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Visa News

Britain, Belgium to start new visa scheme for Chinese

Bejing - Britain and Belgium announced on Friday new streamlined visa procedures for Chinese nationals aiming to visit both the UK and the wider Schengen area.

Going to USA? How to get U.S. ESTA entry approval without a hitch

Like many of you, I'm planning my holidays, and I intended to go the U.S. this year. I haven't been for a while, and luckily I found out some new information about entry requirements. If I hadn't seen it, it would have meant me being refused entry.

EU says Ukraine, Georgia progress toward visa-free access

Brussels - The EU said Friday that Ukraine and Georgia, both embroiled in conflict with Russia, have made progress in gaining visa-free access to Europe, a key pay-off to boosting ties with the 28-nation bloc.

After Paris attacks, calls to tighten U.S. visa rules

Washington - U.S. politicians are calling for changes to a law that allows Europeans and other foreigners to enter the country without visas, citing fears that jihadists could exploit the rules to stage attacks on American soil.

Indian govt announces e-visa facilities for 43 nations

Making a big push to boost tourism, the Indian government has announced e-visa facilities for visitors from 43 nations including the US, Australia, Japan, Israel, Germany and Singapore.

EU court topples German language-for-visa rule for Turks

Berlin - The EU's highest court on Thursday rejected a rule requiring Turks wanting to join their spouses to live in Germany to have a basic knowledge of the language, a ruling that sparked criticism in Berlin.

Op-Ed: Credit cards — How many is too many?

This is a question many credit card users ask themselves. The real answer to the ‘how many’ question is this: it depends.

U.S intelligence opposed to giving Israelis visa waiver

The U.S and Israel have been trying to put in place a visa waiver program that will allow Israelis to travel to the U.S as tourists for 90 days without having to apply for a visa.

Walmart sues Visa for $5 bn for rigging card fees

Washington - The world's largest retailer Walmart has sued credit card giant Visa for more than $5 billion for conspiring with banks to fix fees that merchants pay for accepting Visa card payments.In the suit filed this week in Arkansas, where Walmart is based, th...

U.S. refused visas for members of Israeli defense establishment

It has been reported that the United States has refused visa requests from agents of the Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet security agencies.

India set to ease visa restrictions: report

New Delhi - Tourists travelling to India from up to 180 countries will no longer have to queue up at their local consulates to obtain visas under reforms expected to be approved this week, local media reported Sunday.

Target CEO: Banks need to issue chip-based credit cards in U.S.

With the FBI now warning all retailers on similar breach possibilities, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel is refocusing attention on the need for chip-based credit card technology adoption in the United States.

American journalist rejects Russia's claims for visa denial

An American journalist who was denied a visa to report from Russia rejects Moscow's claims of violating Russian visa-entry rules.

US grants visa to Filipino lesbian couple to get married in US

The US Embassy in Manila has granted its first same-sex fiance visa to a Filipino lesbian couple to travel to the US to get married.

Myanmar, Philippines sign visa exemption agreement

The Philippines and Myanmar have signed a visa-free agreement during the state visit of Myanmar President Thein Sein in the Philippines on Thursday.

Visa clarifies mobile payments team controversy Special

On Friday, the NFC Times reported that Visa Global Head of Mobile Product Bill Gajda was relieved of his duties at the company.

Ed Snowden gets entry papers for Russia, leaves Moscow airport

Moscow - Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower has been issued papers to allow him into Russian territory, according to his legal representative. Reportedly, he has already left Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. (Updated).

Japan relaxes visa requirements for ASEAN countries

Japan has lifted visa requirements for some ASEAN countries with full visa exemption for Malaysia and Thailand while the Philippines and Vietnam will be issued a multiple entry visa with a three-year validity period.

WikiLeaks wins Visa contractor case, Valitor must lift blockade

Iceland's Supreme Court has ruled that Valitor, the Visa contractor, must lift the blockade against payments to WikiLeaks, or pay $204k per month in fines.

China kicks out NY Times reporter after refusing to renew visa

Beijing - A correspondent for The New York Times was forced to leave mainland China with his family after the country rebuffed attempts to renew his a visa, the newspaper said Monday.

New Zealand cancels Mike Tyson's visa over 1992 rape conviction

Wellington - New Zealand has cancelled a visa for former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson because of his 1992 rape conviction. The decision came after Prime Minister John key and a children's charity opposed Tyson's planned visit to the country.

Report: Visa ban leads Canadian strip clubs to recruit at schools

Toronto - Will high school students be willing to take off their clothes for men in order to afford college tuition? Some might, especially since Canadian strip clubs are now recruiting at high schools due to a new foreign workers ban.

'Beat the Blockade' — WikiLeaks open for donations via France

London - WikiLeaks is now open for donations, as they have found yet another way around the banking blockade by Visa and MasterCard, through a French non-profit.

Lawsuit over 'swipe fees' settled, will consumers pay the price?

Now that a proposed court settlement has been made in a seven year long dispute between credit card issuers and millions of merchants over credit card swipe fees, the question of how this will affect credit-card carrying consumers remains.

'Beat the Blockade' — WikiLeaks win in Icelandic courts

Icelandic courts have ordered Visa and Mastercard's local partners to accept payments for WikiLeaks donations, or face daily fines.

Tim Hortons customers can now use Visa for menu item orders

Toronto - No change? No cash? Do you only have a Visa credit card on you? That's no problem because Tim Hortons is now giving its patrons the option of paying for their coffee, timbits and other items with their Visa credit or debit cards.

MasterCard and VISA warn of massive data breach, impact unknown

A massive data breach has occurred involving MasterCard and VISA cardholders. It is possible 10 million credit card holders may be impacted by this significant breach.

Op-Ed: PayPal warns publishers about bestiality, rape and incest content

Sydney - In what is being called a censorship move, PayPal has informed e-book publisher Smashwords that if it doesn’t remove content containing references to rape, bestiality and incest, it will withdraw its services.

Muslim clerics want Salman Rushdie denied entry to India

Jaipur - Muslim clerics in India have demanded that Salman Rushdie be prevented from visiting India to attend a literary festival. Rushdie is the author of The Satanic Verses, a 1988 novel that caused outrage among Muslims because it allegedly blasphemed Islam.

Study: 25% of Canadians plan to spend $243 on Boxing Day

Toronto - A new study suggests that nearly one quarter of Canadians plan to shop on Boxing Day. The survey shows that the average amount that consumers plan to spend is about $243. Is this better than previous years or lower?
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