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Amazon, the online retailer, is said to be planning to test out a new feature that will let customers go to a physical location to pick up fresh groceries and other items.

ASU professor brings back spotlight on plagiarism

Author and educator Matthew Whitaker is once again accused of plagiarizing. Technology is making plagiarism easier to catch and easier to commit.

Review: A Denver couple goes West to pursue dream of Ice Cream Special

It's not everyday that a young couple would move over 765 miles just to follow a dream to open an ice cream shop. Yet that is what Joe and Ramie Hencmann did, leaving their well-established lives in Denver to venture to a place unknown, like Sonoma.

Leukemia 'charity' did not use funds for sick kids, suit claims

The New York State attorney general’s office filed a petition on Monday to shut down a Brooklyn charity and recover money that been allegedly raised through fraudulent representations.

Why Google is giving startups free patents

Google has long been vocal about its distaste for patent trolls — companies who snap up patents and then sue others for infringement — and now it's putting its patents where its mouth is.

BHP Billiton's iron ore production rises but gas slips

Mining giant BHP Billiton Wednesday reported an increase in iron ore output for the June quarter but a decline in gas production as projects were delayed on weak oil prices.

Toshiba chief executive resigns over accounting scandal

Toshiba's chief executive resigned Tuesday to take responsibility for doctored books that inflated profits at the Japanese technology manufacturer by 152 billion yen ($1.2 billion) over several years.

Ikea to pay workers in the UK more than the living wage in 2016

Ikea, the Swedish firm, is set to become the first national retailer in the United Kingdom to pay staff above the government's National Living Wage.

U.S. Assistant labor secretary tours Pittsburgh veterans center Special

Teresa Gerton, recently confirmed as the assistant secretary for policy at the Labor Department, made a stop Friday at several veterans’ service centers during her trip to Pittsburgh to expand employment services for veterans.

High figures paid by pharma companies to doctors revealed

The latest figures for the amount of money spent by the pharmaceutical industry on the medical profession for the U.K. has been revealed — £41 million ($60 million). This is dwarfed by the amount spent in the U.S.

FiatChrysler could sell 95-year-old auto parts subsidiary

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could sell prized 95-year-old auto parts maker Magneti Marelli this year to raise money to increase its ownership stake, industry sources say.

Greek bank shutdown cost economy 3 billion euros: Report

The three-week shutdown of Greek banks has cost the country's struggling economy some 3.0 billion euros ($3.3 billion) not counting lost tourism revenue, a report said Saturday.

Cashing in on the Pope's visit to Philadelphia

For enterprising dwellers in Philadelphia, the pope's maiden visit to the US means one thing: mega bucks and listing their apartments on Airbnb for thousands of dollars a night.

Searchmetrics debuts new website performance tracking & analysis

Google Analytics may be the most well-known name of the numerous website tracking tools, but Searchmetrics has long been a popular resource for everything from information about search engine algorithm changes to content marketing solutions.

Joe Pulizzi’s 6 steps to content marketing success

In this report, B2B News Network reviews a recent episode of the Social Pros podcast hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown, featuring Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Instituteand author of the books Epic Content Marketing and Content Inc.

US, other wealthy countries block UN efforts to fight tax evasion

Leaders in the United States and elsewhere love to complain about international tax evasion. Millionaires and billionaires, they often argue, avoiding their tax bills. Turns out when it comes to action, however, government leaders are all talk.

European stocks gain ground after Athens bailout vote

Europe's main stock markets advanced at the start of trading on Thursday after Greek MPs voted in favour of an austerity-laden bailout package.In opening trade, London's benchmark FTSE 100 index rose 0.28 percent to 6,772.

Bank of Canada slashes key rate as economy falters, exports stall

Stephen Poloz avoided using the word recession, but the Bank of Canada Governor said the country needs interest rate relief because the economy is in contraction.

Op-Ed: The multiple threats facing the online gambling industry

Online gaming faces extraordinary obstacles making their way into a profitable industry in gaming because of a multitude of threats.

What people are saying about Amazon Prime Day

Amazon's "Prime Day" on July 15th was set to be the biggest online sale day of the year. But many have taken to questioning just how great of a sale it really is.

Facebook beats YouTube at getting ad clicks, says report

A new report from Adobe shows that when it comes to getting users to click on ads, Facebook is doing a better job than YouTube and other competitors.

