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As part of the Joining Forces initiative, Amazon will go through with its plans to train thousands of veterans for jobs in the tech industry.

New UN chief at Davos seeks allies in business

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres used his first address at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday to push for a new partnership with business to help fight climate change and reduce poverty.

An entire mall sells for $100 at auction

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills Mall was once valued at $190 million, but earlier in the week it sold for $100 at an auction.

McDonald's Canada issues warning after nuts added to a menu item

McDonald’s Canada has announced the company put nuts in a new McFlurry, raising the possibility all food in its restaurants can potentially come in contact with the nuts. Judging from reactions on social media, a lot of customers are not "lovin’ it."

The business world falls under Trump's thumb

With his carrot-and-stick manhandling of the US business community, President-elect Donald Trump has major companies falling over themselves to offer goodwill gestures and promises to create US jobs.

Davos darling Xi not practising what he preaches: analysts

Xi Jinping's hymn to globalisation at Davos may have won acclaim from the meeting's well-heeled elite, but Chinese experts say it was distinctly out of tune with an administration that is increasingly closed and hostile to the outside world.

John Kerry defends global trade against populist anger

Outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a stark warning of the dangers of economic populism on Tuesday, insisting on the greater benefits of global trade and cooperation.

Op-Ed: GM sends some sunshine before Trump's inauguration

General Motors announced Tuesday just a few days before Trump's inauguration that it would invest an additional $1 billion in U.S. factories and would move some production from Mexico to the U.S.

China suspends construction of 101 coal power plant projects

China's financial media group Caixin is reporting the National Energy Administration (DEA) has suspended 101 coal power projects, some of them already under construction.

A tale of two speeches as Davos week begins

The global elite begin a week of earnest debate and Alpine partying in the Swiss ski resort of Davos on Tuesday, in a week bookended by two presidential speeches of historic import.

Pound drops after Brexit backing from Trump

Prime Minister Theresa May won endorsement from US President-elect Donald Trump over her Brexit course but sterling plunged on Monday on fears that Britain could be on a collision course with its EU allies.

S.Korea prosecutors seek arrest of Samsung heir

South Korean prosecutors on Monday sought the arrest of the heir to giant conglomerate Samsung for bribery in connection with a political scandal that has seen President Park Geun-Hye impeached.

The global chain that produces your fish

That smoked salmon you bought for the New Year's festivities has a story to tell.The salmon may have been raised in Scotland -- but it probably began life as roe in Norway.Harvested at a coastal farm, the fish may have been sent to Poland to be smoked....

Op-Ed: World Economic Forum sees five main risks to economy in 2017

The World Economic Forum (WEF) claims that rising inequality and polarisation within societies could result in the reversal of globalization without urgent action taken to address problems.

Takata fined $1 billion over exploding airbag scandal

Takata, the Japanese car parts maker, will pay $1 billion in penalties in the United States for concealing defects in its exploding airbags.

FedEx to offer in-store package services at Walgreens

FedEx and Walgreens have partnered up to offer pickup and drop-off services at Walgreens' locations across the United States.

Chinese leader meets Davos elite as voters revolt

China's president will preach the advent of a new world order in Davos next week before the high priests of globalisation, who are facing an uprising from voters against their orthodoxy of open markets and borders.

International Labour Organization report sees problems in 2017

The International Labour Organization(ILO) warns that as inequality widens in many countries more social unrest is likely. The number of protest activities had increased last year.

Amazon to create 100,000 jobs in U.S. by 2018

Over the next 18 months, Amazon has plans to create 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States, which will include full benefits.

Exxon must hand over climate change documents, judge rules

In a big win for Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Heidi Brieger has denied ExxonMobil's request to be exempt from handing over a decade's worth of climate change documents.

Turkey's Erdogan equates lira fall to 'terrorism'

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday blamed a conspiracy aimed at weakening Turkey for the recent plunge in value of the lira, saying those who worked to pressure the currency were no different from a "terrorist".

