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Germany said Sunday that it expects the International Monetary Fund to continue participating in the bailout for debt-stricken Greece, despite the lender's doubts on the issue.

Calif. Refinery fire — Two years to the day of previous explosion

An explosion and fire erupted at a Torrance, California oil refinery, two years after an explosion at the same plant rocked the city, crippled the plant and injured four workers.

Kinder-Morgan in talks with investors on Trans Mountain pipeline

Institutional investors, as well as major Canadian pension funds and private equity firms, have begun talks with Kinder-Morgan as the company tries to raise the $5.2 billion for the expansion of its Trans Mountain Pipeline project.

ConocoPhillips decides to sell some of its Canadian natgas assets

In a deal that could fetch as much as $2.0 billion, ConocoPhillips, the largest independent U.S. oil producer, has decided to sell some of its conventional natural gas assets in Canada.

Austria to sue Airbus over Eurofighter deal

Austria said Thursday that it will sue European aerospace giant Airbus over a $2-billion sale of Eurofighter jets that has long been plagued by allegations of kickbacks.

Op-Ed: For 3rd consecutive day U.S. and Canada stock indices set records

There may be mayhem in the political news market with Trump facing all sorts of criticism about some of his administration members' relationship with Russia. There are also constant complaints about the uncertainty of his policies.

S. Korea court mulls fresh bid to arrest Samsung heir

The scion of South Korean giant Samsung appeared in court Thursday as judges deliberate a second attempt by prosecutors to arrest him over a corruption scandal embroiling impeached President Park Geun-Hye.

Great Plains gets over half its power from wind for first time

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, wind turbines for a short time powered more than 50 percent of the electricity demand on the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) grid, a first for a grid in North America.

Fortune cookie writer steps down citing writer's block

A man who wrote fortune cookies for Wonton Food Inc. is giving up his position. After writing fortunes for 30 years, 68-year-old Donald Lau says he has writer’s block and is now incapable of writing more than a few fortunes every month.

Posen ditches NY runway to promote fashion democracy

Designers live to set trends, and celebrity favorite Zac Posen sought to jolt New York fashion out of its slumber party by ditching the runway for portraiture on Valentine's Day.

Brazilian town embraces universal income experiment

Does being handed money every month -- no strings attached -- sound attractive? The residents of a small town in Brazil are finding out.

Ukraine's economy grows nearly 5%

Ukraine said Tuesday its economy expanded at a surprisingly fast pace of nearly five percent in the fourth quarter as it continued its steady climb out of a two-year recession.

U.S. and Canadian stock indices reach new record highs

The Toronto stock market rose again today after setting records on Friday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with U.S. president Donald Trump. They both vowed to strengthen economic ties.

Tim Cook: Giving away Apple tech for free will sell more iPhones

A short remark by Apple CEO Tim Cook to The Independent reveals a big part of the master plan behind Swift — an Apple-created programming language that's found a large-and-growing group of fans.

U.S. automakers want Trump to lower vehicle emission standards

The CEOs of 18 major automakers and their U.S. units are banking on Donald Trump's commitment to jobs in the automotive sector and have sent him a letter urging him to reconsider greenhouse gas standards instituted during the Obama administration.

Samsung scion summoned again over corruption scandal

Prosecutors summoned the scion of South Korean giant Samsung again on Monday in connection with a corruption scandal that led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye.

France calls on Germany to hike investment spending

French Economy Minister Michel Sapin has dismissed a US attack on Germany's trade surplus but urged Europe's biggest economy to boost its spending on investment.

Op-Ed: Toronto Stock Exchange reaches record high as do U.S. markets

While media reports are all about the problems and protests generated by U.S. President's Donald Trump policies stock markets at the end of the week continue what many call the Trump rally.

Musk calls attack on Tesla working conditions 'outrageous'

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is denying allegations that factory workers are subject to poor working conditions. In fact, Musk called the allegations "morally outrageous," in a direct message with Gizmodo.

Deutsche Boerse boss faces new insider trading questions

Insider trading suspicions against Deutsche Boerse chief Carsten Kengeter took a new turn Friday after a German media report that he discussed merger plans with the London Stock Exchange with a government official shortly before a large share purchase....

