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For fans of the Toronto Blue Jays, August 2015 is a month for the history books. From a mediocre record at the start of the month (51-51), the Jays now lead the AL East with a record of 74-56.

Workers at Walmart are having their hours cut as wages increase

Over the last few months, Walmart has been increasing pay for entry-level workers, so all workers were making at least $9 per hour.

How marketing is like a game of Risk

In the mind of podcaster and startup guru Saul Colt, marketing is much like a game of Risk. In his June 2015 keynote speech at Xerocon Denver he explained what he calls “Saul Colt’s Marketing Risk."

Asian stocks up for second day on U.S. growth

Tokyo shares led Asian stock markets higher on Friday after a surprisingly upbeat US economic growth report buoyed investors following a prolonged rout driven by concerns over China's economy.

Huge growth expected in global digital signage market by 2020

According to Hexa Research, the overall market development speed, infrastructural growth, and decrease of price display panels will completely reface the global digital signage market as we know it.

How open office plans are bad for productivity

If you’re in the market for office space, you might be thinking hard about what kind of layout will serve your employees and your company best. Depending on how you hope to lay out your future office, you’ll need to come up with a basic floor plan.

Art installations meet marketing at Burning Man

Burning Man, once a small, exclusive event, has now ballooned to more than 65,000 attendees, and digital marketing attempts are beginning to infiltrate the festival.

Shares chase Wall Street higher despite China fears

European and Asians stock markets chased Wall Street higher Thursday after days of wild swings, but dealers warned that the spectre of the slowing Chinese economy means more turbulence ahead.

SoulCycle class action alleges 'soulless' cheating of customers

A class action lawsuit has been filed against SoulCycle alleging the fitness chain is illegally profiting from customers by placing unreasonably short expiration dates on its exercise class passes.

European food businesses reach milestones in recent acquisitions

While the stock market may seem to be on shaky ground globally, food industry acquisitions seem to be achieving important milestones. Two such companies to gain recent notoriety for their takeovers include Hearthside Food Solutions and Nomad Foods.

Aliwaxima, Tehran's shoe-shine man in a red stiletto

A giant, racy-red motorised stiletto is not what you expect to see cruising down the avenues of Iran's capital but it certainly attracts attention, and business, for intrepid shoe-shine man "Aliwaxima".

Op-Ed: Chips and salsa man learned all his savvy from sales with IBM Special

Meeting Ron Cuda is like talking to a friend and catching up. His easy-going demeanor makes anyone feel at home. His office on Fifth Street West across from Safeway is small but his La Casa Foods business is growing.

75,000 apply for jobs fetching tea in India

Overwhelmed Indian officials have cancelled plans to fill a handful of menial government jobs after being flooded with 75,000 applications -- some from university graduates.

Why an economic slump could be fantastic news for some companies

Every boom has its bust. But every bust looks different. Business Insider looks at the main winners and losers from this week's market meltdown.

China cuts interest rates by 0.25 percentage points

China's central bank on Tuesday cut its benchmark interest rates and the amount of cash banks must keep on hand, the latest stimulus aimed at boosting the world's second-largest economy as it battles a collapse in share prices.

World equities swing as Shanghai plumbs new depths

Equity markets convulsed on Tuesday as Chinese stocks pursued their worst rout in nearly two decades, after concerns of a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy sparked panic selling around the globe.

How far would you go for a Big Mac? How about Siberia?

McDonald's, the biggest burger chain in the world, is expanding its customer reach to the ends of the globe, or at least to Siberia. The fast-food giant is extending its corporate dominance despite the strained relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

China shares in dramatic dive as fears mount over economy

Chinese shares plummeted on Monday, wiping out the year's gains and leading a slump across Asian equities as Beijing's latest market intervention failed to restore confidence, with concern mounting about the stalling economy.

China pushes global market crash doomsday clock to 11:59 PM

In 1997, Asia was practically crippled by an enormous financial crisis. This problem has risen from the grave, and it could get much worse than the current economic conditions in Greece.

Canadian Valeant Pharmaceuticals to buy Sprout Pharmaceuticals

Canada giant Valeant Pharmaceuticals is to purchase Sprout Pharmaceuticals,manufacturer of the first FDA-approved treatment for low sexual desire in women.

