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During the COVID-19 crisis, postal workers have been considered "essential workers" who must continue to do their jobs as usual while others stay home. However, lawmakers say that without additional funding, the USPS could shut down by June.
Britain on Saturday reported a record 708 daily deaths from COVID-19, including a five-year-old child, who is thought to be the country's youngest victim.
Post-coronavirus, it’s unclear what our world will look like. Many expect IT spending to only increase by 1% in 2020 in response to a coronavirus-fueled recession, but there are also reports that cloud computing services specifically will fare.
Access to local, real-time data processing, via edge computing, can address critical connected car challenges like driver/road safety, as well as traffic efficiency. Ramya Ravichandar, FogHorn VP of Products explains more.
The shiny new robots gently check the pulses of highly infectious patients on life support in the Italian epicentre of COVID-19.The doctors and nurses love them because they also help save their own lives.
Connected cars are vehicles that can communicate bidirectionally with other systems outside of the car itself, providing opportunities for more sophisticated IoT and market growth. A new report surveys the trends.
Google on Thursday said it is pumping $6.5 million into fact-checkers and nonprofits as it ramps up its the battle against coronavirus misinformation.
Internet users have seen a surge in COVID-related cyberattacks and fraud schemes which could add to the misery of the pandemic, even as some hackers have called for dialing back their criminal efforts.
The expansion of the Internet has opened up opportunities for knowledge acquisition. But has the Internet decreased motivation with some students and affected mental health in some cases? A new study suggests so.
Facebook on Tuesday activated a feature allowing people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic to reach out for help from their community.
Facebook and Instagram removed videos of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro on Monday, saying they spread misinformation about the coronavirus, a day after Twitter did the same.
Regular dental visits, plus a regimented brushing regime coupled with flossing are recommended by dentists. A new study, looking at the microbiome of the mouth, provides support for such regimes for overall health.
Models for tracking viral outbreaks, as with the current novel coronavirus issue, need to assess the ability of the virus to mutate. Accounting for the evolutionary impact of the virus is essential for accurate modelling, according to new research.
Biologists have proposed a new strategy designed to protect honeybees from colony collapse disorder. This is based on deploying genetically engineered strains of bacteria, with the aim of altering the microbiome of the bee.
Many in society are wondering why the novel coronavirus is proving especially challenging to contain. There are several reasons for this complexity, ranging from how infectious it actually is to how it moves through a population.
Turkey stepped up controls Saturday on crowded public spaces including markets and ferries in Istanbul, a day after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan imposed the use of face masks to curb the coronavirus outbreak.
A Sudanese refugee went on a knife rampage in a town in southeastern France on Saturday, killing two people in what is being treated as a terrorist attack.
Italy saw its first drop Saturday in the number of patients intensive care treatment for the coronavirus that had stretched the Mediterranean country's world-class healthcare system to breaking point.
Spain's prime minister announced Saturday an extension of the country's lockdown to combat the coronavirus, saying the measures are "bearing fruit" as the number of deaths fell for a second day in a row.
In an empty park overshadowed by Hong Kong's cramped apartment blocks, personal trainer Kristen Handford presses record on her phone and begins a workout for clients trying to stay fit at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
Three-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy chatted with Digital Journal about his latest endeavors, the postponement of the Olympic Games, and #RecesswithRyan as part of his partnership with the Goldfish Swim School.
American professional swimmer Carson Foster chatted with Digital Journal. He is a member of the USA Swimming national team. At only 18 years old, Foster is the future of American swimming.
Ulysses "The Monster" Diaz is a professional boxer from Cuba. He chatted with Digital Journal about his proudest moments and future plans.
The members of the New Japan Philharmonic orchestra tune up for their latest recital, more than 60 musicians ranging from trombonists to violinists and percussionists -- but this is no ordinary performance.
Tony award-winning actress Cady Huffman ("The Producers") chatted with Digital Journal about starring in the digital drama series "After Forever" on Amazon Prime as Lisa, and her own YouTube series "Cady Did."
On Saturday, April 4, Jeffrey Biegel will be performing his fourth #StayAtHome concert, which will include David Foster premiere.
Comedian Kenny Kramer (the inspiration of Cosmo Kramer on the hit sitcom "Seinfeld") chatted with Digital Journal about the documentary "Miracle on 42nd Street."
With such a high cost to implement, many CIOs and IT teams make the mistake of “setting and forgetting” their analytics programs, says Craig Kelly, VP of Analytics at Syntax, who looks at the risks.
The debate on artificial intelligence in the workplace keeps on hotting up, especially over whether if it is benefiting humans or harming them. Rick Britt, VP of Artificial Intelligence at CallMiner weighs in for Digital Journal.
The price of crude oil surged again Friday after OPEC said it would talk to non-members, notably Russia, giving investors hope for an end to a price war which has created market chaos along with crushed demand because of the coronavirus.
Despite a strong demand for basic foods like dairy products amid the coronavirus pandemic, the milk supply chain has seen a host of disruptions that are preventing dairy farmers from getting their products to market.
Pandemic-hit Italy cheered Saturday after seeing its number of intensive care cases for the coronavirus that stretched its healthcare system to breaking point drop for the first time.
Beverly Nadler is a well-respected speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. Digital Journal has the scoop on this inspirational woman.
A town in Cyprus that has become a coronavirus hotspot carried out mass testing Saturday as a climate of suspicion descended on the community amid fears the disease had spread unchecked for weeks.
The Falklands Islands government has confirmed the territory's first case of the new coronavirus.
After weeks of disagreement as to how the Afghan government would swap prisoners with the Taliban reports are now suggesting that there will be a first release of 100 Taliiban prisoners along with 20 pro-government troops.
Pro-European centrist Keir Starmer was on Saturday unveiled as new Labour party leader, heralding a shift in Britain's main opposition party after a crushing election defeat under veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn and years of ideological infighting.
Britain's main opposition Labour party on Saturday announced that Keir Starmer had been elected as its new leader, replacing Jeremy Corbyn who resigned after its crushing December election defeat.
Manufacturing giant 3M pushed backed against President Trump in a statement on Friday that suggested it would not comply with a White House order to stop exporting N95 facemasks to Canada and Latin America.
The manufacturing and building sectors are major contributors to levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. How can this vital sector of the economy become greener? A new international standard can help.
The UN's COP 26 climate change summit due to take place in the Scottish city of Glasgow in November has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the British government said on Wednesday.
Maria dreams of being the next Greta Thunberg. Kelita is studying in the first-ever university program in the Amazon. Fabio is helping his family do its part to fight climate change through sustainable agriculture.
New research, from the UK, indicates that injecting the correct quantity of sulphur dioxide into Earth's upper atmosphere thicken the layer of light reflecting aerosol particles. This could lower the effects of climate change.
Chinese students flying home from overseas to escape the coronavirus pandemic face a frosty reception from sections of the public who view them as wealthy, spoiled -- and potentially contaminated.
Pandemic-hit Italy cheered Saturday after seeing its number of intensive care cases for the coronavirus that stretched its healthcare system to breaking point drop for the first time.
Christian Querouix, a 69-year-old pensioner, who shares his time between France and Russia, had a difficult choice to make.
Beverly Nadler is a well-respected speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. Digital Journal has the scoop on this inspirational woman.
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