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Athens News

Athens, Greece flooded after torrential rainfall and thunderstorm

Athens - As if Athens hasn't got enough problems, the city was hit by torrential rains today and flooding has caused traffic jams, disruption to train and tram services and affected homes and businesses.

Greek farmers give away 55 tons of free fruit & vegetables

Athens - On Wednesday farmers in Greece, while protesting high production costs, gave away tons of free fruit and vegetables to needy Greek people outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens.

Videos: Thousands of Golden Dawn supporters march in Athens

Athens - Golden Dawn held a march in Athens on 2 February to commemorate a 1996 military crisis with Turkey over the ownership of two uninhabited islets, which resulted in the deaths of three Greek military pilots.

Greek reporter attacked by Golden Dawn

Athens - A Greek television reporter was allegedly beaten by members of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) as he attempted to photograph the raids against immigrants that took place late on Saturday.

Video: Greece’s uncertain future — Short documentary

Athens - A short, 10-minute documentary, compiled by Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh, introduces us to the current social crisis in Greece.

No news from Greece as journalists rally prior to general strike

Athens - A news blackout was experienced on Wednesday as journalists walked off the job for 24 hours, just one day before the general strike in Greece.

Video: MUTE — The visualization of an economic rape

Athens - Yiannis Biliris has created a short documentary which, with very few words, gives a clear picture of the current economic crisis in Greece. The video shows us that Greece's economic rape is turning into a social one.

Anti-Merkel protests flare in Athens

Athens - Around 40,000 protesters have gathered in Athens to demonstrate against Angela Merkel's visit to the Greek capital and crippling austerity measures.

Athens protesters throw firebombs, police shoot tear gas (Video)

Athens - Protests have erupted into rage in Athens on Wednesday, as Greece shuts down with a 24-hour general strike over austerity measures.

Greek police arrest 1,130 illegal immigrants in Op. 'Xenios Zeus'

Athens - Greek police arrested 1,130 unregistered migrants in Athens over the weekend during operation "Xenios Zeus". The operation to combat illegal immigration and foreign crime will continue daily with the aim of repatriating illegals.

Israeli President Simon Peres visits Athens

Athens - Israeli President Simon Peres is visiting Greece for the first time as Head of State, to discuss co-operation between the two countries and Israeli investment in the Mediterranean country.

EU President: Greece must 'deliver, deliver, deliver'

Athens - EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso left little doubt that Greece will have to heed Austerity agreements and implement them right away during his visit to Athens today.

Video: CCTV footage of arson attack on Microsoft in Greece

Athens - Police in Athens have now released CCTV footage of the arson attack on Microsoft's office in Greece, showing the arsonists forcing entry into the building.

61-year-old pensioner hangs himself in Athens, Greece

Athens - In the continuing crushing austerity in Greece, yet another suicide has been reported. The 61-year-old could not carry on any longer.

Athens: riots over pensioner's suicide continue into a second day

Athens - Anger and despair is mounting over the tragic suicide of the 77-year-old pensioner, and riots continue into a second day in Athens, Greece.

Riots in Athens after 77-year-old pensioner commits suicide

Athen - Yesterday a 77-year-old pensioner, unable to cope in the Greek financial crisis, shot himself to death in front of the Parliament building in Athens. This action provoked riots by people who have simply had enough.

Athens mayor proposes chemical-free sidewalk protests

Athens - The Mayor of Athens presents a bill that stops the police from using chemicals against protesters on condition that protests take place on the sidewalk.

Police to 'sweep' Athens and send illegal immigrants to camps

Athens - Athens is in turmoil, this time not because of protests but due to the controversy surrounding the imminent deportation of thousands of undocumented immigrants.

'Enough is Enough!' Spanish & Greeks unite in austerity rage

Both Greece and Spain are up in arms over austerity measures in both countries. Spain is also supporting Greece in their hardship.

Op-Ed: Athens rioters possibly linked to police? Updated with video

Athens - Thanks to friends in Greece, some very interesting photos have come to light from previous protests and rioting in Athens. Who are the actual rioters?

Videos: real despair spreads through Greece

Athens - In the aftermath of the protests on Saturday, Athens is still cleaning up the mess from the fires and damage caused in the riot. A "must watch" video in the European Parliament states the situation clearly.

