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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported Tuesday that hackers have stolen the tax info of 100,000 people from the organization.

Japan files complaint with WTO over S. Korea food import bans

Japan is challenging South Korea's import bans and increased restrictions on foods from Japan after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. On Thursday, the central government filed a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization.

Op-Ed: Valuable insights from the Verizon-AOL deal

The recently-announced acquisition of AOL by Verizon continues to send ripples across the marketing world. Day in and day out, industry observers continue to analyze the deal and share their thoughts through the media.

Apple plans major international launch for new streaming service

Apple is planning an early launch in Russia for its upcoming music streaming service, according to a report in Billboard — indicating that it is likely to see a large-scale global launch.

What every B2B business can learn from Game of Thrones

On its surface, Game of Thrones is a bloody look at a continent engulfed in war. But just as the Sun Tzu classic The Art of War inspired a number of lessons for business leaders, so too can the politics behind the hit medieval fantasy series.

Knowing the right metrics for B2B landing page success

You’ve designed killer landing pages for your B2B website, filled it with compelling copy and strong images that encourage action from your readers. Now what?

Feds: Cancer charities a 'sham'

The United States Government has filed suit against a quartet of cancer charities, alleging the non-profits have scammed consumers for over $180 million.

McDonald's takes action after losing momentum

McDonald's isn't looking too hot, and reform has run rampant in attempt to bring sales back to its previously revered position.

Online gambling site 888 poker looking to grow even larger

Reports have it that the popular online gambling site, 888 Poker, may soon be connected to the Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment gambling site. That's because the parent company of 888 Poker is taking a run at buying up Bwin.Party.

Bombardier loses one executive plus 1750 workers

Eric Martel, president of the business-aircraft division of Bombardier is leaving his position less than two years after he was appointed. He will be replaced by David Coleal who had been vice-president and general manager of Spirit Aerosystems.

Italy sunglasses king gifts staff millions in birthday bonanza

The founder of Italian eyewear giant Luxottica is celebrating his 80th birthday by giving the firm's 8,000 employees in Italy shares worth around nine million euros ($10 million).

Duke University settles research lawsuit

Participants in some problematic cancer trials have now settled their lawsuit against Duke University. This related to a series of cancer trials that took place in 2011.

Karine Delage's Karyzma Agency celebrates 3rd anniversary Special

Canadian public relations and marketing queen Karine Delage has a major milestone to celebrate. Her PR firm, Karyzma Agency, turns three years old.

Liquid egg shortage will soon affect your pocketbook

The avian bird flu epidemic has left farmers in 15 states with mountainous piles of dead chickens and turkeys to get rid of, and as was expected, consumers with a lot less money in their wallets.

Op-Ed: He left a Hollywood life to become a shoe repair man Special

Some of the most interesting lives can be hidden in ordinary places. Such is the situation of a small business owner who left the excitement of the Rodeo Drive scene in Hollywood to take over the family business.

How female entrepreneurs are taking over Canada

Since the financial crisis a few years ago, Canadian women have been leading the charge into entrepreneurship. A new report have highlighted that it’s a boon for the economy when women start businesses.

Op-Ed: Is alternative finance a silver bullet for SMEs seeking funding?

Alternative finance is the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) world’s latest buzz term, promising companies a flexible recourse from a financial landscape dominated for too long by the shrinking availability of bank loans.

Verizon buys AOL for $4.4 billion

Verizon, the largest wireless carrier in the U.S., announced Tuesday it will be acquiring AOL in a landmark $4.4 billion deal.

Amazon goes gender neutral in toy department by removing labels

The Online retail giant Amazon, has decided to remove the labels 'boys' 'toys' and 'girls' 'toys' from its search filters.

Bloomberg's Mark Halperin apologizes for Ted Cruz interview

Mark Halperin, the managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, apologized on Monday for his recent interview with presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that was interpreted as racially insensitive.

U.S. has a really bad case of the Avian flu, and it's not good

State and federal officials have been struggling to find a safe way to dispose of the nearly 21 million birds infected with the H5N2 avian flu virus or destroyed to contain the disease.

