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Cuba will place renewed restrictions on the movement of doctors out of the country, it said Tuesday, acknowledging a brain drain has "seriously" hurt the nation's much-vaunted health system.
A controversial French mayor said Tuesday he was setting up a volunteer force to patrol his town while the national state of emergency remains in force following the attacks on Paris.
Argentine ex-president Carlos Menem was convicted on corruption charges Tuesday, but as with a previous arms trafficking sentence he will escape prison time thanks to his immunity as a senator.
The Mexican attorney general's office will test DNA from two burned bodies found in a van to check whether they are those of two missing Australian surfers, authorities said Tuesday.
The Chinese scientist behind the world's biggest cloning factory has technology advanced enough to replicate humans, he told AFP, and is only holding off for fear of the public reaction.
Training as a paramedic or other healthcare professional can leave you ill-equipped for the "real thing." One example is dealing with a bleeding incident, since real blood flow has proved difficult to reproduce. Until now.
Tried quitting smoking but just can't seem to shake off the habit? Don't worry, it may not simply be weak willpower - it could be down to your genetic make-up.
It is sometimes part of the popular lexicon to sometimes speak of a "male brain" or a "female brain," drawing in on gender-role stereotypes. Scientifically there is no such thing, as a new study demonstrates.
With the hockey season nearly one-third over, Montreal has continued their early season momentum with a 18-4-3 record and on top of the latest NHL power rankings.
The Golden State Warriors improved to 19-0 Monday night in a narrow win over the Utah Jazz. The Warriors are already off to the hottest start in NBA history, and they're the undisputed best team in basketball.
Former heavyweight champion David Haye has made known his intention to face newly-crowned heavyweight king Tyson Fury along with some challengers who are lining up for a lucrative payday following Fury's victory over Wladimir Klitschko last Saturday.
Newly-crowned heavyweight king Tyson Fury is ready to give Wladimir Klitschko a rematch — not because there is a rematch clause in his contract that requires him to face Klitschko for the second time, but because he is confident he will win again.
Just in time for the holidays, Second City's latest show, 'Unwrapped,' skewers holiday traditions along with dating on Tinder, "Netflix and chill" and more.
Disney actress Olivia Stuck chatted with Digital Journal about "Kirby Buckets" and "Girls Meets World"; moreover, she opened up about her music career.
‘She Who Must Burn’ is a thoughtful condemnation of extremists that doubles as an intense drama and engaging thriller. Shot in Vancouver, the film plays The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.
Acclaimed psychic and medium Janet Russell has received a 2015 nomination for "Best of Long Island" in the "Psychic" category.
The eurozone's bailout fund rescued Greece's largest bank on Tuesday, launching a recapitalisation process that is a crucial part of the country's third loan programme in five years.The European Stability Mechanism unlocked 2.72 billion euros ($2.
Around 50 employees of German auto giant Volkswagen have come forward to testify in the group's internal probe into a massive pollution-cheating scandal, a spokesman said on Tuesday.
The Canadian company BlackBerry Ltd., formerly known as Research in Motion, has decided to delay closing down operations in Pakistan until at least December 30, as it continues negotiations with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority(PTA).
Owner of Readers' Books, Andrew Weinberger had much to celebrate as well as be thankful for this Thanksgiving season as his bookstore has its 24th anniversary.
The Android version of Google's popular Chrome browser now features an enhanced Data Saver mode which can reduce mobile data usage by as much as 70 percent. It is supposed to improve performance on slow networks and lower bills.
Nokia's first virtual reality product is now available for pre-order at an asking price of $60,000. The ground-breaking OZO camera is aimed at professional filmmakers and shoots 360-degree VR video for next-generation entertainment experiences.
Getting around a busy international airport can be a stressful thing, especially if you aren't familiar with it or if you happen to be running late for the flight.
An innovative technology project seeking crowd-funding wants to create a modern-day alternative to the wads of paper sticky notes that litter desks worldwide. Smart Stickers are controlled from your phone and have month-long batteries.
A father in Ontario lost custody of his two young sons, in part because he refused to stop trying to cure the boys' autism and other illnesses with homeopathy. The boys, aged nine and ten have "severe and profound" autism spectrum disorder.
Efforts to get lifesaving antiretrovial drugs to HIV-positive patients in many sub-Saharan African countries are routinely failing at "the last mile", an international medical group said on Monday.
The idea of living in a healthy body as long as 120 years has to be appealing to virtually everyone. But it's impossible, no? No, actually, it may not be, scientists say, and a drug has been approved for trial that could be a longevity breakthrough.
Being alone can be bad for your health, according to a new study. Here the impact on health is assessed as greater than that of obesity. However, has this really been proven?
The European Union is not seeking a programme of democratic reforms from Cuba as part of talks for a deal to normalise relations, European sources said as a new round of discussions got under way in Brussels Tuesday.
The International New York Times said its printer in Thailand removed an article on the moribund state of the kingdom's economy Tuesday, forcing the edition to carry blank spaces including on the cover.
Its leaders have been thrown in jail, banned from politics and remain deeply divided, but Venezuela's opposition nonetheless looks set to bruise President Nicolas Maduro by winning control of the National Assembly.
