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Iran on Friday called on the new US administration to "unconditionally" lift sanctions imposed by Donald Trump on the Islamic republic to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal, warning against any concessions.
President Joe Biden ordered help for hungry Americans in the growing coronavirus crisis Friday, but Donald Trump's looming impeachment trial could complicate getting Congress to cooperate on his fast-paced agenda.
Rio de Janeiro will not host its famous carnival this year due to a deadly revival of the coronavirus epidemic in Brazil, the city's mayor Eduardo Paes has announced.
Important documents may have been taken following a data breach relating to Europe's drug regulator - the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It seems that the data breach was politically motivated.
In the wake of COVID-19, companies are increasingly finding themselves targets for cyberattackers. This is a key reason why there is greater focus on more and more security-conscious companies turning to crowdsourced security.
The United States has urged Australia to abandon its plan to force Google and Facebook to pay media outlets for their news content, saying there could be "long-lasting negative consequences" for consumers and companies.
For those with expanding technology needs some form of adapter is a must. The problem is that many adapters from hardware manufacturer like Apple as expensive. A new Choetech solution overcomes this.
Italian prosecutors have opened a probe into the accidental death of a 10-year-old girl who allegedly took part in a "blackout challenge" on the video-sharing network TikTok.
Singer MC Fioti, the first Brazilian to garner 1.5 billion views on YouTube, has re-cast the tune from that video -- to try to go viral against Covid.
Facebook on Thursday said it is asking its independent experts to rule on whether former president Donald Trump's suspension for "fomenting insurrection" should stand.
A federal judge on Thursday rejected a request by the conservative-friendly social network Parler that would have forced Amazon's web hosting service to allow it back online.
Central Europeans of the Bronze Age used bronze rings, ribs and axe blades that were roughly standardized in their shape and weight as an early form of "euros," according to a new study.
While viruses have been studied for over a century, virologists have made the first breakthrough in identifying the mechanism through which viruses infect cells.
Science has led to an improvement in pet food over the past few decades, but can chemistry go further? Researchers have undertaken chemical analysis of dog food in order to encourage the fussiest of eaters.
New research finds that the composition of gut microbes transferred from mother to child influences how the skeleton of a child develops. This presents an important step in understanding the influence of the microbiome on health.
Russia and the United States drew closer Friday to extending a nuclear pact ahead of the fast approaching expiry date of the last arms control accord between the former Cold War rivals.
French-Israeli diamond magnate Beny Steinmetz was sentenced by a Geneva court on Friday to five years behind bars for corruption linked to mining rights in Guinea.
Canada deported thousands of people even as COVID-19 raged last year, data seen by Reuters shows, and lawyers say deportations are ramping up, putting people needlessly at risk in the midst of a global health emergency.
The coronavirus epidemic has triggered the steepest drop in Latin American foreign trade in 2020 since the global financial crisis more than a decade ago, a UN body said Friday.
The virus-delayed Tokyo Olympics will go ahead this summer, and there is "no plan B", International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach said in an interview Thursday.
Japan dismissed a report claiming officials see cancelling the Tokyo Olympics as inevitable on Friday, as heavyweights the United States, Canada and Australia said they were still preparing for the Games.
Japan's prime minister said he was "determined" to hold the Tokyo Olympics as organisers on Friday brushed off a report claiming officials think cancellation is inevitable.
The award-winning Champion's Mojo swimming podcast has launched an insightful "Depression & Anxiety Toolkit for Athletes." Digital Journal has the scoop.
Armin van Buuren has a major reason to celebrate. He just reached his historic 1,000th episode of "A State of Trance" (ASOT) radio show.
Country singer-songwriter Parker McCollum chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about "To Be Loved By You" and life during the quarantine.
Country singer-songwriter Dan Reardon has announced his new single "Backseat Love," which will be released on February 5. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi join forces on their new duet, "Window in the Wall," which was released via Greenhill Records.
The challenges from COVID-19 have spurred digital transformation initiatives for businesses in all sectors over the course of 2020. How will the life-changing events society faced impact the business world going forward?
There’s a very old story that A class people hire B class, C class hire D, etc. The problem with this is that it doesn’t work at all well. By the time you get to Z, you’re hiring sub-idiots.
After four years of narcissistic hysteria, the market didn’t jump mindlessly into a rally. A solid, but not neurotic, upward move was the market’s response to the first day of the Biden presidency.
For retail it will come as no surprise that 2020 was a uniquely difficult year, with some of the worst economic data in history recorded. Leading analysts present a recovery strategy for the outlet sector.
The number of people taking their own lives in Japan rose for the first time in over a decade last year, as the pandemic reversed years of progress combatting a stubbornly high suicide rate.
Japan's cabinet approved draft laws to toughen coronavirus restrictions on Friday, a move that could threaten rule-breakers with fines and prison sentences for the first time since the outbreak began.
The UK coronavirus strain has been detected in at least 60 countries, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, 10 more than a week ago.
Does nudge theory have a role to play in persuading or influencing the general populace to adhere to the societal rules relating to avoiding transmitting or contracting the novel coronavirus? The answer appears not.
Before leaving office, former President Donald Trump signed a memorandum extending US Secret Service protection by six months for all his children, according to a senior US official.
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons took effect Friday -- but the milestone is marred by the lack of signatures from the world's major nuclear powers.
Google threatened Friday to block Australians from using its search service unless the government changed landmark legislation to make the internet giant pay news outlets for their content.
New US President Joe Biden on Thursday proposed a five-year extension with Russia of New START, the last remaining nuclear reduction treaty between the powers, but vowed to pressure Moscow on other fronts.
Australian firefighters said they expect to battle an out-of-control bushfire well into the night on Saturday, as the blaze threatens lives and homes in the west coast city of Perth.
Framed by rolling hills and farmhouses, the emerald waters of Potpecko lake were once a picturesque fishing spot in western Serbia.
Rich countries have over-reported finance to help countries adapt to the impacts of climate change by $20 billion over the last decade, leaving at-risk communities drastically underfunded, a new analysis showed Thursday.
The carcass of a huge whale has been recovered from the waters off southern Italy, the coastguard said Wednesday, calling it "probably one of the largest" ever found in the Mediterranean.
US President-elect Joe Biden's spokeswoman quickly dismissed Donald Trump's announcement Monday that a Covid-19 ban on travelers arriving from much of Europe and Brazil would be lifted, underlining the fractious transition of power.
The number of people taking their own lives in Japan rose for the first time in over a decade last year, as the pandemic reversed years of progress combatting a stubbornly high suicide rate.
Japan's cabinet approved draft laws to toughen coronavirus restrictions on Friday, a move that could threaten rule-breakers with fines and prison sentences for the first time since the outbreak began.
Sri Lanka will restrict daily visitor numbers to 2,500, authorities said on Thursday, as it cautiously opened its doors to foreign tourists again after a 10-month coronavirus shutdown.
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