You can order food through Google search results on your phone

Those searching for delivery or takeout using Google from their mobile phone will now be able to order food via the search results.

Big Pharma: Alexion buys Synageva

Pharma company Alexion, which specializes in rare disease research, has purchased a smaller drug developer, Synageva biopharmaceuticals, for over $8 billion.

Will kale help McDonald's shake off its 'junk food' image?

McDonald's Corp. is testing a variety of new menu options in an attempt to turnaround its lagging profits. On Wednesday, the company announced nine Southern California restaurants will begin offering breakfast bowls featuring kale.

The dark side of the manicure industry exposed by NYT

Manicurists often work for no wages and subsist on meager tips until their employers decide they are good enough for a wage, according to an explosive new investigation by the New York Times.

Top award for Norfolk heating specialists Special

A Norfolk heating specialist has won a top national award for its pivotal role in reviving a Victorian hall for use by the community.

Comcast customers to get $20 when tech doesn't show up on time

Comcast is hiring thousands of new customer service employees, and customers whose techs don't show up on time will receive $20 bill credits.

IBM launches huge partnership with Facebook

IBM is reeling in partnerships with major tech companies like a champion bass fisherman on a stocked pond. On Wednesday, IBM announced its latest partner: Facebook.

Nearly 150 ingredients to be dropped from Panera Bread menu

Panera Bread has plans to remove at least 150 artificial ingredients from its menu. The company plans on doing this in the coming months.

Iowa governor Branstad declares state of emergency over bird flu

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad on Friday declared a state of emergency, with over 17 million chickens and turkeys dead, dying, or scheduled to be euthanized because of the widening spread of the avian flu virus.

Big Pharma: Teva bids $40 billion for Mylan

Israel-based pharmaceutical company Teva makes an unsolicited offer for a smaller, Netherlands-based rival called Mylan, as its main product faces competition from generics.

Genetic screening set to become big business

Genetics testing is set to become big business and several rounds of investment and deals have taken place, with start-up companies preparing for a rise in the public's interest in predictive genetic testing,

Op-Ed: HR is not a dirty word — TINYPulse breaks through Special

In the job market and the workplace, there’s one continuous factor — aconstant scream from employees about workplace problems. What you don’t see are the people trying to fix the problems.

Op-Ed: Trade shows remain top value in B2B marketing

The past few years, the business media has focused its coverage on emerging tools such as social media, mobile, and wearables as new platforms for sales and marketing.

Why Skechers could be Nike's biggest threat

Thanks to some recent investments, Skechers is now one of the hottest shoe companies in America. It's also one of the most underrated, according to a recent report by Morgan Stanley.

Saudi Arabia bans import of poultry meat from Ontario, Canada

Saudi Arabia, the world's second largest importer of chicken meat and eggs, has banned the import of those products from Ontario Province, Canada because of an avian flu outbreak on three farms.

Bud Light to remove 'No' from its vocabulary after criticism

"The Perfect Beer For Removing 'No' From Your Vocabulary For The Night." So went the slogan printed on Bud Light bottles, suggesting drinking the beer would remove any inhibitions the drinker might have. No one thought it was cute, and told them as much.

Gazprom net profits drop sevenfold in 2014 on ruble, Ukraine

Russia's gas giant Gazprom on Wednesday reported its net profits in 2014 plunged sevenfold over the previous year, weighed down by economic sanctions and the devaluation of the ruble.

Prospects for Australia's biggest coal mine in doubt

India-based Adani Mining still wants to build the largest coal-mining operation ever seen in Australia. But the latest to come out of the proceedings going on in the Land Court of Queensland are telling another story.

US farms hit by bird flu – but a vaccine might make things worse

Eight million chickens and turkeys have been destroyed at 70 farms in 13 states due to the spreading H5N2 bird flu virus. Health officials are cautiously optimistic the virus will not affect humans, but are offering antiviral drugs to farm workers.

Should you try to win business awards for your company?

Entering your company in a business awards contest may sound appealing, but make sure to watch out for certain red flags first.
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