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San Francisco proposes 60 day cap on all Airbnb rentals

San Francisco - San Francisco is proposing a legislation that would cap out the total number of days a housing unit can be rented out as a short term rental. The number of days would be capped at 60 per year.

Turkey makes 'new proposal' on migrant crisis at EU summit

Brussels - Turkey's prime minister made a new proposal for tackling the migrant crisis at a summit in Brussels on Monday, leading EU leaders to extend their meeting, officials said."There is a new proposal.

Facts on EU 'Brexit' proposals

Brussels - European Council head Donald Tusk on Tuesday unveiled a package of EU reforms demanded by British Prime Minister David Cameron in return for backing the country's continued membership of the bloc.

C. Africa authorities propose delaying elections to Dec 30

Bangui - Transitional authorities in the Central African Republic proposed on Thursday delaying the presidential and legislative elections set for this weekend until next week, during a meeting broadcast on national radio.

Greece confirms sent 'amended' proposal to creditors

Atenas - The Greek government confirmed Wednesday it had sent an "amended" proposal to its international creditors in the hope of sealing a deal to stave off financial ruin.

U.S. companies have $2.1 trillion worth of profit stored overseas

The U.S. Congress must find a way to tax offshore profits stored by some of the world's largest corporations. Currently letting their earnings safely mount up abroad, lawmakers are considering a special "deluxe" tax rate to get money from the companies.

High school basketball star goes to prom with Down syndrome girl

A star of a Kentucky school's basketball team has asked a girl with Down syndrome to be his prom date, proposing to her with a sign and bunch of flowers that referenced Taylor Swift, the girl's favourite singer. The news has since gone viral online.

Man proposes to girlfriend for a year and she didn't know it

One man showed his love and dedication for his girlfriend in a video that has recently gone viral. Dean Smith decided on his girlfriend Jennifer's birthday in 2014 that he would spend the next year planning to pop the question without her knowing.

Man buys 99 iPhones to propose to girlfriend, gets rejected

A Chinese man went all out this week on his girlfriend, buying 99 iPhone 6 units and arranging them publicly in a heart shape before proposing to her. Unfortunately, the gesture didn't achieve its intended affect and she rejected him.

California senate kills cellphone kill-switch law

San Francisco - State Sen. Mark Leno blamed Thursday's defeat of his proposal to require a "kill-switch" on cellular telephones on intense industry lobbying but promised to bring his bill up again this year.

House Republicans to propose one year delay of Obamacare

Washington - The Republican party proposal for delaying President Obama's healthcare law could lead on Monday to the first governmental shutdown in 17 years.

Proposal seeks to boost FBI's monitoring of social media

A government task force is preparing legislation that would pressure social media companies to let the FBI intercept communication right as it's happening.

NYC proposes raising age to buy cigarettes to 21

New York - Officials in New York City are proposing to raise the age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. The measure would give New York the strictest limits on tobacco sales of any major American city, The New York Times reports.

Disagreement among U.S. Senators on immigration deal

Immigration reform has been a hot and touchy topic as of late. Some of the key senators are about ready to call an end to the debate over the bipartisan plan; however, some senators say that it would only signify the beginning of a lengthy process.

Video: Mid air marriage proposal moments after solar eclipse

Cairns - The magic of witnessing a total solar eclipse was made all the more special when one man used the rare opportunity as the backdrop for a marriage proposal.

Video: Woman goes for beer, misses Jumbotron marriage proposal

Chicago - Greg Altringer of Great Falls took his girlfriend Erica Kresge to Wrigley Field for a cubs game with a clever plan to propose to her on the Jumbotron. But things didn't go as Greg planned. Erica missed the moment the proposal appeared on the screen.

Video: Danny's little girls flash mob proposal for Tina

Tina, 26, saw a group of little girls staging a flash mob dance at a mall in San Jose, California. She stopped to record. But after her boyfriend Danny, 33, joined the dancers, it dawned on her slowly that the flash mob was performing for her.

