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U.S. based carriers rank as the world's most profitable and the world's least comfortable. It is based on the rankings given at this years awards at the air show going on right now.

City of Seoul plans to ban Uber

On Monday Uber, a transportation network company that allows people to connect with rides via an app, found itself banned in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

Op-Ed: Tips to writing an impressing SAP resume

The IT industry is going and if you are entering, you may be developing for by far the biggest software companies today. While looking for a SAP based job, there are a number of ways to emphasize on your resume to fit this career field.

Op-Ed: Why Google bought Songza — Brains, innovation and advertising Special

While Google is “organizing the world’s information,” advertising still accounts for its core revenue. Why buy Songza, of all music-focused startups out there? Here's my take on what Songza did differently, and how Songza might save advertising.

Op-Ed: Best practices for getting inexpensive business loans

With the economic downturn and the global recession of 2007 through 2009, one of the hardest hit groups was small businessmen.

U.S. retailers invasion of Canada stirs competition

Canadian retailers, already hurting from diminished sales, will soon have to compete with six additional large U.S. retail chains looking to expand their customer base in Canada.

Forbes sold to investors based in Hong Kong

After 97 years of purely family ownership, Forbes Media has announced that it has sold a majority stake in the company to a Hong Kong investment firm.

Op-Ed: When you don't know what you want, that's what you get

Given that things must be produced for a sufficiently broad segment of the population, how can we ever expect to find what it is that we truly want?

Bizarre Microsoft layoff letter

Microsoft have announced that they are laying off some 18,000 staff. This large number has shocked many people, not least the employees. Some employees are also a little angry about how they found out about the news.

Op-Ed: Oil trains and the new regulations — It all comes down to money

America's energy boom is still going strong, and the oil trains continue to roll, moving millions of gallons of black gold from North Dakota's Bakken oil patch to refineries on the East Coast. But, will new safety rules lead to the end of oil trains?

Op-Ed: What people do not tell you about small business freelancing

Are you incredibly skilled, charismatic and even intelligent? Freelancing may still not be for you. Come read about the other side of being a freelancer.

BRIC nations set up their own development bank

Leaders of emerging powers Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) and South Africa held talks in Brasilia Brazil with leaders of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Warren Buffett donates $2.8 billion to charities

Warren Buffett broke his own record by donating $2.8 billion dollars to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and family charities through selling stock.

U.S. power plant turns to Russia for coal

Power companies are now feeling the economic affects of this past winter's freezing temperatures, so much so that when New Hampshire's largest utility needed to replenish its coal supplies, they looked to Russia rather than Wyoming or Appalachia.

Op-Ed: Murdoch takeover offer for Time Warner — Brilliant or overreach?

Rupert Murdoch’s $85 cash and scrip offer for Time Warner is a bold move by any standards. It’s also a very risky move in a stock market at record highs. The accountancy is tricky, but the positioning is undeniably a killer move — if it works.

Op-Ed: Is new technology making communication easier for businesses?

With technology at its peak, how exactly does it affect business communications? Is this effect good or bad? And how do customers respond to this form of communication?

Time Warner rejects Rupert Murdoch's bid to buy company for $80B

Andrew Ross Sorkin, co-anchor of CNBC's Squawk Box, reported exclusively that Rupert Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox has made an $80B takeover bid for Time Warner in cash and stock. That offer was rejected by the Time Warner board, reported Sorkin.

Op-Ed: How good content can improve your company's brand

SEOs and content professionals can drive value for small businesses such as restaurants and retailers. Much of the Web consists of keyword stuffing and duplicate content: non-value-added text that are simply rehashed for click-bait purposes.

San Diego minimum wage to rise in 2015

Some big changes are coming for San Diegans working minimum wage jobs: effective next year, the minimum wage will rise to $9.75, and companies will be required to give all workers five sick days a year.

Op-Ed: Iowa among the worst for minority business owners Special

According to both the SBA and Bloomberg, Iowa is among the worst states for MBE's (Minority Business Enterprises). Can business owners turn the tide?

