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The United States has signed agreements with three countries, Mexico, Ecuador and the Philippines, to establish outreach programs in an effort by the National Labor Relations Board to get immigrants involved in union activism.

Zynga is being sued by its shareholders over alleged fraud

Gaming company Zynga has lost a court battle to stop a group of its investors suing the company for alleged fraud in the months leading up to its disastrous IPO, Ars Technica reports.

Op-Ed: A community working with its civic leaders is aiming to thrive Special

For some, The Ingleside/Excelsior of San Francisco is just another area in the City that needs new development. Yet for those who live in the area and treasure it,

Canadian consumer shock: Future Shops closed all across Canada

Best Buy Co. shocked Canadian consumers Saturday morning with the announcement that they are closing down all their Future Shop stores in the country effective immediately. It means the loss of some 500 full-time jobs and 1,000 part-time jobs.

Ellen Pao loses discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins

A prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm triumphed on Friday over a former junior partner who sued claiming she was discriminated against because of her gender.

Heinz and Kraft Foods looking to merge

Kraft Foods Group Inc. and H.J. Heinz Co. are going to be merging to become the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world.

Op-Ed: What you don't know about the Transpacific Partnership

The 12-nation Transpacific Partnership (TPP), backed by President Obama will not be a"good deal" for the U.S.. A classified document has been released showing the alleged formation of a secret tribunal, organized under the World Bank or UN.

Small Business Marketing: How to get the most from a small budget

Small business owners already have plenty to worry about in today's economy and spending hard-earned dollars on marketing is difficult, but with the right strategies, finding new customers doesn't have to be expensive.

Low-cost airline Germanwings had clean safety record

Germanwings, the low-cost airline owned by German flag carrier Lufthansa, said that none of its aircraft has ever been involved in a crash prior to Tuesday's loss of an Airbus A320 in the French Alps.

San Francisco passes torch on Old Mint restoration

The city’s 1874 U.S. Mint may one day roar back to life as a museum or other featured attraction, but probably not the way a leading local nonprofit group has envisioned for more than 10 years.

Mumbai urban squatters/craftspeople reach larger markets Special

Local craftspersons and artisans in one of the largest slums in Mumbai, India, now have a chance to showcase their goods and services on an ecommerce portal.

Artificial intelligence seen with negativity above all

Artificial Intelligence is being looked at with the same worried eyes that many had on nuclear power. What will it take to overcome the people's disbelief?

Crimea plans to launch own airline

Authorities in Crimea said they plan to set up an airline to facilitate connections with Russia and encourage tourism in the picturesque Black Sea peninsula, a year after the Ukrainian territory was annexed by Moscow.

23andMe to begin drug development

23andMe, the personal genomics firm, has announced plans to make its own medicines. This will involve deals with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Amazon cleared by FAA to start testing deliveries by drone

Amazon is a step closer to being able to deliver packages by air, thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration's approval to start testing drones outside.

Social Media Marketing: Improved Facebook Page equals more profit

The internet has changed business as the public no longer needs a phone book to find what they need. Online stores are making billions world wide and business owners must change the way they think to succeed.

First look at the new Glock 43 single stack 9mm

Thousands of customers who have been begging Glock to release a single stack 9mm for years have finally gotten their wish, with the release of the new model 43.

Op-Ed: Small businesses struggle after fire, landlord indifferent Special

As empowering as small business can be, it can also be very unnerving when a family business or proprietor suffers an unexpected set back, such as a fire. Even if the damage is not extensive, the complications from it can interrupt a small business.

Katharine Viner is new Guardian editor

Katharine Viner has been appointed to succeed Alan Rusbridger as editor-in-chief of The Guardian newspaper and associated media outlets.

Op-Ed: Programmatic buying making a push towards TV's spotlight

As its main purpose, technology serves to make our lives easier, performing tasks in a systematic manner that no person ever could.

