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Firefighter News

Eddy Stewart talks Season 10 of 'American Ninja Warrior,' future Special

Alabama firefighter Eddy Stewart chatted with Digital Journal about competing again at this year's "American Ninja Warrior" competition.

Review: Tunnel to Towers honors fallen firefighter killed on September 11 Special

New York - On September 30, the annual Tunnel to Towers Race was held in New York City in honor of fall New York City firefighter Stephen Siller, who lost his life on 9/11.

Nick Bolton opens up about digital transformation of fitness Special

Health and fitness expert Nick Bolton chatted with Digital Journal about the digital transformation of fitness, and he opened up about his fitness career.

Eddy Stewart talks 'American Ninja Warrior' Season 9 experience Special

Alabama firefighter Eddy Stewart took some time from his busy schedule to chat with Digital Journal about his experience on the ninth season of "American Ninja Warrior."

Review: Eddy Stewart makes it to semifinals on 'American Ninja Warrior' Special

Daytona Beach - Alabama firefighter Eddy Stewart appeared in the qualifying round of the ninth season of the reality sports competition "American Ninja Warrior" in Daytona.

In apparent murder-suicide, firefighter and sheriff's deputy dead

Los Angeles - In what is being called an apparent "murder-suicide," a firefighter fatally shot his wife, a sheriff's deputy, and then fled, being found sometime later with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The couple had a six-year-old son.

Firefighter comforts child crash victim by playing 'Happy Feet'

In California, a car crash involving five children occurred, and a firefighter on the scene comforted one of the young kids by playing 'Happy Feet' on a phone.

Moment firefighter falls through burning roof caught on video

Fresno - The Fresno Fire Department in California released to local media a graphic video recorded on a cell phone showing the moment that a veteran firefighter fell through the roof of a burning building while working with his colleagues to put out the fire.

Man loses hand to flesh-eating bacteria, feels lucky to be alive

A firefighter in Newport, Rhode Island, who lost his hand to a flesh-eating bacteria, nevertheless feels lucky to be alive.

Volunteer firefighter cuts heroic figure in Chile fire

Playa Ancha - Big-hearted Chilean Victor Hernandez, a volunteer fireman battling blazes that have charred much of Valparaiso, lost his own home when out trying to protect those of others."I would do it over again -- a million times.

Firefighter creating app for Google Glass that could save lives

Patrick Jackson, a firefighter who is also a self-taught programmer in Rocky Mount, N.C., is creating an app for Google Glass that may change the way firefighters do their jobs.

Chile: Firefighter rescues, saves dog’s life by CPR after a fire

Santiago - A firefighter of the Santiago de Chile Fire Department is being hailed as a hero after he rescued from a burning house a dog that was showing faint vital signs and applied resuscitation procedures using rescue breathing and chest compressions (CPR).

Fires rage across Scottish highlands

Fort William - Firefighters have spent the Easter weekend battling a number of fires in the Scottish highlands. It is believed some of the fires may have been started deliberately.

Video: FDNY firefighter meets the man who saved his life on 9/11

New York - Luke Rudkowski recently set up a meeting that he will remember for the rest of his life. The meeting was between a 9/11 hero and one of the many lives that he saved that day.

Op-Ed: When first-responders ran into the flames on 9/11

They ran into the flames. Countless first responders lost their lives on September 11, 2001 doing what they did every day. They ran towards danger while others ran the other way.

Is Mike Apatow a radioactive man?

Are we safer or simply under more scrutiny by our government when we can be pulled over for being radioactive? One man may have the answer.

Op-Ed: Might the problem be a racist dirtbag in a position of authority?

Miami - This is a story that raises two issues. 1. Why is there no way to screen people in positions of public safety, like fire fighters and cops, for racism? 2. If you are a racist firefighter or cop, why do you post your hatred on Facebook?

Firefighter allegedly robs bank, leaves teller $20 tip

Dallas - In an unusual turn of events, a man allegedly robbed a Texas bank, then turned around and tipped the bank teller he'd just stolen from, according to media reports.

Stephen Siller died ten years ago, his legacy lives on

New York - Stephen Siller was supposed to be golfing with his brothers the day that his life ended. He had just finished his overnight shift and was on route home when he heard on his scanner about the World Trade Center. He turned around and headed for danger.

Wildfires in Arizona burn out of control

Causing evacuation and threatening transmission lines, wildfires in Arizona continue to burn out of control almost two weeks after igniting. As of Wednesday more than 600 square miles have been consumed, according to reports from the area.

Fire in downtown Toronto blocking local traffic Special

Toronto - Ryerson University will not be open today after a six-alarm fire in downtown Toronto broke out in the early morning hours Monday.

Toronto firefighter injured at house fire

Toronto - An explosion at the intersection of Garden Avenue and Indian Road woke residents early this morning. The resulting three alarm fire destroyed a home that was being renovated.

New Haven Firefighters Get Promotions

Fourteen firefighters who won a discrimination received their promotion badges today. The ceremony was more than just the promotion it was symbolic of their fight to get the promotions and their victory.

Veteran Firefighter Shoots Biker in the Helmet After Argument

A veteran firefighter in Asheville, North Carolina is suspected of shooting a man on Monday who was biking with his young son on a busy road.

Firefighter's Computer Found With 300 Child Porn Photos

A Lake County firefighter has been arrested for child pornography, after it was found that he had over 300 images of child porn on his computer. The bail was set at $1.5 million and he has been "charged with hundreds of counts" for child pornography.

Fake Firefighter Showed Up at Disasters

James Campbell seemed to relish being a firefighter, showing up in uniform at the World Trade Center, train wrecks, the aftermaths of hurricanes including Katrina and wildfires.

Firefighter Wins $1 Mil on American Inventor

Television viewers voted via text message to give firefighter and father of six (6) children, Greg Chavez the $1 Million grand prize on ABC's television show "American Inventor."

Firefighter Charged with Indecency

An Ohio volunteer firefighter is being charged with 'taking a racy afternoon romp through the park'

It's Your 911 Call Centre Answerphone Here, As We're All Out Getting Doughnuts

A firefighter got the shock of his life when after clicking on a website link, he got told by a voice over saying that 911 was closed as everyone was at the doughnut shop

A Firefighter investigated for rescue

A firefighter is at the center of an investigation after wading into a river to rescue a woman.
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German firefighter
German firefighter
Denis Janssen
Daina Dajevskis
New York  NY  September 28  2001 -- Firefighter watches debris removal at the World Trade Center fro...
New York, NY, September 28, 2001 -- Firefighter watches debris removal at the World Trade Center from nearby roof.
Photo by Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo
Official Seal of the City of Carlsbad  Calif.
Official Seal of the City of Carlsbad, Calif.
City of Carlsbad/Wikimedia Commons
 Gorda Bella  is recovering from burns and near death after a firefighter saved her life using rescu...
"Gorda Bella" is recovering from burns and near death after a firefighter saved her life using rescue breathing and chest compression procedures (CPR).
Firefighter staging backfires on the Rim Fire in Tuolumne County  Ca.
Firefighter staging backfires on the Rim Fire in Tuolumne County, Ca.
CalFire FB page
Moment just before Capt. Pete Dern falls through burning roof into flames
Moment just before Capt. Pete Dern falls through burning roof into flames
Sooji Lee

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