Mattress Cleaning Goes High-Tech: New Innovations Offer Deep Cleaning for a Fresher Bed

Published February 21, 2023

Electrodry Mattress Cleaning - Brisbane introduces a new wave of technology in the mattress cleaning industry. With over 40 years of experience, Electrodry Mattress Cleaning is known for its high-quality service and cutting-edge technology. The company has now taken it up a notch with new innovations that offer deep cleaning for a fresher bed.

According to Grant Burchell, the Marketing Manager of Electrodry Mattress Cleaning - Brisbane, "New innovations in mattress cleaning offer a deeper clean than ever before. Electrodry understands that a clean mattress is not only important for better sleep but also for improving the air quality in home. Electrodry’s new technology allows us to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and allergens that accumulate on the mattress over time."

The importance of mattress cleaning cannot be overstated. A clean mattress enhances the appearance of the mattress, extends its lifespan, improves air quality, reduces the risk of allergies, and improves overall health. Electrodry Mattress Cleaning - Brisbane offers a range of services to help keep mattress in top condition, including mattress steam cleaning, mattress dry cleaning, mattress stain cleaning, deluxe mattress cleaning, dust mites cleaning, and same-day mattress cleaning.

At Electrodry - Mattress Cleaning Brisbane, a professional mattress cleaning process is followed to ensure that mattress is thoroughly cleaned. The process starts with a mattress inspection, where a technician assesses the mattress and discusses the treatments and expected results with the customer. This is followed by industrial pre-vacuuming, where the mattress is vacuumed to remove all the deep-seated dirt and dust. Body oil removal is the next step, which involves the application of solvent-based cleaning products. Contamination determination and treatment follow, where urine confirmation is also tested on the mattress. If urine is present, an enzyme-based product is used to break down the uric salts. The process ends with an anti-dusted treatment and sewed drying.

As Grant Burchell puts it, "Mattress Cleaning Brisbane believes in using the latest technology to deliver the best results for customers. Electrodry’s new innovations have made mattress cleaning more effective and efficient. With the state-of-the-art technology, Electrodry can now offer a deeper clean that leaves mattress fresher for longer. The team at Mattress Cleaning Brisbane is committed to providing customers with the best possible service, and the new innovations are a testament to that commitment."

At Electrodry Mattress Cleaning - Brisbane, customers can expect a high-quality service that is second to none. With over 110,000 satisfied customers annually, the company has earned a reputation for excellence in the mattress cleaning industry. Contact Electrodry Mattress Cleaning - Brisbane today to experience the benefits of a clean mattress and a fresher bed.

Located at 35 Rosa St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Electrodry Mattress Cleaning - Brisbane is convenient and accessible to all. The company also offers a flexible scheduling system, so customers can get their mattress cleaned when it's convenient for them. If customers have any questions or concerns, the friendly customer service team is always available at 1300 543 043 or via email at


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