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People who live in Chicago will soon pay more for streaming services, including Spotify and Netflix, due to the 'Cloud Tax' that takes affect in a few weeks.

Swank New York bistro kept servers' tips; paying 500k settlement

Critically acclaimed Manhattan restaurant Per Se will fork over $500,000 to settle claims it pocketed tips meant for employees who worked at private-dining events.

Aetna is going to buy Humana for $37 billion

Atena, a health insurer, announced on Friday that it was going to buy Humana Inc. for around $37 billion, which will be the largest deal in the insurance industry.

Panic in Chinese market; stocks lose $2.8 trillion in value

The Shanghai Composite index took another plunge on Friday by 5.8 percent. The stock market fall since its peak on June 12 ends China's longest bull market in history.

Big pharma company makes major purchase

Major pharmaceutical company Novartis has announced that it will take over the privately held Australian and U.S. company Spinifex Pharmaceuticals. This represents further diversification of Novartis’ portfolio.

New way of paying with your face being tested by MasterCard

Recently, MasterCard announced that it wants to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all their customers have to do is take a selfie.

Brazil targets 15 banks in forex fixing probe

Brazil's antitrust body announced a probe into alleged foreign exchange market rigging by 15 banks including Citigroup and HSBC.

Hackers hit Donald Trump hotels with major credit card breach

While Donald Trump is making news for inflammatory political comments, there is a security breach in several of the real estate mogul's hotels. Hackers have pried access to credit card information and several hotels are potentially affected.

Whole Foods to customers: Sorry we repeatedly overcharged you

Whole Foods CEOs Walter Robb and John Mackey admitted the supermarket giant had routinely overcharged customers and apologized for the costly errors.

Uber suspends controversial UberPOP service in France

After a spate of violent protests and the arrest of two bosses, Uber finally suspended its controversial low-cost UberPOP private driver service in France on Friday, six months after it was banned.

Canadian dollar drops below 80 cents U.S.

A Reuters poll predicted that the loonie, or Canadian dollar, is likely to decline even further in the coming months. The weakness of the dollar is tied to low oil prices and weak economic outlook for the near future.

'Grexit' or not, Greece will find kicking euro habit hard

No matter what the political outcome of the current Greek debt crisis, in practical terms Greece will find it very difficult to turn its back on the euro.

Pope backs Greeks in euro crisis, says human dignity vital

Pope Francis on Wednesday voiced his support for the Greek people and called for human dignity to be placed at the centre of talks on the country's future in the eurozone.

Greece confirms sent 'amended' proposal to creditors

The Greek government confirmed Wednesday it had sent an "amended" proposal to its international creditors in the hope of sealing a deal to stave off financial ruin.

Netflix could overtake traditional media in viewership by 2016

Netflix looks set to overtake ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC in terms of 24 hour audience by the end of the year. If Netflix achieves this goal, it'll mark a major milestone for a company that cable giants once seemed to think of as an afterthought.

Microsoft gets out of display ad business, 1,200 jobs move to AOL

Microsoft is shutting down most of its display advertising business and handing over parts of it to AOL and AppNexus, the company said in a blog post Monday.

Puerto Rico debt problems could set off crisis in the U.S.

Puerto Rico's governor says the country cannot pay the $70 million in debt, which sets the stage for a potential financial crisis in the United States.

Almost 10,000 thronged to Plainridge Park Casino on opening night

The state of Massachusetts has officially entered a brand new era of legalized gambling. Plainridge Park Casino is the first gambling venue to start operations in the state under a 2011 law.

Graham Rahal prevails in an accident-filled 2015 MAVTV 500

It was an exciting race. It was not a pretty race. But as Graham Rahal celebrated his first racing victory since 2008 at the 2015 MAVTV 500, it was clear that he had driven hard to reach this point.

Massachusetts home care workers win $15/hr starting wage

Home care workers in Massachusetts have won an increase in minimum pay to $15 per hour. The pay increase, which took months of negotiation, will help the state's 35,000 personal care attendants.

