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It basically boiled down to figuring out how to make money with the technology. Once we wrapped our brains around that, the money started to flow. The same thing is about to happen with Green technology.

How CMOs can calculate their value

What is the job, exactly? What are you trying to accomplish? Some marketing executives will list standard marketing measurements like response rates, search ranking, and website traffic.

Lockheed Martin monitoring employees, union activity at Walmart

Walmart has hired an intelligence-gathering team from Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest defense contracting companies in the world, to survey its employees and keep track of union activity, Bloomberg's Susan Berfield reports.

Arrests of senator, bank CEO deepen Brazil corruption probe

Brazilian police on Wednesday arrested a senior ruling party senator and a billionaire investment banker in the ever-intensifying probe of a huge corruption network centered on state oil giant Petrobras.

Op-Ed: Steady but slow progress for the economy

Costco has an E. Coli problem. Nineteen people have been infected with E. coli in California, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. They have tracked the source to Costco’s rotisserie chicken salad.

Op-Ed: Tobruk government may sabotage huge Glencore deal with NOC

Before the rebellion against Gadaffi, Libya was pumping 1.6 million barrels of oil a day. Now, it is pumping about one quarter of that amount with new problems constantly popping up.

Coca-Cola's chief science officer steps down

Coca-Cola's chief science and health officer is stepping down following an outcry about the company's funding to an anti-obesity group.

French entertainment industry wants $75 million in gov't aid

France's live entertainment industry was hard hit by the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, and has demanded $50 million euros (US$75 million) in government aid to help in getting past the crisis.

Pfizer to buy Allergan for $160 billion

Pfizer is planning to buy Allergan for $160 billion. When the deal is completed, it will become the world's largest drug company.

Op-Ed: Pfizer to buy Allergan in $160 billion deal

Foreclosures and short sales dropped to 6 percent in October, down from 9 percent a year ago, and the lowest level since the National Association of Realtors stared tracking distressed sales in October 2008.

Ajay Naik, revolutionising music education Special

The Leicester-based founder of Echo Factory, the only music school in the Midlands that offers degree courses in music performance and in music business, chats to Digital Journal.

Op-Ed: The S&P 500 index gained 3.3% for the week

Since 1987, DJIA has logged gains in 22 of 28 years from the close on Friday after Thanksgiving to year-end. The S&P 500 is up 0.5 percent in November and 1.5 percent thus far in 2015. There are 28 trading days remaining in 2015.

What B2B marketers can learn from Movember

It’s November so it must be Movember, right? Throwing caution to the wind, men are growing moustaches with various degrees of success.

How to deal with fake traffic and bots

You’ve heard about bots and traffic fraud. You know it exists but are you aware of how prevalent it is and how it can affect your B2B firm’s bottom line?

Op-Ed: Data scientists identify influential consumers who increase sales

Data scientists have identified a new group of influential consumers who can increase sales for any business. This group of consumers use emotions to influence brand loyalty with others.

Carlos Slim only real contendor for $13B Mexico City airport bid

Mexico City is in desperate need of a new airport, and the flailing project may have found a savior in Carlos Slim. This could leave other infrastructure companies out in the cold, but it may give the city the best chance of meeting its 2020 deadline.

Op-Ed: Nice little planet — Financial review

The Federal Reserve published the minutes of the last FOMC meeting and earlier today, 3 more Fed policymakers said they support a rate hike in December.

The future of Coca-Cola's business is not its signature drink

Coke wants customers to realize that it is much more than its namesake soda. The company announced Wednesday it will be begin selling a carbonated-version of the brand Smartwater this month.

Op-Ed: Inflation rates may rise soon — Financial review

You’re not just imagining it. Prices are going up, except for commodities. And the price of energy has an oversized influence on the annual inflation rate.

Op-Ed: Paris, its effect on financial markets, and the S&P 500

The response in the US has been to fly French flags at football games. The NYSE and NASDAQ observed a minute of silence at 9:25 AM Eastern, before the opening bell.

Freeing Africans from tyranny one phone at a time Special

In Africa, where roads are often impassible and conflict has put whole swaths of territory off-limits, the Internet is playing a pivotal role in bringing people together.

