Umbrella Labs Releases New Peptide Calculator

Published February 21, 2023
Tucson, Arizona -

Tucson, AZ based Umbrella Labs has made it easier for customers to calculate how to best use their peptides based on the volume of a syringe. The company has noted that customers can sometimes experience confusion using their research products as intended, and their website’s new calculator, available to all for free, aims to correct this with a simple, accessible tool.

“There are many different websites that exist in today’s ever expanding internet world that claim to have a pure commitment to research,” notes Umbrella Labs. “Unfortunately, the truth can be wildly different, and the wider community may lose precious research time investigating the accuracy of such claims just to be certain of their source — if they even have the resources to check. What you need, therefore, is a company that is as committed to your work and its overall progress as you are. That company is Umbrella Labs.”

Umbrella Labs

When it comes to research chemicals, Umbrella Labs has made it their mission to show they provide the most care for their consumers. The primary issue with many research sites is the fact that they offer very limited explanations or aids to ensure consumers are able to conduct their research as effectively as possible. This is exacerbated by the presence of both misleading and (in many instances) illegal products and misinformation. There are many misleading sites that have proven to have ulterior motives, and the biggest victim of this is always the consumer, especially if they have relied on such websites for an extended period.

Umbrella Labs, on the other hand, has worked diligently to position itself as an industry leader in all aspects of research. It seeks to provide innovation that no other research chemical site offers their customers. As part of this mission, Umbrella Labs has now implemented a peptide calculator for its customers to use.

“The main complaint and confusion with research peptides," the company explains, “is the difficulty in understanding the formula and conversion of reconstituting the research products. The entire process can be overwhelming to researchers, which in turn can lead to improper and inaccurate research being conducted. The accuracy of dosing and math with all research chemicals is of the utmost importance because errors could not only result in inaccurate research but could be harmful to a test subject as well. We understand how dedicated you are to your work, and we want to be a worthy partner in your research. You deserve the assurance that your team is not being hindered by substandard products or even simple confusion regarding a product’s usage.”

By implementing a peptide calculator, the company has given researchers a way to simply plug in the numbers they are trying to convert. The calculator was designed to work in real-time, so users will receive the proper reconstitution numbers in a matter of seconds. Just as a person can look up an estimated automobile loan payment or find cryptocurrency conversion with a few clicks of the mouse, Umbrella Labs is translating this option into the research world. No longer will researchers have the fear or concern of conducting improper peptide research merely because they find themselves confused by the numbers.

The company adds, “Umbrella Labs has consistently shown to exhibit reliability with a dedication to the researcher and care for proper research being conducted. Since this is a new tool, we welcome feedback and comments from our customers. Please let us know if there are any other features you believe would make the calculator —or even the website itself — more useful, and we will consider it for future updates.” The peptide calculator option is readily available on the Umbrella Labs homepage and is free to use.

Those who wish to do so can buy peptides via the Umbrella Labs website. Along with the peptide calculator, this online platform offers additional information regarding the company’s products, shipping policy, goals and more. Similarly, social media users are welcome to connect with Umbrella Labs on Facebook and Instagram to say up to date with the company’s latest news and offers.


For more information about Umbrella Labs , contact the company here:

Umbrella Labs
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