Europe rejects Greek bailout extension after referendum shock

Greece hurtled towards default and a possible euro exit Saturday after Europe responded to the leftist government's announcement of a surprise referendum by refusing to extend Athens's desperately needed bailout.

Op-Ed: Payday lending in California continues, despite risks Special

Over $3.3 billion is transacted by payday lenders annually in the State of California and while the size of the transactions has gone down over the past year, the number of transactions has increased.

Op-Ed: Are your SEO strategies up to date?

SEO is one of the most commonly heard phrases in the Internet marketing world, but many people are still unable to accurately describe what it means.

Whole Foods slammed for massive overcharging: 'Worst case ever'

Whole Foods customers are outraged by reports the retail supermarket chain deliberately mislabeled packaged foods and overcharged patrons.

Op-Ed: Shocking shirt from Vans apparel company dishonors First Nations

Many of you will join me in shock that the American apparel company Vans could even think about the racist t-shirt it put out, one that denigrates First Nations. But they did. They had meetings and not only thought about it - they went with it.

Whole Foods is being accused of overcharging customers

New York City officials are investigating Whole Foods amid accusations that the grocery chain overcharges customers, The Daily News reports.

Pfizer buys leading drugs from GSK to extend market share

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has purchased two vaccine manufacturers from GSK: Nimenrix and Mencevax. These products extend the company’s interest in this field.

Is native advertising here to stay?

For 160 years, Reuters has been the standard bearer in journalism and news publishing. What if you discovered that the news wire service ventured into the world of native advertising, otherwise known as sponsored content?

Fed considers interest rate hike in 2015, first since recession

The first Federal Reserve interest rate increase since the financial crisis will likely occur in 2015, said Fed official Jerome Powell on Tuesday.

Starbucks start-up falters in India

Tata Starbucks, a subsidiary of the U.S. coffee company, has not had the best of starts. Several products have been taken off the menu due to the product not meeting the specifications required by Indian authorities.

Supreme Court opinion on Marvel case throws in Spidey puns

A legal battle between Marvel and a Spider-Man toy inventor ended in victory for the comics giant, but some Spidey puns in the court decision make the case even more memorable.

Toyota executive arrested in Japan on drug charges

Julie Hamp, a Toyota Motor Corp. executive, was arrested in Japan for importing Oxycodone, a banned painkiller. Toyota states Hamp did not intend to break the law.

McDonald's reaches a landmark in U.S. closures

After over a decade of controversy and increased competition, the U.S. fast food giant may have now reached a tipping point.

What the Internet of Things could mean for ad targeting

2015 could be the year that the Internet of Things goes mainstream. When it happens, the data generated by these “smart products” could be used to target ads on a one-to-one basis.

Shrimp imports are one reason trade deal shouldn't be approved

The U.S. shrimp industry is voicing concerns about the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, saying if it were to be passed, it could weaken the ability of regulators to reject unsafe seafood imports.

Walmart accused of avoiding billions of dollars in tax

Walmart accused of systematically routing profits through tax havens such as Luxembourg, in order to reduce their tax liabilities.

Brian Williams returns, but not as NBC nightly news anchor

Brian Williams will return to NBC, but not in his previous role as Nightly News anchor. NBC suspended after Mr. Williams was found to exaggerate his role in a helicopter attack in Iraq.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about marketing today

Don't miss out on growing your customer or client base. Below are the four trends that shine a light on the future of marketing.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about the future of marketing Special

Even if you do not play a major role in your company’s marketing decisions, you most likely realize that the type of advertising that works has shifted dramatically during the past few years.

Initially controversial Lucky Magazine is shutting down

Lucky magazine is being shut down, drawing a close to a media story that started 15 years ago when Condé Nast launched the then-controversial but ultimately wildly successful shopping magazine.

Merger talk among health insurance giants fuel investor optimism

Among the hottest stories in business is about how several health insurance giants are in merger talks. This has spurred investor optimism, but the future of these deals is uncertain.
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