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Walnut unveils deal intel, the “next phase” for interactive demo automation

In response to the prevailing challenges in the market, Walnut’s latest beta release lets sales reps use demo interactions to optimise selling approaches and achieve sales targets.

Photo courtesy of Walnut
Photo courtesy of Walnut

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Walnut, the first interactive demo startup, has today unveiled its latest offering, Deal Intel, that aims to let sales teams accelerate deals and turn sales demo interactions into bottom-line growth, in what their CEO described as the  “next step” of their company’s mission.

In its pursuit of refining the B2B SaaS buying experience, and following its viral #WeAreProspects social movement, Walnut now equips sales teams with an enhanced workflow that goes all the way from SalesForce integrations to unique types of data automation and insights, to set them up for success.

The company has raised $56M from investors and has been working with customers such as Adobe, Medallia, and Navan. It was also named #1 Top Startup by LinkedIn last year, as well as a ‘Top 100 startup’ by WIRED magazine.

In response to the prevailing challenges in the market, where many sales teams are grappling with meeting their objectives, Walnut’s latest beta release lets sales reps use demo interactions to optimise their selling approaches and achieve their sales targets.

Deal Intel expands on Walnut’s no-code platform, allowing sales teams to use demo engagement data throughout the funnel to identify their best opportunities, revive “dead” pipelines and deals, and accelerate the most promising deals through the sales funnel. 

Yoav Vilner, Walnut’s CEO, emphasised the significance of Deal Intel, stating, “Sales leaders require access to interactive demo data to identify gaps, pinpoint leaks, and discern areas of the funnel that need improvement. The holistic approach of Deal Intel allows sales leaders to contextualise demo data within broader sales metrics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of how demos contribute to the overall success of their sales strategy.”

Some key features also include identifying one’s buying committee behaviour and identifying secret stakeholders within the organisation.

Currently, Walnut only lets its existing customer base use the new beta product — but has also extended a beta application form for potential customers. 

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