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Donald Trump: Latino group offers $5K to call Trump racist on SNL

More than a dozen Hispanic groups held a “Dump Trump” rally Nov. 4 outside of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, where “SNL” is taped. Sources told the New York Times the groups will also deliver a petition signed by 460,000 people asking SNL to dump Trump as its host.

“It is disappointing to see that Lorne Michaels and the executives at NBC are willing to prioritize their ratings over the dignity and respect of their viewers,” said Juan Escalante of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration group.

A Latino group called Deport Racism is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who will disrupt the Nov. 7 broadcast of “Saturday Night Live” by calling Trump a racist on live TV.

“[We] will pay $5,000 cash to anyone on the set of the show or in the studio audience who yells out or gets on camera during the live broadcast clearly heard saying ‘Deport Racism’ or ‘Trump is a Racist,’ the group wrote on its website.

The bounty was announced with the release of a NSFW video called “Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like a Piñata.” In the video, two Hispanic kids curse out Trump.

“F*** you, racist f***,” says one boy. “If you don’t like the Constitution and what it stands for, then get the f*** out of my country.”

Donald Trump has been under fire from Latino groups for his hard-nosed stance against illegal immigration. Trump has said he plans to build a 1,900-mile wall along the U.S. border with Mexico if he’s elected president.

Trump’s plans have been slammed as unrealistic and prohibitively expensive. But proponents point out that illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $113 billion a year and endangers national security by allowing anyone — including violent criminals — to waltz into the country.

After all, they ask: Do you leave the door to your home open 24-7?

Central American immigrant get on the so-called La Bestia (The Beast) cargo train  in an attempt to ...

Central American immigrant get on the so-called La Bestia (The Beast) cargo train, in an attempt to reach the Mexico-US border, in Arriaga, Chiapas state, Mexico on July 16, 2014
Elizabeth Ruiz, AFP/File

In July 2015, the FBI launched an investigation after Trump reportedly received a death threat on Twitter from Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who had escaped from maximum-security prison.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, came after Trump made a series of comments about El Chapo’s prison escape to bolster his claims on the need for greater border security, as Digital Journal previously reported.

“Mexico’s biggest drug lord escapes from jail,” Trump said on Twitter. “Unbelievable corruption, and USA is paying the price. I told you so!”

Trump, whose wife Melania is an immigrant from Slovenia, has underscored that he does not oppose legal immigration, but is against illegal immigration that drains the economy and endangers Americans’ safety.

The billionaire real estate mogul also pointed out that it’s far more difficult for Americans to obtain Mexican citizenship than vice-versa, and noted that his company, the Trump Organization, has employed tens of thousands of Hispanics through the years.

Critics say Trump is racist, while supporters say building a wall and stemming the financial drain posed by illegal immigration makes sense, since most countries have stern immigration policies in place.

Trump first hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2004, when his reality show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” was the No. 1-rated TV show in the United States.

Update: NBC responded to the “Dump Trump” protests by airing new promos for the Nov. 7 episode of SNL, which Trump will host (see video):

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