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Workflow automation can ensure compliance during COVID-19 Special

Many businesses are now more vulnerable to any mistakes that can affect compliance and legal processes. For this reason, many are turning to workflow automation to mitigate these impacts created by the current pandemic.

Study: IT decision makers ramping up post-COVID automation

The ending of the COVID-19 lockdowns and the reopening of many businesses has seen a parallel increased in investments in automation, which the change leaders being IT professionals.

COVID-19 will drive more workplace automation within the year

One impact of COVID-19 could be to reduce the dependency upon human output by driving more extensive workplace automation. This likelihood has arisen from a new survey into U.S. industrial policy.

Q&A: Preparing your SOC teams for coronavirus with automation Special

COVID-19 is presenting new challenges to the security operations center (SOC), and by extension, the business, as organizations struggle to maintain business continuity with a newly remote work force. Matt Eberhart looks at some options for firms.

Q&A: Removing 'Did you catch that?' from your business meetings Special

Whether you are typing or writing by hand, it's difficult to take verbatim notes during a business meeting. To overcome this, some businesses are turning to AI to bring in automated notetaking. Jacques Botbol from Verbit explains more.

Q&A: To keep up with mergers & acquisitions, automation is key Special

For industries who have traditionally relied on legacy technology, digital transformation has been a struggle, despite customer demand. When these organizations look to acquisitions as their answer, extra care is needed says Steve Stover.

CES 2020: Porch pirates stopped with IoTLock

As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular and home delivery services rise, the risks of packages being stolen outside of people’s homes increases. This has opened up a new avenue for technological solutions.

Q&A: Integration over automation for customer service success Special

While much of customer service is shifting towards automated interactions such as chatbots, an increasing amount of users prefer a mix between human-led interactions and technological innovations, says expert Jay Reeder.

Push for electrification results in auto layoffs

With the recent news that Audi is cutting 9,500 jobs and investing the savings in electric vehicle pursuits, Lux Resarch analyst Christopher Robinson sees these activities as an inevitable part of the coming of the electric car.

2020 trends on enterprise automation revealed

Automation, robotics AI is poised to revolutionize the way we work in 2020 according to Tonkean, a leader human-in-the-loop RP. The company, has released their predictions for 2020 mobile industry trends.

Machines appear more persuasive when pretending to be human

A new study shows when robots disclose their non-human nature, their efficiency is compromised. Conversely, when robots act more ‘human’ then interaction with people is considerably improved.

Most U.S. workers say employers haven’t discussed automation

In October 2019 SYKES surveyed working adults across the U.S. to uncover their perceptions of and beliefs about the future of work. The poll included views on automation, and this found that many firms do not have an automation strategy in place.

Q&A: Why most orgs now determine automation to be necessary Special

Businesses are increasingly turning to automation in order to save personnel time and to save the overall organization money. A leading expert explains how businesses cases for return-on-investment and new work opportunities can be structured.

Q&A: How to know you need to hire a Chief Automation Officer Special

How does a business know if it needs a Chief Automation Officer (CAO)? What responsibilities should they hold? And more than anything else, what does this title even mean? Sean Chou of Catalytic provides some answers.

Employees are in need new training to work with robots

Many modern economies are looking at an increasingly automated future. While advances are progressing with machines, a new survey finds businesses are concerned about inadequate workforce training.

Q&A: New approaches to automate contract management Special

Boys Town, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of children and families, has selected a no-code software to solve the complex contract lifecycle management challenges spanning three different business divisions.

Q&A: Companies can retrain employees as the workplace automates Special

Companies can support their employees amidst automation changes, according to Sean Chou of Catalytic. He says that companies which invest in retraining employees can keep pace with the future of work.

Op-Ed: Automation – CEOs love it, but there’s a Catch 22 and 23

A report by The Economist and the world’s major driver of automation, UIPath, has found that CEOs and other C level people love automation. Other surveys tell a very different story of its impact.

Q&A: Digital transformation and chatbots for customer services Special

Chatbots are becoming increasingly common for customer services. This means standing out important. With so much of the Internet’s content produced by bots, how can retailers ensure they are sharing content that will create individualized experiences?

Robots to take 20 mn jobs, worsening inequality: study

Washington - Robots are expected to take over some 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide by 2030, extending a trend of worsening social inequality while boosting overall economic output, a new study shows.

Robots begin doing forest jobs that humans find boring

Sweden, home to vast acres of woodland, is developing robots to carry out many of the forest related tasks that humans find boring and repetitive, focused on monitoring and counting.

Amazon worker tracking system can automatically fire people

Amazon employs a system that not only tracks warehouse workers productivity, but can automatically fire them for failing to meet expectations.

Walmart assembling army of thousands of robots to work in stores

Walmart is doubling down on adding robots to its stores. These machines include autonomous floor cleaners, shelf-scanners, conveyor belts, and "pickup towers."

Betsson drives customer service with Ada AI-powered chatbots

Betsson Group, a large international gaming groups with 17 brands, has announced its partnership with Ada and the work it has done to automate its customer experience. The change enables customers to self-serve without a live agent in six languages.

Millennials favour replacing vehicles with carsharing services

Toronto - A new report from Communauto, a Canadian carsharing company indicates that one in five Torontonians would consider getting rid of their vehicles and using a carsharing service as a replacement.

Q&A: Impact of automation & digitalization on the workforce Special

The increasing automation and digitalisation of manual processes is having significant implication on the workforce, according to Tim Bisley of Lloyd’s Register. He provides some key examples for the energy sector.

Review: New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future Special

Can quantitative data can provide a coherent model of the world or are we slipping into a state of a world of ever-increasing incomprehension? This dualism forms the basis of a new book by James Bridle, looking at our tech dominated world.

Cloud computing will soon be helping to drive cars

Cloud computing solutions are being adopted by businesses at a rapid pace. The concept is also be expanded to cars, with companies like Volkswagen investing heavily in the technology. Cloud services will help to form an automotive Internet of Things.

Robotic automation will become bigger in 2019 and beyond

A new report, surveying the transformative trends across industry, foresees a big increase in robots and automation. This is being driven by lower-cost and more flexible technologies.

Robotic automation can unleash reimagination

This story is sponsored content from Cognizant. Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses — helping them go from doing digital to being digital.
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OSR2 at work in Ocado's first generation warehouse
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AI will create more jobs than it has displaced by 2020
AI will create more jobs than it has displaced by 2020
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This is a new product in Cognex Machine Vision
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