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Brisbane News

Australia: 7-Eleven paid student 47 cents an hour, lawyer alleges

Brisbane - It took two years, but for Pranay Alawala, the wait was worth it. Alawala, an international student, received a $33,000 payout from 7-Eleven, his former employer, after his lawyer successfully argued that the company paid him just 47 cents an hour.

Interview with Aussie newcomer Greta Stanley Special

She's a mere 20 years old, but this formidable singer/songwriter, who has just released her first musical offering, has a sound and an apparent understanding of the world that belie her tender age. Digital Journal found out more.

Food-borne illness in Brisbane hits 250 at principal's conference

Brisbane - Salmonella food poisoning has left 24 people in the hospital and 250 with gastro-intestional problems after a school principal's conference last week in Brisbane, Australia. Because the illness can take up to five days to emerge, there may be more cases.

Interview with Australian country icon James Blundell Special

Ahead of what will surely be a triumphant return to Tamworth, the veteran musician spoke to Digital Journal about what the festival means to him, the new song he'll be unveiling there and his ambitious new album.

Scientists hope new vaccine will save koalas ravaged by chlamydia

Brisbane - On Wednesday, Australian scientists say they successfully tested a vaccine against chlamydia in wild koalas — and they believe this may be a breakthrough in combating the deadly disease ravaging these native marsupials.

Virgin hijack scare: What happened and who was responsible?

Bali - A routine Boeing 737-800 flight from Brisbane to Bali was the scene of a possible "7500" code on Friday — the call sign code for a possible hijack in progress.

Picture of man watching porn at work goes viral on Twitter

Brisbane - Can't a man hard at work get some privacy? In a world where everything is posted and spread across the internet in a matter of minutes, no, it's not.

Queensland hammered by rain, tornadoes

Brisbane - You know it’s serious when the insurers declare a catastrophe. Queensland is getting another massive hit from the leftovers of cyclone Oswald, which apparently don’t know when to leave. Six tornadoes and one death have been recorded.

Video: Crazed driver attacks former Australian police officer

Brisbane - A Brisbane, Australia man was driving down the roadway one moment, and the next moment an enraged motorist intentionally rear-ended him and began chasing him down the road.

Incredible photo of lightning striking Air New Zealand jet

Brisbane - A passenger waiting to board her plane at the Brisbane International Airport had good timing, managing to take a photograph of her plane at the exact moment a lightning bolt struck the jet.

Op-Ed: Andrew Murray — Warming up for Wimbledon?

Melbourne - No Scotsman has ever won the Wimbledon Singles Title, but none has ever had a better chance than Andy Murray. First though, there is the little matter of the Australian title.

Brisbane: Battlers, mud and occasional bastards

Brisbane - Brisbane is almost up and running again after the worst floods anyone can remember a long, long time. That's largely thanks to the army of volunteers that appeared out of nowhere, including people from interstate who got on planes as soon as they could.

Leaving home behind, a Queensland flood story Special

Brisbane - "Hurry, hurry. Please come over my home is going to flood." These were the worried words of a poor woman who just watched the horrific sights of Toowoomba going under water, waiting for her home to be next.

Long way home - A Queensland flood story Special

Brisbane - In the city of Brisbane, Australia, it would usually take a carpet cleaning company owner, Bob 28, around five to 10 minutes to get to work. However, on Wednesday 11 January, it took almost an hour due to the roads all being blocked off.

Personal account of Australian flood terror Special

Brisbane - Queensland has gone from the State of Sunshine, to the State of Hell in just a matter of weeks, because of strong floods.

Sharks in the streets? Brisbane flood peaks as stories emerge

Brisbane - Brisbane is now being compared to a war zone. The flood peaked, below expected heights at around 4 metres, but the city is going to be soggy for a week or so. Sharks have been reported in flooded streets.

Brisbane flood: 9,000 homes predicted to go underwater

Compared with the flood that inundated Brisbane in 1974, the flash flood sweeping Australia’s third biggest city is the worst in history as 9,000 homes are predicted to go underwater.

Violent floods force some Brisbane residents to evacuate

Brisbane - Violent flash floods storming across Queensland are now reaching the third most populous city in Australia. Parts of Brisbane have been urged to be evacuated as fast-rising water runs through the region.

Professor finds century-old Oxford Dictionary

Next time you are playing a game of Scrabble think twice before reaching for the Oxford Dictionary because errors do exist, as proven by an Australian professor who recently found an error that was almost a century old.

Brisbane hit by severe thunderstorms, flash floods

Brisbane - Brisbane and surrounding areas have been hit by severe thunderstorms and flash floods as houses and businesses have been flooded after the city received 80 millimeters in less than hour.

Killer Aussie flu virus wreaks havoc in UK

The deadly Australian flu strain, Brisbane H3N2, that killed six children across four Australian states in 2007, is thought to be the cause of a major outbreak in the United Kingdom.

Teen's Head Allegedly Used As A Bowling Ball, Murder Trial Ongoing

In March 2005 the savage murder of young Morgan Jay Shepherd took place in Brisbane , Australia. The teenager was beheaded after a drinking binge "thrill kill."

For Designer-Label Luxury, Check Out The Palazzo Versace

BRISBANE (dpa) - The gossip surrounding the construction of the new hotel on Australia's eastern seaboard was as intense as the name was impressive - "Palazzo Versace".And all the jokes about it being over-the-top were made at the expense of ...

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Brisbane Image

Crossing Brisbane River  it is evident to see the level of the water has risen  covering the beginni...
Crossing Brisbane River, it is evident to see the level of the water has risen, covering the beginning of the restaurants and business.
Crazed road rage motorist jumps on hood of alleged victims car.
Crazed road rage motorist jumps on hood of alleged victims car.
Screen Capture
The highest point where the flood reached in Stonescorner only five minutes from the city. The road ...
The highest point where the flood reached in Stonescorner only five minutes from the city. The road is blocked by officials.
A river in a park in Greenslopes  the one which went up the highest in that region  lucky for the re...
A river in a park in Greenslopes, the one which went up the highest in that region, lucky for the residents. There were two children swimming in it previously.
Celiac Supplies  a specialty food store located in Brisbane  Australia  is charging its customers a ...
Celiac Supplies, a specialty food store located in Brisbane, Australia, is charging its customers a $5 "Just Looking" fee
Illustration: Digital Journal

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