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In what might one of the most unique ways to try and draw people to a town anywhere, Vulcan, Alberta is at the center of an Indiegogo campaign.

Legal marijuana enhances craft beer in Colorado Special

Concern that legal pot in Colorado would compete with the state's world class beer scene appears to be unfounded. Four Colorado breweries report on their experience in the new market place.

Op-Ed: Small businesses need Walmart to anchor their shopping centers

To be sure, Walmart is the retailer left-wing politicians love to hate. However, in St. Petersburg, Florida, America’s most successful retailer is sorely missed.

Op-Ed: Strapped for resources? Consider outsourcing these tasks

For many small businesses scattered across the country, it’s not the lack of ingenuity or foresight that leads to failure or bankruptcy; it’s almost always a lack of resources.

Rogers and Shaw launch Netflix-like service called 'Shomi'

Shaw Communications and Rogers Communications have teamed up to launch 'Shomi,' a video-on demand service with more than 10,000 hours of popular TV shows.

Op-Ed: Sayonara SEO firms, hello content relations

Oh search engines; you glorious portals to millions of tidbits of information that have made settling arguments over useless facts painless.

Look how much VC money is being offered to men, not women

We all know that women are vastly underrepresented in the tech industry. We've seen some encouraging signs that this is changing...

S&P 500 closes over 2,000 for first time as Obama rally continues

U.S. stocks rose to another record level as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index closed above the 2,000 mark for the first time, after piercing the 2,000 mark in Monday trading, as reports showed the biggest ever jump in durable-goods orders of 22.6 percent

Quake-hit Napa starts putting things back together

A Northern California city that took the brunt of Sunday morning's major earthquake has begun the arduous task of rebuilding damaged buildings, businesses and infrastructure.

Burger King may move to Canada over high U.S. corporate taxes

Fast food giant Burger King, headquartered in Miami, Florida, may be about to lose its corporate tan by moving to Canada to escape higher corporate taxes in the U.S. by acquiring Tim Hortons.

Op-Ed: Putin uses army to manipulate oil prices

Making him among perhaps the most cynical, if short-sighted, world leaders in history, Russia’s president is attacking and then withdrawing from Ukraine to drive oil prices up.

Can Groupon UK pull off its new revamp to inspire more browsing?

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, deal finder website Groupon relaunched its UK service so that it can reinvent itself as an "online marketplace," indirectly competing with eBay. But the question remains: can its new mission of attracting more users work?

Op-Ed: Hitler outpolled Putin

Much has been reported recently about Russian President Vladimir Putin doing better in polls than President Barack Obama. But Hitler did far better.

US dollar’s forex rate mixed in Asia

The dollar had a mixed foreign exchange rate in Asia on Thursday after briefly rising due to comments from Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve.

Indian finance minister pushing for low-tax regime

Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley changed his cover photo on his Facebook profile a few days ago to reflect his and his government's attitude that favors a low-tax regime conducive for business.

Sears reports losing $574M; 9th straight quarterly loss

Shares of Sears Holdings (SHLD) fell over 7 percent yesterday after reporting revenue losses and earnings that missed analyst forecasts. The stock closed the day at $33.38, which was down 2.57 points, and a trading loss for the day of 7.15 percent.

Op-Ed: News Corp forces destruction of its leaked accounts

In a move which has surprised even regular News Corp critics, the company has forced Australian online journal Crikey to destroy copies of leaked information regarding News Corp newspaper financial reports.

Scottish nationalists accused of inflating oil reserves by 60%

Sir Ian Wood, the most prominent figure in the Scottish oil industry, has warned Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party is exaggerating North Sea oil reserves by up to 60 percent.

Weak loonie doesn't stop Canadians from shopping in U.S.

Apparently, many Canadians still prefer to shop in American stores even if it costs them a half-tank of gas to do it. The reasons relates to high Canadian taxes and more competitive U.S. retail pricing.

Uber tests new delivery service in D.C.

The popular car service company is test-driving a new product delivery service in the nation's capital. However, the test area leaves out African American and Hispanic neighborhoods.

The Mobile Data Effect: Why advertisers moved online, and how Resonate is bringing them back Promoted

Few things can be as difficult as marketing. Firms want to know how to reach, intrigue, and persuade consumers, all without breaking the bank. To accomplish this, brands need to know where the consumers are and what they want.

