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Rohingya trafficking network sells dreams, delivers violence and extortion

Cox's Bazar - Auto rickshaws slip easily past barbed-wire checkpoints at the world's biggest refugee camp, their drivers among the smallest players in a complex human trafficking network involving high-seas extortion gangs, corrupt police and drug lords.

Bellamy Brothers launch 'Honky Tonk Ranch' on the Circle Network

Acclaimed country duo, The Bellamy Brothers, have announced the launch of their reality series, "Honky Tonk Ranch," on the Circle Network.

Dell announces software designed networking advancements

Dell Technologies has announced new SDN advancements to simplify and reduce the cost of networking for customers in the cloud era, by introducing the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution and Dell EMC SmartFabric Director.

SK Telecom first live TV broadcasting over commercial 5G network

SK Telecom have achieved the world’s first live television broadcasting over a commercial 5G network. This was a New Year’s countdown event held at Bosingak in real time via SK Telecom's commercial 5G live broadcasting solution ‘T Live Caster’.

O2 and Ericsson suffer major network breakdown

Major data service issues have impacted upon the U.K.'s second largest mobile network, O2 plus the telecoms company Ericsson. This has affected millions of users worldwide, across the 4G network.

First microelectromechanical neural network created

Researchers report that a new reservoir computer is the first-ever microelectromechanical neural network application. This could lead to new devices which act simultaneously as both a sensor and a computer.

Camera lens could link quantum computers to network

Researchers have developed a tiny camera lens that may help to link quantum computers to an optical fiber network. The device could be key to the future integration of quantum computers.

Interview: New network token to bolster local economies Special

Colu, a leading digital wallet that uses blockchain technology to localize currencies has recently announced its initial coin offering. To find out more about this venture we spoke with Mark Smargon, VP Blockchain and Co-Founder at Colu.

10Gbps connections in homes and buildings from light

London - Researchers aim to demonstrate that 10Gbps connections in homes and buildings, with a delay of a millisecond, can be provided via light. This could revolutionize medical applications, such as remote surgery.

Real-time fiber assurance for an entire town’s network

Apex - A new approach for network monitoring has been launched with the aim to provide businesses with improved network performance. This is the ADVA Optical networking monitoring equipment.

BT demos broadband that downloads 200 HD movies in a second

UK internet service provider BT has successfully completed a trial of prototype broadband infrastructure with download speeds of up to 5.6Tbps. While still a long way from being publicly available, the technology could transform how we connect online.

Uber agrees to pay $100 million to retain drivers as contractors

San Francisco - Leading rideshare company Uber has agreed to pay as much as $100 million to settle a class-action lawsuit from drivers who claimed they were employees rather than independent contractors.

Google ending free Fiber Internet in Kansas City

Google is going to discontinue its free Internet service in Kansas City. Since the launch of Google Fiber, residents have been able to pay a one-time construction fee and then receive unlimited Internet access for free, a deal Google has decided to end.

Waffle is a new collaboration-oriented social network by Samsung

Samsung is building its own social network that aims to bring people together and inspire collaborative content creation. Users create a feed of expandable, image-based content arranged in a grid, giving the app its quirky name 'Waffle.'

Engineers unveil Wi-Fi that uses 10,000 times less power

A team of U.S. engineers have developed a Wi-Fi system that uses 10,000 times less power than traditional Wi-Fi. Unlike other futuristic wireless technologies, "Passive Wi-Fi" could be commercialized soon and works immediately with current products.

Facebook to open source wireless tech to help build new networks

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new project that will see the company head a body of telecoms firms tasked with designing networks and open-sourcing the results. It hopes to accelerate the rollout of 5G and other wireless technologies.

Australians given free mobile data for one day only, use 1,841 TB

Customers of Australian telecoms company Telstra had a "free web" day yesterday as an apology from the firm for a major network outage earlier in the week. Its users were predictably quick to take advantage of the offer, consuming over 1,800 terabytes.

Record for fastest ever data rate smashed as 1.125Tb/s reached

A team of researchers have set a new record for the fastest ever data rate used to transfer digital information. The system can handle speeds in excess of 1 terabit per second, responding to the growing demand for faster networks.

ViaSat announces 1Tbps satellite to rival Facebook and Google

U.S. satellite company ViaSat has developed a plan to deliver blazingly fast Internet to remote regions by beaming it from space. It is working with Boeing to launch three satellites capable of delivering 1Tbps bandwidth for ultrafast speeds.

The power of the Physical Web is now available to Android users

The Android version of Google's Chrome web browser now includes support for the Physical Web, the concept of real devices sending notifications and alerts to the phone in your pocket. Google says Physical Web beacons are becoming more widespread.

Wi-Fi pushed to the limit with new 100Gbps transmitter, THz waves

A team of Japanese researchers have developed a Wi-Fi transmitter capable of sustaining a 100 gigabit per second connection speed. The breakthrough, using very short waves, lets mobile devices download an HD film in under a second.

Stockholm to be first city with 5G mobile coverage in 2018

Stockholm - A partnership between Swedish telecoms operator TeliaSonera and developer Ericsson means Stockholm will be the first city to have access to 5G next-generation mobile data technology. It will be rolled out in 2018 before a launch in Tallinn, Estonia.

iOS source reveals Apple is working to add Li-Fi to the iPhone

References to Li-Fi in the source code of the latest versions of iOS have provided a strong hint that Apple is working on integrating the next-generation wireless tech into future iPhones. Li-Fi uses light to transmit data 100x faster than Wi-Fi.

Networking flaw lets hackers attack companies by sending email

A major security flaw in FireEye networking equipment could have let a hacker gain full access to all the connected devices just by sending an email. The flaw, now fixed, wouldn't even need the recipient to open the mail to be successful.

You can now view, like and comment on Facebook while offline

Facebook has announced that its app can now display News Feed stories even while offline or on a slow connection. The feature will be an invaluable addition for users in emerging markets, many of whom remain restricted to 2G mobile Internet.

Streaming services rule the Internet, games threaten to break it

Streaming services now account for the vast majority of the data transmitted over the Internet during peak hours in the U.S. Netflix continues to be the most popular provider and represents 30 percent of all peak downstream traffic.

'Christmas lights can slow your Wi-Fi', claims Ofcom

Over the next few weeks, millions of fairy lights will be installed in homes worldwide. They may appear harmless but Ofcom, the UK telecoms watchdog, thinks otherwise. It has warned that Christmas lights can slow down Wi-Fi, prompting a mass debate.

'Li-Fi' could be coming soon — Wireless 100x faster than Wi-Fi

Developments in wireless networking over the past few years have seen Wi-Fi become faster and more reliable than ever. It's still far from perfect though, and now new tech known as 'Li-Fi' threatens to supersede it, boasting 100 times greater performance.

iPhone user says $2000 bill shock was caused by iOS Wi-Fi Assist

An iPhone user who received a phone bill of over $2,000 from AT&T has said he believes the Wi-Fi Assist feature introduced in iOS 9 is the cause. It's far from the first time Wi-Fi Assist has been alleged to have caused bill shock.

UK to make fast broadband a 'fundamental right' by 2020

UK PM David Cameron has pledged to introduce a "universal service obligation" for broadband Internet that will see it obtain a similar status to water and electricity and force providers to offer fast connections to every home and business by 2020.
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