Op-Ed: What actually happened on Saturday in Athens, Greece?

Athens - Over the weekend thousands of people, some with their children, started a protest march towards Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament. The following contains first-hand quotations from a protester.

Op-Ed: Video — In case you are wondering why Greece is in flames

Athens - For anyone who is "tut tutting" about the riots in Greece - the speaker in this video lays out clearly a comparison between the basic cost of living in Greece and Germany.

Greece in grip of arctic weather

Forget the usual images of Greece basking in hot sunshine reflecting on blue seas, and imagine snow-covered mountains and sub-zero temperatures.

'Nigerian letter' scammers arrested in Athens

Athens - Greek police have arrested a gang of Nigerians operating an Internet advance fee letter scam from Athens. The African suspects were in violation of Greek immigration laws.

Greek unions stage general strike to protest austerity measures

Athens - Greek trade unions have gone on strike for the first time since European technocrat Lucas Papademos became the country’s leader last month. They are protesting fresh austerity measures needed to save Greece from economic collapse.

Op-Ed: Political Violence: A potential tool for today's Americans

Athens - What if government related crimes and violence, primarily to the likes of rioting, became a trendy and successful tool in truly embedding how Americans feel as their angers and rage hastens toward their government's policies? Here is one theory...

Protests continue in Greece Special

Athens - Protests continued for the seventh-straight night in central Athens yesterday as throngs of people converged on Syntagma Square in response to Greece’s current economic crisis.

Op-Ed: Strumming along in Athens, Georgia Special

Athens - Music is a way documenting one's footsteps through life, from the first record purchased, to the first concert attended, or the first instrument played. Later in life the nostalgic factor remains, and you may find yourself reaching back in time.

'Powerful' bomb explodes outside Greek nightclub

Athens - A closed nightclub in Athens, Greece was targeted by a "powerful" bomb which exploded outside at approximately 0200 GMT on Friday.
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Athens Image

Strike action
Strike action
Protesters create a makeshift campground in  Syntagma Square.
Protesters create a makeshift campground in Syntagma Square.
A protester confronts police in Athens
A protester confronts police in Athens
Athens  Greece 12 February 2012.  Greece debt crisis.
Athens, Greece 12 February 2012. Greece debt crisis.
Javi Larrauri
Alexis Tsipras of Greece s Syriza party
Alexis Tsipras of Greece's Syriza party
Athens  Greece this evening - Greece Debt Crisis
Athens, Greece this evening - Greece Debt Crisis
Athens Daily Secret
Golden Dawn march in Athens.
Golden Dawn march in Athens.
Παναγιώτης Ηλιόπουλος
A women is rescued during flooding in Athens  Greece  February 22  2013
A women is rescued during flooding in Athens, Greece, February 22, 2013
The Acropolis in Athens  Greece - an ancient ruin in a ruined country.
The Acropolis in Athens, Greece - an ancient ruin in a ruined country.
Protesters create a makeshift campground in  Syntagma Square.
Protesters create a makeshift campground in Syntagma Square.
B52 s - 34th Anniversary concert in their hometown of Athens  Georgia
B52's - 34th Anniversary concert in their hometown of Athens, Georgia
Riots in Athens  Greece 12 February 2012
Riots in Athens, Greece 12 February 2012
Greece: General strike
Greece: General strike
Video screen capture
Athens Parliament
Athens Parliament
wikimedia commons
Athens  Greece on fire - 12 February 2012
Athens, Greece on fire - 12 February 2012
Athens Daily Secret
Protesters gathers in Athens
Protesters gathers in Athens
Extract from the documentary  MUTE - the visualization of an economic rape by Yiannis Biliris.
Extract from the documentary, MUTE - the visualization of an economic rape by Yiannis Biliris.
Video screen capture
Protesters create a makeshift campground in  Syntagma Square.
Protesters create a makeshift campground in Syntagma Square.
Homeless people in the streets of Athens  Greece
Homeless people in the streets of Athens, Greece
Video screen capture
Athens:  Syntagma Square (Constitution Square)
Athens: Syntagma Square (Constitution Square)