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Randy Anita Rutledge Speaks Out Against The Entrepreneurship Craze In New Book Titled Soul Seed

The founder of Singletree Media and FaithTV explained how the notion that everyone must become a business owner was negatively impactful and wrote the new book to highlight how success can mean different things for different people.

April 4th, 2022 – Randy Anita Rutledge has published a new book that seeks to encourage people to pursue their own definition of success and ignore what the world thinks. In her new book titled Soul Seed, Rutledge explores how almost everyone is caught up with being an entrepreneur or starting a business simply because such feats are currently trending as success markers.

“The world is on a selling marathon. So, people believe to be successful you have to become an entrepreneur and sell something… anything. People twist, turn, and contort trying to fit into that model.  But that model doesn’t work for everyone.”

The founder of Singletree Media posits that it is okay for people to work 9 to 5 jobs at companies where their skills and talents are appreciated and adequately rewarded. She insists that true success and fulfillment will only come when people align themselves with their God-given gifts and use those same talents to foster deep meaningful relationships with others. Through the new book which also serves as a self-esteem workbook for young adults, Randy shows the world what it’s like to move away from the crowd to carve a path of peace and happiness.

“This book is for those who have lost sight of their inner curiosity… the curiosity that led them to discoveries about themselves… which helped them to discover what they liked and what they were fascinated with.”

Soul Seed is currently available on Amazon, and persons interested in healing developmental trauma can access the work by clicking on the following link:

About Randy Anita Rutledge

Randy Anita Rutledge is a lecturer in Health Informatics, Clinical Decision Support, and Telemedicine at Mercer University. In addition to mentoring Data Science and Machine Learning students at Western Governors University, Rutledge also creates peer review graduate and undergraduate online courses for several organizations. Through her Singletree Media Entrepreneur Incubation Model (EIM), Rutledge has worked with many entrepreneurs, those with defined brands, consistent content development, and products and/or services to sell, with at least 1000 active followers on their email list. The seasoned educator provides them with incubation opportunities to further their brand awareness in other markets by leveraging her media platform and customized web apps.

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