Warnings issued about Canadian housing market

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.(CMHC) released an unsettling picture of what could happen if there were a severe correction in the Canadian housing market.

China's new Silk Road: boom or dust for Pakistan?

A glossy highway and hundreds of lorries transporting Chinese workers by the thousands: the new Silk Road is under construction in northern Pakistan, but locals living on the border are yet to be convinced they will receive more from it than dust.

Op-Ed: Consumers are bargain bloodhounds — Financial Review

The downturn turned us into bargain bloodhounds. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of department stores and malls as we know them.

Op-Ed: Show me the data — Financial review

And the IMF has a point. The Fed may be anxious to raise rates but for all their talk they haven’t rolled out the data to back that position.

Apple issues apology to 6 black students kicked out of store

The Apple Corporation issued an apology to the six African-Australian students who were kicked out of one of their retail stores in Melbourne. It appears to be a horrific case of racial profiling.

Italian firms probed in olive oil scam

Prosecutors in Turin are probing seven Italian firms, including Carapelli, Bertolli and Sasso. The probe stems from allegations that the firms falsely sold olive oil products as "extra virgin."

Using specialty consulting firms to improve B2B processes

Every B2B company, whether large or small, will use a consulting firm at some point. But many specialty firms exist that can help B2B firms proactively find processes within their operations that can be corrected before something goes wrong.

Op-Ed: Why SEO firms are a dying industry and PR is the future of rank

Google quietly updated its algorithm, Panda 4.2, over this summer and even today, it continues to change the way businesses are discovered on the web. Here is what we can learn about the latest version of Panda and what you can do to improve your SEO.

Snail caviar a slimy delight for Sicilian start-up

It has an earthy taste with hints of grass and mushroom: snail caviar is a growing trend in Europe, the delicate white eggs sprinkled on everything from canapes to beef dishes and beetroot.

Philippines gears up for APEC 2015 Economic Leaders Summit

After a year-long preparation for the hosting of the 2015 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, the Philippines is now putting finishing touches on various projects and support services necessary for the successful holding of the yearly affair

Rapidly changing women's fashions challenging for Banana Republic

Is Banana Republic running out of time? That's the view of many industry analysts interviewed by Cable News Network (CNN), who say the once-iconic clothier has fallen out-of-step with rapidly changing women's fashions.

Mining giant Rio Tinto using driverless trucks at its mines

Two mines in Western Australia have become the first in the world to start moving all of their iron ore using driverless trucks.

Cable companies so scared of Netflix they're showing fewer ads

Major TV networks are so scared of Netflix they are actually starting to show fewer ads. Companies like Time Warner, Fox, and Viacom have begun to reverse the trend of trying to shove as many ads in your face as possible.

Yukon's startup scene to get a boost with new partnership

The Yukon may not be the first place one thinks of when it comes to startup scenes, but the partnership between YuKonstruct Makerspace Society and Startup Canada should help boost the arctic region's nascent scene.

France sells iconic Vienna palace to Qatar

France has sold an iconic neoclassical palace with a large park in the heart of Vienna to Qatar following a belt-tightening drive.

CEO Matt Keezer: Momentum Ventures launching $500K challenge Commissioned

Starting a business can be a costly, risky, and life-altering investment. One Montreal, Quebec-based technology company is looking to put in the heavy lifting for you, if you are up for the challenge.

Tumblr's David Hayes talks the power of creativity in marketing Special

When Tumblr wanted to land marketing campaigns, it could have chosen generic photos and stale copy. Instead, it embraced members of its own community to create truly memorable, "collectible" campaigns.

Brazil shuts mudslide mine in new blow to companies

Brazilian authorities have halted operations at an iron ore mine where the collapse of a waste reservoir triggered a deadly mudslide, the latest blow to co-owners BHP Billiton and Vale.

World energy use to grow one-third over 25 years: IEA

Global energy use is set to grow by one-third over the next 25 years, driven mostly by emerging economies, the International Energy Agency said on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Christmas can't be found on a cup — Inside the Starbucks cup fiasco

Starbucks' new red holiday cup was hit with some ridiculously absurd social media buzz this past weekend after an Internet evangelist decided the cup offended his Christian beliefs.
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