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The robots are killing Tesla

Analysts at Bernstein argue that Elon Musk has over-automated Tesla. The very robots that Musk says will revolutionize the car industry are baking in Tesla's mistakes, and costing far more money than they're worth.

Automation of transport: Hail technology

A new study shows how deep learning can be used to help predict when people need rides. So-called hailing technology, signalling further automation of travel, could further disrupt transport-as-a-service.

New cloud based tool for connected laboratories

Cloud based computing presents opportunities for researchers to share findings and to collaborate on projects in a secure setting. A new offering from Gilson aims to make this process easier.

Oracle unveils 'self-driving' automated cloud platform

Oracle has announced it will rollout autonomous functions across its entire cloud. Initially launched as a pilot database system last year, Oracle said businesses can reduce risk and accelerate innovation by getting predictive insights from the cloud.

The future of human machine partnerships

Dell Technologies has released a report that examines the future of human machine partnerships. One of the main findings reveals that business leaders are divided regarding the future of machines in the workplace.

Construction industry ready for take-off with drone technology

A wider use of drones in the construction industry is predicted over the next couple of years, according to industry insider Ian Tansey of ProDroneWorx.

Self-service features come to libraries Special

London - Library-as-a-service is a self-service initiative, taking advantage of new technology, to automate lending and to access services. Digital Journal visited Chipping Barnet library to see the service in action.

Ford partners with Qualcomm to build fully connected cars

Ford has announced a partnership with Qualcomm to develop "C-V2X" tech to connect cars to their surroundings. Short for Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything, the concept would allow vehicles to share information between themselves and city infrastructure.

Startup says China leads many areas of AI development

An AI startup that operates in the U.S. and China has said China's leading development of the tech in many fields. The U.S. and China are amongst several major economies battling to gain dominance in AI, a technology widely viewed as transformative.

India's IT layoffs top 56,000 and it's not over yet

New Delhi - For IT Techs in India, 2017 has not been a good year. For a number of years, India has been one of the world's top employment generators, but hiring has plummeted and layoffs are hitting companies, big and small.

Automation is disrupting traditional models of recruitment

The recruitment sector, from human resources to outsourced agencies, is undergoing disruption through the use of automation and artificial intelligence. This is leading to new approaches for businesses to recruit staff.

Call centers leveraging artificial intelligence

One sector of business seemingly ripe for automation and the application of artificial intelligence is the call center. The adoption of ‘thinking’ computers could lead to a reduced role for the human operator.

Demand for automation to trigger workforce changes in 2018

Demand for automated services from consumers and business customers will increase adoption in 2018. New predictions on the reach of automation and AI suggest an initial backlash against job losses will "fail" as people start to see benefits in the tech.

Smart vending machines set to become commonplace

The digital transformation of vending services is moving at a faster pace. This covers the range from cashless payments to smart machines that can signal when they need to be restocked with supplies.

With immigrants targeted, U.S. farms look to automation

The Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigrants has hit the U.S. agricultural sector rather hard, especially when seven out of 10 farm workers are undocumented. Rather than fight this policy, many farms are looking to automation and robotics.

Automating histology for the busy pathologist

Aquaro Histology has obtained investment of $9.8 million to commercialize automated microtomy technology. This is with a device called the Aquaro ASM which is compatible with existing microtomes.

Soon your car will tell you what it needs

Boston - New software has been developed that lets your car tell you what it needs. The software can tell if tires need air, spark plugs are bad, or air filter needs replacing, among other functions.

Op-Ed: How should we react to robots taking our jobs?

There's no doubting the employment trajectory: robots will replace humans for many different tasks at the workplace. Will this lead to new forms of work and new opportunities or will it lead to greater societal polarization?

Automation could take almost 40 percent of young workers' jobs

Automation could displace almost 40 percent of young workers over the next 15 years, according to research by PwC. People aged between 16 and 24 in the U.S. are the most at risk but there are also concerns over a lack of homegrown STEM talent in the UK.

GE uses AI to find rail track flaws that could cause derailments

GE is using AI-equipped locomotives to automate detection of "sun kinks," rail track deformations that can cause derailments. AI models can scan video footage to identify track flaws, pinpointing their location and working out whether they pose a danger.

NVIDIA launches license plate-sized chip for self-driving cars

NVIDIA has announced a new AI chip designed to enable fully autonomous vehicles. The company said it's already working to develop "robotaxis" that could ferry you around without requiring any manual intervention. The company's value jumped on the news.

Interview: How AI is revolutionising software maintenance

Artificial intelligence is transforming how programmers write and maintain their code. Developers are using AI to manage legacy software, allowing them to move forward and work on new projects.

Banking sector pushes ahead with digital technology

According to a new survey, U.S. banking CEOs are continuing to increase investments into digital transformation projects. Leading the way are robotic process automation, cognitive technologies, and data and analytics.

Automation is not eating jobs, states Gartner

AI will have created more jobs than it's destroyed within the next three years, according to leading research firm Gartner. The company has found that AI will push 1.8 million people out of work by 2020 but end up creating over 2.3 million new roles.

Interview: Why businesses need automated contract management Special

Ninety-two percent of businesses report that human error impacts their contract management process. To avoid this automation is needed. To find out how we spoke with Erik Severinghaus, chief strategy officer at SpringCM.

Future of robotics: Merging, morphing, mobile machines

Brussels - In news that will interest technology firms developing robots, researchers have created self-reconfiguring modular robots. These devices can merge, split and self-heal while retaining full control of its sensors and motor functions.

Finnish micro-factory highlights path to business success

The ANT Plant is a Finnish industrial innovation that involves constructing a micro-factory. This approach can challenge the existing practice of mass production in countries with low production costs. A plant is to be set up in the U.S.

Is automation creating retail jobs?

Automation could be creating jobs in retail. According to a new report, the rise of ecommerce is driving an increase in employment that’s sufficient to offset industry automation. The unexpected finding has been attributed to improved service quality.

Catching the digital manufacturing wave

Beyond the debate on global trade, the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has emerged as the focus for prolonged value creation in the sector on the backbone of connectivity and advances in big data, artificial intelligence and automation.

San Francisco could start taxing robots to save jobs

San Francisco lawmakers are considering a "robot tax" to help protect jobs against automation. Although fully autonomous digital workers are still some way off, leaders are beginning to think seriously about the potential for mass unemployment.
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This is a new product in Cognex Machine Vision
This is a new product in Cognex Machine Vision
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Pharmacist using an iPad for prescription ordering.
Pharmacist using an iPad for prescription ordering.
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AI will create more jobs than it has displaced by 2020
AI will create more jobs than it has displaced by 2020
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