Video: Actor Isaac Lamb's lip-dub proposal to Amy Frankel

Portland - Portland actor Isaac Lamb, stunned his girlfriend Amy Frankel with the "best marriage proposal ever." He gathered a crowd of friends and family for an elaborate proposal involving a live lip-synced performance of Bruno Mars' song "Marry Me."

Op-Ed: Will Leap Day be the day I propose?

I'm more than a quarter of the way through my life (if I live to be 100), which means Hollywood has taught me a few things.

Man proposes to wife one letter at a time Special

Montreal - When a man proposes to his girlfriend, it is a moment to be remembered for years to come. One man's method of proposal, however, might leave other men with a tough act to follow.

U.S. proposes fence along its border with Canada

The U.S. is looking at fencing the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and criminals, with the U.S. Government Accountability Office warning that a very small portion of the Canadian border is secure.

Buddhist leader calls for abolition of nuclear weapons

Soka Gakkai International (SGI) President Daisaku Ikeda released a proposal today calling for the global society to work on what he believes are two key challenges of our time: abolishing nuclear weapons and building a global culture of human rights.

Soldier rings home to propose but leaves message on wrong number

Gateshead - A phone call message believed to have been delivered from the front line in Afghanistan to his sweetheart proposing marriage has been left on the answering machine of a married mum-of-three living in Gateshead in the UK by mistake.

Tenn. woman killed by lightning before proposal

Bethany Lott, 25, of Knoxville, TN was struck and killed by lightning in the North Carolina mountains on Friday. Her boyfriend, Richard Butler, was ready to propose to her.

Softball coach pitches woo on diamond, proposal accepted

It was the perfect pitch when a softball coach threw the opposing coach an inside curve by proposing marriage on the infield.

Proposal Set to Curb Bank Giants

On Thursday president Obama said that he will propose new limits on the risk taken by the country's biggest banks which will be Obama's latest attack on Wall Street. The new limits could cause curbs on finance put in place throughout the great depression.

Op-Ed: West Virgina lawmaker to solve state's problems by banning Barbie

One lawmaker in West Virgina has a simple solution to the state's problems. That solution, as he proposed in a bill, is to ban Barbie. Citing emotional development as a reason, maybe a few other toys should be added to the list in all fairness?

Op-Ed: Novel Valentines Proposals

Twitter, a popular status update tool, has had many messages posted today saying : 'Will you marry me?'. This appears to be a very novel way of proposing. However, do you know of any novel ways of proposing?

Romantic marriage proposal in Oregon ends in a tragedy

It was supposed to a romantic surprise proposal. Instead it turned deadly for a couple near the Oregon coast. The bride-to-be was swept away by the powerful waves, and her body has not yet been found.

Sky Farm Proposed for Downtown Toronto

A Sky Farm is proposed for downtown Toronto's theatre district. It will have 58 floors with 8 million square foot of growing area. It can produce as much as a thousand acre farm.
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Matt proposes to Ginny in an elaborate movie trailer
Matt proposes to Ginny in an elaborate movie trailer
Screengrab from YouTube video
YouTube user   daviator358   and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
YouTube user, "daviator358," and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
A Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend with
A Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend with
A Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend with
A Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend with
YouTube user   daviator358   and unsuspecting girlfriend pose for the camera.
YouTube user, "daviator358," and unsuspecting girlfriend pose for the camera.
Christina proposes to Alicia
Christina proposes to Alicia
File photo: Diamond engagement ring
File photo: Diamond engagement ring
Jim Harper
Marriage proposal in Times Square
Marriage proposal in Times Square
Courtesy of AJ Hall
Basketball star Trey Moses made a  prom-posal  to Ellie Meredith  who has Down Syndrome
Basketball star Trey Moses made a "prom-posal" to Ellie Meredith, who has Down Syndrome
Eastern High School

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