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How CEO Alexandre Bonvin is keeping Audacia at the front of e-commerce innovation

Audacia’s 16 e-commerce platforms operate in 45 countries and serve more than 2 million customers.

Photo courtesy of Alexandre Bonvin
Photo courtesy of Alexandre Bonvin

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Among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, acquisitions and holding companies have become the norm. But in a world where innovation is the required meal ticket, relying on a formulaic process is just leaving money on the table. Alexandre Bonvin, founder and CEO of Audacia Group, knows that entrepreneurs need to look forward to new markets, new business plans, and new technologies. That’s why Audacia Group has become one of the first companies to turn its shares into tokens on the blockchain, a daring new idea that came at just the right time.

“Major world events such as the pandemic have promoted ways of consuming things such as e-commerce,” says Bonvin, “And we have to adapt to our customers, their needs and expectations.” Any new idea has its challenges, but successful entrepreneurs see challenges as opportunities. The e-commerce industry has evolved quicker than most, increasing rapidly over the last few years, so it’s ripe for a daring CEO like Bonvin to scale brands quickly.

Audacia‘s grown at skyrocketing speeds. It was founded in 2018, and its first brand was a Swiss e-shop called KissKiss, which specializes in adult accessories. It goes to show that the right combination of daring, risk, and skilled marketing can make any entry point viable for a market as energetic as e-commerce.

Now, Audacia Group has become a giant in the e-commerce industry. It’s impossible to describe the Swiss business landscape without Audacia as a central figure, and Audacia’s role is quickly expanding throughout Europe, into the UK and the US. Audacia’s 16 e-commerce platforms operate in 45 countries and serve more than 2 million customers. Its technological innovation, which goes well beyond tokenized shares, is a key to its success.

“At Audacia, we are doing something quite unique,” explains Bonvin, “As we now have a strong buy-and-build strategy for acquiring and consolidating e-commerce companies.” When Audacia acquires a brand, it doesn’t just absorb and erase it like so many businesses do. Audacia is in the business of growing and thriving, nurturing brands and expanding opportunities. This includes updating the technological infrastructure of e-commerce companies that haven’t yet adopted technologies that Audacia has mastered. Staying on the pioneering edge of technology means giving customers a safer, smoother experience online.

The future, as Bonvin sees it, includes Audacia as the Swiss representative of e-commerce, expanding an ever-increasing number of brands to reach further into more online economies. “I’m always looking for promising e-commerce companies to acquire and integrate into Audacia’s structure,” Bonvin says. He also intends to continue to pioneer new ways to integrate blockchain technology, tokenization, and other forward-thinking technologies into his business practices and approach to e-commerce.

From acquiring its first brand in 2018, Audacia has rapidly expanded, changing the landscape of Swiss e-commerce and advancing into surrounding economies. With its growth-focused business strategy, its online platforms are designed to bring customers the latest innovations in convenience. With a mind toward integrating ever-more advanced technologies, Audacia is a company you’ll be hearing more and more about in the future.

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