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Artist WhIsBe talks about his ‘Innocence Lost’ show, and the digital age

Artist and sculptor WhIsBe chatted about his “Innocent Lost” solo show in Los Angeles, and being an artist in the digital age.

Artist WhIsBe with his Gummy Bear sculpture
Artist WhIsBe with his Gummy Bear sculpture. Photo courtesy of Vlad Shurigin, Zummy
Artist WhIsBe with his Gummy Bear sculpture. Photo courtesy of Vlad Shurigin, Zummy

Artist and sculptor WhIsBe chatted about his “Innocence Lost” solo show in Los Angeles, and being an artist in the digital age.

He went on to address his thoughts and concerns on the future of AI (artificial intelligence) on the arts.

His work has been featured in several museum collections and public installation spaces as the New Museum in New York, the MOCO Museum in Amsterdam, and the World Trade Center complex.

In 2014, his work was included in the Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island Park, and more recently, in 2017, he installed a seven-foot sculpture in the lobby of the 4 World Trade Center building.

Inspirations as an artist

Regarding his daily inspirations as an artist, he said, “As an artist, I have the ability to physically articulate things that others can only think about. I feel that I have a responsibility to translate these ideas through the medium of art which inspires me as an artist each day.”

The digital age

On being artist in the digital age, now with streaming, technology and social media being so prevalent, he said, “It reminds me of my parents being caught in between a time with no cell phones or computers and then all of a sudden technology that never existed is now everywhere.” 

“It’s a love-hate relationship for me, but at the end of the day It comes down to authenticity and originality no matter what ‘age’ I’m living in,” he said.

Technology in his daily routine as an artist

Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine, he responded, It’s not necessarily in my daily routine. I use it on an as needed basis with the intention behind it of ‘how can this help grow and contribute to what I do as an artist’.”

Thoughts on AI on the future of the arts

He went on to share his thoughts on the use of AI on the future of the arts. “I believe that as humans, there are some things that AI can never replicate. If you think about it, AI is all based on databases created from humans and also prompted from human command. I see it as another tool or medium,” he said.

“We will really have to wait and see, as I think generationally, it will also make a difference,” he added.

‘Innocence Lost’ show in Los Angeles

He opened up about his recent “Innocence Lost” solo show in Los Angeles, which ran from July 9 to August 5. “I was really pleased with the execution and reception of my show,” he said. “Most importantly, it was a challenge that brought me out of a little creative slump I felt I was in from COVID.”

“To create a solo show with an immersive experience was exactly what I needed to reignite producing physical art again. My takeaway is I am always thinking about what’s next,” he said.

Future plans

On his future plans, he shared, “A fun and exciting addition to the WhIsBeVerse will soon be the addition of my own ‘Vandal Gummy’ gummy bear candy line. Otherwise, I will forever be in the studio working on evolving my creative practice.”

Advice for young and aspiring artists

For young and aspiring artists, he encouraged them to “follow their visions” and to “not let anyone else tell them what to do.” “Don’t be afraid to take risks, the fear of taking action is always greater than the goal itself,” he said.


On his definition of success, he said, “Success is being able to wake up and live the life that you’ve always dreamed of. As long as I have my family, good health, creative outlets and freedom then I’m ahead of the game.”

To learn more about artist WhIsBe, follow him on Instagram.

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