Op-Ed: Jeff Bezos vs NYT PR disaster — Managing a mess

After grim revelations in a New York Times article about Amazon’s workplace culture, CEO Jeff Bezos wrote a published letter to employees, saying they could always talk to him. He even gave them his email address.

Amgen fined in the U.S. over 'improper advertising'

The pharmaceutical company Amgen has been fined by U.S. authorities in relation to the advertising of its products. The settlement is $71 million.

Find out more about Salesforce's aggressive investing strategy

It didn’t take too long for CEO Dave Elkington to learn that Salesforce might be interested in investing in his company earlier this year.

Reviewers on Yelp are not employees, says Federal judge

A Federal judge has decided that reviewers on Yelp, a site that allows customers to review businesses, are not employees of Yelp.

How Amazon delivers for customers at the expense of workers

Current and former Amazon employees share how the retailer demands workers go to any length to fulfill orders at the expense of personal life and family.

Op-Ed: Amazon workplace a burnout factory? Grim tales and image problems

It’s not often that anything ever makes a wave in revelations about US corporate culture, but a New York Times article about working at Amazon has opened up a major debate. The image that comes out of the NYT piece is grim, and very negative.

Op-Ed: The rise of the corporate innovation unit

Nine out of 10 companies believe that they are too slow to market with new products. In the consumer goods category around 80 percent of new products fail.

Ukraine, creditors plan phone talks as debt deal eludes them

Ukraine and its creditors sharpened their knives for a decisive battle Friday after direct negotiations failed to reach a workable solution for keeping the ex-Soviet country from hurtling into default.

Fidelity National buying software maker in $9.1 billion deal

SunGard Data Systems Inc is going to be bought by financial industry software maker Fidelity Information Services Inc for more than $9 billion.

Kraft Heinz cuts 2,500 jobs in Canada, U.S. after recent merger

Saying that it intends to cut costs, Kraft Heinz Co. is slashing about 2,500 jobs now that the two companies have merged. Employees affected by this are in the U.S. and Canada and will be notified in person, said spokesman Michael Mullen.

Everything you need to know about global Facebook-ad performance

Facebook is leading the pack when it comes to ad efficacy, as studies tell us, but ad performance varies country to country.

Google reportedly working on affiliate program

Producers of digital content to be sold within Google's Play store could soon earn monetary compensation for directing customers to buy from the 'play' platform.

Uber is being sued for allegedly sending unsolicited texts

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the popular ride-sharing service Uber, alleging the company is violating U.S. law by sending unsolicited text messages to people wanting nothing to do with the service.

China cuts yuan rate against US dollar for second day

China cut the yuan's value against the dollar for the second consecutive day Wednesday, roiling global financial markets and driving expectations the currency could be set for further falls.

Faculty association questions former UBC president's resignation

UBC faculty association head, Mark MacLean, blasts UBC Board of Governors in an open letter questioning the events leading to the abrupt resignation of former UBC President Arvind Gupta.

Op-Ed: Google renaming is more about themselves, not us

With Google shaking up its corporate structure, it stands to reason there's more than meets the public eye with the sudden name change to Alphabet, a name that could cause legal issues. But that's fine, because this move is all for Google — not for us.

Uber's Hong Kong office raided by authorities

Police in Hong Kong raided the offices of Uber, the ride-sharing mobile app, and five drivers were arrested after accepting fares from undercover officers.

Pinterest captures DIY enthusiasts, develops into culture in 2015

Whether it’s home renovation projects or your child’s education, the American public is obsessed with doing-it-yourself. But where did this obsession come from and what sort of positive and negative effects is this mentality having in 2015?

Greek debt talks with creditors: Key questions

Greece and its international creditors are making progress towards finalising a third bailout accord designed to keep Athens in the eurozone in return for yet more tough economic reforms.

Closed Ontario schools may be revived as new 'community hubs'

With nearly 20 percent of its school buildings at risk of closure, the Toronto District School Board is considering a plan that would transform underutilized buildings into publicly accessible community centers.

Optimism for new Greek bailout deal despite German misgivings

Debt-ridden Greece and its creditors appeared on track Monday to finalise the terms of a third bailout agreement despite the misgivings of EU paymaster Germany.
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