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NASA denies running child slave colony on Mars

Guy Webster, a spokesman for Mars exploration at NASA, spoke with the Daily Beast and said there were no humans on Mars. He said there are active rovers on the planet, but no humans.

The person who made the claim was Robert David Steele. Steele appeared on Jones’ channel on Thursday and he said he believed there is a colony on Mars. He continued to say the planet is populated by kids who were sent into space on a 20 year ride, after they were kidnapped. He told Jones that once the children got to Mars, the only thing they could do was be slaves on the Mars colony.

Steele not only claimed there were slaves on Mars, but he said the children were being killed for their blood and bone marrow. He also said Jones should be the truth channel in America.

Jones responded to Steele’s claim by saying that most NASA missions are secret. Jones added that engineers at NASA have personally told him of some of the unbelievable things that are going on.

The Infowars founder continued to say that people see a bunch of mechanical wreckage on the Red Planet and when people say it looks like mechanics, then they are accused of being conspiracy theorists. He said it’s clear someone doesn’t want people into looking into what is happening.

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