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Sacramento News

Op-Ed: 'Beatlemania' is relived in Ron Howard film 'Eight Days A Week' Special

San Francisco - Literally right from Sacramento she returned to San Francisco's Sundance Kabuki Theater to see again, the Ron Howard documentary "Eight Days A Week: The Beatles - The Touring Years."

Journalist sentenced to two years in prison for helping Anonymous

Sacramento - A popular social media journalist received a sentence of two years in federal prison Wednesday after being convicted of allegedly conspiring with the hacker collective Anonymous to break into the Los Angeles Times' website in order to alter a story.

California leaders agree to hike minimum wage to $15 by 2022

Sacramento - Lawmakers and labor unions in California have agreed to raise the state's minimum wage to $15, by far the highest in the United States, by 2022.

Tornado warning near Sacramento, Ca.

Sacramento - Weather is in the news today in California. From low snow fall, to a tornado reportedly touching down, Christmas Day could see some volatile weather systems.

Op-Ed: California officials seek precautions for online lending trends Special

Sacramento - Americans now owe over $885 billion of revolving debt, according to sources at the Federal Reserve and much of it is entangled in credit card debt. This might be one of the reasons online lending is growing.

Pro rugby coming to Northern California; games to begin in April

Sacramento - A privately owned soccer field at the California state fairgrounds in Sacramento was chosen last week as the first of six venues for a new professional rugby league beginning play next year.

Sacramento mother outraged over 'racist' Playmobil Pirate Ship

Sacramento - A Sacramento mother was outraged and horrified when she found that the Playmobil Pirate Ship set her son received as a birthday gift included a “racist” toy. Reportedly one of the figurines strongly resembles a shackled slave.

Op-Ed: Payday lending in California continues, despite risks Special

Sacramento - Over $3.3 billion is transacted by payday lenders annually in the State of California and while the size of the transactions has gone down over the past year, the number of transactions has increased.

California finally gets started on new high-speed rail system

Fresno - California's controversial $68 billion high-speed rail project kicked off Tuesday, as political leaders gathered in Fresno for an hour-long ceremony featuring speeches and ceremonial rail-signings.

CA State Commissioner warns of danger in Auto Title Loans Special

Sacramento - With the holiday season the need for extra money can easily push people to dip into savings, use credit cards and seek a cash advance. Some might even consider getting a quick loan using their car.

Massive King fire in Northern California fully contained

Placerville - California's disastrous King fire that burned nearly 100,000 acres of mostly forested land in Northern California has been fully contained, officials said Thursday.

Republicans slowly embracing marijuana

For years the U.S. House has been turning down proposals dealing with marijuana but this week that all changed when the House approved a new measure.

Taxi driver stiffed out of $1,500 after 22-hour ride

A longtime taxi driver and father of four was cheated out of $1,500 after a 22-hour drive across five states. He also had to stay overnight in a homeless shelter after the trip.

Op-Ed: 'Kill Switch' bill for mobile devices approved, Next step is? Special

San Francisco - This past week, California legislators and San Francisco City Supervisors have been busy looking at a crime prevention measure called the "smart phone 'kill-switch' bill," SB 692. It was approved by the State Senate on May 8.

Sacramento county aims to shut down medical marijuana farms

Sacramento - Sacramento County supervisors are on the road, looking for gardens growing marijuana, in a move to control California’s burgeoning pot farm industry.

National Day Against Police Brutality protests begin Special

Sacramento - Tomorrow, the families of over 50 victims of lethal excessive force by police will be joined by protesters in Sacramento, California to make demands of California on the 18th National Day Against Police Brutality.

Law school holds first annual Financial Health Fair for Seniors Special

Sacramento - As finances and stability have become more of a concern among the young since the economic recession, some of the more vulnerable are retirees and the elderly.

Alleged UFO explosion over Sacramento was a weather balloon

Sacramento - A purported UFO explosion over Sacramento has been explained. What was widely speculated as an alien spacecraft, military weapons test or an asteroid on collision course with Earth shot down by the Air Force, has been confirmed to be a weather balloon.

Mushrooms grow in woman's apartment carpet

Sacramento - One woman in Sacramento, California need not go to the grocery store for mushrooms. Her crop may not be edible, but she has her own homegrown variety.

