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Interview with Aussie newcomer Greta Stanley (Includes interview)

Born, brought up and now based in the far north of Queensland, the golden-voiced Greta Stanley, a keen observer of everyday life, has crafted together six songs for an enchanting new EP entitled Bedroom City.

Bedroom City was put into motion last June,” begins Greta, who began playing music about seven years ago. “After winning a government-funded scholarship to attend Bigsound in Brisbane, I needed some quality tracks to take down, so I was introduced by Fleur McMenamin to Mark Myers from Big Sister Studios and we recorded three.

“The idea of an EP was kind of hanging around and we thought, ‘Why not?!’ The next step was funding it, as there are more costs involved then one would think – and it’s definitely quite a process, from recording to mixing and mastering, artwork, pressing, publishing and promotion.

“It’s been such a great learning experience, and I’ve worked with some pretty talented people so I’m really happy with the end result.”

“All the tracks on the EP were not written intentionally for it,” adds the natural-born star, a recent addition to the Junkie Uncle roster. “I’ve always been a writer and it was more a matter of choosing which tracks I wanted to be on it, and I think I’m happy with the choices I made.”

On the subject of the six songs, she states, “My personal favourite is probably a tie between ‘Tickets’ and ‘Left.’ ‘Tickets’ because I really like the production of it, and the vocal harmonies were fun to do… I like ‘Left’ because it’s very personal and means a lot to me.”

Though others have found it hard to categorise, the lady herself describes her music as “folky pop with a bit of something new (I hope!),” and I wondered when we’ll be hearing more from this ambitious Antipodean. Will there be a full-length album out soon, for example?

“An album is definitely something I’d want to do – and will do,” comes the assured reply. “However, it would be a collection of new songs or maybe some oldies; definitely not ones that are already on the EP. I’ve already written a few new ones I’d love to have on the next project, and will hopefully keep writing more!”

The aforementioned Fleur McMenamin, of successful brother and sister folk duo The McMenamins – who Greta met via the Bigsound scholarship – has done more than just introduce the amiable young musician to her producer.

“I wish cloning existed, because the world needs more Fleurs,” muses Greta. “Think of you’re best friend, mother, cool older sister, mentor all in one and that’s what she is. I’m really lucky to have met her. She’s been a real help with just the knowledge that she has from her experience in the industry.

“I’m definitely pretty new to the scene and it can be a little too overwhelming at times. Fleur’s definitely been the one I go to when it all gets too much!

“She introduced me to Mark and has always been on my back when there’s a new festival application or competition happening. I think I’d be more than a little lost without her support and friendship.”

I brought up the fact that Greta’s songwriting displays wisdom and a level of maturity beyond her years. Her reply was characteristically modest: “I don’t know about wise!” she laughs. “I guess maybe with my songs and music, but I’m a bit hopeless at most other things – but thank you.

“I guess the way I write and express myself come from being a chronic over-thinker. I take the smallest of things and turn them into something a lot bigger, not just with music but with everything. It’s a blessing and a curse, I suppose…”

To finish up, I asked Ms. Stanley, surely a name to watch out for on the Australian popular music scene in the coming years, to tell me some of her professional goals and ambitions for the future.

“I suppose one of my goals/dreams is to tour, to have my music take me to new places – that would be pretty cool,” she enthuses. “And I really want to learn a new instrument. My friend has a banjo at our house and I’ve taken a liking to it. Watch out world.”

Bedroom City is out now and can be purchased from iTunes.

For more information on Greta Stanley, visit her official website.

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