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Mindmajix Launches Courses in Cloud Technologies for IT Professionals

Information Technology is one of the most competitive industries to have a healthy career for any individual. New technologies are often emerging to compete with the existing technologies. Cloud technologies have become a buzzword for the industry today. Understanding the massive demand for new technologies from IT professionals, MindMajix, as an edTech platform, decided to launch some introductory courses for IT professionals. IT professionals looking for a healthy career in cloud computing technologies must know what is ruling the industry today. MindMajix is here to help in enhancing the cloud knowledge and skills one needs to master these technologies.

The new and advanced strategies in cloud computing can provide you high flexibility regarding its uses. Cloud computing has the potential to enhance industrial efficiency, cost optimization, accuracy, and interoperability. It could give deep access to storage, networking, and computing in your data center with the help of any public cloud service provider. MindMajix has more cloud courses, of which the top five trending courses are GCP, AWS, Salesforce, Azure, and Oracle CPQ. Trend changes with the time and services the respective technology offers to the industries.

1. GCP Training:

Google Cloud Platform is trending with a 60% growth for 2018 before the COVID pandemic hit the world. SADAA systems survey reports that 84% of the IT managers use cloud infrastructure, among which 49% show interest in using the Google cloud platform. Better pricing than the competitors and global private networks are the key factors attracting managers to use Google. IT market trend for GCP keeps increasing along with the need for professionals. MindMajix GCP Training offers a sophisticated virtual learning experience with 100% practical-based sessions.

2. AWS training:

The first quarter of 2021 reports AWS has 32% of the cloud market share worldwide. Search trends for the AWS cloud infrastructure are rapidly increasing for the cozy interoperability of AWS’s services. Starting from Q1 of 2016, until 2021 the sales of AWS have multiplied 5X, which is still on the rise. Ensuring future growth, MindMajix has got various role-based AWS training programs.

3. VMware Training:

It is an American cloud computing firm that is the first to virtualize x86 architecture. It has got 600k active users and millions of clusters around the world. Predictive analysis of emerging problems and solving it before it hits the production being the key for the success of VMWare. MindMajix VMware training provides a complete understanding of the technology with hands-on execution of every core element.

4. Azure Training:

Microsoft Azure started its services in 2006 and is currently the second most used cloud service provider in the IT market. $5 billion in revenues in 2015 to $44 billion in 2019, Azure is offering premium and reliable cloud infrastructure. Azure certified professionals make in the list of top five future-proof careers of Microsoft, and the reason is a rapid increase of cloud trend. MindMajix Azure training program ensures you experience the real-time functions during the training period providing real-time use cases.

5. Oracle CPQ Training :

Oracle CPQ offers cloud-based Configure, Price, and Quote systems. Currently holds 9.87% of the market share in providing reliable CPQ services globally. Business services, manufacturing, HR, and Staffing are the popular industries using Oracle CPQ to operate their activities. MindMajix Oracle CPQ Training assures you with quality training on the core concepts in executing CPQ for any sort of business.

Other Cloud Courses from MindMajix

Cloud computing is the next best performing category in IT, offering three types of services, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Each of these types executes using various cloud technologies. Mindmajix has almost all cloud computing courses in one place.

Mindmajix is amongst the best-known online course provider worldwide. The institution has excellent experience in delivering online training services for corporate and individuals for a decade. MindMajix library has tutorials and blogs that talk about various technologies like Web development, cybersecurity, project management, database management, etc. Insights and best practices in contributing tech hacks to IT professionals.

Author Bio:

Vinod Kumar Kasipuri is a tech gig by passion with an academics of Business Administration.  He is currently working as Digital marketing Manager for MindMajix Technologies. His curiosity in knowing new innovations in technology made him guest blogger sharing his opinions as guest blogger. His writings focus on Cloud computing, cyber security, project management, etc. Connect to vinod at (LinkedIn) (FB)

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