High-end Clothing Brand, Erverte Paris Announces Expansive Outreach to the European market

Published March 31, 2023

Made in France sustainable clothing brand, Erverte Paris, announces a significant expansion with the aim of penetrating the European market. The company’s objective is to showcase its commitment to sustainability to a broader audience. Erverte Paris produces high-end men's clothing made from natural fibers in France. The name "Erverte" means Green Era in French, signifying their dedication to a greener future, with its materials sourced from renewable sources and eco-friendly production processes.

Erverte has long been committed to sustainable fashion, and now with its expansion into the European market, Erverte Paris plans to offer its unique fashion and exceptional quality to customers throughout the continent. The brand believes that the European market is a perfect fit for its eco-responsible and sustainable fashion. Further, there has been a demand for ethically produced and environmentally friendly fashion choices worldwide.

The company is committed to fostering a green era for the fashion industry, one garment at a time. Its collections are sustainable and eco-responsible, made in France from 100% high-quality natural fibers without the addition of any synthetic products. Their products are free from synthetic fibres that when washed produce plastic microfibers, a major contributor to plastic waste in our oceans.

The brand's commitment to sustainability and quality will resonate with European consumers, who are increasingly sourcing environmentally friendly and ethically produced fashion. The brand carefully sources its materials from natural, renewable sources and prioritizes environmentally friendly production processes. With its preference for quality over quantity, minimalism, and elegance, the brand is committed to sustainability within the fashion industry. Erverte’s designs celebrate the natural beauty of France through a minimalist style that is versatile, functional, and timeless.

“We are proud to announce our expansion into the European market, and we are confident in guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction with every garment. All clothing is imagined, designed, and produced in France. The fact that the clothes are made in France guarantees a high-quality of workers’ conditions as France is a country that has some of the highest working conditions. The local production of Erverte’s clothes reduces their environmental impact as all products are shipped locally, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions.

Erverte takes a global approach with a focus on respecting the lives of each person the brand works with,” says Marc Franck Garcia, Founder, and CEO of Erverte Paris.

Erverte Paris intends to work closely with both its partners and customers throughout Europe. With a focus on natural fibers and eco-friendly production, Erverte Paris is poised to make a significant impact on the European fashion market.

“By choosing Erverte Paris, customers are investing in clothing that is both stylish and sustainable, and they are joining the brand on its journey toward a more sustainable future for fashion. We believe that our expansion into the European market is an exciting opportunity for us to share our commitment to sustainability with a wider audience,” Marc Franck Garcia added.

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