Germany hopes public payslips will close gender pay gap

The German government on Wednesday approved new legislation that will force companies to be more transparent about salaries paid to male and female employees, in a bid to tackle the gender pay gap.

Amazon will soon start accepting food stamps

Starting this summer, Amazon will start accepting food stamps from the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program. Seven other online food retailers will start accepting SNAP, too.

FBI arrests Volkswagen executive over conspiracy charges

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested Volkswagen of America's former regulatory compliance chief Oliver Schmidt, charging him with conspiracy to defraud the United States

Volkswagen defies 'dieselgate' to boost sales in 2016

Scandal-hit German carmaker Volkswagen said Monday it increased sales in 2016, despite strong headwinds after it admitted to cheating on regulatory emissions tests for millions of vehicles.VW said it had delivered 5.99 million vehicles last year, up 2....

The Limited closes all stores

The Limited, a women's clothing company, has announced that all of its clothing stores would be closed by the end of Sunday.

Trump targets Mexican car imports with steep tariffs

Trump has targeted Japanese car production in Mexico as well as that of U.S. auto makers in an attempt to bring production back to the United States.

Japan begins long weekend policy to end 'death by overwork'

In Japan, three-day weekend policies could be the first step toward a public-health campaign centered on fixing the country's poor work-life balance.

Op-Ed: Ford Mexico plant cancellation not really what it seems

Ford Motor Company has learned to keep its mouth shut and just let President-elect Trump take the credit for stuff it was going to do anyway. Now Trump is claiming he is responsible for Ford's cancellation of a Mexico assembly plant on Tuesday. Really?

Trump names protectionist as US trade rep

President-elect Donald Trump announced Tuesday he has nominated Reagan-era lawyer Robert Lighthizer, described as an advocate of greater protectionism, as US trade representative.

Turkmenistan halts gas flow to Iran in arrears row

Turkmenistan halted gas supplies to Iran Sunday amid tensions between the two countries over arrears, the Iranian National Gas Company was quoted by oil ministry news agency Shana as saying.

Thousands miss India currency exchange cut-off

Long queues continued outside banks in India, with people trying to deposit discontinued banknotes, ahead of a deadline. The deadline has now passed, rendering thousands of bank notes worthless.

Netherlands ban T-Mobile's free streaming music service

T-Mobile has to stop giving its customers access to content that doesn't go against their data plans in the Netherlands.

Mexicans plan protests over New Year fuel price hike

Mexicans are bracing to kickstart the New Year on a sour note, with protests planned against the government's huge hike in gasoline prices.

Snapchat tries convincing investors it can be the next Facebook

Snapchat is trying to convince potential investors that one day it will become the next Facebook and it will be as popular as the social networking site.

Women at wheel of 'pink taxis' challenge Jordan norms

Nisrin Akoubeh checks the oil and water before getting into her taxi and pulling into Amman's heavy traffic for another day of shuttling fellow women across the Jordanian capital.

US acting as global policeman for financial crimes

Handing out multibillion-dollar fines right and left to domestic and foreign financial giants, the United States has taken on the role of the unforgiving global cop of the business world.

Venezuelans get new coins, still waiting on bills

New Venezuelan coins began circulating Wednesday in the capital Caracas, but long-awaited new bills had yet to arrive, prolonging the chaos unleashed by a botched currency reform.

Divisive debate over pipelines Canada's business story for 2016

In an annual survey of newsrooms across the country, the divisive debate over pipelines edged out another hot politically charged topic, real estate, by only one vote, to become Canada's top business story of 2016.

Boss of Japan's biggest ad company resigns after employee suicide

Matsuri Takahashi, a 24-year-old Dentsu employee, fell to her death from the window of her corporate dormitory in December 2015, The Japan Times reported.

Venezuela receives more new banknotes, but scarcity persists

Venezuela took delivery Tuesday of its third load of new, bigger denomination banknotes, its central bank said, but there was no sign of them in circulation yet despite official promises and mounting public anxiety.
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