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New Nobel economics laureate Angus Deaton is an optimist about economic progress but his theory that poor countries' development could be accelerated by cutting international aid has triggered controversy.

EU orders Spain to submit new budget as election nears

The European Commission on Monday ordered Spain to submit a new draft budget with lower deficit estimates to avoid violating the bloc's tough spending rules, in a blow for the government ahead of Spanish elections.

'Biggest ever tech deal': Dell to acquire EMC for $67 billion

Computer manufacturer Dell has made history by announcing it has purchased storage technology specialists EMC for a record-breaking $67 billion. Dell says it will create the "world's largest privately-controlled, integrated technology company."

Why France, pioneer against foreign bribery, has convicted zero firms

France has failed to convict a single company for corruption abroad since an international anti-bribery convention came into force 15 years ago. Some critics say it is now time to American-ise the judicial system.

US-Anglo consumption expert Angus Deaton wins Nobel Economics Prize

Angus Deaton of Britain and the United States won the Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for his work on consumption, poverty and welfare, the jury said.

Are truck drivers in the U.S. in danger of becoming a rare breed?

The U.S. will face a shortage of nearly 50,000 truck drivers by the end of this year, according to a report by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). That's a sharp uptick from only two years ago when the shortage was pegged at 30,000 drivers.

Op-Ed: Urban Outfitters just asked employees to work for free

With fall in the air, the crush of customers wanting warmer clothes can't be far behind. Retailers like Urban Outfitters are counting on that, and this is why the chain wants its employees to work weekends. For free.

Op-Ed: Harper government signed agreement with accounting lobby group

The incestuous relationship between the Conservative government and business is evident in an agreement between the Canadian Revenue Agency(CRA) and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada(CPAC)

Op-Ed: Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences

After triggering a buy-sell clause in a deal with Michael Jackson’s estate, Sony appears ready to sell its half of the world’s biggest music publisher – Sony/ATV Music Publishing (a company worth about $2 billion).

Op-Ed: This week, companies begin reporting third quarter results

Tomorrow afternoon the Fed will release the minutes of their September FOMC meeting where the Fed did not raise interest rates. That decision has been described as a close call. Tomorrow we’ll get a better idea just how close.

US Volkswagen chief admits knew of emissions problem in 2014

Volkswagen's US chief revealed he knew more than a year ago that the group's cars possibly breached pollution rules, as he prepared to apologize Thursday before Congress over the massive scandal.

Op-Ed: Being powerful has its downside - you're trusted less

Many people seek power, whether this is control over others or economic might. Being seen as powerful can have its downsides, including being seen as less trustworthy by others with similar power.

Pandora buys Ticketmaster competitor Ticketfly for $450 million

Pandora Media, the largest internet radio company, is moving into the ticketing business. Pandora has decided to buy Ticketfly, an independent firm that competes with Ticketmaster.

Op-Ed: U.S. economic slowdown ahead

Officially joining the 0 percent bond club, the U.S. Treasury sold a new government security on Monday containing a three-month maturity and a yield of zero for the first time on record.

Study: 86% of Canadian SMB owners see a sunny future in 2016

Whether we’re facing a recession or an economic boom in 2016, the majority of small business owners still believe their prospects are looking upwards, says a recent survey.

EU agrees greater transparency on tax deals after LuxLeaks scandal

EU ministers agreed on Tuesday to a mandatory system for national authorities to automatically exchange information on secret tax deals made with multinationals, a decision made in the wake of the LuxLeaks scandal.

Op-Ed: Bernanke — More corporate criminals should have gone to jail

“It would’ve been my preference to have more investigation of individual actions because obviously everything that went wrong or was illegal was done by some individual, not by an abstract firm,” he continued.

IMF meets in hostile territory of Latin America

The International Monetary Fund faces a chilly reception as it meets this week in Latin America, the region that has been most hostile toward its policy prescriptions.

How you can get settlement money from LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently settled a lawsuit over a feature on its site that sent too many emails to members without their agreement.

12 Pacific countries seal huge free trade deal

Twelve Pacific rim countries sealed the deal early Monday on creating the world's largest free trade area, delivering President Barack Obama a major policy triumph.

OECD reveals plan for tax clampdown on multinationals

The world's advanced economies announced Monday a long-awaited plan to close the loopholes on tax-avoiding multinationals that cost countries more than $100 billion a year, declaring: "Playtime is over.