Citigroup to pay $7 billion to settle U.S. financial claims

U.S. banking giant Citigroup Inc. agreed Monday to pay $7 billion to settle government claims that it lied to investors when it sold them some $30 billion in financial products backed by subprime mortgages, precipitating the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Newspaper reporter listed as an endangered job

The newspaper and publishing industries are facing increased pressures from the rise of the electronic tablet and phone markets and decreasing revenues from advertising and it has caused many to see the news reporter job as endangered.

Where can aquaculture companies fish for more leaders? Promoted

They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but these days, there’s plenty more fish in the aquaculture farm. Here's what you need to know about this burgeoning business.

Op-Ed: El Sisi follows through on demands of the IMF in Egypt

More than a week after President El-Sisi slashed fuel subsidies by up to 80 per cent there have been virtually no street protests, violence, or massive strikes although there has been much grumbling.

Sotheby's and eBay form partnership for streaming auction

Online retail giant eBay and luxury item dealer Sotheby's are teaming up to deliver a joint online auction. Bids will be placed in real time with the stream so that viewers can watch each piece as it is bought.

Nationwide loses $18 million over small car crash case

No one was killed and it would only have cost Nationwide around $25,000 to fix a damaged jeep for Sherri Berg who was hit while pulling onto a highway. Instead Nationwide fought the case for almost 20 years and lost it to the amount of $18 million.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing may be helpful to some companies and economies

Outsourcing has become a bad word for many people because of the perceived negative economic impact, but is it really as bad as people say? For some companies, it may be a positive thing.

Obama’s SupplierPay initiative hopes to shorten wait for payments

In an effort to support small businesses, Obama is pushing for major corporations to pay suppliers more quickly, as revealed by The White House on Friday.

Canadian loonie falls against U.S. dollar; unemployment up

After achieving parity with the US dollar last year, the Canadian loonie has lost value precipitously. By the end of Friday the Canadian dollar exchanged at a rate of .93 against the American dollar.

Amazon charges customers a penny per order to negate French law

After French authorities placed a number of restrictions on Amazon to protect in-country suppliers the company has fired back with a one-penny solution.

Compounding pharmacy regulations put in place

Two years after a deadly nationwide meningitis outbreak linked to a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick has signed a law aimed at addressing a "gray area" between state and federal oversight of pharmacies.

LinkedIn wants your contacts to be more than just names

The new app, LinkedIn Connected, aims to turn contacts into connections and give users what they want on their mobile devices.

The Meteor Guitar Gallery is open and amped Special

For many decades, untold numbers of people were entertained within the walls of the venerable Meteor Theater. Now a local entrepreneur, who turned his passion into a rocking business, is restoring the building and featuring new and vintage guitars.

The Charter Market of St. Albans: Now into its 12th century Special

One can go all the way back to the ninth century to document trading on market stalls along St. Peters Street in St. Albans, and now the twice weekly market is still as popular as ever in a city that was once a Roman stronghold.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing America: $3 an hour

Remember your old office job? The one you got laid off from? The good news is you can get it back. The bad news? No overtime, no benefits- and you'll have to underbid $3.00 an hour contractors from Pakistan.

$7 billion Citibank mortgage repayment deal may be in the works

The financial world is swirling with rumors that Citibank is about to pay back around $7 billion to those they reportedly cheated on bad or unfair mortgages.

Debt settlement programs do more harm than good

A report found that debt settlement companies do more harm than good to the person who is seeking to manage their debt and remains a risky financial venture.

Op-Ed: Japan, Israel sign R&D agreement

Japan and Israel have signed a research and development cooperation agreement, the first such agreement Japan has signed with another country.

Air New Zealand pulls bikini model ads after complaints

Air New Zealand (ANZ) thought that everything would be fine after it released a comical safety video featuring supermodels from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. That was until quite a few flyers took offense.

Coors Light treasure hunt derails Toronto traffic

Officials at Coors Light thought it would be a great idea to hide cases of beer around Toronto this summer. The search and rescue promotion was meant to be fun but instead caused a bomb scare which derailed traffic and went viral on social media.

If Hobby Lobby was a Muslim-run business imposing Sharia law...

In a post on the website for his new play, Allegiance, the openly gay, former Star Trek actor George Takei commented on last week's Hobby Lobby decision by the United States Supreme Court.
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