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Sepand Moshiri and Artella Solutions Inc.: Overcoming challenges, reinventing cardiac monitoring, and improving lives

There are over 365,000 cardiac arrests each year in the US, and 90% of them are fatal

Photo courtesy of Artella Solutions Inc.
Photo courtesy of Artella Solutions Inc.

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There are over 365,000 cardiac arrests each year in the US, and 90% of them are fatal. Cardiac monitoring solutions are indispensable in improving those statistics by detecting heart conditions early, managing chronic illnesses, preventing cardiovascular events, and improving patient outcomes.

Artella Solutions Inc. (ARTELLA) is at the forefront of reinventing remote cardiac monitoring with innovative solutions prioritizing patient well-being and physician efficiency. By providing continuous data collection and remote monitoring capabilities, they empower healthcare providers to make informed patient care decisions, ultimately leading to proactive interventions and personalized treatment plans. Additionally, they enable remote patient monitoring, increasing accessibility to care and reducing the need for frequent clinic visits.

The inspiration for the company stems from the shared vision and expertise of co-founders and entrepreneurs Sepand Moshiri and Leo Womack. They have leveraged their separate paths to establish a robust, revenue-generating medical diagnostics company. In fact, their first stint to co-launch a medical innovation was in 2010 while Moshiri entered his MBA program. 

With over 25 years of strategic leadership and consultative selling experience across various industries, including medical devices, disruptive SaaS platform technology, value-based healthcare services, big pharma and capital markets, Moshiri brings a lot of expertise. His track record includes building elite customer service models, leading business turnarounds, and negotiating large payor and vendor contracts, all while emphasizing accountability and integrity. As the President & CEO of Artella Solutions Inc., he demonstrates a data-driven approach to executive leadership, focusing on corporate turnaround, client operations, and strategic problem-solving.

As a change agent in the cardiovascular innovations and medical technology industries, he has maneuvered in various phases of start-ups, funding, and acquisitions essential for driving growth and innovations at ARTELLA and its holding company CorMedica Group Inc. (serving as its COO). Moshiri has a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology with honors from Vanderbilt University and an MBA with highest honors from the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business.

Womack’s professional background spans a diverse array of industries, including medical devices, finance and healthcare. Additionally, Womack’s involvement in various initiatives, like building Houston’s 376-bed Park Plaza Hospital, demonstrates his commitment to community development and social impact. 

Also central to the ARTELLA success is investor and Chairman Larry Lawson with his extensive experience in healthcare entrepreneurship culminating in his own company’s acquisition by Boston Scientific. He brings invaluable insights and invigoration to the organization. 

Additionally, Jacinta Fitzsimons, who is renowned for her expertise in patient-centered care as she built the clinical operations and customer service teams for Lawson’s companies, plays a pivotal role in driving the same verticals at ARTELLA. Both Fitzsimons and Moshiri form a dynamic team dedicated to advancing cardiac monitoring technologies for their cardiology and electrophysiology clientele, their clinical staffs, and ultimately, their patients. 

Moshiri established a four leg table approach to leadership in which each side constitutes an integral piece of the foundation. To complement himself and Fitzsimons, he brought in industry leaders Joseph Hashim and Linda Nelson to reestablish their respective verticals. 

Artella Solutions’ journey is intertwined with the strategic forming of the holding company CorMedica Group which acquired both Artella Solutions and the ECG algorithm software company Monebo Technologies in September 2021.

CorMedica’s goal is to provide one system that meets the diagnostic need of providers to easily monitor, diagnose and treat patients while ensuring clinical and economic benefits for providers and patients alike.

Turnaround and Growth

Artella Solutions has encountered several challenges, particularly during post-inception phase while undercapitalized during its growth phase. However, the return of Sepand Moshiri as CEO in October 2021 marked a turning point as he led the strategic restructuring and reorganization efforts, ushering in a period of significant growth and expansion. With Fitzsimons and eventually her EVP counterpart Joseph Hashim, the company navigated obstacles with resilience and determination. 

Moshiri instilled his mantra that accountability should always flow up in order to shape the organization into a serious competitor in the industry. He stipulated lofty goals and promises, but also expected integrity with this paradigm shift in generating ways the company should run coupled with a blueprint to find the right talent to fuel an always-learning culture. In another company Moshiri co-founded during the Covid downturn, he coined the phrase “Collaboration with integrity and intelligence.” His backbone philosophy is “to never take credit for others’ good work but take full credit for their bad work” which he has put into practice at ARTELLA.

ARTELLA’s comeback in such a short time is a testimony of what can be achieved with pinpoint precision to gain visibility, to capture next stage funding and to scale in order to ultimately leapfrog the privately-held competition. What was accomplished during this period in the face of multiple barriers with a shoestring budget is very rare. 

From its inception to its current success, Artella Solutions with its co-founder and CEO, Sepand Moshiri, demonstrates a relentless pursuit of forward-thinking excellence in cardiac monitoring technology and digital healthcare. By catching critical rhythms in a timely manner and notifying the user’s physician, ARTELLA’s solution prevents a patient’s condition from deteriorating. Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) is well known to cause strokes if left untreated. Remote cardiac monitoring solutions are essential tools in the fight to capture abnormal changes in heart rhythms, contributing to better outcomes and enhanced quality of life for patients.

As ARTELLA continues to innovate and evolve, it stands to change the future of remote healthcare for the better and deliver unparalleled value to patients and their providers with one system that meets their real-time diagnostic data needs.

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