Treasure Moving Company Offers Top-Tier Moves In Rockville

Published February 21, 2023
North Bethesda, Maryland -

Treasure Moving Company, based in Rockville, Maryland, is offering a wide range of services to their neighborhood at reasonable prices. The company assures that no task is too small or too big for its movers to take on, and that it will still be carried out in accordance with the company's high standards of professionalism and customer service.

According to the company, the range of services they offer is intended to give their customers more flexibility when moving to a new home or place of business. Many may envision the traditional ‘moving day’ as a single event that lasts an entire day, during which the entire contents of the property are moved. However, the moving company advises their customers to think about breaking up a single, large move into several smaller jobs. The most difficult tasks will seem more manageable as a result, and as a bonus there will be less room for error. Similar to this, those who decide to move using this method will discover that they experience significantly less stress as a result. This is due to the fact that smaller jobs are correspondingly simpler to handle. The company’s range of moving services can tackle any moving job with ease.

The problem with segmenting a move in this way is that most moving companies will not be supportive. Regardless of how skilled their movers are, their policy might still be to complete a move in a single continuous action, regardless of how long it takes — to avoid sending their movers to the customer's home or place of business to complete a move that is not worth their time. Treasure Moving Company is aware that things are difficult in its neighborhood and that the custom of ‘moving day’ needs to be changed to something more practical. Customers benefit from only paying for the time the team spends packing, unpacking and so on as well, because their movers actually bill by the hour. The company makes it clear that this covers every service a customer might anticipate, including packing up their belongings, loading them into specialized moving trucks, transporting them to the new location and even unpacking and moving them into the desired positions.

According to a representative for the company, “You can move items of any size across any distance with Treasure Moving Company as long as you are flexible with your schedule. For our team, furniture like cabinets, sofas, entertainment centers, consoles and so forth are no problem. Just give us a call, and we'll arrange a time to visit and give you an estimate.” The fact that the company offers free storage for any items that cannot be moved right away is one of the noteworthy advantages of working with them. They also assign movers based on the job at hand, with some moving professionals who specialize in packing, loading and other tasks. This effectively means that customers can always expect the company's best to handle their belongings at every stage of a move, removing the possibility of damage or losses on moving day (or hour).

Reviews from customers are extremely complimentary of the company. Amanda I., for instance, rates the company 5 Stars and states that, “We blended two homes into one new home, and the experience with Treasure Moving from start to finish could not have been less stressful. Securing the reservation was simple, and the repeated confirmations were fantastic. Carlos and his crew were nothing less than amazing during the entire move. They made sure there was no damage to our furniture and placed it exactly where we requested. Also, they utilized every square inch of the truck. I could not believe how much they were able to get in there. The whole crew was so great to work with! I would recommend Carlos' crew time and time again! Thank you.”

With a wide range of moving services offered by Treasure Moving, customers can be sure that all of their needs will be met as soon as they contact the company for assistance. By visiting the company's official website and official Facebook page, customers and other interested parties can find out more about the services offered. The team can also be contacted via phone call or email.


For more information about Treasure Moving Company, contact the company here:

Treasure Moving Company
Fedor Kozlov
(855) 715-6683
12140-A Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD 20852

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