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Denmark-inspired "Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030," is a new global climate alliance with the goal of becoming an engine to drive green growth. The accelerator was launched on Wednesday in the UN Headquarters.

Insurance companies urged to accelerate digital transformation

A new report signals a warning to insurance companies: accelerate your digital transformation and accept disruption, or risk falling behind into a spiral of uncompetitiveness.

Amazon made huge change to its $12 bn cloud computing juggernaut

When Amazon launched Amazon Web Services in 2006, it sparked a cloud computing revolution. No longer would programmers have to buy, build, and maintain their own servers.

China hits back at S&P's 'mistaken' credit downgrade

China on Friday lashed out at the decision by Standard & Poor's to downgrade the country's credit rating, calling the warning against ballooning debt "mistaken" and based on "cliches" about its economy.

NextAI showcases startup talent building AI businesses

NEXT Canada concluded its first NextAI program this week with Venture Day. 15 startups from nine different countries participated in the first year of the program.

Duke Energy invests $30M in two battery storage systems in N.C.

Duke Energy today announced plans to install North Carolina's two largest battery energy storage systems – a $30 million investment as part of the company's Western Carolinas Modernization Plan.

Amazon is hiring 2,000 people in New York City

Amazon is taking another bite out of the Big Apple. The online retail giant is hiring 2,000 more employees over the next three years at a new office in New York City.

China's debt downgraded by second ratings agency

Standard & Poor's slashed China's credit rating on Thursday over warnings that its ballooning debt had raised "economic and financial risks", marking the country's second downgrade this year.

Op-Ed: Florida residents not allowed to use solar power after hurricane

Millions of Florida residents lost power after Hurricane Irma raged through the state. But homeowners with solar energy installations couldn’t use them during the outage because they would be breaking the law.

GM factories power towards 100 percent renewable energy sources

All General Motor's Ohio and Indiana manufacturing facilities will soon meet their electricity needs with 100 percent renewable energy, thanks to GM’s new purchase of 200 MW of wind power, it was announced on Wednesday.

Toshiba says sells chip unit to Bain Capital for around $18 bn

Toshiba said Wednesday it would sell its memory chip business to a group led by US investor Bain Capital, in a deal worth around $18 billion and seen as crucial to keeping the Japanese conglomerate afloat.

Counterculture icon 'Rolling Stone' up for sale

Jann Wenner was just 21 years old when he started the paper "Rolling Stone" that became an icon of the counterculture for baby boomers. Aspiring stars lined up to get on the cover.

Op-Ed: Digital ads tanking? What a surprise.

The underperformance and non-performance of digital ads has been legendary for years. Now, apparently there’s a “crisis of confidence’, even in Google ads. What a surprise. Maybe the wheel will be invented someday, too?

Dataiku looks to increase its share of the data science market

The company Dataiku Inc., which manufactures Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), providing end-to-end advanced analytics and collaborative data science tools, has announced plans to strengthening its platform with new integrations and technologies.

The digital farm and the impact of ‘green’ eggs

Scientists have been tracking the environmental footprint of Canadian egg products and looking at the optimal models of farming to reduce environmental impacts. The model has utilized digital technology.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin price recovering after big slump

Within just a few hours the price plunge of the cryptocurrency bitcoin reversed and bitcoin regained $700 US as the cryptocurrency market along with bitcoin recovered some of its value.

Op-Ed: Three main US indices end week with record highs

In spite of the unpredictable actions of Donald Trump and rising international tensions over Korea, all three major US stock market indices rose on Friday to record new highs.

Fashion brand Lafayette 148 New York goes digital

Firstborn and Isobar have been hired by fashion brand Lafayette 148 New York to lead digital and e-commerce transformation for the business. This signals changes within the fashion sector.

Digital transformation trends for the fashion industry

The days of consumers solely being altered as to the coming trends from the fashion industry by the major shows is receding and the fashion sector is turning to digital methods to promote the latest lines.

Chinese FM talks up trade on Central America visit

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi kept his focus on building trade and investment ties with Central America during a visit that started Friday in Costa Rica.

Elevate Toronto emboldens diverse community of innovators

What began as a pitch to Toronto’s Mayor 90 days ago has become the biggest innovation festival in Canada. Elevate Toronto kicked off its first year in fine form.

