Analytic-Network Coaching Expert is Announcing His Five-frame Eco-Leadership Coaching Method

Published March 31, 2023

Dr. Simon Western, Founder and CEO of Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd. is announcing his five-frame Eco-Leadership strategic framework for balanced and professional leadership skills.

Western has formed the Eco-Leadership Institute, and offers advanced coach training to businesses and individuals, with the purpose of exploring what it means to lead a good life and to create the good society. According to Western, his advanced coaching approach results in dynamic changes for the individual and the organisation.

Drawing on previous experiences as a psychotherapist and an academic, and having written three books on the subject, Western has developed a five-frame advanced coaching method, utilizing over 1,100 hours of experienced coaching practice. The method consists of five frames: Depth Analysis, Relational Analysis, Leadership Analysis, Ecosystem Analysis and Strategic Analysis.

The first, Depth Analysis, involves deep listening to the client and an exploration of their emotional landscape. This allows a space for different perspectives to emerge, when considering their deep desires for themselves and their business, rather than focusing on actionable items, that only give a short-term view. The client can then focus on their true purpose and what is stopping them from fulfilling it.

The second frame, Relational Analysis, is the process of exploring how we relate to others, and others relate to us; finding patterns in our relational history. Leaders address challenges, and manage any emotions attached to those relationships, thus gaining an awareness which Western maintains gives leaders a real edge when leading their teams.

Leadership Analysis is the third frame of the method, and involves an evaluation of the type of leadership they naturally assume in their role. Western asks participants to fill out a questionnaire to ascertain the leadership styles as researched and published in his book, Leadership: A Critical Text. The four possible leadership approaches are: Controller, Therapist, Messiah, and Eco-Leader. The Controller manages every aspect of their team, the Therapist has a human-centered approach, the Messiah is charismatic and inspiring, and the Eco-Leader takes an ethical and systemic approach in order to address the disruptions and opportunities in our digital age.

The fourth frame, Ecosystem Analysis, is the process of supporting the leader to influence the ecosystems in their workplace. The leader connects people and teams to drive change; balancing the leadership approaches to address challenges within the specific context.

The fifth and final stage is developing a strategic plan as a result of all discoveries made throughout the coaching process. This can involve noting nodal change-points, in which small internal changes make a big difference in terms of the efficacy of the company’s work structure, output, and employee wellbeing.

Through the Eco-Leadership Institute, Western consults world-leading organizations internationally and across a variety of sectors. Eco-Leadership is sought after by companies who understand that the technological revolution, environmental crisis, and economic changes have created a need for a new kind of leadership that is ethical, and addresses these issues.

Western says, ‘“Organisations are ecosystems within ecosystems.” This method changes the idea of organisations being like machines, working only from a top-down management approach, to instead thinking of them as living networks. When the entire ecosystem is engaged and working together, individuals feel empowered to take leadership and make significant changes. These five methods engage leaders in psycho-dynamic thinking, acknowledging how the emotional life of their organisations play a big part in their success.’

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