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Soybeans News

China's answer to trade war — Farmers told to plant soybeans

U.S. President Donald Trump may have bitten off more than he can chew - especially if he thinks the U.S. can beat China in a tit-for-tat trade war. Beijing has previous trade war experience and a lot of tactics at its disposal.

Soybeans hold key to stronger graphene

Graphene is the material of the modern age: strong, light, flexible and highly conductive. It is the basis of a new generation of wearable electronics. To improve the material further, researchers have been looking at the humble soybean.

Russia may ban corn and soybeans from U.S.

A Russian watchdog group says U.S. corn contains dry rot and the use of GMOs may result in a ban on both corn and soybeans from the States.

Soybeans may offer protection against osteoporosis

Hull - The results of a preliminary study suggest foods rich in soybeans may offer a level of protection for menopausal women against osteoporosis.

Soybeans seen as a new source of Omega-3, sparing fish Special

Boston - Omega-3 fatty oils, mainly derived from fish, are essential for nutrition. The problem is that there’s not enough fish to satisfy the dietary needs of a growing human population (and obviously not everyone likes seafood).

Study: Eating peanut butter could prevent future breast disease

Researchers in two major universities and a cancer institute in the United States have found a link between eating peanut butter and a lower risk of breast disease. The researchers found the link between peanut butter and benign breast disease.

Soybeans contained valuable chemical for making plastics

Based on new research, soybeans could be a source of a chemical for plastics, textiles, drugs, solvents and as a food additive. The chemical is called succinic acid.

World's longest, enviro-friendly buses start service in Brazil

Curitiba - The Brazilian city of Curitiba, recognized for its innovation in urban planning, is inaugurating the service of new 28-metre-long double-articulated buses powered with fuel made from soybeans.

Argentine dockworkers strike may cause further wheat price rise

A planned 48-hour strike by Argentine dockworkers may further inflate global wheat prices, following on increases set in motion in the wake of Russian wildfires.

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Soybeans Image

Soybean exports to China to be hit with tariffs.
Soybean exports to China to be hit with tariffs.
H. Zell
Varieties of soybeans (Glycine max).
Varieties of soybeans (Glycine max).
USDA Image Number K5267-7 - Scott Bauer

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