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Russia may ban corn and soybeans from U.S.

A report from RT News says that Russian leader Vladimir Putin may call for the ban on the import of corn and soybeans into the country from the United States. The problem centers over the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in the food and corn infected with dry rot.

YourNewsWire is also reporting the story and says that the potential cost of this embargo could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $125 million to $188 million. Russia has also indicated that they plan on discussing this issue with the U.S., so a full ban may not be happening soon. However, Russia could limit the amount of corn and soybeans that enter the country — still costing the United States.

Monday Russian authorities said that they would be halting imports of corn due to dry rot. Dry rot in corn is not uncommon and causes the vegetable to appear shriveled and inedible.

The suggestion of a ban came from Russia’s watchdog group that monitors imports of crops and food into the country. Russia said that allowing contaminated food into the country not only puts them at risk, but risks contamination throughout the Eurasian Economic Union.

Russia is one of the biggest countries to receive exported crops from the United States. Russia and the United States have had some disputes in the past over the use of GMOs in food, as well.

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