'Panama Papers' firm partner says Panama leader received Odebrecht 'donations'

A partner in the law firm at the heart of the "Panama Papers" scandal fell out publicly with Panama's president -- a former friend -- on Thursday, accusing him of accepting "donations" from a Brazilian company that has admitted to graft.

Shell begins consultations to decommission North Sea oil assets

On Wednesday, Royal Dutch Shell submitted a plan to the British government for the decommissioning of parts of its production infrastructure in the Brent Oilfield in the North Sea now that the oil reserves have been depleted in the field.

Coal-fired power plants losing ground in favor of LNG, renewables

While President Trump has vowed to put America's coal miners back to work and in effect, bring a dirty fossil fuel back, our country's coal-fired power plants have moved on, being replaced by cleaner natural gas and other renewables for electricity.

Greece bailout 'credible' despite IMF criticism: EU

The EU on Tuesday insisted Greece's economy remained on track despite a withering opinion by the IMF that Athens's debt was "unsustainable" and calling for further European debt relief.

Op-Ed: Trump rally pauses amid signs that problems might lie ahead

The U.S. markets have pulled back slightly today from the renewed Trump surge on Friday. However, the political furor over Trump moves such as his travel ban seem to be offset by positive expectations of Trump policies with respect to business.

Weakening gasoline demand in U.S. has refiners worried

U.S. refiners are facing the prospect of another year of dismal earnings as a weakening demand for gasoline at the pumps continues its downward spiral.

Africa mining sector meets amid commodity price comeback

Investors and mining firms gather Monday at Africa's biggest industry conference amid a newfound optimism that the uptick in commodity prices could shore up investment after years of downturn.

Federal regulators approve four gas projects ahead of cutoff

Late on Thursday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gave its approval to the $4 billion Rover natural gas pipeline, the $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise pipeline and two smaller pipelines before the agency lost its ability to act.

Op-Ed: Trump bestows blessings on Wall Street repealing regulations

This week the U.S. Dow Jones Index of stock prices had begun to show signs of investor unease with Trump's actions as it dropped back below its record 20,000 but now Trump is delivering on deregulation and the index has again moved over 20,000 today.

Trump orders review of Dodd-Frank financial reforms

President Donald Trump on Friday ordered a review of key reforms enacted after the 2008 financial crisis, in the first step towards scaling back toughened regulations on the banking industry.

Ivanka Trump brand axed at US retailer Nordstrom

US fashion retailer Nordstrom has dropped the Ivanka Trump line of shoes and clothing, citing slow sales after a campaign to boycott stores doing business with the new US president's family.

China billionaire-linked stocks plunge in Shanghai

Stocks linked to missing Chinese billionaire Xiao Jianhua tumbled Friday as investors ignored a statement saying business at his vast empire was “normal” following reports of his abduction by security agents.

Billion-dollar Odebrecht scandal engulfs Latin America

For years, Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht landed huge public works contracts by paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes.

Op-Ed: Roubini claims markets honeymoon with Trump will soon be over

After Donald Trump's surprise election as president, U.S. stock markets rallied as Trump promised a large infrastructure program, together with deregulation in several sectors including health care, energy, and financial services.

NAFTA negotiation may start in May: Mexico

Mexico's government expects negotiations to modify the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and the United States, one of US President Donald Trump's key demands, to begin in May.

Google's Eric Schmidt says Donald Trump will 'do evil things'

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, told company employees that President Donald Trump is "going to do evil things."

One income for all: far-fetched, or future fact?

It is a utopian idea, literally, but is enjoying a renaissance as politicians and policy wonks grapple with technology-driven changes that could redefine our very understanding of work.

Saudi Arabia forced to introduce taxes as oil revenues slump

Saudi Arabia residents have long enjoyed a tax-free existence supplemented by heavy subsidies on some products. With the steep decline in oil prices and revenues this is all changing.

Trump economic advisor bashes Germany on currency: report

A top economic advisor to US President Donald Trump bashed Germany for exploiting an undervalued euro to take advantage of its trading partners, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.

Baltic PMs sign deal to build high-speed rail link

Baltic state leaders inked a deal Tuesday to build a high-speed rail link to Berlin and Western Europe that has taken on added significance due to concerns over a resurgent Russia.

Protests against Trump ban help drive U.S. stocks lower

Up until this weekend U.S. stock markets had reacted positively to Donald Trump becoming president in spite of the fact that he had pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and pledged to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Act.
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