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Thieves News

Thieves cut hole in roof, go on theft spree at Target

Atlanta - Thieves in Atlanta went on an electronics theft spree after they gained entry into a Target store. They managed to get in by cutting a hole in the roof.

Thieves steal car with kid inside, brings him to school

Norfolk - Last week two men got into a car to steal it, but they realized their was a young child inside. The car thieves decided to bring the kid to school and then continue with their getaway.

'Good guy with gun' shoots carjacking victim in head, runs off

Houston - A "good guy with a gun" attempted to stop a carjacking Saturday night and the whole thing went horribly wrong when he allegedly shot the pickup truck's owner in the head and then fled the scene, Houston police say.

Dramatic fall in phone theft as kill switches installed

Smartphone thefts have fallen dramatically in three major cities across the world after manufacturers began adding remote "kill switches" so users can disable stolen devices, according to reports.

Thieves give themselves a haircut during break-in at charity shop

Wisbech - Apparently, tucking into a cup of tea, stealing money out of the till, swiping an office computer and snatching two jars of coffee and three cans of baked beans wasn't enough for the thieves who broke into a Wisbech charity shop.

Thieves overwhelm soldiers and steal their weapons and helmets

Santiago - Six criminals attacked yesterday a warehouse holding building materials and other donations for the victims of the fire that razed large areas of the port of Valparaiso on April 12. The thieves stole the weapons of the soldiers securing the facility.

Thieves meant to rob jewelery store, got KFC instead

Beaudesert - A duo of bumbling Australian thieves made off with $2,600 when they accidentally tunneled into the local KFC outlet, instead of their intended target, the jewelery store next door.

Art thieves lift $2M worth of art from South Africa museum

Johannesburg - Two thieves calmly entered the Pretoria Art Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, paid their entry fee, and proceeded to hold staff and visitors hostage as they swiped several pieces of valuable art by prominent South African artists.

Thieves 'like' Facebook photo of grandma's cash stash

Bundanoon - Police say that hours after a 17-year-old posted photo of a large sum of cash on Facebook, a gang of masked men, armed with knives and clubs, broke into the home of the girl's mother in the country town of Bundanoon, south-eastern Australia.

Thieves leave their severed fingers at crime scenes

Leaving evidence behind at the scene of a crime is just sloppy, particularly when it contains DNA. In a remarkable coincidence two thieves in two different continents both left a severed fingertip behind in break-ins this weekend.

Thieves caught after accidentally calling 911

Madison - A couple of thieves in Wisconsin made things easier for police when one of them accidentally pocked-dialed 911 and then talked about what they had stolen and where they were going with the items.

Stick shift transmission foils thieves

Saint Petersburg - Two thieves attempted to steal a car from a couple in Florida. The thieves ran into trouble, though, when they realized that the car they wanted to steal was a stick shift, which neither of them knew how to drive.

Two thieves use donut gift cards to steal cash from ATMs

New York - Two Romanian men who were in the United States on journalism visas were arrested after using dozens of Dunkin' Donuts gift cards to steal almost $18,000 in cash. They were able to recode the cards using stolen bank information to act as ATM cards .

Thieves inspired by movie use bleach to cover up DNA in crimes

New York - A group of thieves in New York City decided to try a method they saw in a movie to cover their tracks after their crimes. Their plan entailed using bleach in order to erase their DNA from the crime scenes.

Thieves use Facebook, Twitter to co-ordinate 'flashrob' thefts

Washington - Police say petty criminals in cities across the U.S. are using Facebook and Twitter to plan robberies on local stores that occur in mob-like fashion, with a few dozen individuals entering a store at the same time in order to steal all they can carry.

Jamaica imposes ban on scrap metal trade

Jamaica has shut down its recyclable scrap metal trade in the wake of persistent plundering of power lines, cabling and other precious metals used to keep the Caribbean island's infrastructure afloat.

Hair thieves strike US salons

Some thieves aren't even checking for cash when they break into hair salons, they're heading straight for the hair extensions.

70-year-old man retrieves jewellery from thieves

Bury Saint Edmunds - A 70-year-old man retrieved a bag of stolen jewellery from thieves in motorcycle helmets who were attempting to flee the scene in a Suffolk town.

Keyless systems for cars: Practical and feasible to hack

Swiss researchers have proved that as the future of car manufacturing includes passive key-less entry and start (PKES) or "smart key" systems, the future of car thieving will shed the burdens of forced entry and the need for a physical ignition key.

Thieves allegedly rob woman on video as she lay dying on street

Greater Manchester police have released a CCTV video of two suspects wanted for questioning after they were seen riding bicycles past a woman who collapsed in the street and then approached her from another angle out of the view of the security camera.

Thieves target gay men in Halifax through online dating site

Halifax - Two gay men in Halifax were recently robbed after driving somewhere with men they had met through an online-dating site, and police believe the incidents are connected.

Thieves in Argentina tunnel into bank

Belgrano - Robbers in Argentina dug a tunnel into a bank vault and got away with the contents of more than 130 safety deposit boxes.

Thieves steal 600 pounds of fish from US trout farm

Canton - Thieves took about 600 pounds of fish from a trout farm in North Carolina and the owners are puzzled over how the robbery took place.

Thieves steal 30 tonnes of grapes in France

Thieves equipped with a grape-harvesting machine and a lorry got away with tonnes of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from a remote vineyard in France.

Thieves nab goods from luxury jewellers in UK

London - Thieves who took part in a night-time raid made off with jewellery from two high end shops in London’s Royal Exchange shopping centre.

New ATM skimmer scams can empty your account

Hackers are now targeting bank ATMs, a USA Today report found. Not only can they steal your account information, but now they've also figured out how to get your PIN.

Hamilton, Ontario police looking for a stealing crime duo

Hamilton - Security cameras at a Hamilton, Ontario hospital captured an older man and another male who are accused of stealing an employee's car.

Thieves target cars parked at Sikh temples and steal credit cards Special

Thieves are targeting cars parked in lots belonging to Vancouver area Sikh temples. They steal purses, cash and credit cards while people are worshiping. Cops say a credit card stolen from a car was used to pay for a 52-inch TV. A picture proves it.

What Makes Purses Say 'Take Me' to Thieves, Lovers, Employers Special

While traveling, Americans have more to fear from thieves than they do from terrorists, according to the news. Purses are easy targets. So what do they say that says “take me” to lovers, potential employers and thieves.

Symantec: Online thieves can steal $5 billion from stolen credit cards, bank accounts

In a report, Symantec predicted that online thieves can steal more than $5 billion from the stolen credit cards and bank accounts they have acquired.
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Dramatic moment a woman  28  jumps onto the hood of her SUV to stop thieves.
Dramatic moment a woman, 28, jumps onto the hood of her SUV to stop thieves.

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