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Full suite of megawatt-scale energy storage solutions rolled out

Investors may want to keep an eye on Northern Power Systems Corp now that they have rolled out their suite of megawatt-scale energy storage solutions. The company is already a global leader in distributed energy power systems, notes Vermont Biz.

Northern Power uses its decades of experience in creating turn-key systems solutions by integrating its own proven power conversion and control hardware into delivering the optimum energy storage system. They have already started integrating batteries from three companies that have qualified.

Each of the three companies uses different chemistries based on a variety of use cases, depending on end-user applications. Besides using the batteries from the selected companies, Northern Power is incorporating its FlexPhase power conversion platform, controls, battery management hardware, as well as ancillary systems, reports North American Wind Power.

Uni.System installed at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in Pullman  Washington.

Uni.System installed at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in Pullman, Washington.
UET – UniSystems

1. UniEnergy Technologies
UniEnergy Technologies is a vanadium-redox flow battery supplier. Flow batteries are known for their long duration and maintenance-free operating life. They are designed for shifting energy demand or storing and delivering renewable energy.

Unlike other chemistries that are developed for specific applications, the UniEnergy’s vanadium-redox flow battery can operate as both a long and short term generation asset because of its flexibility and 100 percent state of charge usage without any degradation and unlimited cycle life.

2. Eos Energy Storage
New York-based Eos Energy’s Znyth® (zinc hybrid cathode) battery went through 10 years of research and development. The unique technology involved in its development produced a battery that employs inexpensive, widely available materials, with scalable design, allowing it to achieve long-life at an extremely low-cost.

Eos Energy s Aurora battery storage system employs ZnythTM (Zinc hybrid cathode) battery technology.

Eos Energy’s Aurora battery storage system employs ZnythTM (Zinc hybrid cathode) battery technology.
Eos Energy

Hybridization of cathode chemistries and electro-active catalysts improves power density and round trip efficiency, and the aqueous, near neutral pH electrolyte, is non-dendritic and does not absorb CO2, eliminating carbonate clogging issues. To keep the cost low, metal stamping, and injection molding during the manufacturing process are employed.

3. Samsung SDI technology
Samsung is a globally recognized leader in the manufacture and supply of high-performance lithium-ion batteries for a variety of applications and charge-discharge solutions. With Samsung SDI’s battery cell platform portfolio, it is capable of providing a variety of applications, from – from kWh size to MWh.

“We’re the only storage supplier that delivers such a wide range of battery chemistries and configurations to meet any customer end-use requirement,” said Ciel Caldwell, Northern Power President, and COO. “For over 40 years, our company has supplied wind power, microgrid and power conversion systems across all seven continents. With our deep know-how and proven expertise in the energy industry, storage systems are a natural complement to our turnkey solution offerings.”

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