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The Eid al-Fitr holiday began on Monday as did the ceasefire in Afghanistan announced by the Taliban. Early signs were promising with the ceasefire appearing to hold.
When the Berlin Cathedral Choir gathered for a rehearsal on March 9, the new coronavirus was still a distant concern, with fewer than 50 confirmed cases in the German capital.
Less than two months after detecting its first infection, Montenegro is the first country in Europe to declare itself coronavirus-free, a success story the tiny country hopes will lure tourists to its dazzling Adriatic coast this summer.
SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule - scheduled to launch two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station on May 27, will — if all goes well — become just the ninth space vehicle to carry humans into space in almost six decades of space flight.
Recent reporting shows that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can block up to 99.9 percent of automated cyber attacks, yet only 28 percent of the population (based on the report) take such measures to protect their accounts.
Quidd, an online marketplace for trading stickers, cards, toys, and other collectibles, has suffered a data breach and the details of 4 millions users have been exposed.
Privacy concerns over Qatar's coronavirus contact tracing app, a tool that is mandatory on pain of prison, have prompted a rare backlash and forced officials to offer reassurance and concessions.
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday remote work is here to stay, and that half of the social network's staff could be doing jobs from afar within a decade.
Twitter labelled two Donald Trump tweets "unsubstantiated" and accused him of making false claims Tuesday, a first for the social network which has long resisted calls to censure the US president over truth-defying posts.
With cat photos and sometimes scathing irony, Mathieu Rebeaud, a Swiss-based researcher in biochemistry, has nearly tripled his Twitter following since the coronavirus pandemic began.
The coronavirus crisis has forced Greece to take rapid steps to computerise its lumbering civil service and belatedly introduce e-governance in one of the EU's worst digital laggards, experts say.
Gray skies loomed over Florida's Atlantic coast Tuesday, just one day before two astronauts were set to blast off aboard a SpaceX capsule on the most dangerous and prestigious mission NASA has ever entrusted to a private company.
The first test launch of a rocket that is released from a jumbo jet at 35,000 feet and then propels itself into orbit to deploy a satellite failed on Monday, the Virgin Orbit company said."The mission terminated shortly into the flight.
For this week's Essential science column, we delve into the latest research on the quest to develop drugs to help combat COVID-19 symptoms or to eliminate the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus itself.
China is targeting a July launch for its ambitious plans for a Mars mission which will include landing a remote-controlled robot on the surface of the red planet, the company in charge of the project has said.
Australian police on Wednesday dropped the investigation of a prominent journalist and government whistleblower over leaked government secrets, ending a case which sparked wide-ranging debate over press freedom in the country.
An eerie silence has fallen over Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, one of the world's oldest, largest and most visited markets, where a raucous mixture of languages, cultures and commerce has buzzed for centuries.
Japanese police on Wednesday formally arrested a man on suspicion of an arson attack on an animation studio in Kyoto last year that killed 36 people, a police spokesman said.
Young men in dark hoodies and tracksuit bottoms form a human chain to pass down black sacks from a storeroom and pile them in the back of a car.
Olympics chief Thomas Bach agreed that 2021 was the "last option" for holding the delayed Tokyo Games on Thursday, stressing that postponement cannot go on forever.
"The Pre Log" is a runner's journal that was written by Linda Prefontaine, the sister of the late track and field superstar Steve Prefontaine.
Livening up sport without fans is a challenge for competitions returning after the coronavirus, and organisers have tried several ways to make empty stadiums more appealing.
American swimmer Katrina Konopka chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is also an elite clinician of the Fitter & Faster swim clinics.
Senegalese superstar Youssou N'Dour and Grammy-winner Angelique Kidjo were among a galaxy of African talent brought together for a virtual concert to raise awareness of the coronavirus pandemic.
Oscar-winning Mexican film director Alfonso Cuaron on Tuesday backed calls to ensure thousands of domestic workers laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be paid.
Acclaimed actress Eva LaRue chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about her 2020 Daytime Emmy nomination for her acting work in "The Young and The Restless."
Global music star Shaggy chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his upcoming album "Hot Shot 2020," which will be released on July 10.
Online sellers need to carefully consider important measures during the COVID-19 pandemic and consider how to overcome the obstacles online selling presents, according to Amit Shah, who drives strategy for VTEX.
For an industry based largely on manufacturing and scientific research, the pharmaceutical sector has needed to adapt in novel ways in order to meet the home working requirements fostered upon it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Home working is here to stay for many workers. Leading the pack is Facebook, which as announced that many of its workers will be allowed to work from home as part of a permanent arrangement.
The repercussions of COVID-19 affect accounting and reporting processes globally, drastically altering financials, forecasts, and disclosures. With lease accounting the impact from COVID-19 could be the most significant for firms.
Steve, a paramedic in northeast England, contracted the coronavirus two months ago. Then his wife fell ill. Both recovered but throughout they were concerned about passing it on to their two young sons.
International health authorities expressed concern Tuesday over signs the spread of the new coronavirus is still accelerating in Brazil, Peru and Chile.
Canada’s health care providers are warning that coronavirus shutdowns are negatively influencing another outbreak: sexually transmitted infections.
The developer of facial authentication technology, iProov, is working with the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) to implement biometrics in order to boost security and reduce cybersecurity incidents.
Suriname's main opposition leader Chan Santokhi on Tuesday predicted victory for his Progressive Reform Party (VHP) in the country's elections after 46 percent of the votes had been counted.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday faced a mounting internal rebellion, including a ministerial resignation, over a scandal around his top aide Dominic Cummings taking a cross-country trip during the coronavirus lockdown.
Burundi's long-ruling leader Pierre Nkurunziza on Tuesday congratulated his hand-picked successor on a "large victory" in the presidential election, though the opposition has vowed to contest the result in court.
Venezuela's attorney general on Monday asked the Supreme Court to declare opposition leader Juan Guaido's party a "terrorist organization," blaming it for a failed sea invasion.
After spending 17 years underground, billions of cicadas will be emerging in parts of the United States. Periodical cicadas are expected to come out in early summer across southwest Virginia, parts of North Carolina, and in West Virginia.
Huge swarms of desert locusts are destroying crops across western and central India, prompting authorities Tuesday to step up their response to the country's worst plague in nearly three decades.
The marshlands on the coast of Louisiana have survived over thousands of years, even though the Mississippi Delta experiences some of the highest rates of coastal wetland loss in the world. Today, these marshlands have reached a "tipping point."
The Alberta provincial government is changing its coal policies in a move it says is intended to make it easier to develop open-pit coal mines in one of the province’s most sensitive areas.
A one-trillion-euro recovery plan to get Europe back on its feet after the devastation wreaked by the coronavirus pandemic was set to be unveiled Wednesday, as badly hit Spain started 10 days of national mourning for its thousands of dead.
No screaming on the rollercoaster, socially distant spooks in the haunted house and please refrain from high-fiving your favourite superhero: welcome to Japanese amusement parks in the coronavirus era.
Steve, a paramedic in northeast England, contracted the coronavirus two months ago. Then his wife fell ill. Both recovered but throughout they were concerned about passing it on to their two young sons.
International health authorities expressed concern Tuesday over signs the spread of the new coronavirus is still accelerating in Brazil, Peru and Chile.
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