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Sushi News

Parasite danger warning for sushi lovers

London - Sushi is growing in popularity in many parts of the world, yet the risks from parasitic infection from eating raw fish are often underplayed, according to a new health report.

Something 'fishy' going on at LA sushi restaurants: study

Los Angeles - Next time you order halibut, red snapper or yellowfin tuna at a sushi restaurant in the Los Angeles area, you may want to ask for proof of what's on your plate.

Tackling liver fluke disease in northern Thailand

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has proposed measures to tackle liver fluke disease in northern Thailand. This is a mixture of treatment, ecosystem monitoring, and community mobilization.

Tapeworms infest Chinese man after eating raw fish

Imagine a man's surprise, when after going to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and itchy skin, he finds out that X-rays show his body is riddled with tapeworms. This is what happened to a man from Guangdong province, China.

The glowing eel can help assess blood toxins

The Japanese freshwater eel is the only vertebrate known to produce a fluorescent protein. This protein is the basis of a new test to assess dangerous blood toxins that can trigger liver disease.

'Dead Sushi' to be available this month on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Japanese comedy-horror martial arts movie called "Dead Sushi" comes out later this month on both DVD and Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray format is a Best Buy exclusive until March.

Video: 'Dead Sushi' trailers available for viewing

In preparation for its January 2013 theatrical release, "Dead Sushi" has released two trailers in preparation. You have "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" in the past; now, you have "killer sushi."

Introducing sushi cologne

A company, Demeter Fragrance Library, have created a new sushi cologne, but it does not actually make people smell like raw fish,

Review: Capitola, Ca. get away from the madding crowd Special

Capitola, California has beautiful beaches, great hotels, beautiful beaches, fine dining, and beautiful beaches. Did I mention the beaches?

Sushi lovers now have new smartphone app revealing mercury levels

San Francisco - Sushi lovers wondering about mercury levels in fish can now search for those levels with the new “Safe Sushi” smartphone app, thanks to the largest environmental advocacy group in the U.S.

Reports show that your sushi may not be all it's cut out to be

Two recent investigations reveal that the plate of sushi you order from your favorite restaurant or that market fresh fish you fry up in a pan may not be the exact fish marketed by the retailer. You think you're eating tuna but it's actually escolar.

Op-Ed: Despite the crisis in Japan, New York's Sushi Yasuda delights Special

New York - Among Manhattan's foodies and its armies of sushi snobs, and against a backdrop of disturbing angst over the nuclear crisis in Japan, New York's Sushi Yasuda thrives by its fresh delights.

Op-Ed: Chicken teriyaki, most sushi score big at Toronto's Cafësta Special

Toronto - Cafësta is a buffet Japanese restaurant next to the Pacific Mall in Toronto. The Sunday lunch menu offers diners plenty of choices at a reasonable price.

Illegal Whale Sushi Being Sold in CA Restaurant

The Hump restaurant in Santa Monica, California is facing criminal charges after being accused of using illegal whale meat in their sushi.

Nine places to eat in Berlin Special

Berlin - The city of Berlin, known as the center of the alternative scene in Europe, is the anti-romantic city par excellence. But then, where could the lovers go for a nice and cheap Berliner Valentine's Day?

Inside Japan's Addiction to Blue-Fin Tuna

For a sushi lover, there's no better place in the world than the Tokyo fish market where superb tuna changes hands for much money, and where the surrounding sushi bars serve their delights 24/7.

Watch out Kattan, Jeremy Piven doesn't get sushi humor

According to the gossip rags it's best not to tease actor Jeremy Piven about fish. After leaving a Broadway show this year over because of alleged mercury poisoning from bad fish Piven is a bit uptight about the subject.

What You Order May Not Be What You Get At Toronto Sushi Places

When one orders sushi at their favorite Japanese restaurant they assume they are getting what they ordered. That thought would be wrong in many Toronto sushi spots according to an investigative report from the Toronto Star.

East Meets West Meets South Meets Sushi in Louisiana Loveboat

Once in awhile folks need to do something that is beyond the ordinary, especially on Valentine's Day. Indulge in sin; why not? The Japanese have spread the glad tidings, and now everyone is climbing aboard.

Was It A Pink Slip Or Too Much Sushi For Piven?

While Jeremy Piven may say that mercury poisoning lead to him leaving Speed the Plow others say he was fired. The star claims that he left his run early because of mercury poisoning. The word out though is he was booted off the show for being a diva.

Tuna Fish Industry Is Greenpeace's New Target

After Greenpeace has successfully interrupted Japan’s whaling mission, it has now targeted tuna fishers in the Pacific Ocean. In short, Greenpeace is targeting the tuna fish industry.

Sushi can be dangerous

If you like sushi read this.

is sushi good for you?

some say it is good for you, some say this is cat food!! so im asking the question?

Japan's Sushi Industry Seeks Opportunities Overseas

TOKYO (dpa) - Japan is best known in modern times for having brought the Walkman and karaoke to the world. Now a new craze is on its way from Japan: "food on the conveyor belt".Dispense with the waitresses and waiters? Well not quite. But sushi on the ...

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Sushi Image

New York City s Sushi Yasuda dish
New York City's Sushi Yasuda dish
Hana s is the place to gather  eat sushi and make small talk.
Hana's is the place to gather, eat sushi and make small talk.
A plate of salmon sashimi.
A plate of salmon sashimi.
The  Shark Attack Roll  at Kaiju Sush (Smyrna Beach  FL).
The "Shark Attack Roll" at Kaiju Sush (Smyrna Beach, FL).
Kaiju Sushi
Sushi bar at Thai Diner on College Avenue. Fayetteville  Ark.
Sushi bar at Thai Diner on College Avenue. Fayetteville, Ark.
Typical Japanese sushi set  as sold in restaurants.
Typical Japanese sushi set, as sold in restaurants.
Laitr Keiows
Japanese eel Anguilla japonica
Japanese eel Anguilla japonica
File photo: Appetizing images of sushi and sashimi dishes are presented to market goers outside the ...
File photo: Appetizing images of sushi and sashimi dishes are presented to market goers outside the many seafood restaurants in the market.
Many types of seafood   including some shrimp not yet in the case here  are at risk in the Gulf of M...
Many types of seafood, including some shrimp not yet in the case here, are at risk in the Gulf of Mexico because of the oil spill.
a sushi box
a sushi box

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