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Recent reports indicate that the US Military could be choosing a new sidearm sometime in the near future. But what would be the best choice to replace the Beretta M9?

Large author group says Amazon-Hachette feud hurting sales

While the feud between Amazon and book publisher Hachette has been going on for months now, a group of more than authors has just sent Amazon a letter outlining how much the dispute has hurt book sales.

Buffett and Berkshire subsidiary to cash in on legal pot industry

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has never shied away from a good investment opportunity, which is why their latest foray into the legal pot business shouldn’t come as a surprise.

JP Morgan the victim of an 8-week long cyber attack

This summer's hackers discovered a way into the servers of mega-bank JP Morgan Chase, exposing the backdoor vulnerability to access copious amounts of customer and company data.

Op-Ed: McDonald's adds literacy commitment to 'Happy Meals'

Fast food giant McDonald's has been leading the way in promoting literacy around the world since 1982, with at least 15 book series in all added to their iconic "Happy Meals." On Aug. 1, 2014, McDonald's India began adding books to their kid's meals.

Back from the edge — Radio Shack gets new financing offer

Ubiquitous US electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. reportedly has received an offer of nearly $600 million in financing that could enable it to avoid bankruptcy.

Op-Ed: TTIP will allow corporations to sue governments for millions

Free Trade agreements are in many respects less about free trade than providing rights for corporations that transcend national laws. The TTIP provides a case in point but NAFTA and CETA have similar purposes.

Op-Ed: New sanctions against Russia going ahead despite cease-fire

The European Union decided on Friday to impose tough new sanctions on Moscow, which could cripple development of new Russian energy sources, despite a shaky cease-fire in the Ukraine.

Panera Bread announces a 'no-gun' policy for its cafes

Popular cafe chain Panera Bread is now discouraging customers from bringing guns into its stores as it joins a growing list of businesses enforcing such rules, despite American law allowing for it.

Op-Ed: The rise and fall of Atlantic City

As of today, Sept. 8th, Atlantic City has seen the closing of two casinos in as many weeks. On Sept. 16th, Trump Plaza will follow suit. By the end of the year, the gambling hotspot will have lost a total of five gaming houses.

Op-Ed: Building design and fabrication goes virtual

Just like most everything else in our society today, virtual reality has taken over in the fields of architecture, interior design and construction.

What will happen to the UK gold reserve if Scotland votes yes?

An independent Scotland will be in a good position to lay claim to a sizable portion of Britain's 310-tonne gold reserves if votes go in favour of the "Aye" campaign on September 18.

Japan economy contracted 7.1 percent in Q2

Preliminary estimates of the economic situation in Japan have been revised further down, despite extraordinary attempts to stimulate the economy.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addressed the National Franchise Show Special

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gave the Opening Address at the 2014 National Franchise and Business Opportunities Show which was followed by Bruce Croxon's inspirational Keynote Address that inspired attendees to 'Get in the Game of Business Ownership'.

British farmers enjoy bumper grain harvest this year

With 90 percent of the winter wheat harvest in this week, British farmers are heaving huge sighs of relief. A mild winter and early spring got the fields off to a good start, bringing in yields above the 10-year average of 7.7 tons per hectare.

Tesla will build its $5 billion battery plant in Nevada

California lost out to Nevada to be the host state for Tesla electric car company's planned $5 billion battery plant. California is home-base to the carmaker but the company considered five states as potential sites for its new factory.

A 12-year-old started a bow tie company that already has $150,000 in sales and 5 employees

A 12-year-old entrepreneur who started a bow tie company three years ago has already hit $150,000 in sales. Moziah Bridges appeared on CNBC today to promote his holiday collaboration with Cole Haan.

NYU Stern economic forum says to curb your (economic) enthusiasm Special

The economy seems poised to improve, but will the changes coming be bold enough to be felt on "Main Street"? A special report for Digital Journal with comments from top economists and photos from NYU Stern's September 3, 2014 Economic Outlook Forum:

Op-Ed: Why freelancing trumps small business ownership

Somehow, “freelancing” got a bad rap. Everyone who found themselves unemployed or under-employed but picked up a few Craigslist gigs — even if it was taste testing for $20 — called themselves a freelancer in order to avoid deadbeat status.

Tesla Motors under pressure to stop Georgia sales

The Georgia Automobile Dealers Association has filed a petition with lawmakers to force Tesla Motors to stop selling cars in Georgia.