Walmart and Amazon face off in coming summer sale

Amazon’s decision to announce a Black Friday-like sale called Prime Day on July 15 has triggered an avalanche of competing retailers with their own online deals.

Pfizer once-daily arthritis tablets reach FDA review

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that it is getting closer to producing a once-per-day table designed to reduce the effects of arthritis. The tablets are currently being reviewed by the U.S. FDA.

Op-Ed: Why China's market crash won't mean global crisis

The Chinese equity bubble has burst and the stock market lost about $3 trillion of its value. While analysts say the plunge will hurt tens of millions retail investors, the impact is not strong for China and the world economy.

Wind farm coming to US 'Dead zone for wind power'

The southern United States is about to get something never seen before in the South. On a large tract of farmland near Elizabeth City, North Carolina, a $600 million commercial-scale wind farm is being built.

EU charges credit giant MasterCard with antitrust violations

The European Union on Thursday formally charged credit card giant MasterCard with antitrust allegations, alleging the credit giant is artificially raising monthly minimum payments for its European customers.

New Alberta plant will produce renewable diesel and jet fuel

Edmonton-based SBI BioEnergy, Inc. broke ground on Monday for a $10 million mini-refinery in Edmonton Industrial Park that would turn fats and grease into renewable diesel and jet fuel.

Computer market suffered dramatic, worst-case sales decline in Q2

The personal computer market experienced a substantial decline of nearly 12 percent in the last quarter, exceeding previous worst-case scenario estimates. Many experts consider the PC to be a dying breed but there may be reasons for this particular slump.

Mix of successes and failures for Big Pharma

It has been a mixed week for the pharmaceutical sector in terms of drug development, with success for Novartis and disappointing news for Boehringer and Vitae Pharma. Digital Journal reports on the latest news.

International Monetary Fund projects lower GDP growth for Canada

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) now predicts a lower growth rate for Canada in 2015. Last month the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) also predicted lower growth rates for Canada this year.

Time Warner owes $230K to woman for harassing phone calls

Let's face it, people hate cable companies. Terrible customer service, annoying outages, and prices that never seem to stop increasing. Now, Time Warner Cable is being forced to pay out nearly $230,000 dollars to a Texas resident.

China bars 'big' shareholders from selling: Regulator

China's market regulator has barred major shareholders and executives of listed companies from selling their shares for the next six months, it said in a statement, the latest government action to stem a slide in the markets.

NYSE suffers lengthy outage as US stocks slump

The New York Stock Exchange halted trading Wednesday for more than three hours due to technical problems that it said were not caused by hacking.

United Airlines flights back in air after worldwide groundstop

Technical problems temporarily grounded United Airlines flights worldwide and halted trading at the New York Stock Exchange. The timing of the two incidents have fueled speculation that the events are related.

PandaDoc closes $5 million Series A to enhance sales automation

PandaDoc, a document automation solution for sales reps, recently closed a $5 million Series A round of funding. With funding it looks to expand its team of 35.

Language becomes a new frontier in digital commerce

Language has become a new frontier in business. From entrepreneurs and startups to existing SMBs and enterprises, language products and services are on the rise in the global economy.

Top messaging apps market-by-market

WhatsApp is prevalent in South Africa. WeChat is widely popular in China. Snapchat’s biggest market is Ireland. A new report has determined the top three messaging apps – WhatsApp, WeChat and Snapchat – in various markets around the world.

Why B2B audiences are finding new appeal in augmented reality

Augmented reality suffered a very public, very embarrassing setback last year with the Google Glass debacle. 2015 has been the year when AR, the laying or projecting of digital content over real-world people, places and things, is really taking off.

Burt Shavitz, Burt's Bee's co-founder, dead at 80

The reclusive co-founder of Burt's Bees whose face adorns every tube of balm and salve sold by the natural cosmetics company, died Sunday at 80.

Greece's finance minister resigns as eurozone ponders 'No' vote

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday sacrificed his finance minister in a gesture aimed at placating eurozone creditors, which must now decide whether to loan more money to the debt-wracked country or prepare for a "Grexit".

Chicago to charge tax on streaming services like Netflix

People who live in Chicago will soon pay more for streaming services, including Spotify and Netflix, due to the 'Cloud Tax' that takes affect in a few weeks.
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