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Lucid Leverage LLC Is Capable of Providing Reputation Management for Celebrities

Tempe, Arizona –

Lucid Leverage LLC, a digital marketing agency based in Tempe, AZ, wants to point out that they offer reputation management for celebrities. This is an important service because celebrities and politicians have a reputation to maintain in order to pursue their goals. The presence of the Internet, which allows news and gossip to spread at an incredible speed has made online reputation management a necessity for people who depend on their popularity so much that even a simple Tweet or social media post about them that goes viral can send their career on a downward spiral. A video or a photo that is posted on social media may not just be embarrassing for the celebrity or politician but it can be damaging to their bottom line.

Chris Quintela, owner and founder of Lucid Leverage LLC, says, “We use every technology available, including AI (artificial intelligence) to make sure any embarrassing Tweets or bad press is suppressed on the search engines. When you issue a public statement to be picked up by the major press channels, we make sure that your positive press outranks your negative press on Google. We will work closely with your press agency to make sure the positive message is put front and center on all the search engines. Social media management for celebrities and influencers is also an important piece of the puzzle that we leverage to mold your reputation.”

They want to point out that their capability to significantly affect the search engine results in favor of the client will provide celebrities and politicians a distinct advantage over their rivals in the market place. And they will also ensure to be proactive rather than being merely reactive. Reputation management and marketing for celebrities is the best approach to make sure that their brand and reputation continue to be positive online. They use a reputation marketing technology and consulting that is state-of-the-art for celebrity public relations. They have the ability to control the search engines in favor of their clients and work for celebrities, such as actors, professional athletes, politicians, musicians and public relations agencies. They are offering free consultations for those who are interested.

In relation to reputation management, they also provide social media marketing services. This is essential because people no longer just use social media for entertainment but they also used social media sites to remain informed and then make critical buying decisions. What a business says and does can significantly affect their ability to attract new customers. Lucid Leverage employs an advanced and unique strategy for social media management for businesses, politicians, celebrities, and online brands. The first step is to fully understand one’s target audience. Next is to consult with their team to produce valuable content with a directive and targeted messaging. And research and communication with their team will serve as the foundation for the overall strategy for social media marketing.

Lucid Leverage will use every appropriate social media platform to make sure that the client’s message and positive reviews are seen by potential clients. Thus, when someone searches for the client’s name or brand, they ensure that the name, company, or brand are seen in the most positive light possible.

Started in 2015, Lucid Leverage LLC is a digital marketing agency that provides a wide range of services for YouTube marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and online reputation management in the US, Canada, and the UK. Their team of SEO professionals have many years of experience in catering to the digital marketing needs of even the biggest companies and their expertise is Internet marketing and web hosting. They have been offering SEO services in New York City, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, for many years, allowing them to develop highly effective digital marketing strategies that have allowed their clients to increase their presence on the search engine results, even for the small businesses.

Those who are looking for a reliable reputation management agency can check out the Lucid Leverage website or contact them on the telephone or through email.


For more information about Lucid Leverage LLC, contact the company here:

Lucid Leverage LLC
Chris Quintela
60 E. Rio Salado Pkwy 9th Floor Suite 313
Tempe, AZ 85281

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