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Instagram beta update adds support for using multiple accounts

SlashGear writes that Instagram 7.12.0 is rolling out to the Android app’s beta testers today. Currently, there is no timeframe for when a public release may occur.
Once updated, a new user account can be added by heading over to Settings and clicking “Add Account”. The usual login form then displays so the new account’s username and password can be setup. With the process complete, all the added accounts are active in the app and can be accessed individually with a menu in the top-left corner. It works in a similar way to email clients and calendar apps that let you switch between many different accounts at once.
The feature may not be useful to everyone but it is sure to please Instagram users who have different profiles for their different interests. Currently, switching accounts involving signing out of the app entirely and logging in again with the details of the new profile. The process has to be repeated to switch back.
The benefits of the new method will also be felt by business users who have different accounts for each division of their company. Small business owners who traditionally alternate between their work and personal accounts each day will also be able to enjoy the much simpler management offered by keeping both accessible at any time.
The currently active account is always displayed at the top-left of the screen. Tapping this reveals the menu used to switch accounts. It also contains a button to quickly add a new one without going through Settings.
Android Police reports the update is currently going through a staggered release to members of Instagram’s beta program. The implementation of the feature is likely to have changed the way in which accounts are handled on the phone so rigorous testing will be required before this is expanded to everyone.
Interestingly, there are currently no indications of a comparable beta update to the iOS app yet. It seems probable one will be coming soon though as Instagram usually keeps the feature gap between the two platforms as small as possible.

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