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Global pop music star Lady Gaga is back stronger than ever with her new music video for her refreshing new single "Stupid Love."
‘The Invisible Man’ is a terrifying update to the classic horror narrative, creating an intense atmosphere that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they search for what can’t be seen.
The ability of robots to sense and touch, long held as one of the main limitations with the advance of robotics, has been boosted by new research. A robot has been developed that can safely pick up a jellyfish, with harming the aquatic creature.
Autonomous car technology continues to advance but the risk of crashes remains ever-present. To combat this, researchers have been experimenting with swarming robots, which are designed to teach vehicles to avoid collisions.
How will 5G influence the world of work and the lives of users? From the business perspective, 5G promises to make remote working easier and for the consumer higher-quality content will be delivered faster.
Chinese telecom giant Huawei said Thursday that it would begin manufacturing radio equipment for next-generation 5G networks in France, its first such facility outside of China.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is launching a new Artificial Intelligence Policy Observatory (called OECD.AI). The launch takes place on Thursday 27 February, 2020.
Iranian cyberpolice have arrested 24 people accused of online rumour-mongering about the spread of the coronavirus in the country, semi-official news agency ISNA reported on Wednesday.
Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto, the originator of Football Leaks and Luanda Leaks, has filed a complaint with the EU against Portugal, accusing it of non-compliance with European rules on extradition, his lawyers told AFP on Monday.
Organizations and consumers need to keep Internet safety top of their mind year round. One option is to use private Internet search functions, according to Robert Beens of Startpage. He explains how this is technologically possible.
With the danger growing from far-right extremists and torrents of threats against politicians, Germany plans to toughen online speech laws and tighten the screws on social networks.
A cannabis compound has been shown to kill some of the most worrisome antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a study by Canadian researchers at McMaster University.
Earth has acquired a second "mini-moon" about the size of a car, according to astronomers who spotted the object circling our planet.The mass -- roughly 1.9-3.
A few weeks ago, scientists at Ukraine's Vernadsky Research Base in Antarctica awoke to find their usually pristine white surroundings drenched in a shocking blood-red.
A "doomsday vault" nestled deep in the Arctic received 60,000 new seed samples on Tuesday, including Prince Charles' cowslips and Cherokee sacred corn, increasing stocks of the world's agricultural bounty in case of global catastrophe.
Guinea's President Alpha Conde announced a "slight postponement" of Sunday's referendum on whether to adopt a new constitution, following mounting international criticism over the poll's fairness.
Washington and the Taliban are set to sign a long-sought deal in Doha on Saturday that would see the two foes agree to the withdrawal of thousands of US troops from Afghanistan in return for insurgent guarantees.
Roman Polanski won best director for "An Officer and a Spy" at a fractious ceremony for the French Oscars, the Cesars, that ended in walkouts and recrimination in Paris early Saturday.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned top party officials of the "serious consequences" of failing to prevent an outbreak of the new coronavirus in the country, state media reported Saturday.
Acclaimed British swimmers Adam Peaty and Duncan Scott reached to three-time Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang's eight-year ban from the sport of swimming.
World champion swimmer Michael Chadwick chatted with Digital Journal about his quest to make the 2020 U.S. Olympic swimming team.
From the shadow of Chernobyl's nuclear wasteland to international super-stardom and from penniless arrival in the United States, without a word of English, to estimated earnings of at least $300 million.
This month, American pole vaulter Chris Nilsen had a major reason to be proud. He shattered the collegiate indoor record in the men's pole vault.
This week’s releases include a whodunnit with a twist; a new movie from Japan’s most prolific director; a surprisingly faithful adaptation; a steely display case for a movie in a metal container; and a strong woman complete with flaws.
On February 28, seven-time-Emmy winner Ed Asner ("Lou Grant") chatted with Digital Journal about his "Son of a Junkman" book, and his critically-acclaimed one-man show "A Man and His Prostate." He also spoke about Betty White, who just turned 98.
Finnish trance DJ and producer Tempo Giusto chatted with Digital Journal about his new song "Paradigm Shift," his musical inspirations and signing to Armada Music.
Veteran rock star Lucinda Williams released her new song "You Can't Rule Me," which is vivacious and tenacious. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Most businesses are going through major change and disruption, recognizing the need to be data driven and becoming absorbed into digital transformation projects. Kate Gorman, CEO of Fort Mason Games provides advice for the business sector.
German giant Volkswagen has struck a compensation deal with domestic consumer groups representing owners of cars caught up in its "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal, a court said Friday.
The World Health Organization on Friday raised its global risk assessment of the new coronavirus to its highest level after the epidemic spread to sub-Saharan Africa and financial markets slumped.
Mexico's state oil company Pemex on Thursday reported losses of 346 billion pesos ($18.3 billion) for 2019, a 92 percent increase on last year's deficit.
Schools across the United States are canceling trips abroad, preparing online lessons and even rethinking “perfect attendance” awards as they brace for the possibility that the new coronavirus could begin spreading in their communities.
The first detected case of coronavirus in Africa highlights the vulnerability of the world's poorest continent to outbreaks of contagious diseases.
Nigeria on Friday announced the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa.
Federal health employees were sent to interact with repatriated Americans quarantined for exposure to the novel coronavirus without wearing protective gear or receiving training, a whistleblower complaint cited by US media said Thursday.
There continue to be some reports of violence in Afghanistan but Afghan civilians have said that there clearly has been a reduction in violence and that any casualties from the conflict have dropped significantly.
There are some 2,500 US troops back in Saudi Arabia and they are getting prepared for a long stay. As tensions with Iran increase, US troops are again deployed to Saudi Arabia, though this will give anti-US jihadist groups a good recruiting tool.
Russia has no appetite for a military confrontation with Turkey in Idlib but the Kremlin won't step back from its support for the Syrian regime's campaign to regain control of the province.
The US is reported to be about to sign an Afghan peace deal with the Taliban but there are concerns that the deal contains secret annexes with provisions and language that could threaten the carrying out of the deal.
The National Weather Service is forecasting waves approaching 30 feet high for portions of the Great Lakes Thursday evening and Friday as a major storm threatens the northeastern US and up into Canada.
French prosecutors said Thursday they had charged a subsidiary of US chemicals firm Lubrizol over a massive fire at a factory in northern France last September that coated the city of Rouen in acrid smoke.
Over the past 40 years, the world's eight major ocean gyres (wind-driven current systems) have steadily shifted toward the poles, according to new research published in the American Geophysical Union (AGU) journal.
Britain's Court of Appeal on Thursday ruled in favour of green campaigners who oppose the building of a third runway at London's Heathrow airport, Europe's busiest.
Italy on Thursday urged tourists spooked by the coronavirus not to stay away, but efforts to reassure the world it was managing the outbreak were overshadowed by confusion over case numbers.
Schools across the United States are canceling trips abroad, preparing online lessons and even rethinking “perfect attendance” awards as they brace for the possibility that the new coronavirus could begin spreading in their communities.
The first detected case of coronavirus in Africa highlights the vulnerability of the world's poorest continent to outbreaks of contagious diseases.
Incessant snowfall and avalanches have forced teams to abandon their bid to achieve the first winter ascent of Everest in more than quarter of a century.
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