Op-Ed: 'Raw Deal' Author says tech does need oversight and regulation Special

As the housing crisis in places like the San Francisco Bay Area continues to place pressure on legislators and city planners, one prominent journalist-author sees technology and unbridled capitalism as a dangerous, perhaps 'demonic mix.'

Here's why Nvidia could go to $250 price target

Not enough people are talking about artificial intelligence. At least, that's the thinking behind Evercore's massive price target increase for Nvidia on Friday.

Murdoch in Australia TV network bid after law changes

News Corporation co-chair Lachlan Murdoch on Friday launched a bid for Australia's third-largest television network after the government struck a deal to make controversial changes to media ownership laws.

Businesses need to assess and disclose climate change risks

Extreme weather events not only disrupt the economy but have a major impact on the operating and financial performance of businesses worldwide. However, risk management and disclosure of climate risks can only take place when the risks are defined.

US agency trims long-term oil price forecast

US energy forecasters trimmed their long-term outlook for oil prices and global energy consumption Thursday on expectations for more tepid economic growth.A key driver in the report, the 2017 International Energy Outlook, is a projected 3.

Op-Ed: Suddenly, Kaspersky is banned? Global game changer in play

The banning of the very popular Kaspersky Internet security software from U.S. government agencies is odder than it looks. The reason for the ban is links to the Kremlin and Russian spy agencies, but think about that for a minute.

All three main U.S. stock indices hit record highs September 13

All three major U.S. indices rose marginally to record highs Wednesday as energy and consumer energy stocks edged upwards offsetting Apple losses.

The value of alternative data in making investment decisions

Alternative data has become an important source of information for investors looking to "beat the market" and come out with an advantage, sometimes known as “capturing alpha.”

Volkswagen to invest $84 billion in electric cars and batteries

German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) has announced that it will spend $84 billion on electric cars and batteries. The company made the announcement at a pre-Frankfurt Motor Show.

Digital disruption increasing in the used car sector

Two digitally based used car dealerships have come together with a new platform aimed at further disrupting the used car market. The partnership is between AutomotiveLeads and CarSwap.

Snap shares soar after Apple demoes the company's AR tech

Shares in social media company Snap spiked by 2 percent yesterday after Apple featured the company's app during its iPhone live event. Demonstrating how Snapchat's AR features run more smoothly on the iPhone X, Apple engineered excitement for the tech.

Op-Ed: A deadly digital transformation? Cryptocurrencies on the rampage

Since Bitcoin started, everyone, meaning absolutely everyone, has been trying to get in on the action. Speculators are plowing money in to cryptocurrency startups, and the monster is getting bigger.

Interview with thought leader on TeleHealth for business Special

For human resources, and businesses in general, the biggest trend in new benefits offerings is shaping up to be TeleHealth, especially the areas of TeleMedicine and TeleTherapy. We spoke with David Reid, CEO of EaseCentral to find out more.

Gambling addict brings landmark Australia poker machine case

A landmark trial began Tuesday against Australian casino giant Crown and gambling slot machine maker Aristocrat, alleging players are misled or deceived about their chances of winning.

Two years after 'dieselgate', can diesel be saved?

Buffeted by scandals and threatened by driving bans, diesel has become the bete noire of the auto industry. But as the second anniversary of 'dieselgate' approaches, is the engine of choice for millions of European drivers really in its death throes?

New battery technologies getting venture investors charged up

For the past two decades, venture investors have embraced clean energy technologies. Now, with the search for better battery technologies, these same investors are turning to battery businesses.

Finnish micro-factory highlights path to business success

The ANT Plant is a Finnish industrial innovation that involves constructing a micro-factory. This approach can challenge the existing practice of mass production in countries with low production costs. A plant is to be set up in the U.S.

Equifax is getting crushed

Equifax has already plunged 18 percent since it announced last week that hackers may have the personal details of nearly half the US population. Options traders are betting that this is only the start.

Japan aims to raise $12 bn in postal giant share sale

Japanese said Monday it would sell off another chunk of the country's massive postal service in a share sale that could raise up to $12 billion.

Businesses turning to performance management software solutions

Constructing an informed, reliable and responsive workforce is important to many businesses and having the ability to track performance is essential to this process. To streamline this, employers are starting to utilize performance management software.
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