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Satellites News

Using satellite technology to find shipwrecks

Historians are using satellite technology to scan the world's oceans to look for sunken ships of historical importance. The space-high scanning has produced some interesting finds.

Virgin Galactic's bold plan to change face of high-speed Internet

Although high-speed Internet and telephone options are available to billions of people, there is still a large percentage of the population without this important technological benefit.

Holiday lights revealed by NASA

The NOAA/NASA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP) satellite, has allowed NASA to identify how patterns in nighttime light intensity change during major holiday seasons.

Google plans to build a fleet of small satellites

In an effort to spread internet access to the world, Google plans to build a fleet of satellites that will circle the earth and provide access to the entire world. It is an ongoing effort on Google's part to serve underserved areas.

Satellite guardians join search for missing plane

Paris - A fleet of Earth-monitoring satellites has joined the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the organisers of the satellite pool said on Wednesday.China on Tuesday requested activation of the so-called International Charter on Space and Ma...

Global warming changes rain patterns

Berkeley - Scientists have proven Mark Twain wrong . The writer said: “Everybody talks about the weather but no one does anything it.”

NASA’s PhoneSat mission using smartphones as low cost satellites

Wallops Island - Last Sunday NASA launched into Earth orbit three satellites in the shape of three smartphones likely to be the lowest cost satellites ever as part of NASA’s PhoneSat mission.

Russian-US rocket plunges into Pacific 40 seconds after launch

There were reports this morning that a joint Russian-US rocket carrying a satellite into orbit had crashed into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch.

ESA space launches in 2013: A busy year for European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has released details of space missions scheduled in 2013 and developments in prospect with current orbiters and satellites.

'The Last Pictures' — Humanity's legacy to be sent into space

Since 1963, more than 800 spacecraft have been launched into geosynchronous orbit, forming a man-made ring of satellites around the Earth, and will now include "The Last Pictures" as mankind's legacy once life has disappeared from the planet.

Soyuz-FG booster vehicle blasts off to deliver 5 satellites

A Soyuz-FG booster vehicle, with a transfer orbit stage Fregat, was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan yesterday.

Virgin Galactic is almost ready to take to the skies

Farnborough - Sir Richard Branson's dream of commercial space flight is about to become a reality with plans to send the first passengers into space by 2013.

Emperor Penguins found in greater numbers

Emperor penguins are common to Antarctica and are one of the species most commonly associated with the ice-covered environment. Now scientists, using advanced satellites, have calculated that the numbers of penguins are far higher than previously thought.

Controversial North Korean rocket readied for launch

Amidst accusations that it may be preparing for a nuclear test North Korea has readied its Unha-3 rocket for launch. The launch, intended to put a satellite into orbit, is scheduled for between 12th and 16th April.

European Space economics under the spotlight

Brussels - Should part of future Space Budgets be allocated directly to end-users of satellite services? This was one of the issues discussed at the recent Eurisy Conference "Securing the benefits of satellite services for European society", held in Brussels.

Space is the world's new military battleground

Space is the world's new military battle-ground: the Indian Air Force and North Korea both plan putting satellites into space soon; and the collision of two satellites has brought this new problem into sharp focus: "It is a crowded place out there.'

EU lays out voluntary space code

The EU presented a voluntary international code on the use of outer space to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva yesterday - just days after a Russian and US satellite collided. The draft was approved by EU ministers on December 8.

Solar Power Satellities A Potential Energy Source?

Ben Bova is calling on the next president to build an armada of solar power satellites (SPS) -- basically large accumulations of solar cells -- to help meet a substantial chunk of U.S. energy needs.

Pentagon Study Rejuvenates Solar Power Potential

A CNN news report cites a 2007 Pentagon study to illustrate the possibilities of using satellites to farm the sun for our energy needs.

Space dandruff, or emerging orbital art form? 12,000 objects above the Earth

The satellite swarms around the planet, at a range of 35,000km, look like mold on a pea. The lower altitude images of the swarm look like one of those wonderful, exciting, breathtaking, modern art exhibitions, seconds before you burn it down.

Early Spring Caused by Global Warming

Spring is early, the butterflies are fluttering, the cherry trees are blooming and the maples are pollinating and climate change is too blame, the timing is all wrong and biologists are worried.

US Weather satellite going on the fritz, no replacement in sight, plenty of excuses

This is the story of how not to operate a weather satellite data system. The NASA hurricane satellite, Quickscat, is about to fail. The satellite is particularly useful in obtaining wind data, and can cover 90% of the Earth in a day.

U.S. to bolster satellite defenses in wake of missle test by China

The ghost of Reagan's "Star Wars" program of the 1980's rises from the grave, as the Dept of Defense works an array of defenses including satellites that could one day be armed for space warfare.

Late Night Fireworks for Florida

The Air Force lit up the March night in Florida by launching 6 research satellites into space.

Huge 'launch ring' to fling satellites into orbit

Saw a short on something similar to this on the Discovery Channel. It sure would save alot on Rocket Fuels.

Scientists Use Satellite Technology to Conquer Diseases in Africa

Scientists in Niger, the world's poorest country, are using a new high-tech satellite transmission system to help with rural health care. The network of transmitting stations can track disease outbreaks, report the onset of drought, and even send alert...

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Satellites Image

A traditional false-color satellite image of Las Vegas using near-infrared imagery. Grass-covered la...
A traditional false-color satellite image of Las Vegas using near-infrared imagery. Grass-covered land (e.g. a golf course) appears in red.
Envisat image features a cloud-free France acquired this image on 15 August 2009.
Envisat image features a cloud-free France acquired this image on 15 August 2009.
European Space Agency