Op-Ed: Seven steps to cope with overload at work

Are you overworked, overloaded and over-stressed at work? Some people work hard every day but find that they never seem to get ahead. Tasks just keep piling up. What can you do if you are in this situation?

Standard Chartered fined $300 mn over laundering controls

New York state's banking regulator Tuesday hit Standard Chartered Bank with a $300 million fine and restrictions on its dollar-clearing business for failing to detect possible money-laundering.

Op-Ed: Woes continue for suicidal SeaWorld as it eyes foreign markets

With shares of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (SEAS) plunging nearly 34 percent, the decline of SeaWorld in just 19 months is not a surprise. Now the park is eyeing overseas partnerships.

Op-Ed: Russia to use Chinese credit cards

Russia is planning to vastly increase the use of China UnionPay credit cards to compete with Visa and Master Card which provide almost all credit card services in Russia at present.

The Washington Post embeds Amazon 'Buy It Now' links in articles

Major US newspaper The Washington Post has begun embedding ‘Buy It Now’ buttons linking to e-retailer Amazon in online versions of articles appearing in its ‘Books’ section.

As Russia bans western foods other countries profit

As Russia bans many food imports from the west in response to sanctions by the EU, the US, Australia and Canada, other countries are coming forward to take advantage of the situation for their own producers.

Glow-in-the-dark houseplants get venture backing

After raising more than $450,000 on Kickstarter, a start-up company making glow-in-the-dark houseplants attracts funding from a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. The plants will be marketed to consumers soon.

Vascular Biogenics bizarrely terminates IPO

The Israeli firm Vascular Biogenics has withdrawn its initial public offering (IPO) after six days of trading from NASDAQ.

Health insurers' revenues continues strong growth under Obamacare

Wall Street is bullish on President Barack Obama as the "Obama stock market rally" continues its upward trajectory. The S&P 500 Health Care Index is at or near its all-time high and for good reason that can be summed in one word: Obamacare.

Al Gore sues Al Jazeera America over Current TV sale

Al Gore, former vice president under Bill Clinton and the Democratic presidential nominee who lost to George W. Bush in 2000, has filed suit against Al Jazeera America, the Middle East media company that purchased Current TV from him last year.

Europe records zero economic growth in second quarter

With 19,130,000 people out of work, Europe rather desperately needs economic growth. However, during the second quarter of 2014 there was none of that going on.

India’s foreign exchange reserves plunge by $573.5 million

Because of a significant drop in currency assets for the week ending on August 1, India’s foreign exchange reserves went down to $319.99 billion, according to data compiled by the Reserve Bank of India.

How competition hurts us: An interview with Margaret Heffernan Special

What makes us competitive, either in business, education or dating, can be detrimental to our career success and overall well-being, argues author Margaret Heffernan in her new book A Bigger Prize. She spoke to us about competition's ugly side.

Restauraunt offers discount for ordering in character voices

Sales tactics and creative advertising are two concepts constantly being analyzed by business professionals around the world. Oddly, a small burger shack in California has shown mastery of these important skills with a silly, effective campaign.

Superstore Macy’s takes a hit in decapitation case

A major settlement was negotiated on Monday, August 11th, between Macy’s and the family of a 65-year-old man, Roy Polanco, who was decapitated in 2009 by machinery at a distribution center.

Op-Ed: An early-stage valuation primer part 1

Early-stage valuation of a startup is critically important yet is far too often badly misunderstood. There are several key things you need to consider in the valuation of your very young venture.

When less is more — Mini-Oreos and small-town America

Hart’s Location, NH, population 41, famous for being the first to announce its election results, will soon be part of a cookie promotion campaign. The Nabisco company plans to send each resident a parcel of its new line of mini-Oreos.

Uber staff cancel nearly 5,000 rides from rival company

The claws come out. According to reports, Uber employees have scheduled and canceled about 5,560 rides from their rival company Lyft. That's according to a report that dates back to last October.

Barneys agrees to pay $525,000 to settle racial profiling case

Two African-American customers claimed that Managers at Barneys of New York were racially profiling black and Latino customers. Now after several months they have agreed to pay $525,000 to settle the charges.

Axe body spray changes advertising tactics

If you've owned a TV over the last 15 years, chances are you've seen one of Axe's numerous ads, in which a man sprays himself with Axe and attracts a gaggle of women.
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