Op-Ed: AdSense rips ads from antiwar site because of Abu Ghraib photos

The antiwar site,, has been informed by Google Adsense that all ads on its website have been disabled. The site claims that this is because it has a page that has photos of the abuse by US troops at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Op-Ed: Local small business has support of extended family Special

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 23 million small businesses in America account for 54 percent of all U.S. sales. Furthermore, notes the SMBA, the small business sector is growing rapidly.

Why brokers are making it tough for startups to find office space

As you search for new office space, remember that brokers are on the lookout for certain behaviors that tell them you may not actually be interested.

New York rent so high, Starbucks starting to close some locations

Even huge coffee chains are feeling the pressure of New York retail rents. Starbucks is looking to close some of its pricy, large locations, according to the Commercial Observer.

OECD cuts growth rate outlook for Canadian economy

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) has cuts it growth rate prediction for Canada in both this year and also in 2016.

The UK's new £1 coin has 12 sides and was designed by a teenager

The Treasury has unveiled the design of the new £1 coin, set to enter circulation in 2017. The new design features four plants and flowers to represent each nation of the United Kingdom.

IBM planning a custom version of bitcoin for central banks

Reuters reported on Thursday that, according to unnamed sources familiar with the matter, IBM is planning a custom version of bitcoin technology for governments and central banks.

U.S. approves first biosimilar medicinal product

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved pharma company Sandoz’s drug Zarxio. This is a biosimilar to Amgen’s filgrastim, which is mainly prescribed for cancer patients.

AbbVie in major pharma acquisition

The pharmaceutical company AbbVie beat out a range of other major pharmaceutical firms, including global giant Johnson & Johnson, to reach a $21 billion deal with cancer drug specialist Pharmacyclics.

Op-Ed: Lessons already apparent from Ellen Pao/Kleiner Perkins trial

The Kleiner Perkins lawsuit has set the news cycle abuzz, with its results likely to have a big impact on policies relating to women in the workplace. However, lessons are already apparent even as the trial has yet to conclude.

Toyota's move to TX to boost local economy by more than $7.2B

When Toyota, the world's largest car maker, decided to find a new home to consolidate its US operations it promised to be a boon for whatever lucky city landed the deal.

Glock confirms it will unveil new product on March 20th

After some speculation surrounding a teaser ad released earlier this month, popular firearms manufacturer Glock has confirmed that it will be releasing a new product on March 20.

Survey deems newspapers 'least essential' news medium

A new survey asked Americans 12 and older, "Among the Internet, newspapers, radio and television which one is the least essential to your life?" Almost half said newspapers.

Glock might be releasing the single stack 9mm this spring

A vague teaser released by Glock on their official Facebook page has some speculating that the much anticipated release of the single stack 9mm could be coming sometime this spring.

Uber wants to create 1 million new jobs for women by 2020

Uber is promising to create 1,000,000 new jobs for women on its platform by 2020. It's an extremely ambitious goal for the ride-share and taxi-hailing service.

GoCoop, online store for Indian handicrafts signs MoU with govt.

GoCoop, an online platform for handicrafts, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian government to support local craftsmen of particular tribes and regions.

Nonprofits in Maine could end up being taxed

If a new budget proposal by the governor gets approved in the state of Maine, then nonprofits could end up paying property taxes.

Snuggie maker settles deception claims for $8M

The maker of the Snuggie, which is described as a blanket with sleeves, has settled deception claims against them for $8M.

Sportswear giant Adidas to close 200 stores in Russia

Adidas, the German sportswear giant is to close 200 stores across Russia. The move is down to the worsening economic situation in the country.

Incentivized mobile ads: Can they really drive lifetime value?

Today, there are two metrics widely deemed to be among the most important of all in mobile advertising — click through rate (CTR) and video views.

Indian budget makes yoga and its promotion a charitable activity

The Indian government, in its latest financial budget for the year 2015-16, has granted special status to yoga, making its promotion a charitable activity.
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