Soulless roundabout at EU's heart awaits transplant

On a blustery afternoon three German tourists emerge from the Brussels metro, seeking the very heart of Europe in all its grandeur.

Air France executive 'almost lynched' in job cut protests

Air France's human resources manager had his shirt stripped from his body as he was "almost lynched" on Monday by workers protesting a plan to cut 2,900 jobs from the struggling airline.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about Friday's U.S. jobs report

Normally, the August jobs number is revised higher, not lower. Because of education related jobs and other variables, the August report has been notorious for upward revisions; typically at least 35,000 positions are added to the initial count. Not today.

Op-Ed: San Francisco designer is 'Kickstarting' a new line of dog toys Special

When obstacles like funding get in the way of the creative flow, designers like Teresa Lahane know how to deal with the challenge. Along with tightening a budget an artist's best recourse is friends and family.

Op-Ed: The many futures of journalism — Finding a theory that works

Modern journalism is a very different culture to the tabloid/broadsheet/Hearst/ New York Times mix of the past. The boundaries have expanded exponentially, and the subject matter has gone with it. It's a question of who's driving who.

Op-Ed: Before the deluge: The economic picture

The third quarter was ugly for stocks, but there were a few winners. More than 3 dozen companies in the S&P 500 posted double digit gains for the quarter.

France joins worldwide probes into Volkswagen scandal

Adding to a raft of investigations worldwide, Paris prosecutors have launched a preliminary investigation into possible fraud over the pollution-cheating software installed in diesel engines by German auto giant Volkswagen, a judicial source said Frida...

Digicel wants Google to pay up or it will block its ads

A mobile carrier in Jamaica wants Google, Facebook and Yahoo to pay money or they will block their ads from being shown to its customers.

Bed Bath & Beyond's famous coupons are backfiring

Bed Bath & Beyond is famous for dispensing coupons for 20 percent off almost any one item. But while that strategy was successful for getting shoppers in stores for a time, it has now backfired, reports Sarah Halzack at The Washington Post.

VW says probe into pollution scam to take months

Embattled auto giant Volkswagen said Thursday an investigation it has commissioned into its massive pollution cheating scandal would take several months, as Australia became the latest country to warn the company it could face huge fines.

Feminist restaurant gives migrants a starter in Britain

In a feminist restaurant housed in a theatre, seven immigrant female chefs are bringing a taste of their homelands to Londoners, whilst earning themselves a stake in British society.

Op-Ed: Should your B2B company be as transparent as possible?

It used to be that when a company was privately owned, things were, well, mostly private. A company may have disclosed the number of employees and maybe annual sales but all other information was kept behind closed doors.

Mergers & acquisitions changing the world of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing fields, and there have been several recent mergers and acquisitions that are poised to change numerous industries, including the news.

The American temp work takeover: Union benefits to permatemps

The temp agency, or staffing firm, has seen a monumental increase in demand by companies looking to cut costs and increase efficiencies. The result has been permanent job displacement and uncertainty for many workers in the US economy.

Ralph Lauren steps down as CEO of fashion empire he founded

On Tuesday, Ralph Lauren stepped down as the CEO of the fashion empire he founded. He will be replaced by Stefan Larsson, the former global president of Old Navy.

Op-Ed: Be deliberately provocative

We live in a society where people are quick to take offense so we are encouraged to be polite and correct. But sometimes the best way to gain attention for your creative idea is to be outrageously provocative.

Whole Foods will slash 1500 jobs to offer consumers lower prices

Whole Foods Inc. announced on Monday that it is cutting about 1,500 jobs over the next eight weeks in an effort to lower prices and keep up with the competition. The cuts make up about 1.6 of the company's workforce.

Pharma company criticized over pigeons in process area

Pan Drugs Limited of Nandesari, India has been cited by the U.S. FDA for evidence of pigeons in an area of a drug manufacturing facility used to process medications.

Russia and Ukraine agree on gas prices for six month period

After several months of disagreement over prices, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to resume gas shipments. With $500 million received from the EU, Ukraine can purchase 2 billion cubic meters of gas for the winter.

Agrilyst takes home the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 title

After days of presentations and deliberations, TechCrunch announced Wednesday winner of its Disrupt SF 2015 startup competition — Agrilyst, an agriculture company that uses big data to help out farmers.
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