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Q&A: Chatbots need to create a 'personalized customer experience' Special

Retailers are increasingly reliant upon chatbots. But the bots have not advanced sufficiently to always meet customer expectations, according to Rasmus Skjoldan, Chief Marketing Officer at Magnolia CMS.

Q&A: Digital transformation and chatbots for customer services Special

Chatbots are becoming increasingly common for customer services. This means standing out important. With so much of the Internet’s content produced by bots, how can retailers ensure they are sharing content that will create individualized experiences?

Q&A: How chatbots are developing to be more like us Special

Most chatbots come across are stilted and artificial. However, advances in programming are leading to novel ways for chatbots to communicate and interact with users.

Chatbots are revolutionizing retail: Interview Special

The rise in chatbot use is just one example of the AI revolution online retailers are facing. A key consideration that retailers face is using the technology to create individualized experiences to retain customers and drive sales.

Tips for improving chatbot design and functionality

Chatbots are aiding business to automate services and customers are becoming more familiar using them. However, to derive maximum business efficiency, chatbots can be better designed according to a leading expert.

Betsson drives customer service with Ada AI-powered chatbots

Betsson Group, a large international gaming groups with 17 brands, has announced its partnership with Ada and the work it has done to automate its customer experience. The change enables customers to self-serve without a live agent in six languages.

Q&A: Why customer service channels need automating Special

Maintaining multiple customer service channels is vital for a modern business, such as phone, email, live chat, SMS and social media. To add to this list are chatbots, and new analysis from Helpshift provides an insight.

Q&A: Why businesses should turn to brand voice apps Special

Amazon’s Alexa business is projected to be worth $10 billion by 2020. Yet, with so many businesses rushing to adopt voice apps to keep up with the trend, many are missing the mark with brand voice.

Can intelligent chatbots improve healthcare? Q&A Special

AI is disrupting healthcare and medical practices need to understand the potential benefits in order to offer patients the most up-to-date care and stay relevant in the field. The company Medical Analysts for Software Advice provides advice in this field.

Babylon vs Doctors: Can a chatbot provide better medical advice?

London - The healthcare chatbot company Babylon has claimed its chatbot beats doctors at medical exams. This claim is disputed by some in the medical profession.

Q&A: Are chatbots the answer to healthcare improvements? Special

Patients are sometimes stuck waiting for their doctors and results, making numerous phone calls and leaving messages, making it a very frustrating experience. Are chatbots the answer to this supply and demand dilemma?

Record multi-million fine for chatbot nuisance calls

A record $120 million fine for nuisance robocalls has been levied in the U.S. The fine related to Miami based salesman Adrian Abramovich who sold holidays and timeshare properties via an unsolicited robocall.

Google to issue chatbot warning

Next time you make a phone call to a company, will you be listening to a human or a chatbot? It's becoming harder to tell. As part of a review of ethics, Google will warn people using its own services.

Free chatbot service offers aid in contesting parking tickets

Services powered by new technology such as DoNotPay and others streamline the process of contesting parking tickets. The chatbot program is free and through a series of simple questions evaluates whether an appeal is likely to be successful.

Consumers are beginning to accept automated customer service

Consumers are starting to accept automated customer assistance. According to a report, people are abandoning traditional communication methods as they believe they're generally ineffective. Digital alternatives are seeing increased use as a consequence.

Facebook to shut down its 'M' digital assistant service

Facebook has announced it's shutting down part of its "M" digital assistant. The AI, accessed through Messenger, offered a "virtual concierge" supported by human operators. The human element of the service is now being closed down after over two years.

Microsoft announces preview of AI-powered health chatbot system

Microsoft's launched a private preview of a new AI-powered health chatbot system. The company said intelligent healthcare assistants could "empower" users to access medical info from their smartphone, cutting the time and cost of obtaining healthcare.

HP rolls out AI-powered 'virtual agent' to solve customer queries

HP's started offering customers a "virtual agent" service on its customer support site. The agent can handle common queries without human intervention, letting customers get help after the support teams go home. It's continually learning new ways to help.

Chatbots to improve customer experience at banks

Chatbots could improve customer experience and increase efficiency within finance. The relative simplicity of creating and running chatbot services is making them a popular option. They can replace regular staff and offer users support as they need it.

How chatbots could change customer service over the next 5 years

Chatbots will enhance chat conversations by helping humans with micro-tasks and automatic replies, though it's unlikely that bots will replace humans entirely.

Chinese chatbots become critical activists and are silenced

Somehow two chatbots managed to offend Chinese authorities to such an extent that they were pulled from a Chinese messaging app. The two questioned the rule of the Communist Party and also made unpatriotic comments.

Facebook acquires AI startup Ozlo to boost Messenger bots

Facebook has acquired Ozlo, a conversational AI service launched in October 2016. The company's platform offers rich intelligence capabilities that can interpret the meaning of textual conversations, making it a clear fit for Facebook's Messenger.

Facebook close to building chat bots with true negotiation skills

Facebook is getting closer to building chatbots that are capable of planning conversations and negotiating with humans in a realistic way. By training the bots to mimic human responses, Facebook claims they can then make decisions on their own.

BBC uses Facebook Messenger bot to reconnect you with nature

The BBC has announced a new Facebook Messenger bot to tie in with the U.S. launch of its Planet Earth II nature documentary. The bot builds you a personalised video of wildlife highlights based on your responses to a few simple questions.

Op-Ed: Interview with a chat bot — AI's revenge hits the biz sector?

Sydney - Chat bots are in the news as the new way for businesses to manage communications. They’re designed to communicate with humans on a human level. That’s a pretty low level in most cases, but there’s an unexpected side.

Duolingo's chatbots can teach you how to speak new languages

Duolingo has created what may be the first useful implementation of chatbots. The popular language learning app now lets you participate in AI-powered conversations to strengthen your understanding of new languages and give you experience of using them.

Advertising bots can now talk to you on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has updated its chatbot policies to allow AI-controlled ad bots onto Facebook Messenger. Messenger bots are now allowed to canvas products to you, send you promotions and engage in subscription-based conversations in a rethinking of the rules.

Order pizza from Facebook Messenger with Pizza Hut's new chatbot

Pizza chain Pizza Hut has announced it has created a chatbot utility for Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Pizza Hut customers can now order food by "talking" to the firm's digital assistant in messaging threads as the company moves to "social ordering."

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chatbots Image

Things didn t go so well with Microsoft s bot Tay.
Things didn't go so well with Microsoft's bot Tay.
Microsoft/Business Insider
Pizza Hut s upcoming Facebook Messenger chatbot [Image from Pizza Hut via Engadget]
Pizza Hut's upcoming Facebook Messenger chatbot [Image from Pizza Hut via Engadget]
Pizza Hut via Engadget
Duolingo s language learning app now includes chatbots
Duolingo's language learning app now includes chatbots
Duolingo Bots Press Kit
Duolingo s language learning app now includes chatbots
Duolingo's language learning app now includes chatbots
Duolingo Bots Press Kit

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