NBA: Raptors lose game and more against Kings Special

Toronto - The Toronto Raptors started the season stressing the importance of playing a defensive style of basketball. Head Coach Dwane Casey can pat himself and the rest of his staff on the back and consider that mission accomplished.

Prison psychologist fakes rape because she wanted to move

Sacramento - A prison psychologist allegedly gave herself a split lip, had a friend punch her in the face, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper, tore her clothing and wet her pants to give the facade she'd been unconscious.

Prisoners shot during prison riot in California

Folsom - The prison riot today at New Folsom Prison near Sacramento, California resulted in several prisoners being injured and at least two being shot by guards.

California man accused of trying to break into Folsom Prison

Sacramento - Guards at Folsom Prison in California made an unusual discovery yesterday morning when thermal imaging equipment spotted a former inmate scaling the fence behind the facility on his way into the prison.

PETA seeks to erect billboard linked to baby killed in microwave Special

Sacramento - In the wake of the arrest of a mother, who allegedly murdered her infant by placing her in a microwave, PETA has announced they are in the process of erecting a billboard urging people to protect all babies, including animals, by not cooking them.

California woman charged with murder after baby put in microwave

Sacramento - A Northern California woman who has been accused of killing her infant daughter by allegedly placing her in a microwave oven was arraigned last week on felony murder charges and felony assault resulting in the death of a child under the age of eight.

Sacramento, California no longer under tornado warning Special

Sacramento - Sacramento, California was under a tornado warning until 4 p.m. PT. Several severe cells had popped during the scare. Other warnings are still in effect for the area.

Power restored to 900 in Sacramento outage Special

Sacramento - Almost 900 Sacramento Municipal Utility District customers have had their power restored following an outage that lasted almost 30 minutes.

NBA: Bulls trounce Kings by 40 points to keep pace with Celtics

Chicago - The Chicago Bulls took the lead in the East from the Boston Celtics for a day, and since then they have been neck and neck thriving towards the post-season. The Bulls hit a snag their last game, but bounced back for a blowout last night.

NBA: Howard calls out team after disappointing 111-105 loss

Orlando made a deal in the middle of the first half of the season after Dwight Howard called out his team, and after this loss he did it again. The only difference this time is the trade deadline has passed and Orland didn't strike a deal.

NBA: James leads the Heat to a 117-97 victory over Kings

Miami - The Miami Heat had three players in the All-Star game and got a scare when Dwayne Wade looked like he twisted his ankle in the third quarter. It was no big deal for Wade with him bouncing back to play tonight verse the Kings.
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DREAMS: Bonney Field in Sacramento  Calif.  has signed up to be home field for the local entry in a ...
DREAMS: Bonney Field in Sacramento, Calif., has signed up to be home field for the local entry in a new professional rugby league expected to begin play in April 2016.
Splitfire1000/Wikimedia Commons
Bill Hayden  Laurie Cootz & Chad Rohrs of the Department of Corporations Business Operations Section...
Bill Hayden, Laurie Cootz & Chad Rohrs of the Department of Corporations Business Operations Section, receiving at the 13th Annual State Agency Recognition Awards Ceremony on Nov. 16, 2012 in Sacramento, CA.
Courtesy of California Dept. of Corporations, Sacramento
ON THE WAY: Computer-generated image predicts what California s high-speed rail system will look lik...
ON THE WAY: Computer-generated image predicts what California's high-speed rail system will look like in 15 years.
California High-Speel Rail Authority/Wikimedia Commons
Eric Wesselman became the new Executive Director of Friends of the River on January 6  seen here hol...
Eric Wesselman became the new Executive Director of Friends of the River on January 6, seen here holding the symbolic salmon, which is a sign of a healthy river, with previous executive director Bob Center. After eight years at the Tuolumne River Trust, Wesselman has a difficult job of confronting water issues during a long statewide drought.
Courtesy of Friends of The River
Seen here with Tuolumne River Trust  chair-leader Susan Stern  Eric Wesselman knows that he has a ve...
Seen here with Tuolumne River Trust, chair-leader Susan Stern, Eric Wesselman knows that he has a very challenging tenure as Exec. Director for Friends of The River.
Courtesy of Friends of The River and Tuolumne River Trust

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