Spain's prime minister spurned the country's first pre-election debate of its kind, an empty lectern on stage marking his no-show as other candidates made repeated digs he was unable to defend.
For a long time, scientists have thought the number of plankton species in the world's oceans would decrease due to increased acidification. However, over the past four decades or so, their populations have increased, says a new study.
Global warming has triggered an array of apocalyptic scenarios for future generations, from worsening drought, storms and floods to melted icesheets and rising seas.
Nicaragua's lead negotiator said Tuesday it will not make a pledge to fight global warming as part of the Paris climate talks as that would let rich countries off the hook.
France will give African countries two billion euros ($2.1 billion) over the next four years to develop renewable energy and replace climate-harming fossil fuels, President Francois Hollande said Tuesday.
History does repeat itself, and one of the world's favorite fruits is at risk of disappearing, maybe for good. A virulent fungal disease has struck again, jumping continents as it devastates banana crops in its relentless move toward Latin America.
A tiny Tokyo noodle shop joined the ranks of the world's top restaurants Tuesday as it scooped up a star from the respected Michelin Guide.
France's premier Tuesday urged tourists to come to Paris, spend money and enjoy the capital's cultural attractions to help boost the city in the wake of deadly jihadist attacks.
Topless women out, female luminaries in: the latest edition of the famously titillating Pirelli calendar presented in London by US photographer Annie Leibovitz has won praise for its feminist makeover.
Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the grocery stores are packed with shoppers looking to get everything for their Thanksgiving meal.
Thousands of fast-food and other low-wage workers took to the streets of nearly 300 cities and towns across America on Tuesday to call for a $15 hourly minimum wage and greater collective bargaining rights.
Senator Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, said that 12 major life insurers in the United States admitted to using incentives that could encourage agents to put their own interests ahead of the interests of their clients.
Chief financial officers are starting to close the wage gap with their CEO counterparts. According to the study, CEO compensation from 2013 to 2014 grew by a relatively small 0.7 percent, while CFO compensation increased by a larger 4.9 percent.
History does repeat itself, and one of the world's favorite fruits is at risk of disappearing, maybe for good. A virulent fungal disease has struck again, jumping continents as it devastates banana crops in its relentless move toward Latin America.
A tiny Tokyo noodle shop joined the ranks of the world's top restaurants Tuesday as it scooped up a star from the respected Michelin Guide.
Eating our shrimp scampi or other seafood dishes, we don't give much thought to the hazardous and inhumane living, and working conditions laborers live under in Thailand while harvesting the seafood we are enjoying.
This week Digital Journal had the opportunity to taste eight very different whiskies, seven from Scotland and one from Ireland at the splendid Victorian manor house, the Grim's Dyke.
France's premier Tuesday urged tourists to come to Paris, spend money and enjoy the capital's cultural attractions to help boost the city in the wake of deadly jihadist attacks.
The old capital of the Incas, iconic city of Cuzco, heralded as the archeological capital of the world, has a lot of archeological surprises in close proximity of the city. It’s easy to see them all in half a day tour available in many tourist outlets.
Tensions following Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet have shrunk the horizon for Russian tourists in search for sunnier climes -- and for battered tour operators.
A street photographer at heart, I chastise myself when I don't get out enough in Mumbai to photograph its people and places. But with a new building going up within shouting distance of my balcony, I'm rediscovering India — from 10 stories high.
It's important to drive safely throughout the year. However, the winter season generally brings the greatest risks. We present the ten most useful tips.
Still reeling from the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen had set aside $7.3 billion to recover. That may not be enough. The company recently decided to cut its capital investments by $1.1 billion, or about 8 percent of the total.
Tesla is voluntarily recalling the approximately 90,000 Model S sedans that are on the road worldwide. The affected vehicles have front seat belts that could fail to function correctly in an accident.
Kenyan police said Friday they have begun clearing a three-day traffic jam stretching for tens of kilometres on the main highway between the capital and the country's only port of Mombasa.
Canadian theatre guru Martha Burns asks us to take a different look at fantasy and creativity as she stars in Bruce Norris's Domesticated.
As Edmund the bastard might put it, the wheel of David Fox’s association with Theatre Passe Muraille is come full-circle. A cast member of 1972’s legendary “The Farm Show”, Fox is back at the Toronto venue as the Bard’s greatest tragic hero.
A high-profile performance in Iran by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra was cancelled at the last minute because it was due to feature female musicians, its furious conductor said on Sunday.
A dress worn by Hollywood screen siren Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" as the character Dorothy sold for $1.56 million in New York, Bonhams auction house said.
The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Turkey had violated conventions on freedom of expression when it banned YouTube for more than two years.
Hackers could be selling lifetime access to your Netflix subscription for just $0.50. A recent report by McAfee Labs revealed you can buy access to “many online streaming entertainment” services, like Netflix and Spotify, in “Dark Web” marketplac
A group associated with the famed hacker collective Anonymous has a message for ISIS, which it promptly displayed by taking down one of the terror organization's sites. A message, it appears, in the form of an advertisement for Viagra, and a suggestion.
This story is a bit of a mind phuc, if you will pardon the word. An Australian man of Vietnamese roots posted an account on Facebook of his ongoing trials and tribulations due to his name: Phuc Dat Bich. But he now says the whole thing was a hoax.