Indian e-retailer Flipkart bringing Varanasi weaves online

India's largest e-retailer, Flipkart, is bringing Indian weavers from the town of Varanasi onto its digital store, in a bid to outrun its competitors as the battle in the Indian digital shopping space heats up.

Op-Ed: Two sisters sell their designs to feed the hungry, in gratitude Special

Sisters Pam Arnold and Kim Courier love to make jewelry and both have been doing so for decades. Yet even with the struggles they have faced, they still make time to donate their time and crafts to help feed the hungry of their parish and community.

Gold prices rise with news of Ukraine ceasefire

After two and a half months of steadily declining prices, gold has recovered slightly after reports of a potential ceasefire in the Ukraine. A ceasefire could have a confusing, short term effect on the U.S. and Western European markets.

Wal-Mart has a new dress code and some employees are furious

Wal-Mart employees are upset over a new a mandatory dress code that was implemented last week, Gawker reports. The dress code includes...

UK ecommerce figures soar

From supermarkets and department stores, to small marketplaces and gardening centres, over the past five years, the entire online retail sector has seen significant growth, and has doubled its share of the retail market.

Court slaps Uber with temporary nationwide ban in Germany

Uber, a ride-hailing service that allows people to use their smartphones to book rides, has been temporarily banned from operating anywhere in Germany.

'Hovelstay' allows students to book hovels for vacation

College students can search and book rundown places via Hovelstay, which is a brand new start-up that specializes in hooking up people with cheap accommodation.

Showboat Casino closes for good

Atlantic City’s iconic Showboat Casino closed its doors for good on Sunday, making it the second casino in the area to close this year.

A true craftsman of San Francisco hopes his legacy will continue Special

When some people say customer service is dead and that technology has killed good customer service, then they have not been to a place like Central Upholstering Company on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco's Ingleside District.

Roche invests $3.8 billion in biotech start-up

The Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche is set to pay $3.8 billion for InterMune, a Brisbane, California-based biotech with one key product: a treatment for a fatal lung disease.

Canadian town of Vulcan using Indiegogo in a unique way

In what might one of the most unique ways to try and draw people to a town anywhere, Vulcan, Alberta is at the center of an Indiegogo campaign.

Legal marijuana enhances craft beer in Colorado Special

Concern that legal pot in Colorado would compete with the state's world class beer scene appears to be unfounded. Four Colorado breweries report on their experience in the new market place.

Op-Ed: Small businesses need Walmart to anchor their shopping centers

To be sure, Walmart is the retailer left-wing politicians love to hate. However, in St. Petersburg, Florida, America’s most successful retailer is sorely missed.

Op-Ed: Strapped for resources? Consider outsourcing these tasks

For many small businesses scattered across the country, it’s not the lack of ingenuity or foresight that leads to failure or bankruptcy; it’s almost always a lack of resources.

Rogers and Shaw launch Netflix-like service called 'Shomi'

Shaw Communications and Rogers Communications have teamed up to launch 'Shomi,' a video-on demand service with more than 10,000 hours of popular TV shows.

Op-Ed: Sayonara SEO firms, hello content relations

Oh search engines; you glorious portals to millions of tidbits of information that have made settling arguments over useless facts painless.

Look how much VC money is being offered to men, not women

We all know that women are vastly underrepresented in the tech industry. We've seen some encouraging signs that this is changing...

S&P 500 closes over 2,000 for first time as Obama rally continues

U.S. stocks rose to another record level as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index closed above the 2,000 mark for the first time, after piercing the 2,000 mark in Monday trading, as reports showed the biggest ever jump in durable-goods orders of 22.6 percent

Quake-hit Napa starts putting things back together

A Northern California city that took the brunt of Sunday morning's major earthquake has begun the arduous task of rebuilding damaged buildings, businesses and infrastructure.

Burger King may move to Canada over high U.S. corporate taxes

Fast food giant Burger King, headquartered in Miami, Florida, may be about to lose its corporate tan by moving to Canada to escape higher corporate taxes in the U.S. by acquiring Tim Hortons.

Op-Ed: Putin uses army to manipulate oil prices

Making him among perhaps the most cynical, if short-sighted, world leaders in history, Russia’s president is attacking and then withdrawing from Ukraine to drive oil prices up.
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