo-traditionalist vibe to it.
Towering above the Moselle valley in northeast France are two rusting testaments to the dashed hopes of Francois Hollande's presidency that loom large over the election of his successor next year.
San Francisco's 58-story sleek and ritzy high-rise, Millennium Tower is sinking and tilting faster than previously thought, based on newly released satellite images.
Airbnb will impose a 90-day limit on the sharing of private homes in London, the home rentals website has revealed amid fears over the British capital's housing market.
Singapore's financial regulator said Friday it has fined two British banks and barred a former Goldman Sachs banker in a widening crackdown on money laundering linked to Malaysian state fund 1MDB.Standard Chartered Bank was slapped with a Sg$5.
A new study indicates that regular use of ibuprofen could lower the risk of developing lung cancer among high-risk groups of cigarette smokers. This is based on observational data involving 10,000 people.
Life expectancy in the United States dropped last year for the first time since the peak of the HIV/AIDS crisis more than 20 years ago, as deaths rose from nearly every major cause, federal data showed Thursday.
Depression is a growing problem among teenagers as the pressures from schools increases, together with interactions with peer groups and from social media. The rise requires new strategies for treatment by health authorities.
Medical researchers have reported that a decline with the average levels of total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides, and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) has occurred with the U.S. adult population.
Ghana's President John Mahama conceded defeat Friday two days after a hotly contested election, seen as a test for a country generally viewed as a beacon of stability in west Africa.
US President-elect Donald Trump on Friday called Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of Scotland's semi-autonomous government who has previously called the billionaire tycoon's rhetoric "deeply abhorrent".
Another week, another gaffe by Britain's foreign minister Boris Johnson. But although he has annoyed Brussels and insulted Riyadh, Prime Minister Theresa May is keeping him on board -- at least for now.
Pentagon chief Ashton Carter sought to reaffirm US commitment to Afghanistan on Friday, as uncertainty lingers over President-elect Donald Trump's strategy on America's longest war in the face of a resilient Taliban insurgency.
The plume of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in March 2011 has been creeping at a snail's pace across the Pacific Ocean. But now, Cesium-134 has been found in samples of seawater taken along the Oregon coast this year.
A moderate 4.6-magnitude earthquake caused panic but only minor damage after hitting Croatia's central Adriatic coast in the region of Split, officials said on Friday.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo pledged Friday to help the people of Aceh rebuild as he toured areas worst-hit by a devastating earthquake that killed more than 100 people and left thousands homeless.The shallow 6.
While we are feeling the first Arctic blast of the season this week, next week's weather forecast is going to be a doozy. Winter weather's most unwelcome visitor, the polar vortex is coming for a visit..
The majestic destination that is the World Trade Center proudly demonstrates the scale of New York’s spirit and ingenuity.
A new study indicates that regular use of ibuprofen could lower the risk of developing lung cancer among high-risk groups of cigarette smokers. This is based on observational data involving 10,000 people.
High up on a hillside in the south of Hong Kong, shaded beneath dense green foliage, are the pockmarked remnants of World War II pillboxes, a reminder of the city's failed attempt to fend off a Japanese invasion.
The encounter had seemed promising enough, but the couple brought together by an online dating site failed to connect because of one glaring, irreconcilable difference: He was a Donald Trump supporter, she was not.
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