Mike Faley On The Transformative Power of Therapy, With Dax Hamman on The Achievers Podcast

Published April 2, 2023

Mike created the perfect coffee mug, the Obie, because he wanted to create something concrete and eternal. In this episode, he talks about how he uses the story about the mug’s creation to spread the word about the transformative power of therapy. He started therapy at a young age and attributes it with saving his life.

“The product is just an excuse,” said Brickroad founder Mike Faley, of the specialized Obie coffee mug. Mike’s real mission is to spread the word about the transformative power of therapy, which he believes every one of us should be regularly engaging in. Still, the story of the mug’s creation, and everything that led up to it is nonetheless fascinating. Mike and Dax discuss some of the common misunderstandings that persist about therapy, and compare the benefits of using it preventatively and continuously versus in response to a crisis. He uses the Obie mug to get the word out about the benefits of therapy, and five percent of the profits go toward providing those in need with access to therapy.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Dax Hamman with Mike Faley on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • How did Mike end up working with a Japanese company to create the Obie?

  • What is the importance of mission statements?

  • How did Mike get involved in therapy?

  • What is the difference between toughness and resilience?

  • What is the future for BrickRoad?

A photo of the obie coffee mug in a pile of leaves
The Obie Coffee Mug, by Brickroad

Podcast Quotes:

  • “I thought to myself that I needed to reconsider my relationship to work. That's how I put it. I didn't know what the answer was, but I knew what it wasn't, which was staying where I was.” (1:46-2:00 | Mike)

  • “I think those people that don't do therapy or those people that grow up with a jaded view of therapy, which I would argue is still 90% of England, don't understand that it is not about what you see in a sitcom laying down on a sofa, whiskey and handle… it's more like going to a coach…What am I missing? What do you need to teach me? So the next time…I can handle it better.” (30:12-30:54 | Dax)

  • “The brain is really good at dissociating when it needs to by focusing and optimizing for survival when things are tough. Whether that's an acute, one-off situation, or long-term trouble. And I'm very aware now that I didn't know how much I was hurting, and how vulnerable I was, and how sad I was, until I was in a place that was safe enough for me to feel that way.” (37:40-38:09 | Mike)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Mike Faley, visit his website (BrickRoad).

About the Podcast Host:

Dax has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to successfully grow their companies, and to help them enjoy doing it! He is the founder of HiveCast.fm, PodAmp.fm, castnet.fm, meetFIRESIDE.com, and LoMoGo.co, and his blood flows in pixels.

Learn more at his website (https://dax.fyi).

Headshot of Dax Hamman, partner at HiveCast
Dax Hamman, Partner at HiveCast, meetFIRESIDE, and castnet.fm

About The Achievers Podcast:

The Achievers podcast elevates the stories of brilliant people. The Achievers is a daily source of inspiration for us, and we hope for you too. We focus on the most interesting leaders, the exciting do-ers, and the entrepreneurs who challenge our thinking.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Dax Hamman with Mike Faley on your preferred podcast channel.

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